Choose new t-shirt
Subject: Choose new t-shirt
From: Electroman on 06/01/2014
The t-shirt WITH the SPIDER is the best shirt. I think it is one of the better shirts in years! Very cool...
Tour shirt
Subject: Tour shirt
From: Brett Levy on 06/01/2014
You guys should choose the one with the spider as it makes the shirt look more original.
T-Shirt 2014
Subject: T-Shirt 2014
From: Johnny on 06/01/2014
Use the one without the spider. To me it looks better. From, Johnny
Subject: Kiss shirt
From: Dusty Croson on 06/01/2014
Hey I am a major KISS FAN!!!!! I love the band- every lineup is spectacular. And congrats on the rock hall induction it's about damn time Kiss was put in there!!!! I love the new shirts but I gotta go with the one that has the spider in it. I have seen Kiss 3 times and I can't wait to buy a other shirt at the show this year
shirt designs
Subject: shirt designs
From: Marc Freeman on 06/01/2014
I think the shirt with spider is cool. the other looks like in japan.
Summer t-shirt
Subject: Summer t-shirt
From: Robert Holmes on 06/01/2014
The t-shirt with the spider would be awesome for the tour with Def Leppard if they'll be using it for the upcoming tour as in 2013. Hopefully they will as we didn't get to see the boys during the 2013 Monster Tour. Either way, I love the spider shirt.
!!! Come to nepal. Please
Subject: KISS!!! Come to nepal. Please
From: chirag timalsina on 05/31/2014
Hello Kiss army \m/ Nepal is in asia continent. here lies the highest mountain in the world. I have a request for Kiss. Please Please come to nepal it will be awesome please my facebook : thank you keep rokin
is everywhere
Subject: KISS is everywhere
From: Tommy Svärd on 05/30/2014|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=-&__utmk=40476258
Groom Cake
Subject: Groom Cake
From: Lonnie Weishaar on 05/30/2014
After getting engaged on KISS KRUISE II, I got married on May 3. I agreed to my wife's request of not having a KISS wedding, but she surprised me that day by having a Groom's Cake adjacent to our wedding cake!
Café de Bliksem
Subject: Café de Bliksem
From: SocialD on 05/29/2014
Spotted this Cafe in the Netherlands. Proudly using the KISS font. Café de Bliksem
Subject: Regards Kiss
From: Marian Cira on 05/29/2014
Hello Kiss, You wanted the best ....Kiss !!! Czech republic Marian Cira
Kayleigh's High School Graduation
Subject: Kayleigh's High School Graduation
From: Lisa Burgoon on 05/29/2014
Hi Mr. Simmons, My daughter Kayleigh has loved KISS for more than half of her life, especially YOU! She just graduated high school this past Saturday. So, instead of going with her traditional school colors (what fun would that be?) on her graduation cake we rocked it up a bit! It only seemed fitting that we include you in some way. The red cord around her neck represents her work with the Red Cross. She is the second highest blood donor at her school. She is also the first female bassist to ever march the field with her High School Marching Band. You have been a huge influence on her life and I can’t thank you enough for being such a great mentor. Because of you she has decided to go into teaching. She wants to teach music. I often wonder if you truly realize how you have influenced so many lives in such a positive way. We hope you keep doing what you do for many, many more years to come. I also want to say thank you for all of the work you do to support our military. It means a lot to us, the military families. My son is a SSGT in the Air Force, stationed at Minot Air Force Base in Minot, North Dakota. We are looking forward to your summer tour... Best wishes, Lisa
Thanks to Paul and !
Subject: Thanks to Paul and Kiss!
From: Geir Arne Dale on 05/28/2014
I don`t know if you`ll see this Mr. Stanley. But if you do, please accept my deepest thank you for sharing your awesome life experience and your wisdom with the world! What this picture hanging on my office wall shows, is actually a brand new record deal. So what? Well, at least in Norway these days, for a hard rock band, that is almost unheard of. This deal is for five years and I have to say I don`t think I have seen another hard rock band, in Norway that is, get a deal like this for decades here now! And it`s a good old fashion "we pay-you play"-deal too! Not this shitty 360 deals they keep throwing at bands and artists these days! I have followed you guys for 35 years now and everything we do (I play drums and manage Norwegian classic rock band Humbucker) is more or less a replica of what you guys have done. In a much smaller scale of course but it`s still the same way of working: Being focused, having goals, dreams and never giving up on those. In this particular case, I remembered this thing that you said some time ago: "The only one who fail is the one who says it can`t be done"! I don`t think I have heard a better saying in my life! That says it all! I keep that in my head all the time and I used that to the full in this case as I called the label-manager four times in a month. Ones a week for a month I let him know that we were no quitters and that we would really like to have a talk and that we were convinced that he could do a great job for and with us. In the end he checked out our music and agreed to a meeting and I met him, had a 3,5 hrs very nice meeting with him, and the result was this incredible deal! And even though I knew about him a great deal, it turned out that he is much more well connected in the business and have even more experience that I knew of. We could NOT get a better man in Norway to work for us and the whole band is stunned and feel unbelievably lucky! In fact, he told me he wanted to sign us because of the quality of our work AND because we would not give up on him and "take no for an answer"! Not many bands today had that attitude he said. Which of course is a great honor coming from a guy like that! But really it`s honoring you and what you stand for so I don`t take credit for that at all! I have experienced many dreams coming true because of the way you work and the inspiration it gives me, but this is probably the biggest! Thank you so very much again and please keep sharing your wisdom! I wish you the best of luck for the future Sir and to the band too! If you would like to, you are welcome of course to check out Humbucker at And of course, if you check out the video for the song `The Way I Am` on our page, you will probably also understand, from the lyrics, what I`m saying... Cheers from Norway Sir! Best Regards Geir Arne Dale Norway, May 20th 2014
Subject: DETROIT?
From: kaz Hotta on 05/28/2014
On June 8, Japanese Kiss tribute band "KISSDOLLS" will play in Osaka, Japan. Title of the Event is cool. It is called the "DAITO ROCK CITY". "DAITO" is, is the name of the city where the Event will be held. Of course, it's title play on "Detroit Rock City". From what I hear, the current mayor's Kiss fan. The important thing, this thing Event that will be held for the revitalization of the city DAITO. We KISSDOLLS is honored to be able to play in this great Event.
Subject: KISS graphic
From: Photocoyote on 05/28/2014
Had to show you one of my recent graphics STAY ALIVE Photocoyote
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