Subject: Concert
From: Robin on 03/18/2014
Come to Hawaii (Oahu) PLEASE!
Subject: Haircut
From: Dyandra Rayos on 03/18/2014
My son loves KISS so much that every shirt he wears is a KISS shirt, he has almost every record, has so many collectibles, he had KISS shaved into his hair, Paul Stanley was the latest haircut, performed KISS songs numerous times at school AND saved up enough money for a backstage pass to his 3rd concert in Dallas this summer!! And hes traveling from Alaska to go.....AGAIN!!
From: Nobuya‟ICE MAN”Tamaki on 03/18/2014
Hi! Gene, Paul, Tommy, Eric! I’m a members of the Japanese KISS Army. I made an action figure of Gene. Left is Gene in 1977 to 1978. Right is no makeup Gene. Was struggling to make Detail was difficult. If the following work is completed, it will send again.
From: Mexico CIty on 03/18/2014
HI KISS: We are ANIMALIZE TRIBUTE TO KISS, we from Mexico Rock City, This band have two years of career in the music, and the rare songs of KISS is the speciality of this band, Well, not only rare singles, so stranges make ups of KISS. This is the case of our drummer, Chepe Singer Carr THE HAWK. The past January 18th, in the black wedding party of our friend LORD ASMODEO ARAF, was the premiere of THE HAWK in the Neza City,State of Mexico. Not only in Mexico, because in all the world. And this was in honor to two biggest drummers in the kisstory, Eric Singer and Eric Carr, and we are tribute to KISS more heavy and headbanger. Chepe Singer Carr is the first and only hawk in Mexico.
Veterans for Tour
Subject: Veterans for Kiss Tour
From: Shayne Leavitt on 03/17/2014
First of all. I have been a fan of Kiss for the entire 40 years, and have seen you every time you have come to Maine. I love all of your music, and have dressed many times as different KISS members for Halloween and when you are in concert. I saw your post about hiring some Veterans for your tour, and as an 8 year veteran of the U.S.Army, it would be an honor to work for you on this tour, I am also willing to volunteer and not get paid, because of my love for everything KISS. Your music was everything I lived by during the 70's, into the 80's and though the GODS of Rock and Roll. I hope to hear from you about this, and good luck on the tour if I am not chosen.
My birthday cake
Subject: My birthday cake
From: Bjarne Ritter on 03/17/2014
My birthday cake
Gene IS Jon Sable: Freelance
Subject: Gene IS Jon Sable: Freelance
From: Rod Whitenack on 03/16/2014
Dear Gene, After some serious digging, I have uncovered a couple of more promotional pictures of you as John Sable from the never aired, unseen pilot for the "Sable" TV series from 1987. HOW COOL IS THAT? I was a huge fan of Mike Grell's comic book, "Jon Sable: Freelance," and I still have the first twenty five or so issues. I really, really want to see that pilot film! You look amazing in the Jon Sable make-up. I've heard part of it was shot in Africa. Who does the KISS Army have to butter up to make this legendary "lost" film available to see? Your fan, Rod W
from JMU Pep Band
Subject: Kiss from JMU Pep Band
From: Brian Knopp on 03/16/2014
March 16, 2014 - The Pep Band from James Madison University shows their NCAA Kiss Spirit at the CAA Women's Basketball Championship Game vs. University of Delaware on Comcast Sportsnet.
Gene Sign
Subject: Gene Sign
From: Texcoco. Mexico on 03/15/2014
Tanta era mi ansia para que Kiss estuviera en Texcoco que tenia listo mi tatuaje para que fuera firmado por Gene. Ojala un dia suceda... Wait for you Gene!!!
Frustration and impotence
Subject: Frustration and impotence
From: Texcoco. Mexico on 03/15/2014
Esperaba con ansia este Festival en Texcoco, que para mucha gente iba a ser el evento de la decada. Toda la gente se entusiasmo, toda la gente lo vio como algo benefico para nuestra poblacion, porque yo vivo aqui en Texcoco desde hace 20 años y desde hace casi 35 años son fan de Kiss. Mi atuendo que fabrique con mis propias manos se ha quedado para otra ocasion. Espero que asi sea. Saludos desde Texcoco, queremos verlos pronto...
The First Bounce of Spring
Subject: The First Bounce of Spring
From: Lisa Mouse on 03/15/2014
Sadly Lisa's beloved Mego Paul bit the bullet shortly after this picture was taken.
HRC Munich
Subject: HRC Munich
From: Chris from germany on 03/15/2014
Hi Guys! Last week i was at the Hard rock Café Munich and found some great KISS stuff! I also like the great neon sign at the entrance! Greetings from germany, Chris
carnaval du jura
Subject: carnaval du jura
From: mb,Bassecourt-15.03.2014 on 03/15/2014
hello, here my son (a big fan of Gene) in carnaval du Jura 2014, Bassecourt,Switzerland. Maryse
From: Brad Liverman on 03/13/2014
Hello KISS, I am so proud that you guys and Eric Carr's family spoke with respect and told the truth. I hope you find out who ever did this and bring them to justice. I know what you have tried to do by getting everyone in the hall of fame. Eric Carr influenced me to play drums, KISS and The Fox Rocks!
toledo show
Subject: toledo show
From: mario on 03/12/2014
hi, first saw you in nov 75 at the sports arena right after alive was released. . unforgetable, and been following you since. . .seen alot of tribute bands and say strutter and black diamond girls were the best ( the girls were the only ones who opened with deuce and strutter. . . thanks
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