New shirts
Subject: New shirts
From: John on 06/05/2014
I think you should go with the World Tour shirt It has a very nice 70's feel to it
2nd Tshirt
Subject: 2nd Tshirt
From: Fred on 06/05/2014
Grey all the way
New Tour Shirts
Subject: New KISS Tour Shirts
From: Lloyd Mudie on 06/05/2014
Looooooooooooove both the Gray and the Black shirts. YES ABSOLUTELY release BOTH!!! AAAHHHHHH... CAN'T WAIT !!!
Subject: music
From: Jimmy on 06/04/2014
kiss was the reason i fell in love with music. i think im the only kid out there that would sing beth at his sixth grade concert. Gene has been my role modle since i was 8. Ive learned about half of the kiss songs by heart and i can never get them out of my head. Ive seen kiss twice. i wanted to see kiss again this summer but i cant cause i have knee surgery. but kiss and everyone involved i thank you for making me what i am today. i hope you will be around for more years to come so i can meet you guys in person.
Sneak peak 2 Shirt
Subject: Sneak peak 2 Shirt
From: sven on 06/04/2014
I choose the shirt in Grey, this looks amazing.
Future fans
Subject: Future KISS fans
From: Joe Muia on 06/04/2014
Here is a photo of my children, Brooklyn and Brandon having fun playing our KISS pinball machine. Hopefully I am cultivating two more KISS ARMY members!!! Joe Muia
thanks for 10 yrs
Subject: thanks for 10 yrs
From: matthew wilson on 06/04/2014
dear gene,Paul,Tommy,Eric: thanks for everything i have been a fan for 10 years know and will have seen you 7 times after this summer tour thanks for an awesome meet and greet in 2009 at cobo it was awesome i cant wait too see the tour with def leppard its gonna be tshirts i like the designs so far i cant wait too see other designs for the tour. see you guys on tour thanks Matthew Wilson
Tour shirts
Subject: Tour shirts
From: Harvey Klooz on 06/04/2014
I Love, Love, Love the world tour shirt. Loved watching Paul on Home & Family!!
congratulations to Terry Wilson
Subject: congratulations to Terry Wilson
From: Chip Dayton on 06/04/2014
Terry I know the feeling! You might know I shot the cover of Kiss on Tour 1976 as featured in the recent book "Nothin' To Lose". Lifetime Kiss braggin' rights!
in German newspaper
Subject: KISS in German newspaper
From: Peter Dammeyer on 06/04/2014
Today was a clipping of KISS in the German newspaper "Neue Rhein Zeitung". Title: "A Monument Looks Back" Thank you for 40 years of Rock´n´Roll! See you on KKIV! Greetings Peter Dammeyer
Favorite Tour T-Shirt
Subject: Favorite Tour T-Shirt
From: Flugie on 06/04/2014
Man I love the Decades of Decibels T-Shirt. Please release it in the Grey! what an Awesome Shirt. Anxiously waiting for the Tour, have tickets for Cincinnati and Cleveland.
is everywhere
Subject: KISS is everywhere
From: JC Colorado on 06/04/2014
KISS is everywhere Gene, Paul, Erik and Tommy on a carousel in Monterrey Mexico! Greetings!
new shirts
Subject: new shirts
From: Bob Trottier on 06/04/2014
As per the new shirts,BOTH DESIGNS ON THE LEFT in the pics are pretty awesome!!!
Subject: Shirts
From: Dusty Croson on 06/04/2014
Well as far as the tour shirts go- I prefer the one that says world tour on it. I don't care for the other one.
Tour Shirt
Subject: KISS Tour Shirt
From: John Griffin on 06/04/2014
Love the KISS World Tour concert shirt! I will be at the Charlotte, N.C. show. It will be my 14th KISS concert!! I will buy one of these shirts if they are for sale at the show. KISS Rocks!!! Happy 40th
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