is everywhere...
Subject: KISS is everywhere...
From: Martin Zamorano - on 01/08/2014
The Verti Seguros insurance company, made in Spain on advertising entitled `` Save or never" where we can see a lady with Gene makeup in his face. This is the link of the video in yotube:
2013 army pack
Subject: 2013 KISS army pack
From: Jack on 01/07/2014
Just got my 2013 KISS army pack. Too bad it's Summer, the jacket is too nice to keep in my closet for 3 months
Kruise Die Hard
Subject: Kiss Kruise Die Hard
From: Kevin Bise on 01/07/2014
Posted to the Kiss Kruise FB page yesterday..... Despite being in the ER he still managed to keep his Kiss Kruise booking time yesterday!! Hospitalized with CHF still can't keep this hardcore Kiss fan down!
on Metla Hammer
Subject: Kiss on Metla Hammer
From: david Jeanmonod on 01/06/2014
Kiss ( Gene Simmons) is on the Metal Hammer Magazin : special star wars edition... Starshiptrooper painted like the Demon with a Punisher-lazer-gun :-) Great Cheers from Switzerland See U at the KK4 :-) Love Kiss
Paul Tattoo
Subject: Paul Tattoo
From: butchc45 on 01/06/2014
My completed Paul Tattoo, Tree from Inkcognito in Regina did an awesome job.
mas vacation
Subject: KISSmas vacation
From: Dan Davis on 01/05/2014
My two youngest boys were in Aspen for Christmas. We spent some time playing KISSopoly while watching KISSology volume 1! Good times! Keep on rockin'! Dan Davis Aspen, Co
Our old cover of a life long favourite: A world without heroes
Subject: Our old cover of a life long favourite: A world without heroes
From: Henrik Halvardsson on 01/05/2014
Hi, Me and my friend Chris have been life long Kiss fans! Even though we have somewhat different favourite songs, Chris was kind enough to let me fullfil a childhood dream, namely to do my own take on A world without heroes; a criminally underrated song. Inspired by the music at the time, we recorded it in our very basic studio back in 1996. We want to share it with all other die hard fans around the world. Hope you enjoy it! All the best and love from Sweden! Henrik Written by: Simmons/Stanley/Reed/Ezrin Produced by: Christopher Börjars & Henrik Halvardsson Roundtree: Henrik Halvardsson- Loops & programming, Christopher Börjars- Keyboards & background vocals, Maria Rundberget- Vocals
From: Anthony Lauro on 01/04/2014
KISS ARMY/NAVY, it is with a heavy heart and much sadness that I announce that our good friend and fellow KISSKRUISE MANIAC Marie Balfanz has passed away. She left us too soon. She was a good person, a great friend, and we're gonna miss her. She loved to party and she loved KISS. When a couple of Maniacs met up at Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin last summer to see KISS, Marie was the one who arranged the hotel for everybody and drove us from MN to WI. That's the kind of person she was. We plan to do something special for her to honor her memory on KISSKRUISE IV. It truly humbles me to see the outpouring of love for her on the Maniacs and Kruisers pages. It proves what we have known for years. KISS ARMY is family. RIP Marie. We love you. ANTMAN
Subject: kiss
From: savanna butcher on 01/03/2014
hello! my names savanna, and ijust wanted to say how big of a fan i am of you guys! i am thirteen years old and i have never stopped listening to you. my mom loves you guys, so i was practically raised to listen to your music and saee your guys are amazing and u always will be! love, your fan, savanna butcher
happy new year!!
Subject: happy new year!!
From: Allison Tomaszewski on 01/03/2014
Dear KISS, Happy New Year and Please Come Back to Chicago because we miss you so!! Allison
Happy New Year 2014
Subject: Happy New Year 2014
From: Minori Uno Simmons on 01/03/2014
Happy New Year to KISS & the KISS Army!! May the new year brings you Happiness!! From Minori Uno Simmons@Japan XXX
Subject: KISS Rocks!
From: Tumay Irgas on 01/03/2014
Me and Atom are huge fans! Our new year resolution is to see KISS live. Cheers from Turkey !
is everywhere...
Subject: KISS is everywhere...
From: Mike Rostowski on 01/03/2014
Hi there, just want to show you a picture of my new design for an exclusive KISSmas-item...but don't take it too seriously! This is THE KISSMAS TONGUE-BOX Greetings from Germany to all KISS-Fans in the world... Mike
Is Everywhere!!!
Subject: KISS Is Everywhere!!!
From: Alvaro Rodrigo Cruz Montoya on 01/02/2014
Look at me with KISS on salvadorean Newspaper called: "EL MUNDO" (The World) hope you guys poast it! I love you KISS!! greetings from Alvaro Cruz, San Salvador, El Salvador
My work art!
Subject: My work art!
From: Alvaro Rodrigo Cruz Montoya on 01/02/2014
I hope you guys like it, I spend 2 days makin' it, enjoy it, Greetings from El Salvador
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