dog show
Subject: KISS dog show
From: Alan Reynolds on 03/27/2014
I found this article in my local newspaper, The State, here in Columbia, SC
' Vinyls Have Been Released Today in CZ
Subject: Kiss' Vinyls Have Been Released Today in CZ
From: Paul Pile on 03/26/2014
Even though the first series of 180 gram heavyweight vinyls is planning on Monday, March 31, they have been released on Wednesday, March 26, in the Czech Republic. They cost 549 CZK (27 $) each. Kiss' Vinyls mentioned below are available in Bontonland Megastores in Olympia, Brno and Prague: - Kiss, - Hotter Than Hell, - Dressed To Kill, - Alive!, - Dynasty, - Unmasked, - Revenge, - Lick It Up, - Animalize, Each of them includes a voucher to download an mp3 version of the album.
FEVER 30 Anniversary
Subject: KISSFEVER 30 Anniversary
From: Martin Zamorano - on 03/26/2014
Was in 1984 that we are tired of hearing lies about KISS and we decided to put an end to the bad press in Argentina, without any support of any company, the internet had not yet invented, the news came time to time. For the KISS fans the waiting was over, and the truth came out. April 5, 1984 was the birth of the first Latin American magazine. 30 years later we still running on the internet
Subject: Tattoo
From: André Milse on 03/25/2014
My KISS Tattoo! :)
LA vs San AntonioTalons
Subject: LA KISS vs San AntonioTalons
From: Michael Aldana on 03/24/2014
What an exciting game it was between the LA KISS and San Antonio Talons on 3/16/2014. LA KISS ended the game with a victory over the Talons with a 41 to 38 score. Joe and I wanted to thank Mr. Brett Bouchy and Mr. Schuyler Hoversten, #11 J.J. Raterink, #6 Romeo Pellum, #3 Andre Jones, #94 BJ Bell, #52 Dominie Pittman for taking the time to visit with us after the game and very much appreciated. 1. Michael Aldana, Mr.Bouchy, Mr. Hoversten and Joe Martinez. 2. Joe, Carmela Stearns behind Joe, Michael along with other KISS Fans (Thank you Doug Stearns for taking the photo). 3. Michael, #11 J.J. and Joe. 4. Becky Martinez, Jennifer Aldana behind #6 Romeo. 5. Becky, Jennifer, Michael, Joe and #3 Andre. Good luck throughout the season LA KISS!!!! Michael Aldana (San Antonio, Texas)
Etch-A-Sketch Gene
Subject: Etch-A-Sketch Gene
From: Brady Richert on 03/24/2014
Made this on my pocket Etch-A-Sketch the other day. Just thought I would share. Your loyal fan, -Brady Richert
Tribute for Charity
Subject: Kiss Tribute for Charity
From: Bertil Visser on 03/24/2014
Last Saturday our Dutch Kiss Tribute Band Kiss This! especially reunited for a charity night. We have played along with other bands for the Foundation Against Braintumors organised by Piet Ten Have. We had a blast, but we are most proud to announce they had the biggest takings ever. The foundation has made a total of 1315,17 euro's that night. Since you have inspired us to play music and give you tribute, we thought you should know! Cheers, Bertil ( Paul Stanley - Kiss This!)
" ME"
Subject: "KISS ME"
From: tami mckinley on 03/24/2014
& John Varvatos: Boston MASSIVE!
Subject: KISS & John Varvatos: Boston MASSIVE!
From: SterlingSinn Radio on 03/24/2014
What's good KISS?

We could not help but take notice of the amazing display of KISS Army love in Boston right now, via the John Varvatos spring 2014 campaign. These in-store KISS-inspired mannequins - found in the Copley Place Mall - are super dope, and the Demon & Starchild makeover on the city's taxi cabs are amazing to see driving past you while out & about in the late night hours.

Expect much KISS support on our new show SterlingSinn Radio, Fridays 8/7c starting April 4 on! We'll see you guys @ Xfinity Center on August 1!

SterlingSinn Radio team
Come to Scotland!
Subject: Come to Scotland!
From: Ethan on 03/23/2014
My name is Ethan and I'm 6 years old. I live in Edinburgh in Scotland! Please come and play here so I can see you! KISS ARE AWESOME!
School Photos!
Subject: KISS School Photos!
From: Cliff on 03/22/2014
Hey KISS My last letter seemed to have been left out for the last update, so here's it again. I study in Hong Kong, and for our school photos, my whole class decided to put on our facepaints. Horns up! \m/ \m/
Fallas 2014
Subject: Fallas 2014
From: Santy on 03/20/2014
My daughter Andrea, dressed with regional dress Valencia, Spain. Fallas 2014
Hall of Fame
Subject: Hall of Fame
From: JerryC on 03/19/2014
Once again the R&R Hall of Fame makes no sense in its decisions. Inducting only the original lineup of KISS is akin to inducting The Rolling Stones and The Beatles but saying "I'm sorry, but Ronnie Wood, Mick Taylor and Ringo Starr aren't original members, so they're not being inducted". Inducting Donna Summer into the R&R Hall of Fame is like inducting Willie Mays, Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr into the NFL Hall of Fame. Talented? yes. Appropriate? not even close. Oh well, I've got a 2nd row center ticket for my 13th KISS show in August, I'm set to ROCK! Jerry
My new cupcakes
Subject: My new KISS cupcakes
From: Victor Pi on 03/19/2014
Hi These are my new KISS cupcakes,ñam ñam Victor Pi Spain
40 year - congratulation
Subject: 40 year - congratulation
From: Tom on 03/19/2014
Hi KISS, I would like to thank you for everything what you have done, you do and you will do. KISS are the best, I love KISS and I wish you all the best to the next many many years and please come to Europe especially to Prague to celebrate KISS anniversary!!!! Thank you very much Tom
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