Leon from the "Hot In The Shade" tour
Subject: Leon from the "Hot In The Shade" tour
From: Mike on 03/06/2014
This is the main entrance to a waterslide park in Redlands, California called “Splash Kingdom Water Park”. When it originally opened as "Pharaoh’s Kingdom Waterpark” the Sphinx did not have the sunglasses. I’m guessing the new owners are big KISS fans.
Birthday Party
Subject: Kiss Birthday Party
From: Jeff Bailey on 03/05/2014
I recently celebrated my 50th birthday with a Kiss themed party. I hired Mr. Speed to perform and celebrated with about 200 of my family, friends, and co-workers. I was wondering if you would share some of my pictures from the evening? I have attached one picture of me with my parents and my kids. I would love it if you could post several pictures. Thank you, Jeff
dressed to recreate dressed to kill cover
Subject: dressed to kiss recreate dressed to kill cover
From: dressed to kiss tribute on 03/04/2014
Hi KISSonline,

What's up....?! Hope all is cool.... we just wanted to let you know something we did recently which is really cool...Dressed to KISS tribute band from Rome, Italy celebrated 20 years by flying to New York and recreating the infamous Dressed to kill cover on the same street 23rd and 8th avenue! We were invited to the Beatles 50th anniversary to play at the Bitter End Club on Bleecker. Check out the video below too..we would really appreciate it.


Dressed to KISS
Music of rocks in Brno
Subject: Music of Kiss rocks in Brno
From: Paul Pile on 03/04/2014
Come to see on Friday, March 14, 2014. Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic.
Mardi Gras Float
Subject: KISS Mardi Gras Float
From: Jim Mitzel on 03/03/2014
KISS is TRULY everywhere! Here is a float in the D'Iberville, Mississippi Mardi Gras parade yesterday deep on the MS Gulf Coast!
live tribute in Athens Greece
Subject: KISS live tribute in Athens Greece
From: Gerasimos Kavvadas on 03/03/2014
Last Friday we had another live KISS tribute show in Athens Greece, at the hottest rock club of the city (Revenge Of Rock). We Dressed To Kill and the success fo the gig was huge! For more pictures here is our band's Facebook page. Like it! https://www.facebook.com/SSIKgr Band members: John Zervos, Rhythm Guitar John Sinnis, Lead Guitar John Tsimas, Bass Gerasimos Kavvadas, Drums
My Girlfriend
Subject: My Girlfriend
From: Tomkiss on 03/03/2014
My Girlfriend part 2
Subject: Kiss-Girlfriend
From: Tomkiss on 03/03/2014
My Girlfriend on Carnaval in Germany
A Children's Adventure
Subject: A Children's Adventure
From: Edwin Velez on 03/02/2014
Hello! My name is Edwin Velez and I have been a dedicated fan of KISS for just as about as long as I can remember. I purchased my very first KISS album in the summer of 1977 and have been hooked on your imagery and music ever since. One day back in 2010 I was listening to the “Unplugged” version of the song called “Goin’ Blind”. There is a point in that song where Gene sings the line “little lady from the land beneath the sea”. At that particular point, my youngest son Cameron curiously asked me, “Dad…where’s the land beneath the sea?” That night when I tucked him into bed the adventure began. The story that I told him was something that I was doing to simply connect with my three year old son as a father and as a KISS fan. Every night after that he would ask me to tell him that same story again and again. Finally one day I simply sat down to write what in my mind was supposed to be a ten page little book for him. What I now have is a 20,000 word adventure that the whole family will enjoy! This is a story that is for everyone…not just for KISS fans. If you aren’t a KISS fan you will enjoy this story…and if you are a KISS fan you will enjoy it even more. It is a story that fathers can share with their children, and children can share with their grandparents. The boys take off on a magical journey in search of “The Land Beneath the Sea”. They will have to travel many fathoms in their “Water Rocket” to get to the very bottom of the sea in order to find this underwater city. Along the way they will see many new strange and wondrous things! They will first have to travel through the Starfish Caverns, and then on through the mysterious Seaweed Forest in order to make their way to “The Land Beneath the Sea”. Once they are in the Seaweed Forest they will have to somehow try and escape from the clutches of the terrible Torpedo Girls! As the boys continue on their journey, they will also encounter a very bad man by the name of Mr. Blackwell! He will stop at nothing to prevent the boys from finding “The Land Beneath the Sea”. The boys never give up, and along the way they will make some very special friends who help them on their journey… friends that they will never ever forget! I hope to one day be able to share this entire story with you. It is something that I am very proud to have written…and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for the inspiration that you have provided! (And the happiness that you have helped me to bring to my child!) Once again thank you so much… Edwin Velez P.S.) My two favorite bands are KISS and the Beatles. (In that order) The Beatles have “The Yellow Submarine”, and now KISS has “KISS in the Land Beneath the Sea”.
WE ARE READY!!!!!!!!!
Subject: WE ARE READY!!!!!!!!!
From: Anthony M. on 03/02/2014
On behalf of the entire KISS ARMY, I have a message for our heroes: WE ARE READY!!!!!!!!! We are ready to CELEBRATE the 40th anniversary of the GREATEST band in the history of our planet! We are BURSTING at the seams with anticipation of KISS coming to our cities once again... This is going to be the most MONUMENTAL year of all...KISS is the only band that gets better and better every year... ...so let's all take a deep breath...because here they come.... WE WANT THE BEST AND WE WILL GET THE BEST... This is going to be an AMAZING year! Paul, Tommy, Eric, and Gene...Your fan club is READY TO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! ... All other bands wish they had us...but they don't...We are loyal...and KISS and the KISS ARMY will show the world once again how the BIG BOYS do it!!!!! Anthony M. NYC
From: ALEX on 03/02/2014
You wanted the best, you got the best GUITAR STRAP IN THE WORLD
Subject: You wanted the best, you got the best GUITAR STRAP IN THE WORLD
From: James handler on 03/02/2014
Hey This is my ultimate favourite guitar strap in the world Would it be possible to get a signed t shirt please? I know it's a lot to ask And I can't wait till I see you guys in UK this year !! I'm really sorry tommy and Eric but I had to crop you out to make the photo fit Cheers James
in Carnaval Parade in Raalte,The Netherlands photo 3
Subject: KISS in Carnaval Parade in Raalte,The Netherlands photo 3
From: Erwin Koggel on 03/02/2014
Here is the final photo from the carnival parade in Raalte, The Netherlands.
in Carnaval Parade in Raalte,The Netherlands photo 2
Subject: KISS in Carnaval Parade in Raalte,The Netherlands photo 2
From: Erwin Koggel on 03/02/2014
Here photo 2 from the carnival parade in Raalte, The Netherlands.
in Carnaval Parade in Raalte,The Netherlands photo 1
Subject: KISS in Carnaval Parade in Raalte,The Netherlands photo 1
From: Erwin Koggel on 03/02/2014
Here is KISS in Raalte at the Carnaval Parade in The Netherlands. KISS is everywhere!
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