at Hell & Heaven Fest 2014
Subject: KISS at Hell & Heaven Fest 2014
From: Gabriel Martínez on 02/17/2014
Hey guys, look at these photo taken last saturday at the entry of El Chopo (a rocker street market in Mexico City). Check these promo of the comming Hell & Heaven Metal Fest where we are anxiously waiting to see KISS! KISS, Mexico loves you! GMM
is everywhere!
Subject: KISS is everywhere!
From: Mark on 02/16/2014
30th anniversary
Subject: 30th anniversary
From: Tom Tobin on 02/15/2014
30 years ago today (February 15th 1984), I had the pleasure of meeting 4 young men by the names of Gene $immons, Paul Stanley,Vinnie Vincent & Eric Carr at a meet & Greet in the Flipside record shop in Chicago,Illinois. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life.
Kruise III report part 2
Subject: Kiss Kruise III report part 2
From: Humez David on 02/14/2014
The second page! Thank you!
kruise III report
Subject: kiss kruise III report
From: Humez David on 02/14/2014
Hi everybody, this is an article that I have wrote for a French Heavy metal magazine (Rockhard) on the Kiss Kruise III
kids sighting Jeffco public schools colorado
Subject: kids sighting Jeffco public schools colorado
From: Heidi conrad on 02/14/2014
Hats Off GMHS KISS staff picHats off to Green Mountain High School (GMHS) staff for ringing in this year's Winterfest with rock 'n' roll style. Staff members, outfitted like the rock band KISS, performed the classic Rock and Roll All Night. GMHS art students applied the makeup, photography students took the pictures and video production students filmed the event. "It really brought the Green Mountain community together," said assistant principal Jose Shapiro. "The students loved it."
My new beers
Subject: My new KISS beers
From: victor pi on 02/14/2014
Hi,I´m Victor Pi and these are my new KISS beers bought in Barcelona
Hugs & es
Subject: Hugs & KISSes
From: Paul C. Heilman, DDS on 02/14/2014
Hugs and KISSes from Paul C. Heilman, DDS & team in Shreveport LA!
Official TV Show Picture
Subject: Official TV Show Picture
From: Eddie Martz on 02/14/2014
(I'm not a spammer, I'm only very excited for KISS coming to Mexico and to show that we do this Tribute Band with very much respect and love for you guys!) Here's the official picture showed in social media and on TV Banners of DYNASTY, KISS Mexican Tribute Band formed by Mark Simmons, Alex Frehley, Mike Stanley and Waldo Singer, playing Live on mexican TV show in a special party organized by mexican cable tv channel TELEHIT prior to KISS headlining night on Hell & Heaven Fest 2014. This appears to have been broadcasted in several countries all over the world and we're very proud of doing this tribute to the hottest band in the world. Contact:
Dynasty on Mexican TV
Subject: Dynasty on Mexican TV
From: Eddie Martz on 02/14/2014
Mark Simmons, Mike Stanley, Alex Frehley and Waldo Singer would like to thank you KISS, for giving us inspiration, joy, passion and pump-up our hearts for doing what we do....making a tribute band called DYNASTY dedicated to you and all the rock & roll generations following behind... Last night we did a National TV show here in Mexico playing all KISS Klassics prior to Hell & Heaven 2014, this was organized by national cable-tv channel Telehit to celebrate a party for KISS appearance on this Festival, with us playing as the official tribute band considered by fanclubs and media here. We would like to be included in your KISS Tribute Bands Section since it's been 10 Years we've been struggling to find the right Members who share their passion for KISS as much as we do and now we've been Touring the country showing our love and worship for KISS. And we always try to make our best onstage either with our image and sound. This is another picture from that night we mention, we rocked our hearts out and shout it out loud until we could set the world on fire, all for the love of rock & roll! Contact:
Mexican Tribute Band on TV
Subject: KISS Mexican Tribute Band on TV
From: Eddie Martz on 02/14/2014
This is a shot of Mexican KISS Tribute Band: DYNASTY. These fellows have been worshipping The Hottest Band in the World with pride for several years now in Mexico City and all over the Country playing in the important cities where they're hired, their passion and love for their heroes make them always attempt to use the best quality in their sound, make-up, costumes and stage-gimmicks, Dynasty is considered by the mexican media and the official fanclub in Mexico (KISS Army Mexico), as the best and only official tribute Band in Mexico, and here's a snapshot to prove that on their national TV appearance on channel "Telehit" in a special party organized by mexican television and festival committee prior to Hell & Heaven 2014 Festival where KISS will headline. Contact:
Subject: Kiss Snowman
From: Kevin Bise on 02/13/2014
COOLEST SNOWMAN EVER visiting Southwest Virginia!
All Aboard the Train!
Subject: All Aboard the KISS Train!
From: Bridget H on 02/13/2014
Our three-year-old insisted that a regular train wasn't enough for his Valentine box for daycare. It had to be a KISS train.
Mr. Speed @ HRC in Cleveland
Subject: Mr. Speed @ HRC in Cleveland
From: Kyle Barlow on 02/12/2014
Wanted to share some pictures of our great time we had in Cleveland OH at the Hard Rock Cafe with Mr. Speed. They killed it, it's always a good time with the greatest tribute band in the world. Keeping KISS alive and well. A great time was had by all despite the freezing weather outside. Inside the Hard Rock it was Hotter Than Hell.
From: Marcio Siqueira on 02/11/2014
A new Kiss Poster Magazine came out in Brazil!!! This is Kiss dominating the world!!!
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