From: fal on 07/25/2006
way to go
Subject: way to go
From: holly on 07/25/2006
I have been a fan for over 25 years of kiss and I think that you guys are just wonderful. We wont speak of ages because in rock and roll age doesnt matter. Gene has always been my absolute favorite in the band but all of them are and always will be my band. Gene you have always have had a presence on stage that just outshines everyone. (Im sorry Paul but its true.) Paul, you are flamboyant in nature and I like the silent but dangerous type. I hope I will see you again in concert one day even if you are 80 I wouldnt miss it because you are rock and roll. (just dont try the jumps then Paul) So I guess Im sending you all kudos for the wonderful shows in years past and to keep giving your all on stage. Dont let the kiss era go by the wayside. We still love you.
I Am your best FaN!
Subject: I Am your best FaN!
From: kiss on 07/24/2006
Dear kiss, I am Brazilian, i Am fourteen years old. My collection of the kiss are 3Cd\'s dvd\'s and 146 Photos! Best Whishes, Mateus!
I need your help
Subject: I need your help
From: Cameron on 07/24/2006
Hey my name is Cameron. I am 12, and one of your biggest fans. I play the bass guitar, and trying to start a band. I listen to you Guys every day. My Mom, sister, and brother think you guy are just noise. My Dad and Me are the only ones that like you Guys (you are the best). T was wondering if you could come down and show them who KISS realy is THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!! (or write a letter) It would be great if you could come and get them together. Your biggest fan, Cameron
tour in Canada again???
Subject: tour in Canada again???
From: Jesse, in Vancouver BC, Canada on 07/23/2006
Hey, I heard from a few of my friends who are just as big of fans as me that you might tour in Canada again, if you are going to, please come to Vancouver, cuz you will be sure that you will please the people here, I just regret only listening to your music around 2000 cuz that would have been great celebrating the Millenium with you guys rockin out when the counter hit 0. And a shout out to Gene, you are my idol (next to Joe Sakic) and nothing would please me more than to see your blood-spitting, fire-breathing acts on stage in Vancouver if you come here!
You are best
Subject: You are KISS best
From: chriskisszilla74@sbcglobal.net on 07/23/2006
Dear KISS You are KISS best I\'m 48 years old. I was younger 1974 Best KISS fan. My name is Christopher
How can I thank you more!?
Subject: How can I thank you more!?
From: Spacetracer on 07/22/2006
Dear KISS, Thank you for your tremendous concert in Fukuoka. I was lucky enough to be there, and it became one of the best precious moment in my life. I met a LOTS of KISS Army before the concert hall is be opened. I was so impressed that they are REALLY nice people! Being a long-time-fan of KISS, I\'ve got many friends at every concert halls and they are so great. I\'m proud of being KISS Army very much! And, I\'d like to say \'thank you\' to your photographer. He kindly helped us to put the flag on the stage in Fukuoka.(We call him Mr.Kind:) Even though I failed to throw my \'Paul Doll\' onto the stage then, I could spent super-happy time with you guys! So, please take good care of yourselves, and remenber that we are always waiting for you! Love, xxx
Gene Simmons Rules
Subject: Gene Simmons Rules
From: Christian \"Criss\" Jaraba on 07/21/2006
Hello KISS Army. I have been a KISS fan for almost a ear and now the hard rock anthems and wicked power ballads are running through my veins as we speak. Gene Simmons is the biggest influence on my life. Reading the books KISS: Behind the Mask and Sex, Money, and KISS made me realize that anybody can be a success. All you gotta do is believe in yourself, have your priorities straight, and play that wicked bass line. Without Gene Simmons and the rest of KISS, I\'d be dumber than all the rocks in my backyard.
my heros gene,paul,tommy and eric
Subject: my heros gene,paul,tommy and eric
From: mark stargel on 07/19/2006
i would like to know if you guys are going to tour the u.s again and if so are you gonna hit the rockinest town in kentucky;louisville. i have been a fan for 30 years my first concert was in 1979 on the dynasty tour. you guys are the greatest. keep rockin and legends never die!
Rocked in Nagoya
Subject: Rocked in Nagoya
From: Killer on 07/19/2006
Hey KISS It was great to see you live in Nagoya. Keep on Rocking for the rest of the Rising Sun Tour 06! Killer (as in KISS Killers)
To Ace,Paul ,Gene,Peter,Eric, and Tommy
Subject: To Ace,Paul ,Gene,Peter,Eric, and Tommy
From: Raine creed on 07/18/2006
I would like to than kyou all for all the years of kick ass metal your dedication to me and all the kiss army is beyond love you\'ve all inspired me to be a better person helped me through hard times and made me wanna pick up a bass and rock(thanks Gene) and finally than k you much to the late Eric carr Creatures of the night is the best album ever your eternal fan Raine
Show of Nagoya tonight
Subject: Show of Nagoya tonight
From: ewf-2@qg8.so-net.ne.jp on 07/18/2006
All of dear KISS show of Nagoya tonight was show which became a lifetime memory. I was glad that I listened to \"God of thunder\" It is favorite music from old days. I was disappointed not TwinBassdrum tonight. \"Detroit Rock City \"of TwinBassdrum wanted to hear it. Please tell good Rock\'n Roll of vigor from now on. And please come to a lot of Japan.
Holy Bataccino!
Subject: Holy Bataccino!
From: Kevin P on 07/18/2006
I just learned of the new Kiss Coffee houses. We WANT one in the Detroit area! DETROIT ROCK CITY, baby! Yeah! Get it going NOW. It\'s a guaranteed success here! I Love ya, and so does my son, Eric P ( of whom we cant get your server to \"copy the image\" of his photo for some reason). Either way, I\'ll try it again for him now. But hey, Gene, get in touch. My son is the BIGGEST fan, next to me of course, and although he\'s young, is a natural bassist as yourself (and I)..lol, so please get back to us. You wont be disappointed at our professionalism, musicianship, kiss dedication and most importantly, respect for your privacy. Sincerely, Kevin www.kevinpruett.com kevin@kevinpruett.com < reach my son Eric here, please.
My photo didnt post in my last letter
Subject: My photo didnt post in my last letter
From: eric p on 07/18/2006
So here it is GENE! Get back to me at my dads email address please. I\'m saving all of my money to see you and i need you to come back to Detroit! Thank you! Eric kevin@kevinpruett.com < write me here please, and thank you.
hey guy,s
Subject: hey guy,s
From: claudia29 on 07/17/2006
a am claudia my engleyse is not verey good i live in holland cold allso the netherlands its a pitty that your not coming to europa i love your music very mutch when i wass sick or had problems of my one a lissend to it 4 years ago i had kancer end a lisent to your music en i ficht always for that sicnes but a am now better en your music helpt mij for mij strengt no mether watt happens your always bey mij number one band a hope your come again in the netherlands.5555.55 kisses from me i love all verry much claudia29
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