I see Devil and Demons
Subject: I see Devil and Demons
From: Vynn on 08/24/2006
Hey Gene, I looked at KISS X-treme close up the other day and you said some guy said you were the Devil. I don\'t agree with him,I\'ve seen you in concert drooling blood and breathing fire. With my psychic abilities I\'ve seen the Devil and trust me you don\'t look a thing like him. With my psychic abilities I can see Demons as well, you actually look alot like a Demon named Tonin. I thought you would like to know that. see ya!!! ROCK ON!!!!!! Vynn
Gene Simmons!
Subject: Gene Simmons!
From: Jourden M on 08/24/2006
Hey Gene I hear its your birthday tommrow! have a good one! - and have a pint on ace!!
Paul can you please do a tour in Canada,mainly Calgary,Alberta?
Subject: Paul can you please do a tour in Canada,mainly Calgary,Alberta?
From: Shiv on 08/24/2006
hi paul,im your biggest fan i have been in love with kiss for almost 2 years now my friend showd me some of your music when i was 11(im 13 now)and i\'ve been insanely addicted. i buy every kiss thing i can find and i can\'t wait for your new album it would be so freakin\' sweet if you could do a tour and come to calgary i\'ve always wanted to see you guys from your die hard fan, shiv
= Life Impact
Subject: KISS = Life Impact
From: Katia on 08/24/2006
Many people describe KISS as a band that has made a differnce...an impact. Well, KISS has certainly made an impact in my life. But, often i find it difficult to describe this impact...maybe it is the smile that you put on my face whenever i listen to your records or hear you on the radio...or maybe it is the hope and the faith you have instilled in me: that any dream is possible. So, i would like to say, thank you. Thank you for giving me hope, providing my dream and thank you for letting me know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The fire and passion of KISS will remain lit in my heart forever... Thank you, Katia from little Adeliade, Australia
My Space phonies
Subject: My Space phonies
From: Ira Bostian on 08/22/2006
Who\'s the dumbass? The guy who pretends to be someone he\'s not or the dumb shit who believes him. We are all questioning the certain pages we view. Wondering the thought, \"Could this really be him/her\" or \"Is this really the bands\' official My Space page\". This is a follow-up bulletin to one I\'ve been posting two days now. So many of us (wait back up....not us...YOU!!!.......I refuse to be included in what I see happening before my eyes). Restart: So many of you are mad and upset that you\'ve discovered someone has been pretending to be Paul Stanley and leaking the new CD over My Space. Well duh? NO Shit! I knew the first day that wasn\'t the real Paul Stanley and I pointed it out to some of you. In his about me section you find this \"This album is purely a labor of love, says Stanley\". BINGO people this quote indicates to me that it is not Paul Stanley\'s official page. If it were Paul\'s page, it would not have said \"says Stanley\". The designer of the page copied and pasted a quote he got from who knows where. A debut interview with Paul about the new album printed I\'m sure in some paper or magazine. Do I need to hold a class on how to read fkn\' profiles? I read them very closely before accepting any one as a friend and before I send an add request. Okay back to the issue at hand. So many of you are mad at this guy. Well this is a KISS FAN. A member of the KISS Army in my eyes. Yes perhaps a bit stupid in his actions. But to me, not stupid enough to be hated. He has made a mistake. Yet to me is still a brother in the KISS Army. If any of you can honestly admit to never having made a mistake in your lives. Then feel free to cast the first stone. However, I bet we (and this time I include myself) WE HAVE ALL DONE STUPID SHIT!!! The following is my orginal post from the last two days: Come on people.......WAKE THE HELL UP! We live in a computer generated world where anyone can go on line and draw up a profile pretending to be someone they are not. Don\'t be so quick to send a comment to someone without first reading their page. So many people have commented \"my new friend\" believing it is actually a member of the band \"KISS\" who created the profile. My biggest pet peeve about computer profiles is people pretending to be who they aren\'t. Haven\'t you seen Dee Snider\'s \"Strangeland\". JESUS!!! This is my comment sent to one of my newest friends on \"My Space\". Check out this page: http://www.myspace.com/kiss13 Let me applaude your abilty to get over 73, 000 page views and 4, 000 friends in less than 2 months. Your page shows you as a member since 7/10/06. BRAVO!!! It\'s great to have a new \"Fan of KISS\" on my friends list. How do I know you are a fan? Not the real KISS? Because I have a certain thing about me when I accept a friend to my page. I read theirs!!! Then decide whether they should join me. Let me detail how I came to my idea that you are a fan and not really a member of the band. In your \"General Info\" section your web link goes no where. I know www.kissonline.com is the official web site for KISS. You have a picture of a \"Creatures of the Night\" promo from a 1982 KISS line - up. With band members Eric Carr, Gene Simmons, Vinnie Vincent, and Paul Stanley. Yet under the picture you list band members names as Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley. WHAT NO PAUL STANLEY??? And how the hell did Ace and Tommy get in the band together at the same time wearing the same makeup? Okay \"Glam\" (maybe) \"Hard Rock\" and \"Rock\" definately. But \"Metal\"? I can\'t recall KISS ever being listed anywhere as a Metal Band. Record label: Sanctuary has only released 2 Albums (what\'s an album...That\'s what I call releases ....Not CD\'s.......I\'m 40 years old ....it\'s an album to me).Those were: \"Gene Simmons -Asshole\" (2004) and \"KISS Symphony Alive IV\" (2003) KISS started out under the Casablanca Record Label. Then went to Polygram and Mercury throughout their entire career. So listing their Label only as Sanctuary indicates to me that you own just 1 or maybe both of those releases I mentioned. You\'d think with over 4, 000 friends one of them would have pointed out your page mistakes. But I guess I may very well be the only one who was interested in reading your page entirely before asking for an \"add request\". Welcome to my friends list. It\'s always nice to have another KISS FAN on it!!! Stay cool and keep rockin\', Ira (The author of the 11th commandment)
Gene Simmons Family Jewels Show
Subject: Gene Simmons Family Jewels Show
From: BRAD WIETERSEN on 08/22/2006
Dear Gene: In my other letter I forgot to mention how much my girlfriend and I enjoy your show!! Your teenagers are really good kids. They\'re well brought up and really smart. Of course, Shannon is beautiful, You have a wonderful family! The show\'s a lot of fun! In my last letter, I talked about your Varsity stadium show in Toronto, Sept. 6, 1976! My first ever concert at age 15! COME BACK TO TORONTO!!! KISS FAN 4-EVER, BRAD
Subject: KISS Coffee
From: Julie on 08/21/2006
I just returned from a vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC and discovered a KISS coffee house. It was hot and we were thirsty, so we gave it a shot. I had to look up your website and write a letter because it was THE BEST Mocha Frozen Coffee that I have EVER had. We had to return two additional times during the week for more. A bit pricey, but awesome! Starbucks can\'t touch it. Please open a coffee house in Maryland. Sincerely, Julie
Subject: England!
From: Saff on 08/21/2006
Yo KISS! Just wondering when your next world tour is going to be and whether you\'ll be stopping by in England, i hope you do! And i\'d like to say thanks mto my mum, because without her i would never have listened to your inspirational music Many Thanks Saffron Aged 15
Fan For Life!!!!
Subject: Fan For Life!!!!
From: Skyebosh/Jim Feliciano on 08/21/2006
I have been a fan of Kiss for over 30 years. Your music has been more to me then something to crank up, party to and tick off thefolks next door. I\'ve been through good times andbad with you guys by my side. No other band has ever done that for me. A few months ago I was actually considering looking into the \"Make a Wish\" foundation. I realize this is geared more twords kids but, at 39, and diagnosed with a possibly inoprotive skull base tumor, I figured I needed to try. Long story short, I have recently returned from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn. The suergons were sucsessful in removing the tumor. The recovery is rough some days, but the thing that pulls me through are your songs. They are better then any pain meds! Everyday I thank God for two things, My sucsessful treatment, and Kiss. I could go on forever but I\'d better save some space for other fans. Again thankyou guys for eveything you have done to make my life so much better. When I\'m in pain, I get my Ipod going, and let the sounds take away my pain. I love you guys, Jim Feliciano \"Fan For Life\"
correction on hard rock outfits
Subject: correction on hard rock outfits
From: robert on 08/20/2006
Just wanted to make a small correction, I read where a fan saw the KISS outfits in Tampa Bay in Florida and described them as the DESTROYER era You were close but if you look close at he outfits they are from the Psycho Circus era not Destroyer. Pauls belt is the giveaway. Great outfits and I am glad to see KISS invade the HARD ROCKS. Now it is time to invade the Rock and Roll hall of fame which is hall of Shame until KISS gets in!!! ROb Fan since 73!!!!
Subject: s.o.s
From: pollytas on 08/19/2006
hi! my name is polly and i like very very much your music!! i\'m from argentina,(sorry if i don\'t write well, i hope that you understand please...), i could\'t see you when you were here and i\'d like to see you, is it possible?? pleaseeeeeee!!! don\'t you like to make a show like mtv??? something accoustic...if i don\'t have the oportunity to see you, doesn\'t matter, i understand...is not easy, you\'re really amazing, thank you to make me more happy everyday with your music! you drive me crazy!!!!! a lot of kisses!!!!
Subject: fear
From: jakob/ simon on 08/19/2006
i\'m really afraid that you wont come here to sweden so please come ok? good and by the way as simon write last time \"jacob\" but its jakob :P KEEP ROCK\'N ROLL ALL THE NIGHT AND PARTY EVERYDAY! Jakob Sandstedt ml
From: simon/jacob on 08/18/2006
hey kiss...i think your the greatest band in the whole world of rock n roll.!i think u should come to sweden some time!!^^.....U KNOW ITS EASY WHEN UR TOUGH so i wanna hear ya in sweden :D PEACE AND RESPECT/Simon Begby and jacob sandstedt your bigest FANS
come one.... come all!!!
Subject: come one.... come all!!!
From: Mystique6_9(Rose) on 08/17/2006
My dream is to meet my rock heros Gene and Paul. I've been a fan since '76. I go to vegas for fun of course but also in the hopes of meeting them someday!! I'm nothing too special.... a nurse in a burn unit, divorced mom of 2 daughters and a very loyal KISS fan. this is a request to the members of the band as well all FANS...please check out out my site on myspace... www.myspace.com/mystique6_9 . I'd love to hear from you all!! Sincerly... Mystique...aka...Rose Wenner, Lubbock, Tx
Subject: KISS STAGE Idea
From: mike corkery on 08/16/2006
My stage idea.
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