From: mikki on 07/10/2014
For 27 years I've listened to my son Kirk Hall tell me about the concerts he's been to. He told me that last nights concert with Def Leppard and KISS was the BEST he's ever seen! You boys must have been great. Continue the good work.
Concert "SacraMental"CA"
Subject: KISS Concert "SacraMental"CA"
From: Chris Medek on 07/08/2014
Hi KISS.Thank you for your fantastic show July 3rd in "SacraMENTAL" ("Cause you people are crazy":Paul). I know that's your job ,we had a great time.I always wanted to take my wife ,two sons to see the greatest Rock and Roll Show on earth absolutely no disappointments here.Loved Kobra& Lotus, Def Leppard too. Thanks for the picture with my family too.Everyone sounded great,really tight performance,love the really small breaks and no encore delays. We are ready to see KISS again soon.
First concert my granddaughter Danna
Subject: First concert my granddaughter Danna
From: Edgar Lobato on 07/08/2014
In Chula Vista Concert past Sunday, First Concert to my Grandaugther Danna!!! Thanks KISS for Great Show!!! 3 generations of ROCK!!!
An amazing birthday
Subject: An amazing birthday
From: Ed on 07/07/2014
I attended the "hot in the shade tour" at the Houston summit on 8/21/1990. That concert took place 10 days prior to my birthday and it was the most complete concert that I've been because it got great music, pyro, laser, big stage,etc. Fast forward 24 years later and many kiss concerts in between, kiss in coming to Houston on my actual birthday. It does not get better than that and I'm looking forward for another great kiss concert and on my birthday .Thanks!
Birthday Cake
Subject: Birthday Cake
From: Michael Polanco on 07/06/2014
My Girlfrined Made me this awesome Kiss Bday Cake. I Love It. it's so cool. Rock On!!
Great Sacramento Show!
Subject: Great Sacramento Show!
From: Matthew Farmer on 07/05/2014
Thanks for coming to Sacramento! Here is one of many great shots I took from front row center! Now please come to my town, Fresno! Matthew Farmer Fresno, California
My Father Daughter Wedding dance
Subject: My Father Daughter Wedding dance
From: Ben Bauer on 07/05/2014
Please check out my father/daughter wedding dance. This was my daughters idea. I made the mashup myself. I hope you guys like it and can not wait to see you guys in Raleigh! Because of the cost of the wedding I will only be viewing you guys from the lawn seats.
Denver Meet and Greet
Subject: Denver Meet and Greet
From: Robert Thomas on 07/04/2014
Once again Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy proved why they are the best in Denver on June 25th, 2014. I went to see them with my oldest daughter in hopes of having time to talk to them at the meet and greet. I had a flag from the 18th Airborne Corps sent to me from SGM Villarreal while he was deployed at the meet and greet. As each one came by I explained why I had the flag and that I was having it signed for him for when he got home on RR before he goes back. The other thing I wanted to do was get a picture of them in makeup with the flag and thanks to Dean, Doc and the rest of their crew they made this happen for SGM Villarreal. I cannot say thank you enough for all of this and the way Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy support our military active members and veterans so openly. SGM Villarreal was home and 2 nights before he went back my youngest daughter and her husband who are in the Airborne in North Carolina gave him his flag and a picture of KISS holding the signed flag. I believe he was really surprised and excited and attached is the picture I got. Thank you Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy for your support of all our military people and for being so kind to us the fans. Thank you also to Dean, Doc and your crew for all the help and support. I have seen you twice at The Woodlands, TX but this meet and greet was the best. Thank you KISS, Robert
A 40 year dream realized
Subject: A 40 year dream realized
From: Bill Wilson on 07/03/2014
I wanted to say thank you to Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy for making a dream that I've had since I was 11 years old and found myself sneaking in to the Winterland Ballroom in San Fransisco CA where I saw a band that literally changed and saved my life and that band was of course KISS, I had my dream come true last night when I got to meet them in Concord Ca and I have to say it was everything I thought it would be, the guys were gracious and humble and spoke to each and every fan as they if had known them well for 40 years :) They all signed my 1977 Lunchbox and Paul and Gene said how cool they thought it was that I still had the thermos, and then went on to put on one heck of a show! To KISS I thank you for being in my life for 40 years, may God bless each and everyone of you.
the Kids are Alright
Subject: the Kids are Alright
From: Alex P on 07/03/2014
Thirty-six years ago my buddy MIke (Demon guise) grabbed his copy of KISS Alive II, flipped it open and showed me what a KISS concert looked like. From then, I was hooked. Thirty-six years later, we slapped our make-up back on and brought our children to their first KISS show. Great show in Concord last night. Thanks for the good times.
new tattoo
Subject: new KISS tattoo
From: Brian Moore on 07/03/2014
Got my second KISS tattoo today. Was a vacation gift to myself. Great job by Brianna @ Lady Luck Tattoo in Canandaigua NY.
Subject: KISS tattoo
From: Hans J. Kok on 07/02/2014
Yesterday afternoon, 20 years after my famous KISS MY ASS / KISStory tattoo on my left arm, tattoo artist Bibi van der Toorn from The Hague, Netherlands made the beautifull KISS logo on my chest - I have KISS on my heart now .... the mask inside are selfmade (but Original from KISS fotographs) I'm very proud to wear KISS on my skin, and there's more coming ....
Subject: KISS Logo
From: Paco Salxixa on 07/01/2014
Hi. Kiss logo Sonic Boom Tour handmade from Spain. Thanks.
4th time seeing
Subject: 4th time seeing KISS
From: Justin on 06/30/2014
Wanted to say that July 9th will be my 4th time seeing KISS (with first time being in '09) and hoping to many more. Wanted to say thanks to everybody in the band, etc etc. While Paul and Gene are the main guys, I wanted to give some appreciation to Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. I am fans of their other work including Eric's Bandlands and Tommy's Black n Blue.. Thank you guys for keeping the KISS legacy alive! I'm expecting a great show from all of you
My tribute to the band that saved my life
Subject: My tribute to the band that saved my life
From: Filip Rapp on 06/30/2014
My band, The Gloria Story, recently released this Music video - "Live your Life in shame" that tries to capture the feeling of being a Kiss fan, in the early Days of NY glam-scene. Perhaps at one of the first shows at Coventry '73. It is our tribute to our heroes in Kiss! Some people ask me (Filip, vocals): "Isn't it just a lame attempt at milking the Kiss-community for views putting out a tribute like this?" Trust me - as a Kid I was very ill. My health wasn't all that good. Without hope and without spirit my future looked pretty dull. But suddenly, in my early teens, a friend turned me on to "Kiss - Destroyer", the 1976 Bob Ezrin masterpiece. It opened up a door, showed me an alternative world - where ordinary men could be superheroes. Paul Stanley was the character that appealed most to me; the Star of the centerstage - ouzing with confidence. Years later I learned that Paul himself had multiple issues growing up - like a deformed ear and being deaf. He was bullied and had social issues. He created his larger than life stage-persona to be everything he couldn't be in his private life! No wonder I could relate to that! When I got older, I also regained my health. It was a long road, and a constant struggle. But I always had Kiss as an inspiration - always encouraging me to be ME, and to believe in myself. As an adult - I am well. I feel great - fit and strong. And, thanks to inspirational people like Paul, I've become quite the performer myself. I couldn't have done it without the band who saved my life: KISS! I will be forever grateful to them. And the least I could do for them is to write a song, congratulating them on their wonderful journey and thanking them for the music, passion and encouraging power during 40 years of rock! I love KISS! So - no we're not trying to get views by connecting ourselfes with Kiss. It is a pure and honest tribute. And we are very, VERY grateful for the wonderful support our video has received by Kiss-fans all over the world! Thank you!
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