Thank You
Subject: Thank You
From: Ryan Madison on 07/26/2014
It's an honor on it's own just to be able to send a message to my heroes..The only thing that you need to remember from this one letter out of the thousands you recieve, is that all 10 members have changed my life so much and the absolute least I could say is THANK YOU! When I was 10 years old I picked up my first KISS CD on my own because I just loved their look.Surprisingly, this CD was Smashes Thrashes, and Hits, a CD from the unmasked era! I started collecting KISS CDs and listening to them while I research history of the band.KISS took my mind off of hard times and emotions.KISS taught me that I can be who I am without caring what others think.I am 14 years old in 8th grade and I am the only die hard KISS fan at my school.Kids will often pick on me about my connection with the band,but I don't listen to them.I think of the KISS story and how they were slammed by critics and never listened to the negative comments.I use the lessons KISS taught me all the time with being myself. With this, I won the best personality award at my school.I won football MVP and I always listen to a KISS album before the games.There are other bands in the world I like,but no band will EVER do to me what KISS has done to me.I am proud to say that Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Eric Carr (RIP), Vinnie Vincent,Mark St.John (RIP), Bruce Kulick,Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer are my idols,my inspiration,my rolemodels.KISS may not be making music forever, but they will live on in my heart as long as I live.Thank You for making everything better... Sincerely, Ryan Madison
Bristow pics
Subject: Bristow pics
From: Vince on 07/26/2014
I love this pic I took from Bristol and thought I'd share it!
Subject: Atlanta
From: Chris Gordon on 07/25/2014
One of my earliest memories from childhood was sneaking into my sister's bedroom while she was at school and looking with childlike wonderment at the neat pictures and vibrant colors on her album covers.. Rolling Stones, Peter Frampton, Molly Hatchet to name a few. On one particular day though I found a new album with 4 guys on the cover with their faces looking like "super hero masks".. When my sister got home that evening I asked her if we could listen to the "super hero guys"..She didnt know who I was talking about but then she realized I was talking about the "KISS Alive" album. She put the album on her record player and we began to listen.. A roar of a crowd went up and I heard a guy yell into a mic "You wanted the best and you got the best! The hottest band in the world! KISS! ..I was hooked from the start but as we sat there listening they came to a song called "100,000 Years" and near the end of the song I heard something I had never heard before..The drummer (then Peter Criss) went into a tribal like solo that lasted 8 or 9 minutes. Something come "alive" in me at that moment and I was forever changed. A giant had been awakened that would, still after all these years, never return to sleep. I knew then what I wanted to do for the rest of my life..I wanted to play drums and be involved in music somehow.. Having seen the "super hero guys" live 4 times now I can say you guys still hold a special place in my heart. We traveled down to Atlanta last week, fought through crowds, traffic etc but it was all worth it when the lights went down, the curtain went up, and the guy yelled into the mic "You wanted the best! You got the best! The hottest band in the world! KISS!" ... At that moment I again gazed on again with childlike wonderment and all was right in the world...... Cheers! KISS fan forever! Chris Gordon Chattanooga TN.
Jiffy Lube Live Show
Subject: Jiffy Lube Live Show
From: Jordyn & Ryleigh on 07/25/2014
Job well done tonight at the show! You guys rock! No matter how many times we see you live (13 times so far for Jordyn and 2 times for Ryleigh) it's a different experience but ALWAYS a great time. We look forward to the next tour that comes through Jiffy Lube. Thanks for an amazing Friday night. We loved it loud!
Subject: THANK YOU
From: Ken on 07/25/2014
I just want to thank you guys for making my 18 yr old sons first ever concert awesome.We made our minds up 10 yrs. ago that his first concert would be a KISS concert but something always came up and we never got to see you ...But sunday july 20 was the day all that would come to an end and believe me it was all we hoped it would be and more....WE LOVE YOU KISS and by the way you've been in the hall of fame for decades it's just too bad those fucks just now decide to recognize what we your fans have known for ever..........LONG LIVE KISS
Birthday Cake
Subject: KISS Birthday Cake
From: Michael Gershe on 07/24/2014
Celebrating #44 in Vegas across the street from the Hard Rock and next door to the KISS Mini-Golf, which is amazing!
Facing My Fear because of
Subject: Facing My Fear because of KISS
From: Antonio Colorado on 07/24/2014
I have a real Phobia of flying. One of my best friends invited me to see KISS at West Palm Beach and at Tampa this July. I live in Puerto Rico and the last time I took a plane was to see KISS in Florida almost 4 years ago. I decided that I was going to do it this time because it's KISS' 40th Anniversary and I really didn't want to miss my favorite band in the whole world. Yes, I took something my Doctor prescribed for the Panic Attacks before the flight, and I made it. Believe me, the anxiety I feel just thinking about getting inside a plane is enough to make me not want to fly anywhere anymore. Having this Phobia has been really hard on me. I have missed so many things because of not facing this fear, though I have faced it some times in the past. But lately I had just given up. KISS was my motivator and I'm indebted to you guys forever. When I saw the "FACE YOUR FEAR" KISS t-shirt at the concert, I had to buy it. I made it to both concerts and they've been the best KISS concerts I've ever been in my life (I saw them the 3 times in Puerto Rico and one time in Florida, and with these two, now it's 6). You are the best band in the world!!!! Thank you for being so great, that because I wanted to see you so bad, I got over my FEAR and I FACED it!!!!
Many Thanks to
Subject: Many Thanks to Kiss
From: Wayne on 07/24/2014
To the members of KISS, Back in the early 70's I moved to a town where I didn't know anyone. I was still in high school . I was sitting at this table in the lunch room and this kid walked over and noticed I had a KISS shirt on and asked me if I was a big KISS fan. I noticed he had on one also. So began a 40 year friendship. He became my best friend. Recently my friend passed away . I was devastated and still am. If it wasn't for KISS we would have never met. We went to every KISS show when they were in town . It is very strange that for so many years we waited for KISS to get in the Hall of Fame. They finally did and then my friend died a week later. It was like an end to an era. God bless Kiss and all the members and thank you for the best friend I ever had.
Paul Stanley with Sophia
Subject: Paul Stanley with Sophia
From: Phil on 07/24/2014
Sophia imitating Gene Simmons with Paul Stanley. Thank you Paul for taking the time to take this priceless picture. Phil, Shanda, Presley & Sophia
First concert
Subject: First KISS concert
From: Kaos on 07/23/2014
First KISS concert for mom and daughter. The review of the show in Atlanta? "Best concert ever! EVER"
Subject: KISS collection
From: N.O Jessen on 07/23/2014 Hallo KISS FAN , I have made a video about my KISS collection, here you can also see my meeting with KISS, which also tell a story and Slade as their drummer showed up, and my visit by Dito Godwin in my KISS space. Hope to in'll see it and share it like on your side,
Fan Back on his feet!!!!!
Subject: KISS Fan Back on his feet!!!!!
From: STRANGE WAYS PODCAST on 07/23/2014
D-Rock from STRANGE WAYS Podcast finally got his brand new leg!!! It's been less than a year since he lost his leg, and now he's back on his feet and ready to rock! KISS really helped keep him motivated to work hard, and now he is back on his feet! Thanks so much for everything, KISS!!!! We will be seeing you guys in St. Louis at the end of August, and we are all so proud that D-Rock will be standing there cheering you guys on!!! He would love nothing more than to have you guys sign his leg..what do you think Gene?
Its hard to Rock-n-Roll all night when your 6
Subject: Its hard to Rock-n-Roll all night when your 6
From: JK on 07/22/2014
Another great show in Cincinnati Ohio. My sons 1st Kiss concert. He was running out of gas toward the end. As he put it he needed to take a little break. He told me to wake him up when Rock and Roll all night came on. I did and he stood on his chair and cheered on. Shortly after waiting for the crowd to clear he had nothing left. As I mentioned my 6 year old sons 1st, my 10 year old daughters 3rd and for me I have lost count. Somewhere in the upper 20 range I would guess. Kiss thank you for giving your all to the fans for the last 40 years!
Raleigh, NC show
Subject: Raleigh, NC show
From: Henry C. on 07/22/2014
What a great show in Raleigh, NC this past Sunday 7/20! It was my 15th KISS show and my son's third! The band sounded so tight. Paul's voice sounded great! I am attaching a photo I took at the show. I took nearly 200 shots and could have taken loads more, but I wanted to see some of the show. We all went home with scratchy throats from all the singing and screaming, sweaty from rocking with "the hottest band in the world"! It was worth every second!
The Song "Forever"
Subject: The Song "Forever"
From: Bob on 07/22/2014
KISS, My girlfriend and I are getting married October 12th. We plan to have our first dance as Husband and Wife to your song "Forever". Its a great Rock Ballad. We are also planning to see you live on July 25th at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Va. It will be the 4th KISS concert for me and the 3rd for her. So we are big fans. I would love if you could play that song during the concert at Jiffy Lube Live and dedicate it to my Girlfriend Murriel. Thanks, Bob Fuson
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