Happy New Year 2014
Subject: Happy New Year 2014
From: Chris Medek on 12/31/2013
©Medek1 Looks like one of those "Crazy,Crazy,Crazy" nights.What a great year for KISS ,their fans in 2013.It looks that 2014 will be even bigger!Lots to look forward to.Thank You KISS,KISS staff and all the KISS fans who enjoy my art.Be good. Chris
Subject: HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
From: Piotrass on 12/31/2013
Wszystkiego dobrego w nowym - 2014 roku !!!
is everywhere!
Subject: Kiss is everywhere!
From: Sergio on 12/31/2013
Hi, last sunday I was taking a walk with my family on a beautiful afternoon at my hometown Viña del Mar, Chile, when I saw this little haidressing salon...yeah, once again... Kiss is everywhere! I wonder if they do face paint jobs too! :-) Saludos desde Chile!
es for
Subject: KISSes for KISS
From: Lisa on 12/30/2013
An immense congratulations for your upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction! We love you! KISSes, Lisa and Amanda
From: ENRIQUE GAONA on 12/30/2013
We're from Mexico City and this is a picture taken during our KISS Wedding Party of last November 29th. Next wedding ceremony will be at the Hotter than Hell Wedding Chapel to be KISSfuly married. See you soon in Texcoco, Mexico at the Hell and Heaven Fest.
baby New Year 2014
Subject: KISS baby New Year 2014
From: Chris Medek on 12/30/2013
Updated for New Year and what a huge one do we have in store.
Happy Newyear 2014
Subject: Happy Newyear 2014
From: Ed on 12/30/2013
I want to wish Paul Gene Tommy and Eric a good and heavy 2014, and i hope that we ( the Dutch Kiss fans )can see them soon in Holland because its been a while now when they came over to our country, so hope to see you soon guys! Greetings from me Ed $mouter, Netherlands
Subject: Paul!
From: Ziania on 12/29/2013
Hey, Paul! You are one of my biggest musical influences and my number one favorite performer! I love and adore you! God bless you and your family and I hope to get to see Kiss live someday!
Subject: KISS tattoo
From: Dan on 12/29/2013
My KISS tattoo still in progression.
Happy New Year
Subject: Happy New Year
From: carrkizz on 12/28/2013
Happy New Year from Kiss Army Austria and continues to rock so.THX for 40 Years R'N'R
Subject: KISS art
From: Stefano Chiesa on 12/28/2013
Handmade paintings: I think that the pic speaks for itself :)
on vinyl re-releases
Subject: KISS on vinyl re-releases
From: Marc on 12/28/2013
Hi guys, I just discovered on the internet that there will be KISS on vinyl re-releases in early 2014! What an excellent idea. Fantastic decision...finally! I have no idea if you will offer the whole back catalogue to us. But I know there´s a huge demand about KISS albums on vinyl out there. Wouldn´t this be a good chance to release the underrated "Carnival Of Souls" on vinyl too? But this time in a proper package. Original cover art work, lyrics, booklet, liner notes, etc.! This sunken raw diamond of an KISS album really deserves a 2nd chance. Maybe this one is not most classic KISS release. But one of the best...musically wise! So please be so kind and think about it. I know lots of KISS fans who would buy this one within a second. No doubt about it! All the best from Germany. Greets, Marc
Vinyl re-releases! :-)
Subject: Vinyl re-releases! :-)
From: Chris on 12/28/2013
So cool to see 10 albums being re-released on vinyl in a few months! :-) I will buy all of them on the release date. Is there anywhere I can find more info? If not, when will more info be released? Keeping my fingers crossed that all of them will get the same fine treatment Alive did. 180 gram vinyl, original printed innersleeves, all original inlays and brilliabt audiophile remaster. Hope there won't be any bonustracks or other "new" things included, so we can celebrate the albums the way they were originally released... only on better quality vinyl:-) BTW... The remastering done on the Casablanca Singles box is quite possibly the best remastering I have ever hear, on any band, those singles sound FANTASTIC and I love my box! When will batch 2 of vinyl re-releases arrive?;-) All the best! Chris
Merry mas
Subject: Merry KISSmas
From: Jeff Scott (Watchin You) on 12/27/2013
It's Merry KISSMAS Baby ... by Remco - yeah! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPwbmrfrGfY
phone app
Subject: KISS phone app
From: Joe Pappalardo on 12/27/2013
KISS 2.0
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