Fan Letter
Subject: KISS Fan Letter
From: Nick Gimarelli on 05/07/2014
Dear KISS, I'm Nick, I'm 14 years old and have been playing music for 9 years now, I've been playing in a KISS Tribute band in Portland Oregon for about a year now and love it. Just wanted to say thanks for all your inspiration on me as a musician. See you guys this summer! Sincerely, Nick
Kids at Turning Stone Resort Concert
Subject: KISS Kids at Turning Stone Resort Concert
From: Snyderman66 on 05/07/2014
Here is a great picture of my son Hunter (left) and Nephew Austin (right) last summer at the KISS concert at Turning Stone Casino Resort in Verona NY. They are both 10 years old. Hunter has been to many KISS shows and even on a meet and great event. This was Austins first concert ever. What a great way to break Austin in to live music by taking him to see the hottest band in the world KISS. He is no officially a KISS fan for life. And by the way the concert was amazing, one of the best performances I have seen from the Monsters of Rock and I have seen over 20 KISS shows in the last 10 years. P.S. I did the makeup!
Could not wait until May 12th
Subject: Could not wait until May 12th
From: KISSARAGUI on 05/06/2014
I wish to Eric. Wishing you to sing 'All for the love of Rock & Roll' when come to next time. The delicious Japanese foods too, are waiting for you :-) KISSARAGUI, Japan
To Paul
Subject: To Paul
From: Jerry Elmas on 05/06/2014
I never was a big fan of Kiss. Never have owned even a single record. As a complete one off, I decided to read your book Paul. What a mensch you are. What a complete mensch. Your last few chapters especially were so inspiring and just so decent. Thank you for this gift. I wish you well in all things. Jerry Elmas Austin, TX
Subject: Charisma
From: celso rock on 05/06/2014
We KISS fans in Brazil, we ask that CHARISMA music is included in the set list of the band ... this song is FANTASTIC!
Another fallen member
Subject: Another fallen member
From: Darlene on 05/06/2014
We have lost another member of the ranks. Today Tony Allison lost his battle with cancer. He has been an avid fan and follower for 39 years. He will be terribly missed.
The loft
Subject: The loft
From: Sylvie and Richard on 05/06/2014
After 10 hours of driving from Quebec city, here we are in the stairwell of the loft at 10 East 23rd Street.
The Next Generation
Subject: The Next Generation
From: Daniel Bajac on 05/05/2014
My niece Sofia, she wants to join the new generation of the KISS ARMY. Greetings from Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Kids Tribute To -Benefit Concert Results
Subject: Kids Tribute To KISS-Benefit Concert Results
From: Marty Fort on 05/04/2014
Dear KISS online. Thank you so much for featuring our benefit concert for our local animal shelter (Pets Inc) on a few weeks back. I actually didn't send the articles about the show to you as I thought with over 200 active KISS tributes in the country, I thought "Why would KISSonline care?" But apparently KISS Army SC and others sent you the info and you posted it. When I found out is was on KISSonline I was floored! I've seen KISS more than 10 times. Their music meant so much to me as a lonely teacher who had always had his guitar on him and an insatiable appetite for all things Rock N Roll. Well I've moved on from the lonely teenager phase to become the Director of the the largest music schools in South Carolina with almost 1,000 students. Each year we do rock band class shows with our students and I had always wanted to do a tribute to KISS with the kids. The show was a hit! Hundreds of people turned out and we raised $2,000 for the local animal shelter that greatly needed it. Attached is a pic of the performers. It was great to expose the kids to tunes like "I Love It Loud", "Rock N Roll All Night", "I Was Made For Loving You", "Shout It Out Loud" and many more. We also promoted and raffled off two tickets to the upcoming Charlotte NC KISS concert on July 19th. This will be great for me as I'm taking my niece Lilly who is 10 and my nephew Jake who is 7 to the show. They both performed at the benefit (Lilly on vocals and Jake on the drums) and the July show will be their FIRST concert. It's going to be great to bring my love for KISS full circle by breaking them into live shows right-with a show by KISS! So thank you so much for the great music, and it's great to see the flame of Rock N Roll keep burning with the next generation of young performers. Marty Fort Director Columbia Arts Academy
Lion's -Unmasked-Story and My Back to Black-UNMASKED 2014
Subject: Lion's KISS-Unmasked-Story and My Back to Black-UNMASKED 2014
From: Lion67 on 05/04/2014
Hello Paul, Gene, Eric Singer & Tommy ! My first from some BACK TO BLACK-Vinyl-Albums is there since 28. of April 2014 ! The pic I have made today - Sunday the 4th of May - in my Living Room....and it tells most of my KISS-UNMASKED-STORY ! From left to right: 1. The original Inner Sleeve from an US-Album which I find in a Second Hand-Store, with the Poster 1980 inside...but I don't know the country where it's made ! 2. MY FIRST CD EVER......bought 1986 or 1987 for my first CD-Player...keeping it for memory ! 3. The 1997 US-Remaster 4. The Original US-Merchandise-List & 5. The BACK TO BLACK-Album 2014 ! The Original German Edition of 1980 I don't have anymore ! The US-Album which I bought because of the Merch-List & inner sleeve I also not have anymore ! I like that album very much.....The Cover is great ! The story is great ! The Coulers are great ! The Poster is great and the Music is great on all 11 Songs ! Some say this album was a mistake......but I think it was a great follow up to DYNASTY.....better than copy DYNASTY....because how much Bands need this Planet who copies it's sound over and over again ? Music from another dimension......this titel should have a KISS-Album, and not bands who sounds since the 80ties the same ;-) It's great music.......but have nothing to do with alternation !!!!!! The Masters in Classic Metal/Classic Rock what alternation belongs are KISS (and Queen), all others are second best, in that point ! Fan for Livetime, Your Lion
Avery Molek
Subject: Avery Molek
From: Debra root on 05/04/2014
My name is Debra Root and I currently live in Denver, CO. I just had the pleasure of watching a video of a 7 year old boy named Avery Molek playing the drums. He has AMAZING talent!! And he mentioned that KISS was his favorite band. I think you should watch some of his videos on his website, I am pretty sure it would be a dream come true for this little boy to play on stage with you. I already have my tickets for your concert in Denver on June 25 and would love to see him on stage with you. Please check him. I think you will be amazed by his talent. Thank you. Debra Root
License Plate Bass
Subject: License Plate Bass
From: Jennie on 05/03/2014
My dream of seeing Kiss live came true in 2010. It truly was the best concert I have ever seen. To pay tribute to my favorite bass player I created a life size replica of Gene's famous "Ax" bass. The bass is made from wood and Vermont License Plates. My favorite kiss song name is proudly displayed on the neck. Who doesn't "love it loud"?
Father And Son Singing Beth!!
Subject: Father And Son Singing Beth!!
From: Brazilian KISS Army!!Brazil... on 05/03/2014
A little tribute to KISS from me and my four year old kid. Cheers from Brazil! Diego & Marcelo. Brazilian KISS Army!!
at Milano Design Week
Subject: KISS at Milano Design Week
From: Zuza from Poland on 05/03/2014
This year at Milano Design Week friend of mine spotted this awesome 'Starchild inspired' chandelier made by Venetian company Barovier&Toso and designed by Marcel Wanders. Hope to see you soon in Poland!
Retirement with a
Subject: Retirement with a KISS
From: Brian on 05/03/2014
Dear KISS, Yesterday, May 2nd, 2014 marked a significant milestone in my life. Having served in the US Air Force for 22 years, I retired from active duty. The folks who I worked with know how much I have always loved the band and the music, so they decided to add some subtle KISS highlights which you will see in the attached photo. What made the experience as much fun was, after the standard playing of the Air Force song, my family an dI walked out to the roaring intro to "Detroit Rock City." As a side note - I would also like to personally thank Gene Simmons. One of my co-workers sang the National Anthem with him at one of the NFL games in London this year, and he graciously signed my vinyl copy of Rock & Roll Over. Thank you so much! Cheers! Brian P. Kush, Master Sergeant United States Air Force (Retired)
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