T Shirts
Subject: T Shirts
From: KISS79 on 06/02/2014
I think the shirt with the Spider should be used. Just my opinion
Flashback to Meeting Gene at Politically Incorrect
Subject: Flashback to Meeting Gene at Politically Incorrect
From: Brian Bateman on 06/02/2014
While digging through my life-long collection of KISS treasures in anticipation for the start of the tour in Salt Lake City June 23rd (because that's what the KISS Army does) I ran across my personalized Double Platinum certificate signed by Gene when I was invited by the show's producer to hang backstage at a taping of Politically Incorrect. I've kept the memories of that very special day to myself for 12 years... but thought it would be cool to finally share my experience with my friends at KISSONLINE. I was seated in the front row at eye-level across from Gene through the show. I was told he most likely wouldn't be able to meet afterwards, but I was encouraged to bring something to sign in the event he had a minute. After the taping, I was whisked back to the green room and told "STAY RIGHT HERE!" A few minutes that seemed like a lifetime passed, I heard HIS voice in the hallway and... "I'll go get him" from the gracious production assistant. What happened next was so special I'll never forget it for the rest of my life. Gene didn't simply take a couple of seconds to shake my hand and sign an autograph. We visited. Had a real conversation. We talked about the state of the music industry as I had recently finished recording my debut album called White Lie. It was engineered by Guy Charbonneau for Le Mobile - who had done the Halloween Psycho Circus broadcast from Dodger Stadium. He was perplexed at my ability to land a Grammy winning engineer to record and produce my album without the backing of a record label. He asked ME to send him a copy when it was finished. Let me say that again... Gene Simmons asked ME to send HIM a copy of my CD!?!? LOL!!! This was certainly some crazy dream. After a few moments his cell phone rang (Gene's phone was in a yellow KISS case). After the brief call, he tried to sell me his phone! That's when I knew it wasn't a dream. Then, to my surprise, he told the people with him to go on ahead and he wanted to stay behind with me... just the two of us and we visited some more. It was inspiring beyond measure and I've taken his sage advice about believing in yourself with me everywhere I've gone. He waved as the elevator doors closed and I could hear him telling the assistant, "That was really cool." I just wanted to share my moment with friends today. THANK YOU GENE! My family and I can't wait to see you at USANA Ampitheater Section 301 Seat 1-3 ;)
New Tour T-shirts
Subject: New Tour T-shirts
From: Roger Rothwel on 06/02/2014
I would like to see both of the new T-shirts, but if I could have only one I would go for the one with the spider. Hopefully you will also have some cool 40th Aniversary T-shirts as well. Roger Rothwell
shirt design
Subject: KISS shirt design
From: Harvey Klooz on 06/02/2014
I love both designs but the spider is the most awesome and my vote goes to that one. I have LOVED KISS my whole life & can't wait for this summers big tour !!
2014 Tour T Shirts p1 - feedback
Subject: 2014 Tour T Shirts p1 - feedback
From: David Jones on 06/02/2014
Hi guys, Can't wait to see you at The LA Forum on July 8th, I'm SOOO excited, it's unreal!!! I'm coming all the way from the UK and I'm FINALLY getting to attend a meet and greet to meet my musical heroes, and the backstage tour. Get those rare songs polished for the Acoustic segment!!! I've just seen the 2 T-shirt designs you've approved for the 2014 tour, my feedback is: I prefer the background with the spider, it's more colourful and shows off the spider well, BUT I'd use the stage positions of the gold T-shirt, it's more accurate to what we see on the stage. Thanks, can't wait to see it on sale at The Forum, and to meet you!!!!
Shirt design
Subject: Shirt design
From: Randy on 06/02/2014
With spider
tour shirts
Subject: tour shirts
From: chris taylor on 06/01/2014
the spider shirt of course, that is the best stage ever and must be seen by all on the shirts.rememeber the rock the nation shirts were the same way. very cool.
shirt design
Subject: shirt design
From: John on 06/01/2014
The Shirt WITH the spider looks more crushing than without it. WITH is better.
From: pisk29 on 06/01/2014
I like both shirts for different reasons. Take both if possible.
Subject: Tshirt
From: Billy on 06/01/2014
I like the tshirt with the spider. I cant wait to see Kiss for my birthday in Nashville in July.
tee shirt designs
Subject: tee shirt designs
From: matthew wilson on 06/01/2014
Hi Gene,Paul,Tommy,Eric and the KISS team awesome shirt designs what i like about the one with spider is that is shows what the show is all about and the reason why i think its so cool is because of that and the one without is cool because it looks like the Hotter Than Hell album cover and its awesome way to show the 40th anniversary tour of the band. thanks Matt wilson
Subject: 2014 T-SHIRT DESIGNS
From: Dan on 06/01/2014
Hello, got to say I'd like to get the new 2014 KISS shirt with the lighting bolts. I like the graphics and the band is positioned in the same way they are on stage.
Subject: 082214
From: Chrissy on 06/01/2014
Can't wait to see you in August at Klipsch in IN. Would love to hear Hard Luck Woman!! That's kinda my theme song at the moment. Recently divorced and on my own for the first time in over 20 yrs. Chrissy
Tour 2014 T-Shirt
Subject: Kiss Tour 2014 T-Shirt
From: Kosmas on 06/01/2014
Hey, I prefere the t-shirt without the spider. I guess it's cooler. I think the other one is a little bit too dark. Also on the this one without spider the Kiss logo is bigger and you recognize it better. Rock on!
T Shirt decision
Subject: T Shirt decision
From: John Wicker on 06/01/2014
Im saying Bring the Spider! Its part of KISSTORY Now and should be apart of the Catalog for now on. See yas at the shows soon!
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