Self designed vest
Subject: Self designed vest
From: Chris on 12/22/2013
Hi Guys! I love KISS!!! And i show it! Here is my self designed KISS vest! Every year on my birthday in december i get some patches! And my vest grows:-)! I´m so proud of it! Proud to be a KISS fan! Greetings from germany! Chris
California mas Tree
Subject: California Kissmas Tree
From: Dan Castle on 12/22/2013
And a Money Tree at That :) D!
ceremonies costumes
Subject: ceremonies costumes
From: louis viggiano on 12/22/2013
I feel that the band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame means that the band and all of it's member's, past and present are included and therefore should all be present and in costume with make up. Thank You
Annie Hall spotting
Subject: Annie Hall Kiss spotting
From: Dan Castle on 12/22/2013
Has anyone ever noticed that in Annie Hall in the famous Source Restaurant scene when Woody Allen and Diane Keaton are having their argument there is a KISS Billboard in the back ground in the Master shot! Probably promoting 76' Tour. Pretty cool It was on cable last night and I saw it -I think this is the Billboard, I couldn't grab the frame from the film but someone in your office should be able to get it and post it on kissonline - Kiss has always been everywhere! :))D!
Subject: KISS Talk Show WATCHIN YOU
From: Jeff Gray on 12/22/2013 What started out as a Christmas celebration became a deep discussion of how KISS will handle the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in April 2014. But the Jeff's still had time to explore the true meaning of KISSmas and to toast our Watchin' You friends (far and near). Grab a glass of champagne or some holiday nog and settle in for a cozy hour with Santa Jeff and Santa Jeff.
Subject: RARHOF
From: Dave Campbell on 12/22/2013
Seems to be a lot of bashing again about Peter, Ace, Eric and Tommy. Well we the fans finally got KISS voted in, as I see it the accepting line up and who plays that night should be up to Gene and Paul, they started this thing and they carried the gauntlet regardless of line up changes. I love the originals and I respect everyone that ever played a roll. Who should wear what make up, who should be present is all up to the two ringleaders. I am just glad they are being realized after so many years. I am sure any way you mix it, there will be those that throw hate into the mix. I for one will just be thankful and glad to see the ceremonies when they air. Rock on KISS ARMY, we stood our ground and got our band their just deserts \,,/ \,,/ !!!
is everywhere
Subject: kiss is everywhere
From: Michael Jürgens on 12/22/2013
KISS is everywhere! ! Many greetings from Germany and Merry Christmas to all KISS fans in the world ! My new company car with KISS stickers and license plate with the founding year of the hardest band in the world Michael
is everywhere
Subject: KISS is everywhere
From: rockberto on 12/22/2013
My wife's office set! (she's an attorney at law).
is everywhere
Subject: KISS is everywhere
From: rockberto on 12/22/2013
Finally I found the chips!!!
Little Joe Ely
Subject: Little Joe Ely
From: Lynn Ely on 12/21/2013
Thank You so much for making Little Joe Ely dreams come true on Kiss Kruise 3. He loved the kids meet and greet.Eric Singer gave him signed drum sticks...Joe Ely tells everyone that Eric Singer is his HERO. We adopted Joe thru DCF. His story will break your KISS HEART.I will like to Thank You all so much for your Kindness to this special little boy.i have been a Die Hard Kiss Fan Since 76. And I love it that Joe loves Kiss so much like me.Joe was the little boy know as Catman all over The Pearl... Thank You Again Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy for your Kindness.... Forever Kiss Fan Lynn Ely
My bullying story- How saved my life
Subject: My bullying story- How KISS saved my life
From: Jess Hess on 12/21/2013
Hey guys. Congrats on finally getting into the HOF! Recently, I decided to make a video about my bullying experience. I've always been bullied because of my taste in music. When I became a KISS fan, I really started to come out of my shell again, and I was happy. If it wasn't for KISS, I wouldn't be here. Thank you guys so much. Paul, Gene, Tommy, Eric, if you guys could watch the video, it would mean the world to me. Much love, Jess Hess
My Destroyer Tattoo
Subject: My Destroyer Tattoo
From: George Bergen on 12/21/2013
Hello, My name is George Bergen and I am a 43 year old Kiss Fan. Destroyer was the first album that I ever owned and it holds a special place in my heart. My (late) dad took me to see the band on the Dynasty tour for my first concert (Indianapolis Aug 10,1979). I have seen Kiss 13 times since and just last year was lucky enough to take my own 10 year old son to see the band at Irvine Meadows. I wanted to share with you all my recently completed symbol of devotion and thank you for being such a constant source of joy and inspiration in my life. Please also accept my sincere congratulations on the recent Hall of Fame nod. It's about damn time! Keep on rocking our world gentlemen!
in Italy
Subject: KISS in Italy
From: Alberto on 12/20/2013
This is the italian edition of the book! Fantastic job, guys Alberto
Happy Birthday Catman
Subject: Happy Birthday Catman
From: marcelo porto on 12/20/2013
You are still the Best!!
Perform in Minnesota
Subject: Perform in Minnesota
From: Jessica Carrera on 12/20/2013
Before you stop doing concerts, Kiss should come to Minnesota! I've been begging my mom & dad to get them to take me to one of your concerts but they're all too far away! I'm a really huge fan & I would LOVE to see you guys in concert!! If you do come to Minnesota I would be overwhelmed! I really love all of your music!!!
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