Happy New Year 2014
Subject: Happy New Year 2014
From: Minori Uno Simmons on 01/03/2014
Happy New Year to KISS & the KISS Army!! May the new year brings you Happiness!! From Minori Uno Simmons@Japan XXX
Subject: KISS Rocks!
From: Tumay Irgas on 01/03/2014
Me and Atom are huge fans! Our new year resolution is to see KISS live. Cheers from Turkey !
is everywhere...
Subject: KISS is everywhere...
From: Mike Rostowski on 01/03/2014
Hi there, just want to show you a picture of my new design for an exclusive KISSmas-item...but don't take it too seriously! This is THE KISSMAS TONGUE-BOX Greetings from Germany to all KISS-Fans in the world... Mike
Is Everywhere!!!
Subject: KISS Is Everywhere!!!
From: Alvaro Rodrigo Cruz Montoya on 01/02/2014
Look at me with KISS on salvadorean Newspaper called: "EL MUNDO" (The World) hope you guys poast it! I love you KISS!! greetings from Alvaro Cruz, San Salvador, El Salvador
My work art!
Subject: My work art!
From: Alvaro Rodrigo Cruz Montoya on 01/02/2014
I hope you guys like it, I spend 2 days makin' it, enjoy it, Greetings from El Salvador
Black Diamond Through The Years
Subject: Black Diamond Through The Years
From: Jasson Ortega on 01/02/2014
hi guys ... look at this video I made of Black Diamond throughout the years ... credit for Yo Soy Kisstiano. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMs9zkETQzg
Subject: kiss tattoo
From: Csabi Horváth on 01/02/2014
Hi! I'm Csabi from Hungary and i just want to show you my new Kiss tattoo. I hope you like it. :P
Happy New Yearââ2014
Subject: Happy New Year☆KISS★2014
From: Hiroshi on 01/02/2014
Happy New Year,KISS☆ Please come to Japan again!
My artwork
Subject: My KISS artwork
From: Matsue (Radka Šubrová) on 01/01/2014
Hi KISS! I want to share with you my artwork of Paul Stanley. I used Pauls photo as a model for drawing and later I worked on a picture in vector program. Hope you like it. :)
From: Ramiro Zamorano on 01/01/2014
Happy New year KISS, In the pictured my grandmother and I while we listened to KISS!!
Subject: HAPPY NEW 2014
From: victor pi simmons on 01/01/2014
Happy new KISS year 2014
Happy New Year Dear!
Subject: Happy New Year Dear!
From: Darquizz on 01/01/2014
mJAZZga Club, Elbląg, Poland, 2013/2014 night. Was Paul here? :-) The best New Year wishes to the best Band of the World!!
Happy New Year
Subject: Happy New Year KISS
From: KISS Army Russia on 12/31/2013
Dear Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer. Russian KISS Army wishes you a happy new year! We wish you to achieve all your plans and dreams. Also we wish you good health, happiness and fun. Thanks for the real joy that you carry to us from the stage, for your songs that inspire us. Thank you for those awesome shows which we want to tell everyone over and over again, because it is better still, we have not seen. We are very proud that we are fans of the hottest band in the world. Without you there not for us. We very much hope to see you in 2014 year.
Happy New Year Army
Subject: Happy New Year KISS Army
From: Martin Zamorano - www.kissfever.com.ar on 12/31/2013
From Argentina is our hope that 2014 will come with a lot of rock and roll with KISS!!!! Happy New year KISS ARMY!!!!
Happy new year
Subject: Happy new year
From: Craig millward on 12/31/2013
Just thought I'd send a happy new year message all the way from England, and in your honour we've made my auntie and cousins for new year fancy dress into the awesome band that is you! Keep on rocking!!!
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