is everywhere!
Subject: KISS is everywhere!
From: Nicky O. on 01/14/2014
Check out this awesome KISS display at the Hard Rock Cafe across the street from my office in downtown Washington DC! I almost fell over when I saw it, and of course had to get the limited edition shirt and pin! Can't wait to see you guys again next time you're in DC!
a special invite special event
Subject: a special invite special event
From: dressed to kiss tribute on 01/14/2014
Hello KISS on line we are Dressed to Kiss - Kiss tribute band Rome Italy we wish to invite you and all KISS fans to a very special event!! "NYC FAB 50: CELEBRATING THE MUSIC OF THE BEATLES" A SERIES OF EVENTS CELEBRATING THE BEATLES 50thANNIVERSARY RENOWNED ARTISTS UNITE TO COMMEMORATE THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE BEATLES’ FIRST U.S. VISIT IN 1964 – TO BENEFIT FOOD BANK FOR NEW YORK CITY we just wanted to be able to let you know that we have been invited to this fantastic Beatles celebration festival in honour of the beatles 50th anniversay we hope you can make it...?!? for all detalis jpeg attached thank you... thanks again from the boys in Rome!!! Rock'n'roll!! we will be celebrating 20 years since our first show in makeup and costume it was back in febbuary 1994 we will Dress with the look of the Dressed to kill cover. we will be performing hard days night twist and shout can't buy me love long tall sally a special revisited rock'n'roll version of I was made for loving you to remain in key with Beatles mood and also rock'n'roll all night here is the page of the event it will be held on the 8th of febbuary at the Hudson Theatre New York New York p.s. we have also been asked to participate and play at the Hard Rock Cafe Rome Italy for the 30th of january in the city of hope charity event cool!!! all the best keep rockin' cheers!!!
is everywhere
Subject: Kiss is everywhere
From: J2F on 01/13/2014
Hi Guys !

Kiss is Everywhere !! Here's an ad radio in France.
French are made for loving you Kiss !!
Bye and long life to you !
fans in Hard Rock Cafe
Subject: KISS fans in Hard Rock Cafe
From: Sergey (St.Petersburg, Russia) on 01/12/2014
Hello KISS and the Army!!! Before the 2nd show in Europe 3.06.2013 in Helsinki we put the makeup on in Hard Rock Cafe. Then one of the crew made this photo to put on the official facebook page of the HRC. That was the day of my main dream come true! KISS forever and everywhere!!! With love from russian fans!
Paul Stanley Santa girl :-)
Subject: Paul Stanley Santa girl :-)
From: Andrew Voronin on 01/12/2014
Check out this special New Year's posters in "Ile De Beaute" perfume stores in Moscow, Russia.
Subject: KISS Siting
From: Ryan Edwards on 01/12/2014
My girlfriend and I went to tour Yankee Stadium, and I am a huge KISS fan and wanted to check out the Hard Rock Cafe to see if they had any KISS artifacts. Looks like we found something better, and someone is a little excited to see her favorite demon. Also congrats on the Hall of Fame inductions, its been a long time coming!!
on the beach
Subject: KISS on the beach
From: Michael Howarth on 01/12/2014
William Howarth carves the mighty KISS logo in the sand at Lytham St Anne's UK beach!
Subject: KISS Artwork
From: Eddie on 01/11/2014
My 6yo son Evan loves the band almost as much as I do! He has been begging me to send in his artwork that created on the computer! KISS Army for life!
Kruise Artwork
Subject: KISS Kruise Artwork
From: kurtw on 01/11/2014
I created this to commemorate my booking on KKIV !
is Everywhere
Subject: Kiss is Everywhere
From: Drew Somerville on 01/10/2014
Kiss truly is everywhere ! Kiss display for the new Kiss Signature Series At the new Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow, Scotland ! Please come back to Glasgow soon ! Drew Somerville
Special Event in Rome
Subject: Special Event in Rome
From: Acebear on 01/10/2014
Just to let you know that a special event with kiss merchandising has been in Rome at Hard Rock Cafe in Via Veneto.. Something good for us!!!
II Fire Cake
Subject: II Fire Kiss Cake
From: Ernesto on 01/09/2014
Another photo !
From: Ernesto Cingolani on 01/09/2014
Ciao KISS ! Cake's on Fire !!!! Regards from Italy !!!
is everywhere
Subject: kiss is everywhere
From: Pete and Claire on 01/09/2014
Amazing who you run into whilst shopping. Lincoln, England.
Lost pictures found in mothers´s home
Subject: Lost pictures found in mothers´s home
From: Rolf Barck on 01/09/2014
Sweden, Januari9th 2014. Dear KISS, I felt I must write direct to you about a real story from a fan in Sweden! After a long, long, time, nearly thirty years ago… Back in 1985 I was 22 years old and got married! In the move from my parent´s home, I just remember the pictures taken from the concert in Sweden. But I could not find them, and thought these photos I will never see no more! Lost them and forget them while the years went by! And now just found them in my mother´s old house in the attic, last Friday, Januari3th 2014. Mother died and we went through things and other stuff. Then I found them! Photos, taken from the Kiss, Lick it up tour. November19th 1983, in Stockholm Johanneshovs stadium. I was there and came really close in to you and took the pictures. Was in heaven! Now I have scanned them in my printer, and has originals at a safe place now!  Fan since mars 1974 when I was only 10 years old, and bought my first KISS album. KISS, with favorite track number one Strutter, starting with Peter Criss and his drumsolo. Love to get your autograph´s. If possible! These… Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent. Original four and the two in Kiss Lick it up tour. Sincerely, Mr Rolf Barck. Pic # 1 Vinnie Vincent and Paul Stanley Pic # 2 Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr Pic # 3 Vinnie Vincent Pic # 4 Paul Stanley Pic # 5 Gene Simmons
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