Up Close & Personal
Subject: Up Close & Personal
From: Chris on 05/13/2014
KISS UP CLOSE & PERSONAL TEUSDAY 18 MAY 2004: Enmore Theatre Sydney Australia It’s being 10years this coming Sunday, since the night to remember. I was so overwhelmed with excitement I had just seen them {Kiss} the nite before in a full-on concert. Tonite was the nite I went to Enmore Theatre with my {A} reserved ticket but, when I got to the front of the line security said what the f**king hell are we going to do with this disabled guy in a massive motorised scooter. Security went to Gene Simmons. Gene said let him go backstage {side entrance with all their gear} to get in then I was put up the front just under Gene Gene gave me a smile when I showed him his solo album. Lucky security gave me ear plugs that nite or would be deaf in my only good hearing ear but, my scooter was rockin’ What a show just blown away at the end of the nite got a drumstick of Eric Singer and guitar picks off Tommy Thayer nothing off Gene and Paul except there magical presence and to finish the show-off covered in confetti but who cares what a nite once in a lifetime. A brief history: October 28 1986 had an operation for brain tumour that left me a coma for ten weeks but, what kept me alive was listening to Double Platinum and The Elder all thanks to my sister. Too young to see them in 1980 just 11years old now since in a wheelchair seen KISS 7 times just hope next time soon they come to Canberra that would be awesome. People say why KISS ‘it’s time to move on’ I just say they were there when I needed them!!! I’ve been a true fan since 1979 when my neighbour let me listen to Dynasty I just fell in love with these icons of rock ‘n’ roll. Their also like a good bottle of wine get better with age. I WANTED THE BEST I GOT THE BEST THE HOTTEST BAND ON THE PLANET Your Aussie fan Chris
Happy Birthday Eric
Subject: Happy Birthday Eric
From: Martina on 05/13/2014
I want to wish all the best for your yesterday´s birthday. I hope, that you will have many other good years. Thank you for great music and I hope, that I can you see again in the Czech Republic. Martina, The Czech Republic
Happy Birthday, Eric!
Subject: Happy Birthday, Eric!
From: Ryoji Kumagai on 05/12/2014
Happy Birthday, Eric! Looking forward to see you in Tokyo, this year!! *Photo at Budokan, Tokyo, 2013.10.24
Subject: Eric
From: Maureen on 05/12/2014
Happy Birthday, Eric! :)
Happy Birthday Eric
Subject: Happy Birthday Eric
From: Kate on 05/11/2014
Happy Birthday to the Super Sexy Catman!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Kate xo
Subject: tribute2KISS
From: Rob raskiss on 05/11/2014
Hello , Me and my good friend MattL have been getting together to pay tribute to KISS as were longtime Fans ! I`m 50 and he`s 40 this year , fans since childhood ! Heres a tribute video of us covering "Nothing To Loose" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJRU0vesRg4 Thanks KISS and Crew for 40 Years ! So Far ! Sincerley,RobS. n MattL. plus The KISS ARMY !! 2014
"Face The Music"
Subject: "Face The Music"
From: Masayuki "Vinnie" Yamakawa on 05/11/2014
I have copies of "Face The Music" as a book and an e-book and an audio-CD! The book is awesome!

Masayuki "Vinnie" Yamakawa
From: Emerson Deuschl on 05/11/2014
On Mai 12 is a special Date in KISSTORY !! All the best to You on Your Birthday. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish You the best of luck, health and joy because You deserve it. May all of Your dreams come true and stay the way You are because You are greatly appreciated.
6 year old drawing
Subject: 6 year old KISS drawing
From: Rodrigo Toninato (TNT Bros) on 05/11/2014
My 6 years old nephew first drawing on 1st grade school. Free theme drawing. My KISS education is going very well so far!
is everywhere
Subject: Kiss is everywhere
From: Gunnar Ottesen on 05/11/2014
Kiss is truly everywhere. Now also in the skislopes of Levi, Finland! After learning to appreciate Finlands tradition of dressing up for their 1st of May-celebration, I decided to join this year. Choice of costume was not difficult! Greetings for Norway! Gunnar Ottesen
Just had a baby shower and...
Subject: Just had a baby shower and...
From: Jeff Sacc on 05/10/2014
Hey Guys! Just wanted to share all the cool gifts my little guy got at his baby shower today. He's not even born yet and already has more KISS shirts than his dad! - Jeff Sacc, West Palm Beach, FL
Mother's Day
Subject: Mother's Day
From: Brazil on 05/10/2014
Me and my beautiful daughter, Analu, on the party of the mother's at school. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Marques Máskara, from Brazilian KISS Army. www.braziliankissarmy.com.br
40th Anniversary Tour
Subject: 40th Anniversary Tour
From: Mike Altini on 05/10/2014
While walking along the boardwalk in Atlantic City, I spotted a poster announcing the KISS show , August 2 at Boardwalk Hall. My son and I couldn't be more thrilled. It will be almost a year to date that we saw Kiss in St.Johns NL last summer.
pillow custom made..
Subject: Kiss pillow custom made..
From: Marian Cira on 05/09/2014
Hello coolest band in the world ..KISS ! Kiss is the greatest ! Kiss pillow custom made..ALIVE II + GREATEST HITS UK... Marian Cira
is everywhere... and Chile too
Subject: KISS is everywhere... and Chile too
From: Benjamin Wallace on 05/08/2014
A friend and I (we met in a KISS concert in Chile 2012) were around a college and we found some crafts, it's a handmade Gene Simmons mask. Greetings from Chile.
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