Sneak peak 2 Shirt
Subject: Sneak peak 2 Shirt
From: sven on 06/04/2014
I choose the shirt in Grey, this looks amazing.
Future fans
Subject: Future KISS fans
From: Joe Muia on 06/04/2014
Here is a photo of my children, Brooklyn and Brandon having fun playing our KISS pinball machine. Hopefully I am cultivating two more KISS ARMY members!!! Joe Muia
thanks for 10 yrs
Subject: thanks for 10 yrs
From: matthew wilson on 06/04/2014
dear gene,Paul,Tommy,Eric: thanks for everything i have been a fan for 10 years know and will have seen you 7 times after this summer tour thanks for an awesome meet and greet in 2009 at cobo it was awesome i cant wait too see the tour with def leppard its gonna be tshirts i like the designs so far i cant wait too see other designs for the tour. see you guys on tour thanks Matthew Wilson
Tour shirts
Subject: Tour shirts
From: Harvey Klooz on 06/04/2014
I Love, Love, Love the world tour shirt. Loved watching Paul on Home & Family!!
congratulations to Terry Wilson
Subject: congratulations to Terry Wilson
From: Chip Dayton on 06/04/2014
Terry I know the feeling! You might know I shot the cover of Kiss on Tour 1976 as featured in the recent book "Nothin' To Lose". Lifetime Kiss braggin' rights!
in German newspaper
Subject: KISS in German newspaper
From: Peter Dammeyer on 06/04/2014
Today was a clipping of KISS in the German newspaper "Neue Rhein Zeitung". Title: "A Monument Looks Back" Thank you for 40 years of Rock´n´Roll! See you on KKIV! Greetings Peter Dammeyer
Favorite Tour T-Shirt
Subject: Favorite Tour T-Shirt
From: Flugie on 06/04/2014
Man I love the Decades of Decibels T-Shirt. Please release it in the Grey! what an Awesome Shirt. Anxiously waiting for the Tour, have tickets for Cincinnati and Cleveland.
is everywhere
Subject: KISS is everywhere
From: JC Colorado on 06/04/2014
KISS is everywhere Gene, Paul, Erik and Tommy on a carousel in Monterrey Mexico! Greetings!
new shirts
Subject: new shirts
From: Bob Trottier on 06/04/2014
As per the new shirts,BOTH DESIGNS ON THE LEFT in the pics are pretty awesome!!!
Subject: Shirts
From: Dusty Croson on 06/04/2014
Well as far as the tour shirts go- I prefer the one that says world tour on it. I don't care for the other one.
Tour Shirt
Subject: KISS Tour Shirt
From: John Griffin on 06/04/2014
Love the KISS World Tour concert shirt! I will be at the Charlotte, N.C. show. It will be my 14th KISS concert!! I will buy one of these shirts if they are for sale at the show. KISS Rocks!!! Happy 40th
tour shirts 2014
Subject: tour shirts 2014
From: BILLY THE BAT CLEMENTS on 06/03/2014
The Spider shirt looks the best, hope you guys have some in 3X or 4X
Concert 40 Shirts
Subject: Concert 40 Shirts
From: John Mount on 06/03/2014
Love the shirt design without the has that Hotter Than Hell feel to it....that's the one I want to buy when I see them in August in Indy! It is the best design I've seen in years and I have plenty of pretty cool KISS shirts.
Winning shirt story featured on Cleveland TV3 evening news
Subject: Winning KISS shirt story featured on Cleveland TV3 evening news
From: Brian Bradway on 06/03/2014
Hey, KISS! My son, Nicholas, and I were recently invited to the evening news on NBC Cleveland WKYC to share our story about winning the KISS t-shirt contest! We talked about how we were fortunate enough to meet the band, get autographs and see KISS live front row center! We then shared with TV host, Jim Donovan, about donating the $1000 cash prize to our local high school's Arts and Music Scholarship. Nick and I decided that if we won, meeting KISS and seeing the show would be plenty for us. As it turns out, donating the cash prize was a pretty cool feeling as well! Thanks for the AWESOME experience! Brian Bradway
Which T-Shirt to tour with?
Subject: Which T-Shirt to tour with?
From: SocialD on 06/02/2014
I love the Monster tour and set design, but already have similar shirts. So with that said, I would love to see the without Monster stage design shirt. The without shirt reminds me of Hotter Than Hell! So I vote for WITHOUT! Also, please try to compile a walk-through history museum of KISS with the Anniversary Tour. Perhaps a couple Semi's parked outside the arena's with important items that helped make Kiss a household name. I'm sure everyone would love to see some rare artifacts. Thanks much.
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