My Friend as Ace (Drawing/Painting)
Subject: My Friend as Ace (Drawing/Painting)
From: Christina on 05/27/2014
Drawing/painting, (roughly about 11in.x17in.); of my friend Vince as Ace Frehley lol. He is a huge fan of KISS :)
Rob`s 50th
Subject: Rob`s 50th
From: Rob raskiss on 05/27/2014
Hello KISS and KISS Army ! I turned 50 this year and my wife n friends threw me a great party ~ I was psyched to see this KISS BDAY Cake w/our photo from KK3 and the KISS Mini Mates Decor \m/ ..... My longtime jam buddy MattL Presented me w/a Gene Simmons Axe Bass ... WOW what a way to end the awesome night ! 50 has been AMAZING so far ! A big Thx to my wife , friends and of course KISSSSSS !!!! Rob50 Raskiss
I am a big fan of
Subject: I am a big fan of kiss
From: Linda clare on 05/27/2014
I have been a big fan of the band and have been for years . I love listening to your songs and watching use live on my iPad and have a good sing and dance to them. I would love onc day if I could meet use I have a learning disability but that doesn't slow me down. I would love to come to one of your concerts one day that would be my big dream come true. Hope to hear back from use thank you
Subject: french kiss
From: christophe.dard on 05/26/2014
Hello Kiss Army, I send you this picture of the Kiss logo that will be part of a keychain. My daughter Lucie is in her first year of jewelry school. As she had free choice for one piece to create, she wanted to please her huge long time Kiss fan dad and made me this great personal object. When she showed her creation to her teacher, the professor told her : " Wow go polish it. Kiss is a very good choice of model ! ". Now I want to share this with all Kiss fans and hope all parents have a daughter as kind as Lucie is. Hope to see Kiss in france soon. Friendly yours, Christophe
Kustom shoes
Subject: Kustom KISS shoes
From: Scott on 05/25/2014
Wanted to share the shoes I had made.
Dogs: Star and Sophie
Subject: Kiss Dogs: Star and Sophie
From: Rich on 05/25/2014
These are my two dogs, Star and Sophie. Star is named after Star Child from KISS. Star is a male Welsh Corgi and Sophie is a dappled dachshund. Here's video of my two KISS dogs. Hope you enjoy it.
Sighting in Illinois
Subject: Kiss Sighting in Illinois
From: Rich on 05/25/2014
Kiss sighting in Northfield, Illinois at Grand Music and Sound.
My ALIVE!-Story from 1979/80 till Today
Subject: My KISS ALIVE!-Story from 1979/80 till Today
From: Lion67 on 05/24/2014
Hello Tommy, Eric Singer, Gene & Paul, since some days my copy of the BACK TO BLACK-Album ALIVE!-2014 is here in my home ! It was together with my order of Destroyer-Resurrected (2012-Vinyl) in my local custom office. Now I wanna tell you guys my ALIVE!-Story and what this album means to me ! I started to be a KISS Fan in December 1979.....and somwhere in 1980 I bought ALIVE! I thought: "What the hell is this ? Sounds very heavy for a band who have albums like DYNASTY & UNMASKED......!" But what I have realized in the first seconds: It's GREAT !!!!!!! This 16 Songs are kicks in the ass ! So: I bought of course all Albums from KISS to ACE FREHLEY and almost every album was a real surprise, because KISS not often sounds the same.......and I also like the different voices....I love a lot of other bands.......but what KISS brings with 4 Lead Vocals isn't that boring like hear always one & the same singer.......! Back to ALIVE! ! It's together with ALIVE 4/SYMPHONY on Nr. 1 from the 4 ALIVE-Albums ! What not means that I like ALIVE 2 not..........I love this too very very much but this two Albums I like a little more ! The pic you see is made on my living-room-table some days ago and shows on the left side: ALIVE! from Germany in the 70ties with original logo and the booklet......seems it is printed in Germany too, because BEALLAPHONE stands on the last the middle you see: 1997 US-Remaster-CD and the US-Sticker of the BACK TO BLACK ALBUM-2014 and on the reight side you see the 2014-Edition of that album & booklet ! What the Music belongs...I like all 16 songs.......and if I can only choose 4 for an lonesome island I would choose: LET ME GO ROCK & ROLL (a total energy-song...), FIREHOUSE, 100000 Years (great it and Paul's speaking is the point on the i) & BLACK DIAMOND......but belive me: I would miss the other 12 very much ! KISS 4EVER & EVER ! Your Lion P.S.: What CDs belongs, I have had the first German Edition and in 1997 I decided only official CDs from the States comes into my I have sold this other one to a Second Hand Store or Private for an apple & an egg !
Singer in Italian TV
Subject: Singer in Italian TV
From: DavidePoggi on 05/22/2014
Daria Biancardi "I was made for loving you" - Liv…:
Paul Book Signing in Naperville
Subject: Paul Book Signing in Naperville
From: George M. Shulock on 05/21/2014
Here is Paul and me at his Naperville, Illinois book signing on May 16th. Paul IS the BEST. All the times I met him, he has always been the greatest and the kindest to me. Thank you for coming out to Naperville and I cannot wait for KISS to come to Chicago in August! Your #1 Fan, George M. Shulock
License Plate
Subject: KISS License Plate
From: Tom on 05/21/2014
My 2014 Corvette Stingray with my Kiss license plates. I think it fits perfectly!
18th Birthday Celebration
Subject: 18th Birthday Celebration
From: Raphael Martinez on 05/21/2014
Hi Guys, On July 22nd, my son, Chris Martinez, will be turning 18. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to take him to see my favorite (and his) band in the world, KISS !!!. I've had the pleasure of seeing you live six times and this will be his first. We will be in the audience when you come to West Palm Beach that night and I was wondering if you could give a shout out during the show. That would just top off his night. The picture attached here was from my 50th birthday so as you can see, we like to celebrate in fashion. Thanks. Raphael
kind of toy el Santo
Subject: Kiss kind of toy el Santo
From: Rafa Vargas on 05/21/2014
I hope you like this toy I made it, its a mexican classical luchador like el Santo !!! Kiss is everywhere!
Jr High concert - make-up!
Subject: Jr High concert - KISS make-up!
From: Kimberly Mungle on 05/21/2014
Thought you would get a kick out of this pic of my 13 year olds concert last night. We're big KISS fans in our family. :)
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