Frustration and impotence
Subject: Frustration and impotence
From: Texcoco. Mexico on 03/15/2014
Esperaba con ansia este Festival en Texcoco, que para mucha gente iba a ser el evento de la decada. Toda la gente se entusiasmo, toda la gente lo vio como algo benefico para nuestra poblacion, porque yo vivo aqui en Texcoco desde hace 20 años y desde hace casi 35 años son fan de Kiss. Mi atuendo que fabrique con mis propias manos se ha quedado para otra ocasion. Espero que asi sea. Saludos desde Texcoco, queremos verlos pronto...
The First Bounce of Spring
Subject: The First Bounce of Spring
From: Lisa Mouse on 03/15/2014
Sadly Lisa's beloved Mego Paul bit the bullet shortly after this picture was taken.
HRC Munich
Subject: HRC Munich
From: Chris from germany on 03/15/2014
Hi Guys! Last week i was at the Hard rock Café Munich and found some great KISS stuff! I also like the great neon sign at the entrance! Greetings from germany, Chris
carnaval du jura
Subject: carnaval du jura
From: mb,Bassecourt-15.03.2014 on 03/15/2014
hello, here my son (a big fan of Gene) in carnaval du Jura 2014, Bassecourt,Switzerland. Maryse
From: Brad Liverman on 03/13/2014
Hello KISS, I am so proud that you guys and Eric Carr's family spoke with respect and told the truth. I hope you find out who ever did this and bring them to justice. I know what you have tried to do by getting everyone in the hall of fame. Eric Carr influenced me to play drums, KISS and The Fox Rocks!
toledo show
Subject: toledo show
From: mario on 03/12/2014
hi, first saw you in nov 75 at the sports arena right after alive was released. . unforgetable, and been following you since. . .seen alot of tribute bands and say strutter and black diamond girls were the best ( the girls were the only ones who opened with deuce and strutter. . . thanks
on Italian Magazine
Subject: KISS on Italian Magazine
From: AceBear on 03/12/2014
Just to let you know that this month on Monthly italian Magazine "GQ" (marzo2014 n174) there is a 4 pages articles about KISS and KISS KRUISE.. Rock on Andrea/Acebear
From: Naokiss on 03/12/2014
I spotted it out at Hard Rock Cafe Uyeno-Eki Tokyo.
Subject: UNIQLO X KISS T-Shirts
From: Naokiss on 03/12/2014
I just got them at the local shop of UNIQLO in Japan.
The Army has lost a member
Subject: The KISS Army has lost a member
From: Paulie's friends from Argentina on 03/11/2014
On March 11th, our good friend Juan Pablo Quiroga (a.k.a. Paulie) passed away after a long battle with leukemia. He was a proud and long-time KISS Army member, and a huge Paul Stanley and Eric Carr fan. An amazing person, great friend, and most of all, and incredible fighter, always wearing a smile even during his hardest times, always spreading joy and making us laugh. We will always remember you my friend, and you'll be deeply missed. May your soul finally rest in peace now.
Subject: Kiss ART
From: Paul Mac on 03/11/2014
A drawing I did for my long time Kiss buddy Stan in 2005- found this copy of it today...I could draw KISS faces all day !!! greeting to all from Halifax in the UK. And goodnight!
50th birthday
Subject: 50th birthday
From: jim carlstedt on 03/10/2014
I am writing this for Jim as he is turning the big 50 on Wednesday March 12th, As a loyal fan he attends every Kiss cruise could you send him a big happy 50th. Thanks
Subject: Concerts
From: Michael Spagnolli on 03/10/2014
I am a DIE HEART fan of KISS! you guys are my favorite band ever! I know you get all these messages but I was wondering if you guys could play a concert in Dallas Texas. I would honestly pass out if u did! please respond back to my email whenever! I would love to talk to anyone that's a part of kiss!
you guys are my idols
Subject: you guys are my idols
From: Dalton haskins on 03/10/2014
Hey its Dalton from massachuetts you guys are my all time idols I play guitar have all the albums and got to touch pauls guitar it was like a dream come true I just wanted to let you guys know that I will always love kiss until the day I day and this rap music is not anything compared to kiss you guys rock and you are the reason I play guitar and love it so much thanks again DALTON
Hard Rock Orlando
Subject: Hard Rock Orlando
From: Argentina on 03/10/2014
Hi, i´m Eduardo from Argentina. A few days ago on vacation in orlando, visit the hard rock and I found this surprise of my idols! This is mine!!
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