Next Generation of Fans
Subject: Next Generation of Fans
From: The Atchison's on 06/22/2014
I wanted to share this picture with you. I am a long time fan, and a 53 year old retired police officer. I have four young girls that I enjoy sharing my love of music from my generation with. I have shared music from many different artists, but KISS has really made an impact with them. Especially the youngest, Crissy, 7years old. The other night we were listening to KISS and decided to "dress up" to have more fun with the music. This is a picture of our girls- the next generation of KISS fans! Thank you so much for the music you have given to our family! Sincerely, Dan Atchison
From: Douglas Santos on 06/21/2014
KISS is everywhere !!!
From: Edgar Maldonado on 06/21/2014
Hello! I'm Edgar and I was walking with my family Downtown Toronto Canada and I found this on a bus stop!! It is about a Big Walk in Toronto for tiny patients in support high-risk births at Mount Sinai Hospital on September 28th. 2014. So...Rock and Stroll KISS ARMY!!
is everywhere
Subject: Kiss is everywhere
From: Mike Altini on 06/21/2014
I was at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas this past week and I saw a sign with familiar faces on it. As I got closer, I realized it was our Rock And Roll Heros. Kiss Is up to something this fall. To find out, we have to follow the instructions on the poster. I have this feeling, this fall is going to to be HOT!
is everywhere, sandcastle in Lappeenranta, Finland!
Subject: KISS is everywhere, KISS sandcastle in Lappeenranta, Finland!
From: Saku Ovaska on 06/21/2014
KISS is everywhere, check out this awesome sandcastle in Lappeenranta, Finland.
Freedom and Rock N Roll
Subject: Freedom and Rock N Roll
From: Brazil on 06/20/2014
Hello KISS Army, My name is Ricardo Mazzalai I'm from Brazil, I have a garage band called Barley Im an absolute fan of the best band in the world KISSSSS yesterday launched as amateurs on the net the second own music written by me and my bass player called "Freedom and Rock N 'Roll "and the publicity photo I put my favorite shirt of the guy who always inspires me great Gene Simmons
I lik u guys
Subject: I lik u guys
From: Blessing on 06/20/2014
Hello ! My name is Blessing and i'm 6 years old. I lik you guys very much especialy Gene and paul and Eric and tommy. When i'm bigg i will lake to be in the Group- Ilove you peopel Blessing
Paul Portrait
Subject: Paul Portrait
From: Alex Volva on 06/19/2014
Hi KISS!!! This lovely portrait of Paul Stanley, author Tatiana Shishkin. From Russia with love!
Awesome Father's Day!!
Subject: Awesome Father's Day!!
From: Mike Souto on 06/18/2014
I got the last two autobiography's to complete my collection. In the middle is the KISS make up made of perler beads and my favorite chocolate cake both made by my daughter Aimee.
My Van!
Subject: My KISS Van!
From: Aaron Hathcock on 06/17/2014
Hey guys, been a huge fan for years. Wanted to show you guys my Van. Keep Rockin'!! Aaron,
Wladi Hard Rock
Subject: Wladi Hard Rock
From: Wladimir Vilas Boas on 06/17/2014
From Brazil with love... i'm KISS fan since 1978 i am very proud to be a Kiss fan, thank you all from Kissonline.
3rd generation going to see
Subject: 3rd generation going to see kiss
From: Ken Angell on 06/17/2014
Ok now it's my grandkids that get to go with me to see that greatest rock show on earth. I've taken my wife and my kids now it's time for the grandkids to see what I've been rocking to for the last 38 years.
Subject: Hello
From: Nicole Amos on 06/17/2014
Hi KISS, My name is Nicole and I am 19 years old, almost 20. I have been a huge fan since I was 8, thanks to my dad and my Uncle Joey. I can't even express to you all how much KISS means to me. KISS is everything to me. I know so much about the band, it truly amazes people how much I know. If I could find a career related to KISS, that would be the ultimate dream for me. KISS has been there for me when no one else was. If I am ever feeling down and no one else can cheer me up, all I have to do is play KISS music and I feel better. If I don't feel better, then you know something is wrong with me. But that rarely ever happens. I have had the opportunity to see KISS in concert a few times. They were amazing and I enjoyed myself. One of the shows I got to take one of my best friends with me and he enjoyed himself too. He said it was the best show he has ever seen. Same goes for me. It was the best show I have ever seen. As I have stated before, the ultimate dream would be to find a career related to KISS. There is nothing I am more passionate about than KISS. KISS means the world to me and continues to be. Words really can't describe how much you all mean to me. Thanks for everything, Nicole Amos
New Gene Portrait
Subject: New Gene Portrait
From: avid E. Wilkinson on 06/16/2014
Just wanted to share my latest portrait of Gene with the KISS Army. Hope you guys like it. Thank You! David E. Wilkinson
From: Mario Arines on 06/16/2014
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