Best song ever
Subject: Best song ever
From: Ralf Mattsson on 02/08/2014
Thank you for the best song ever made, Long way down.
is still the comics.
Subject: KISS is still the comics.
From: Keith K. on 02/08/2014
KISS homages have been showing up in the comics pages for years - today, it was in "Bizarro" by Dan Piraro. Rock on!
my grandson
Subject: my grandson
From: toki on 02/08/2014
please watch this video His name is Kosuke ! My grandson . He is two years old, His hero is "KISS" not a cartoon character . He is always singing to see the DVD of" KISS". It is singing while watching the "I was made for lovin'you"video. He do not speak Japanese ... yet.
My birthday present
Subject: My birthday present
From: Ramiro Zamorano on 02/07/2014
Hi KISS, Today I receive my birthday present, I so happy is the KISS Creatures figures with the stage anf lights, is fantastic. Thanks to my brother Bruno and my parents.
Subject: TATTOO
From: Xavier on 02/07/2014
Got my first tattoo yesterday, KISS IKON - Space Ace/The Spaceman!
is everywhere
Subject: KISS is everywhere
From: John Brinkmann on 02/06/2014
Tough night for Missouri State Bears basketball, losing to #6 Wichita State in overtime. At least our band played "Shout it out Loud" and the KISS Army was in the house.
sighting in Denmark
Subject: Kiss sighting in Denmark
From: Anders O on 02/06/2014
Tivoli in Denmark launches music festival with new Danish bands.
Peterfest 50
Subject: Peterfest 50
From: Peter Pandopulos on 02/05/2014
Just celebrated my birthday at Peterfest 50. My wife had a wicked KISS birthday cake made for me......since I am a big sincere KISS fan.... We had a live band performing a lot of KISS songs, the hall was decorated with old vinyl records, she even had a Framed Kiss Picture Sign in record for everyone to sign and leave a comment, lots of Gene Pictures posted..... well really it was me in Gene Costume. We Partied all day and Rock and Rolled all Nite...... The only thing missing was my buddy Gene......
Being a fan
Subject: Being a fan
From: Matt Weimer on 02/05/2014
I have been a fan since I was 6 years old. I am now 38. The first rock song I ever heard was, "Do you love me." I have never stopped being a fan. To me Kiss is the greatest thing earth has ever seen. Your music has got me through a lot in my life. Gene, you and Paul had the greatest idea, and started the most wonderful thing the world has ever seen. I saw you guys live twice. Once in Cedar Rapids, IA. and the othe time in Raleigh-Durham, NC. (I was in the Army at the time, stationed at Fort Bragg.) The biggest dream in my life was to meet you guys, but I have been having that dream since I was 6. So, if you just read this letter, I know your so so busy, that would be great to me. I just want you to know how great I think you are, and you kick ass live. If you read this, thank you. Matt Weimer (Rincon, GA.)
My First
Subject: My First KISS
From: kissabrit on 02/05/2014
Hi to everyone - so pleased to be a new member of the site and to have the chance to say how much I have loved KISS since way back in 1975. I first saw them the following year at Hammersmith Odeon in 1976 and I had never before experienced something so electrifying - and I totally fell in love with Gene as he stomped around the stage spitting blood and flicking that famous tongue. My mother was horrified by him when I put his poster up on my wall, but to me he was my Demon God - my heart was never the same again! Thanks boys, for my first KISS experience and to Gene for stealing my heart. True kings of rock - I LOVE YOU ... LOUD!
Subject: Tour!
From: Gina on 02/05/2014
Please, please, please tour again soon!!!!!!!!! I have been a fan since 1978 and have seen you guys 8 times in concert. The BEST concerts ever. Now my daughter who just turned 10 is the next Kiss fan! I would LOVE to take her to a Kiss concert. Pittsburgh is waiting for you!!!!
Subject: Australia
From: Gary on 02/05/2014
Hey kiss I am your biggest fan and I am just wondering when are u coming back to Australia because I Missed your concert at sydney because I was at wollong and I wish u come back
Subject: LOL!
From: Tom Tobin on 02/04/2014
Eric Singer Drawing
Subject: Eric Singer Drawing
From: Jack Smith on 02/04/2014
Hey KISS just wanted to share this picture of Eric that i drew on my computer the other day
on TV Nova (CZE)
Subject: Kiss on TV Nova (CZE)
From: Paul Pile on 02/04/2014
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