Happy Easter
Subject: Happy Easter
From: Chris Medek on 04/20/2014
See Ya Soon!
Tribute Band LOVE GUN
Subject: Kiss Tribute Band LOVE GUN
From: Garrett Ridenhour on 04/19/2014
Hi, I have been a KISS fan since I was 6yrs old. My 1st lp was RARO. I have been hooked since. Recently I have started helping a KISS Tribute Band called Love Gun. I attached a picture from their Facebook page. Just wanted to add them to your list of Tribute bands if possible. I attached their link and the link to my Facebook group KISS OF THE CAROLINAS. thank you so much Garrett, https://www.facebook.com/lovegun77trib https://www.facebook.com/groups/www.KissoftheCarolinas/
From: Marcelo Porto on 04/19/2014
Hi, Im from Buenos Aires,Argentina,i was visiting NYC one more time,but this time was special,cause a could had the chance to meet Paul,last april 7th at Barnes & Nobles,presenting his book,the one i got,and had my always desired picture with him,im a Kiss fan since i was 13,now 47,but that evening,felt i was 13 again!! Thanks Paul & KISS for all these years od R'N'R!!! sincerely,Marcelo Porto
More cover art
Subject: More cover art
From: Tim on 04/18/2014
This is the last one I tried to send you but wasn't able to include it with that last letter, so here it is now. ALIVE Cobo Hall CD Cover KISS fan since 75 Timothy Jenkins
From one artist to another
Subject: From one artist to another
From: Tim on 04/18/2014
Hi Gene Paul Eric and Tommy, I just wanted to pass along a couple of CD covers I designed from the record cover art. The Destroyer I re-designed and the ALIVE Cobo Hall CD cover I designed myself. . . I think I an a great idea man and am willing to work for virtually nothing. I am willing to work for what Peter wouldn't work for. . .Just kidding. No offence Pete. I am more interested in getting my ideas out there and making some money as well. I think you guys are more than just a rock group as you are also an image.. I have countless ideas that could help you guys make money and also keep the fans happy with more swag, Thanks for taking this e-mail and maybe you guys will read it this time. A faithful follower for almost 40 years. I will have to send the ALIVE Cobo Hall CD cover in a new letter. Sorry about that. Have a pleasant day, Timothy Jenkins
she loves
Subject: she loves kiss
From: Romy on 04/18/2014
she wears proudly her favorite t-shirt- she is 6 years old !!!
Subject: KISS Quilt
From: John Cwiok on 04/18/2014
I wanted to show you guys my one of a kind KISS Quilt! Congrats on 40 years of Rock to ALL members of KISS!
Subject: KISS Cake
From: Janine on 04/18/2014
Hi KISS I want you to show my birthday cake from the "Hottes Band in the World". It was my 19th birthday! Keep on rockin In love Janine
Happy Eastern
Subject: Happy Eastern
From: Michael J├╝rgens on 04/18/2014
Happy Easter to all KISS fans in the world Many greetings from Germany Michael
is everywhere
Subject: KISS is everywhere
From: Rudolf Volec on 04/17/2014
Hello, Here is a photo of Kometa Brno fan in Kiss make-up from the 7th semi-final match againts Sparta Praha played on 14th April. Greeting from the Czech republic
Easter eggs
Subject: KISS Easter eggs
From: Emilia Dimitrova on 04/16/2014
Hello, KISS ARMY! These are my KISS themed easter eggs. HAPPY EASTER from BULGARIA !!!
in our new video!
Subject: KISS in our new video!
From: Bjorn Hoglund on 04/16/2014
Hello! I made sure to place many references to KISS in the new video from our band THE SUMMIT. Even the band name is an obscure reference! Credit where credit is due. You guys shaped my childhood, and are still with me. See you on KK4! http://youtu.be/8xjtG1pPoOQ Cheers! Bjorn "B" Hoglund
Tuxedo Tribute
Subject: Tuxedo Tribute
From: gil garcia on 04/15/2014
Here's a shot of me doing my tribute to Paul's tuxedo photo shoot, trying to come close to lookin' as good as the man himself. Kiss Forever!
Summer Tour Song Request
Subject: Summer Tour Song Request
From: Jared Montgomery on 04/15/2014
Dear KISS, I am turning 15 years old on Thursday, April 17 and one of my presents is a ticket to The Heroes Tour with Def Leppard in Tampa on July 23, 2014 with my dad. I have been a KISS fan since 2006, which makes me a "newer" fan compared to my dad who's been a KISS fan for 36 years! He had introduced me to you guys when i was in 2nd grade! Monster was the first KISS album i bought and i REALLY LOVE "All For The Love of Rock N' Roll" by Eric Singer and i was wondering if you could possibly consider having Eric sing this on The Heroes Tour because you guys are an INSPIRATION to me and because of you i can compare myself to that song because you have given me THE LOVE FOR ROCK N' ROLL and could you maybe also consider Psycho Circus and Lick It Up because these are my FAVORITE KISS classics! I AM LOOKING FOWARD TO SEEING A AMAZING THEATRICAL CONCERT THAT ONLY YOU CAN BRING! Your Newest, Truest Fan, Jared Montgomery
Everywhere ?
Subject: Kiss Everywhere ?
From: Leighton Rees on 04/15/2014
Hi, See link below for a Christmas 2014 event advertised in Cardiff, Wales (UK !). Pic of Gene as the 'rockstar'. http://view.cardiff.livenation.co.uk/?j=feca16777567027e&m=fe9415707367027a71&ls=fe20177372660d7b701375&l=ff5f11727c&s=fe23157773660d7f761377&jb=ff67167170&ju=fe6215727264077a751d&r=0 Hope it's of use. Leighton.
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