Rockin my Paul Stanley T-shirt at Kibitz Room!
Subject: Rockin my Paul Stanley T-shirt at Kibitz Room!
From: Dan Castle on 06/16/2014
Hey Guys - getting ready for the upcoming tour so pulled out my trusty PS Solo LP Tee for a fun night at the Kibitiz Room, Hollywood - one of the songs I sang was Hard Luck Woman! July 8 Forum - I'm there!
Face Of A Star Painting
Subject: Face Of A Star Painting
From: Jamie Sapp on 06/16/2014
After seeing Paul for great Q & A session and also meeting him for a signing of "Face The Music" at the Indianapolis KISS Expo, I felt inspired to create this 24" x 30" acrylic painting of him minus the make up for a change of pace. I call it "Face Of A Star." Paul was everything a fan could ever hope he would be. Kind, gracious, caring and greeting everyone with a smile and laughs for the photos as he met each person in attendance. Who can't be inspired by that? Hope everyone in KISS Army that sees this enjoys!!!! Thanks, Jamie Sapp
Fathers Day
Subject: Fathers Day
From: Jim Madden on 06/16/2014
My Kids Rock
in Yokohama
Subject: Kiss in Yokohama
From: Claudio Villarroel on 06/15/2014
My last holiday in Japan... ready to buy another KISS t-shirt for my collection! front is the same in every Hard Rock Cafe but at the back is the name of the city. Awesome design! This one from Hard Rock Cafe Yokohama, Japan.
Fathers Day Card
Subject: Fathers Day Card
From: Chris Medek on 06/15/2014
©Medek1_My Son Luke (12) created this Fathers Day Card for me.Great job Son! Do not use without written permission.Not for commercial use.
"Gene Simmons Surfing"
Subject: "Gene Simmons Surfing"
From: Sean Boyce on 06/15/2014
Please enjoy this digital image of one of my new paintings. "Gene Simmons Surfing" Original Painting, Acrylic on Watercolor Paper, 18" x 24". Painted by Sean Boyce on Venice Beach, California as part of his new "Surfing Series" where Sean pays tributes to artistic icons from pop culture that have inspired him. One of the main points of juxtaposing the characters on a surfboard is to create a sense of paradox or impossibility. Thanks so much Kiss for everything!
Tribute to 40 Years Anniversary
Subject: Tribute to Kiss 40 Years Anniversary
From: TeamProPain on 06/14/2014
Here is a Tribute to Kiss 40 Years Anniversary, That me and my Team have done on the video game Minecraft xbox360 Edition /TeamProPain from Sweden
Subject: Birthday
From: Genova - Italy on 06/14/2014
This is the cake of my 50th birthday. My family knows my love for you. You are my soundtrack for over 35 years. thank you!! I love you!! Paolo.
From: Lloyd Mudie on 06/13/2014
On what would have been my parents 58th Wedding Anniversary, June 9th, my Mom passed away. She was the BEST Mom in the world. She raised 2 generations of KISS fans. She saw KISS in concert with us 10 times and even once on her own. She always allowed us to listen to our music as loud as we wanted. And most of what we played was KISS. Over the course of the 1970's and '80's, it grew on her to the point that, when the Hot In The Shade Tour came, she wanted to go. It was an outdoor concert on a full moon night. With the Sphinx and the lasers shooting out into infinity, she was blown away. She went to 10 more shows over the years, concluding with 2 shows on the Farewell tour and one of them on her own. At that show, while she was down front, Ace had a guitar pick brought out to her. As the years went by, and her health declined, she couldn't go to the shows. When I saw KISS on the Monster Tour last summer, I didn't want to tell her I was going. But, somehow she knew. Just before I left she said to me, "Tell them to play Rock and Roll All Nite and Beth". I just smiled and asked her how she knew. She just said "oh I have my ways." Near the end, she had exercises she had to do to help her throat muscles. One involved sticking out her tongue. She called them her Gene Simmons exercises. The picture is of us getting ready for the Farewell concert in Portland, Maine. That's her with 3 of her sons and her grandchildren. Thank you KISS for giving my Mom a lot of fun and joy. She and my father are together again. But I will always miss her. She always said,"I want you to throw a KISS party for me when I go". We will. Best, Lloyd Mudie
Fancy dress
Subject: Fancy dress
From: Ray Pritchard on 06/12/2014
I recently got the chance for the first time in 30+ years to dress up as my idol Gene $immons.. I purchased all the clothing, boots & make up. Turned out to be a great night and I win best dressed! Make up was done mostly by myself with a little help from my girl.
From: LEYRE on 06/12/2014
Mi sobrina de 4 añitos adora KISS. Es fan número uno de vosotros, un fastástico grupo que le está encaminando por la buena música. ¡SEGUID ASÍ! Os adora.
Fan since '79
Subject: Fan since '79
From: Jorge Orsovay on 06/12/2014
I discovered KISS as a sad 10 year old dealing with the unexpected death of a loved one. "Alive!" kept me going through those rough times and led me to follow a path to a 20+ year career in music. Gene was my hero for many reasons but especially since he also comes from a Hungarian background. Here we are 35 years later and I'm still a fan and as a 45 year old I still have KISS memorabilia all over the house. This in me and my old '79 custom Dodge van.
My License Plate
Subject: My License Plate
From: David Gambrell on 06/12/2014
Saw some others on the site, wanted to send you mine! Can't wait for meet and greet in Charlotte 7-19-14
My jumper!
Subject: My KISS jumper!
From: Augustė on 06/12/2014
This jumper is a birthday present from my friends. I love it! :)
My halloween look!
Subject: My KISS halloween look!
From: Augustė on 06/12/2014
Me as Gene Simmons on Halloween! :)
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