Subject: COME TO GREECE!!!
From: Bill Bartas, Athens, GREECE on 08/02/2006
tommy thayer experience
Subject: tommy thayer experience
From: fred & shawn on 08/02/2006
dear tommy it was so awsome to see you at chumash in the elevator and shake your hand on fri july 28, 2006 its something we will never forget
u guys rock!
Subject: u guys rock!
From: jeff dewbray on 08/01/2006
hey u guys rock! my names jeff dewbray im 13 and im a drummer! Eric you are the best rock drummer ive ever heard. and i just got done drumming to kiss alive and alive 2. yes all the songs. but i just hav to ask.... WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO BE BACK IN CHICAGO?!?! well kepp on rockin! JEFF***
Subject: Gene and Paul are TRUE PROFESSIONALS
From: KISSUSAFAN on 08/01/2006
Gene, Paul, Eric, Tommy and DOC! Thank you so much for bring the hottest band in the world to my small town! I have driven thousands of miles to see KISS and it was so nice to drive 20 minutes! I went to both Wednesday and Fridays Shows! I thought they rocked me the first night from Row P well Friday night from Row D they rocked even harder. I want to apologize for the lack enthusiasm from the front rows at both shows! You see most of those people were GIVEN their tickets from the casino. I paid $235 for my ticket on Friday and $215 on Wednesday. It was worth every penny too! I tried several times to hype the crowd up by standing on my chair at least 5 times turning around and getting them to clap their hands! It seemed to work as Paul gave me a look of joy for me doing it! I felt bad that the two hardest working musicians in the world had see people in the front rows that could have been at a funeral and more excited. Sounds harsh but its true. Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric you are true professionals and made my life at the Chumash Casino. Someone even stole my bag of $100 worth of shirts for my kids and I still had the greatest time! Thank you all for the NIGHT OF MY LIFE!
Why the make up??
Subject: Why the make up??
From: nekroimpaler on 08/01/2006
Hello!!! Here I am I'm Juan from cali colombia, I just wante to tell you (but you already know) that KISS is the hottest band in the world, I adore you guys, specially Gene. I have even fought with my girlfriend because I love your music so much. I would like to know why you use make up, and why you choose those characters. I love your images and I want you to know that you inspire the image for all the black mettal bands around the world. Thanks for readin' this letter.
You guy\'s are the Greatest
Subject: You guy\'s are the Greatest
From: Isaac Barber on 08/01/2006
You guy\'s are the greatest.Because when you guys went to Charlotte NC in 1999 I was 6 years old and I was the Kid with You Paul Stanley Face Paint on and you glided off the stage and pointing at me.the two coolest things about the concert was Peter Cris sang Beth and gene Simmons with the Blood and the fire in Detriot Rock City and Ace Freley doing the smoke out of the Gutair. thank\'s for the Best Band ever. Isaac Barber
About visit from in Greece
Subject: About visit from KISS in Greece
From: Bill Bartas, Athens, GREECE on 08/01/2006
Dear KISS! I am superfan of your group! I love you very much KISS! I belong to the KISSARMY! I want to do one question for KISS. There is inpossibility KISS to visit the Greece anytime in future? If become this will be very very glad happy for thousands fans of KISS in Greece! Thank you! I love you KISS! Best wishes! Bill Bartas, Athens, GREECE
why not india??
Subject: why not india??
From: avin on 08/01/2006
hi kiss..... my name is avin and am from BANGALORE, INDIA... i am a great fan of kiss.. not only me... the whole bangalore likes u... why dont u people tour india...?? we r waiting for u people .. so plz tour india so that we can feel our heros once in our life time.. thank u rock n roll all nite n party everyday ;)
Chumash Resort Hotel/Casino and Spa night one
Subject: Chumash Resort Hotel/Casino and Spa night one
From: Denver Dean on 07/31/2006
OMG!!!!! Thank you Thank you. This was a great concert. I\'m just getting out of the venue now. The Chumash resort really knows how to host a good ol\' KISS RnR PARTY. For anyone not there - a few surprises where in store for those of us faithful. \'Kissin\' Time\' being close to the top. A down-home rock-out!!It was worth the price of admission and (a plane ride for me from Denver). Another surprise - blood, fire and pyro when the tickets said none would be allowed -all good fun!!! We even rushed the stage at the end - not bad since most of the crowd (me too) are in our 40 somethings now. I had a great time - Thanks KISS. I was to the right of Gene jumping up and down like crazy (I was the one that looks like an old football player). Hope to see you back in Denver. I can\'t emphasize enough how great a concert this was - I might have been 5 feet from the stage at the end. Just a wonderful time. Some great KISS tunes: King of the Night Time World, Deuce, Strutter, on and on. A very heartfelt intro from Paul for \'God gave RnR to you\' got the house chanting U.S.A over and over - so cool at the end Paul reached over and gave a guitar pick to a man in a wheel Chair right next to me (the man was about my age(a vet maybe??)). KISS really looks out for their ARMY! See you in Denver - Your favorite Aerospace Engineer
From: Sylvain Deshaies on 07/31/2006 MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT COMING TUESDAY, JANUARY 30th.
Tour in Chicago!
Subject: Tour in Chicago!
From: Matthew Shukin on 07/31/2006
Dear Kiss, I\'m a HUGE fan. I was wondering, since you\'ve already toured in Japan and at the Chumash casino in California, you could come to the Chicago area where I live. I would love to see you guys, but if you don\'t come here I might never get to see you! I know Gene has his new show to do, but possibly after that you could come. So please consider, because I would really like to see you. One of your BIGGEST fans, Matthew Shukin
Andy from Germany 31.07. 2006
Subject: Andy from Germany 31.07. 2006
From: Europetour on 07/31/2006
Hello Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric when you to Europe, many fans come wait here Am best also a new Studio album. Andy from Germany
Not like the others
Subject: Not like the others
From: Vynni on 07/30/2006
Dear KISS, I betcha I\'m nothing like your other fans,I\'ve never met anyone like me. Have you ever heard of a Psychi? That\'s what I am. A Psychi is someone who has psychic abilities. Everyone I know gets scared of me sometimes because they know what I can do. I hope your not scared because I mean no harm. Everyone is scared, I have mental abilities right now, but everyone knows I\'m still geting more abilities. When I listen to my KISS CDs I forget about my troubles for a while, so thanks for yor awesome songs. your Psychi, Vynni
A.Schrader on 30.07.2006
Subject: A.Schrader on 30.07.2006
From: Europe on 07/30/2006
Hello Kiss, when you come times to Europeanhere wait many fans for you-make a new album and comes to Europe. Andreas Schrader from Germany
NATURAL ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: NATURAL ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Scott J. Hanson on 07/29/2006
Dear KISS BAND, I have been a KISS fan since 1978. Ever since i went over to my friends house ,(in 9th grade), he played \" KISS ALIVE \". The song i heard was \" 100,000 YEARS\". I remember because of the drum solo. After i heard the whole album, i knew that this would be my favorite band of all time. I started buying ALL of the KISS albums, went to concerts, and had posters on my bedroom walls. I loved the songs but mostly ,i loved the ENERGY i got from listening to this music. When i worked up in alaska and when the work was really hard, i remember playing KISS and it would just give me lots of energy. The work started to become fun to me. Today i still listen and in the mornings before i go to gives me lots of energy. THANKS Gene... Paul...Peter...and Ace for forming the rock band.....\"KISS\"............THE greatest rock band in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! From: Scott J. Hanson (dedicated fan forever) Age : 44
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