Face The Music
Subject: Face The Music
From: Lisa on 05/02/2014
I have adored Paul my entire life and had hoped for so long that he would write an autobiography, but little did I know how much Face The Music would touch me. Paul has always been an inspiration to me (and let's be honest, he's definitely my celebrity crush!) but I had no idea the extent to which he had to overcome adversities to get to where he is today. I see myself in him and it makes me believe that no matter what, we are all human, and we all go through different obstacles in our lives. Face The Music has restored my faith that true happiness is possible. Everything in life takes time; the road may not always be paved, but if you follow your heart and go for your dreams, nothing is out of reach. Thank you Paul for writing this book and sharing this part of yourself with the world.
Paul's book
Subject: Paul's book
From: Ed Smouter on 05/02/2014
I've worked my way to the first chapter of Paul's book, man I've never realised that you've had such a difficult youth, talking about your hearing problems, I guess a lot of people own you a apology for that, ya know I was born with a hart- problem so I know what you're talking about ( being a hart-patient when you're growing up isn't a picknick to so I can understand the "hell" you went thru) anyway you've got thru alright, seeing where you are now these day's so, hope to meet you again soon( we met many years ago in Utrecht,Holland when you've signt my Washburn, in 1999) greetings from Holland!!!!
Subject: kiss cartoons
From: victor pi on 04/30/2014
These are some cartoons that i printed for my room Victor Pi Spain
on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine of Argentina - May 2014
Subject: Kiss on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine of Argentina - May 2014
From: Kiss Army Argentina / Marcelo García on 04/30/2014
Kiss is on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine of Argentina - May 2014 - Edition Nº 194
5th Grade Talent Show
Subject: 5th Grade Talent Show
From: Scot on 04/29/2014
Tonight my son Brendan performed in the 5th grade talent show in Marietta, GA. He had a blast and was a hit with his KISS makeup. What a wonderful event and of course there is no other way to perform an original drum solo than in true KISS fashion!! Thanks for all the years of inspiration for me and my family. A Family of Fans for Life - Scot T.
& Sterling Golden: Dressed to Kill in Boston!
Subject: KISS & Sterling Golden: Dressed to Kill in Boston!
From: SterlingSinn Radio on 04/29/2014
Our own DJ Sterling Golden comes across these larger-than-life Demon & Starchild images repping the John Varvatos spring line this past week on Boylston Street. The Hall of Famers are looming large over the Back Bay and rockin that fashion doing it! The world can expect music from the new KISS 40 compilation this month on STERLINGSINN RADIO hosted by Sterling & Mistress Jada Sinn, Fridays 9E on WEMFradio.com!
Paul's Book
Subject: Paul's Book
From: Ed Smouter on 04/29/2014
Just got a copy of your book, i'm impressed!,can't wait to read it, see ya!!!!
LP - Unmasked is Nr. 6 in Bontonland Top 10
Subject: LP Kiss - Unmasked is Nr. 6 in Bontonland Top 10
From: Paul Pile on 04/29/2014
LP Kiss - Unmasked from 1980 is Nr. 6 in Bontonland Top 10. Bontonland Megastores are situated in Brno and Prague in the Czech Republic.
Rock N Roll Marathon
Subject: Rock N Roll Marathon
From: Lisa W on 04/28/2014
This year I ran my very first Half Marathon: The Rock N Roll in Raleigh, NC. The Marathon was the same was the same week as Hall of Fame Inductions too so that made the makeup even more important to me as a forever KISS fan. (We had to change our names a little: our "Speed Demon" had a top 10 finish.) Had to share our favorite finish line faces! See you all in Cleveland in August!
New music video - celebrates
Subject: New music video - celebrates KISS
From: Ricky on 04/28/2014
Check out that awesome Paul Stanley flying-V Washburn guitar, that is used in parts of this cool music video by Swedish old school rockers THE GLORIA STORY. TGS are well known in Scandinavia for their high energy mashup of 70s hardrock with the attitude of punk rock. And without doubt they are also hughe Kiss-fans! YOUTUBE:
My bible!
Subject: My bible!
From: Arik on 04/27/2014
I GOT IT!!! Face the music - A life exposed: My Bible!!! Arik from Buenos Aires, Argentina
My bible!
Subject: My bible!
From: Arik on 04/27/2014
I GOT IT!!! Face the music - A life exposed: My Bible!!! Arik from Buenos Aires, Argentina
First Monster cover in Argentina :)
Subject: First Monster cover in Argentina :)
From: Argentina on 04/27/2014
Hi Kiss, this is my tribute band from Argentina, called KISSMASKED.. I think we are the firsts who made a cover of this great song of Monster.. we are young fans! from 18 to 19 years old. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BF-Txa_Ntg Grettings! Argentina loves you!
Subject: RockoKiss
From: Øystein Solheim on 04/26/2014
Hello. Just wanted to show my rokoko chair that i made in Kiss theme and to use exlusive for watcin' you on Kissology vol 1-2-3-(4?). Thanx for all the good and happines you have made so far and in future. Greetings from Norway.
new Logo
Subject: new Kiss Logo
From: carrkizz on 04/25/2014
hi people, this is my new Kiss logo creation. Greetings from Austria, Rock On
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