Subject: KISS Logo
From: Paco Salxixa on 07/01/2014
Hi. Kiss logo Sonic Boom Tour handmade from Spain. Thanks.
4th time seeing
Subject: 4th time seeing KISS
From: Justin on 06/30/2014
Wanted to say that July 9th will be my 4th time seeing KISS (with first time being in '09) and hoping to many more. Wanted to say thanks to everybody in the band, etc etc. While Paul and Gene are the main guys, I wanted to give some appreciation to Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. I am fans of their other work including Eric's Bandlands and Tommy's Black n Blue.. Thank you guys for keeping the KISS legacy alive! I'm expecting a great show from all of you
My tribute to the band that saved my life
Subject: My tribute to the band that saved my life
From: Filip Rapp on 06/30/2014
My band, The Gloria Story, recently released this Music video - "Live your Life in shame" that tries to capture the feeling of being a Kiss fan, in the early Days of NY glam-scene. Perhaps at one of the first shows at Coventry '73. It is our tribute to our heroes in Kiss! Some people ask me (Filip, vocals): "Isn't it just a lame attempt at milking the Kiss-community for views putting out a tribute like this?" Trust me - as a Kid I was very ill. My health wasn't all that good. Without hope and without spirit my future looked pretty dull. But suddenly, in my early teens, a friend turned me on to "Kiss - Destroyer", the 1976 Bob Ezrin masterpiece. It opened up a door, showed me an alternative world - where ordinary men could be superheroes. Paul Stanley was the character that appealed most to me; the Star of the centerstage - ouzing with confidence. Years later I learned that Paul himself had multiple issues growing up - like a deformed ear and being deaf. He was bullied and had social issues. He created his larger than life stage-persona to be everything he couldn't be in his private life! No wonder I could relate to that! When I got older, I also regained my health. It was a long road, and a constant struggle. But I always had Kiss as an inspiration - always encouraging me to be ME, and to believe in myself. As an adult - I am well. I feel great - fit and strong. And, thanks to inspirational people like Paul, I've become quite the performer myself. I couldn't have done it without the band who saved my life: KISS! I will be forever grateful to them. And the least I could do for them is to write a song, congratulating them on their wonderful journey and thanking them for the music, passion and encouraging power during 40 years of rock! I love KISS! So - no we're not trying to get views by connecting ourselfes with Kiss. It is a pure and honest tribute. And we are very, VERY grateful for the wonderful support our video has received by Kiss-fans all over the world! Thank you!
Pearls &
Subject: Pearls & KISS
From: Keith K. on 06/29/2014
Interesting appearance by Paul Stanley in today's Pearls Before Swine by Stephen Pastis. All the much more coincidental - My favorite comic strip features my favorite artist from my favorite band - that I'm going to see in a few hours at White River Amphitheater, Auburn, WA!
Thank You!
Subject: Thank You!
From: KISS Army: Vander Veur Division on 06/29/2014
Here is a pic of the whole crew at the KISS show on June 23rd in West Valley City, Utah. It was the first show for all the kids. They could not stop talking about how awesome you guys were. My youngest (Gene paint) was crying when she saw Gene for the first time and kept screaming "I LOVE YOU GENE SIMMONS!" What a great show and a great experience being able to take my kids to see you. Thank you for kicking ass as only KISS can! Can't wait to see you again!
tastic year!!
Subject: Kisstastic year!!
From: Devena on 06/28/2014
This year will be my first KISS concert on August 26th! I'm very excited, because I have been waiting since 2009 to go see KISS, so this will be a epic year for me. So far, I been to a couple of "Kiss-related" events, including the LA Kiss game in May. I even bought a cake to celebrate not just their induction to the hall of fame, but celebrate their 40 years of their success.
Huge Fan!
Subject: Huge KISS Fan!
From: Brooke Jett on 06/28/2014
I am 9 years old and i have ben a kiss fan for many years. i am going to my very first kiss consert finaly tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!! 6/29/14 white river ampa theater in washington state.i look forword to meeting the deamend.
Get it right...
Subject: Get it right...
From: Billy Ray Smith on 06/28/2014
KISS played at Eielson AFB in Fairbanks Alaska in June 1974 with Savoy Brown...............I know because I was there and it was my first concert I was 13 at the time. Will be see them for my 25th show in Houston Texas August 31st. Without KISS I wouldn't have had a soundtrack for my life and would still be a virgin!! Billy Ray
Brents imovie
Subject: Brents KISS imovie
From: Gary and Brent Foster on 06/28/2014
Hi, My son Brent is in Middle year Yellow at Colac Specialist School, Colac Victoria Australia. His class had to pick a subject to make a iMovie, Brent chose KISS!!!!!! Here it is:
Great Show at USANA
Subject: Great Show at USANA
From: Duane Jensen on 06/28/2014
I saw your show at USANA in Salt Lake last Monday June 23, 2014...FAN-FRICKIN-TASTIC!! This was my 3rd show, my wifes first. Your stage production is second to none- Incredible! I took my two youngest (12 & 15) to see you at Rio Tinto in Sandy, UT in Sept of 2010. They loved it. There were a lot of "seasoned fans" there who also brought their kids. Two things that were just awesome about that concert. 1st, Paul leading the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance after awarding a big check to Wounded Warriors. 2nd, not one "F" bomb from you guys. As a parent who brought their kids, I really appreciated that. You're a class act. Thanks for the music. KEEP ON ROCKIN' GUYS!!!
Flag logo
Subject: Flag logo
From: Chris Medek on 06/27/2014
Medek1 _Use by permission only Logo for the Fourth of July>
July 3 Request
Subject: July 3 Request
From: Chris Medek on 06/27/2014
©Medek1_ I created this art for the America's Independence day. We'd love to hear "I Want You!" when KISS plays Sacramento July 3rd.Have a safe Holiday.
Subject: KISS 40
From: Diego on 06/27/2014
Hi! I finally got KISS 40 Years: Decades Of Decibels japanese CD. Marcelo, my 4 year old kid, looks very happy about it! Cheers from Brazil! Diego Vianna
Request, PLEASE
Subject: Request, PLEASE
From: Gloria on 06/24/2014
Boys!!! Please, please, please can you find a way to perform STRUTTER and DEUCE July 8 at the Forum? I've been checking out recent set lists online and neither song is on there I love you guys! I've just got hear you do those songs live again. Thank you!!! Gloria
Best Concert
Subject: Best Concert
From: Stevie Eccles on 06/24/2014
Thank you guys so much for an amazing breath taking concert!!! As a kid i always thought i would never had a chance to go to a concert of Kiss But my dream of a life time came true !!! :) I gave my voice and power toward this and every song i sang along to i attach to because i grew up rockin out in my car seat to Kiss!! and learning the meaning to the songs from my dad. You guys are amazing and funny Thanks Kiss love always your #1 fan :) :D
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