we are starting a band
Subject: we are starting a band
From: Eli and Mitch on 07/08/2006
Hello KISS, You guys are completely awesome! We are trying to start a band and we want to be cool like you. Our vocals aren\'t that great but our guitarist is pretty good everyone else is not to to good. Any tips for us? We really love all your albums to. we\'re working on cold gin. Hope your japan tour goes great. Please tour Arizona. We miss you here in the US. keep on rocking, Eli and Mitch
hotter than hell
Subject: hotter than hell
From: evilroyslade on 07/08/2006
Hi there , when \"hotter than hell \" was released , in the 70 \'s i must have been 10 or 12 y/o , the next thing i did (after listening to it ) was tattoo the japanese ? kiss logo from the cover , on my leg , and a drum with a lightning bolt on my hand . many years/tattoos later , the one on my hand got covered over , but the one on my leg is still there . and you know what !!! it is my FAVORITE souveneir from my youth . i finally got to go to a kiss cocert melbourne 2004 , absolutely the best concert i have ever seen , i can\'t wait till you tour australia again !!!rock and roll alnight and party every day !!!
Tour for a HUGE fan
Subject: Tour for a HUGE fan
From: Brett Matthews on 07/06/2006
Dear KISS, I am a huge fan of your work, when my dad was about my age he was almost as big a fan as i am. I\'ll stop beating around the bush and ask the question could u please have another tour in Canada(Toronto)? It would mean the world to me, my dad, and my friends. Thanks a million A HUGE fan Brett Matthews
Grand Opening of the Coffee House in Myrtle Beach!
Subject: Grand Opening of the KISS Coffee House in Myrtle Beach!
From: William Kelly on 07/03/2006
I just want to thank both you guys for making a Dream come true!You guys went above and beyond the call of duty at the Grand Opening of the KISS Coffee House in Myrtle Beach!I stood in line for over 12 hours,some of it in a bad thunder storm,just walk by and say hello to the two of you.Instead I was Blown away to actually have time to speak to both of you and get an autograph!I was one of the first 40 or so people in line.I stepped outside the coffee house and jumped and screamed after my moment with you guys.I was more proud of being a KISS fan than ever, after I stayed till you guys left,and watched over 3000 loyal Kiss fans get treated the same as the first few who went through the doors!I watched so many people come away some crying from joy,all with smiles on their faces, and just plain greatful to have met the two of you!Ihave been a Loyal KISS fan since 1977 and will always be! You Guys Truley Rock! Thank You!
welcome back to Fukuoka!
Subject: welcome back to Fukuoka!
From: Spacetracer on 07/03/2006
Dear KISS, I just can\'t wait to see you in Fukuoka on 20th of July. Hoping to experience spectacular stage. My friend and I will be in the 1st row seat, so please catch my dolls of you guys! Please, please take care of yourself and be here in the perfect conditions. We, Japanese Kiss Army, are always waiting for you! Love xxx
So frightened
Subject: So frightened
From: Punksss on 07/02/2006
During all of your years of playing I cannot believe my father never took me to see you. That is why I've so scared that I'll never see you guys before you deside that it's time to stop performing. I'd kill myself, literally, if I never got to see you. You guys have just mesmerized with your music and just reading that you declared your farewell tour, I been so frightened. I really am, I'm just so terrified that you aren't going to reach the Eastcoast before....Okay done with the tears and whining, jeez what am I? I'm suppost to be a tough girl. How are your families and friends? I read that you were coming to Santa Ynez California soon. All these places you are going to are so lucky, they get the best band in the world. I send my biggest and best wishes and prayers to you. Especially you Paul Stanley. How's your hip by the way?
will you bring back army id\'s
Subject: will you bring back kiss army id\'s
From: acewannabe on 07/01/2006
Hey kiss you guys rock! i was just wondering though if ya\'ll ever considered bringing back the kiss id\'s. Sincerely, One of your biggest fans
Love Your Music
Subject: Love Your Music
From: Steve on 07/01/2006
Dear KISS, I am just now discovering your music. I have to say that you guys are extremely good. I had heard of you before and listened to a couple of your songs. I started listening to your music about a year ago and I was amazed at how much I had missed. Thank you for giving me something other to listen to than most of the lame excuses for music that is played on the radio and MTV.
helped save my life
Subject: KISS helped save my life
From: jollygreengiant on 06/30/2006
A few years ago, I was in the hospital ICU with massive pulmonary emboli-blood clots in my lungs. I was blue from lack of oxygen, hardly any blood pressure, heart rate of 150 beats per minute, I even had my last rights. I was pumped up with a very potent \"clot-buster\" blood thinner. Doctors told my wife and kids that I wouldn\'t survive through the night. I was not told how bad I was because even though my body was trying to shut down, I was fighting to live. That evening, a nurse turned on the TV, and it happened to be on VH1, and \"Behind the Makeup\" was on. I told her KISS has been my favorite band for over 30 years. I was excited to watch it. Around midnight, my doctor stopped by to check on me. He and the nurse took my vitals, and looked at my monitors...and things were going back to somewhat normal. They weren\'t back to what they should be, but they started to head that way slowly. They were amazed! I should be dead! I told them it was the prayers of my family and friends...and seeing KISS on TV at that exact time that I did. Fate was on my side that night. KISS helped save my life. So...thanks!
see you!!!! in Tokyo!!!!!
Subject: see you!!!! in Tokyo!!!!!
From: Mikegarza on 06/30/2006
dear kiss. I hope see you in Tokyo for first time, i am from Monterrey, N.L. Mexico, but i go to work here for more than 6 months but the only reason put up here is because the most greatest band in the world going to play here!!!!yeah!!!!! 3 years ago i see your great concert in San Antonio tx. and the last year in Monterrey, N.L. Mexico!!! Regards for all the band!!! Sinceraly. Mike Garza. Monterrey!!! Rock City!!!!!!!!
I\'m dying to see you live
Subject: I\'m dying to see you live
From: Jarrad Owens (Wales United Kingdom) on 06/30/2006
Dear KISS, I\'m a huge fan. You\'ve been my favourite band since I can remember, I\'ve got your albums on vinyl, over 50 concert videos, all of your DVDs, Ace\'s Les Paul, Paul\'s Washbburn PS500 and Pauls Silvertone Sovereign Pro. I play your songs on guitar everyday and I even dressed as Ace to go to a costume party! I haven\'t had the oppurtunity to see you play- when you played the United Kingdom I was too young to go to your shows. I would love the oppurtunity to see you live. It would be awesome if you played the Millenium Stadium - the biggest indoor arena in Europe; situated in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom (the same city that you played on the 1992 Revenge tour). Please come back to the UK - there are lots of fans in my position who would love to see you play! Jarrad
Subject: KISS Coffehouse
From: Barbara Slossen - Dreamsofkiss on 06/29/2006
I want to thank Gene and Paul for taking the time out to spend a moment with all their fans. I have waited 29 years to meet you both and the few hours wait was worth it all to me!! I got the opportunity to talk to Gene for a moment and he was so awesome. I will be visiting your Coffeehouse often and plan to be at every other opening you have just for another glimpse or word. Thanks again for being so loyal to those of us that love you so much!! I will be looking for those tour dates!! Hey Gene! I am blowing another KISS your way!
coffe shop
Subject: coffe shop
From: christian coley on 06/29/2006
i loved the kiss coffeshop it was so awsome and i got gene and pauls autograph
controls the Planet.
Subject: KISS controls the Planet.
From: Dan J. Almeida on 06/29/2006
Dear KISS, My name is Dan, I am a 30 something year old aspiring ophthalmic technician. You guys should seriously consider a brand of KISS eyeglass frames, or even signature sunglasses (Hot in the Shade shades??) I miss KISS on the road. This year, for concerts, bites the big one. Last time I saw you guys was in Albuquerque at the Journal Pavillion in \'04. It was a great, and fun show. I first saw you guys at Tingley, in Oct. 96 for the Reunion Tour, and that was an incredible night. I was wearing Vinnie Vincent Ankh makeup, and had a stripper hoisted up on my shoulders, from about 7-8 feet from the center stage, and Gene, was very happy with what they showed him that night. I\'ll never forget it. It has been a dry year. Are the boys going to tour in 07? Would you guys consider doing OZZFEST? The supporting bands (this year) are to an 80\'s Metalhead, slightly dull. Or how about a \"Heavyweights of ROCK Tour\" with another awesome headliner, like you guys did with Aerosmith? KISS and the Priest in one night, can you imagine? It would do jillion$. I have been a fan since \'76. 30 years later, I still am. The KISS Symphony, and new concert DVDs have helped get me through this year. But they are like finding a half filled canteen in the desert, with warm water, as compared to an actual KISS show, which can be likened to an Oasis, with naked KISS playmates dousing one with cold Evian. PLEASE tour next year, and give the fans another fun, exciting filled day. A KISS show is like Disneyland for adults, and the kiddos too!
My Heroes!!
Subject: My Heroes!!
From: Katrina on 06/29/2006
You guys are my heroes!! You all have something in you that is special and unique. And no one can match it or take it away. That is why you are my heroes, you are all the best and no one can match your music. Keep the Rock Rollin\' Katrina a.k.a Kat
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