Mega Fan
Subject: Mega Fan
From: Robert on 09/13/2009
KISS, I have been a fan since 1976 when my older brother and his friends would play KISS loud as they could and Blow fire like Gene in the backyard. I have had the great pleasure of seeing you twice so far. By far the best shows I have ever been to in my life. This time my son who is 11 now gets to come with me to a KISS concert. He has been a kiss fan since he was born thanks to me. He is a huge Gene fan and is looking forward to seeing KISS live for the first time. We can not wait for the show Oct 16th in Hampton, VA. Keep rocking guys and thanks for all the great years of the best rock in the world. Robert in Virginia
Lick it up!
Subject: Lick it up!
From: Anna Knowlden on 09/13/2009
They call me Dogter Love.....
My Son
Subject: My Son
From: Horst Meixner - Germany on 09/13/2009
Hi, this is my son, Lucas, on this Photo he was 4 Years old. It was on the summerparty in his kindergarden, a specialy solo for all people. He´s a great Kiss Fan and the rest of the family ( 5 people) also. we are waiting for Kiss in germany, wo hope !!!!! best greatings to all kiss fans in the world - p.s. I cought the towel from Gene in nürnber in june 2008, it was the famoust time in my life - bye horst
Signature tattoo
Subject: Signature tattoo
From: Mike Parent on 09/13/2009
I was lucky enough to get Paul to autograph my tattoo of his "Dream Catcher". His autograph is now tatted with it! Thank you Paul and Al (photographer) for the most incredible memory!
Can't get enough of you...
Subject: Can't get enough of you...
From: MarJ on 09/13/2009
First of all, sorry for my english... I'm from Québec, Canada, so I don't speak or write english very well, but I think you'll usderstand: I didn't know anything about Kiss since I met my boyfriend Keven in 2002. I was 18 years old when I felt in love with Keven...and Kiss! (and Paul Stanley, but don't tell it to Keven!) Now, I'm a big, big, big fan of Kiss. This year, on the July 16th, my dream came true... I went to see my first Kiss show in Québec city, Canada... I just can't explain my's impossible to describe... I was vibing!!! I thought that it was the first and the last time, and it made me feel very sad, because it was an outdoor show and I wasn't near enough.... :( I wanted more and more... I wanted the best...and I will get it, because I will be in Montreal the October 1st for the Kiss concert in Centre Bell!!! It makes me soooooooo happy!!!! I will be almost in front of the stage and I will Rock And Roll All Night one more time!!! I want to thank you, Gene, Paul and friends, for being so generous with your fans all over the world. You will make my dream come true once again!!! I will Shout It Out Loud that night, more than anybody else in the Centre Bell, and it will be just for all of you guys!!! I love you Kiss!!! Sweet KISSes, MarJ-XxXxX-
Rockin Female
Subject: Rockin Female
From: Bruce Hall on 09/13/2009
Since Jake was so cute, we wanted to share the female version. Here is Athena Morey, a future KISS groupie, who makes her uncle proud. She just received her KISS Mr. Potato head set. Not even 3 and already decked out.
im a huge fan
Subject: im a huge fan
From: londyn hansen on 09/13/2009
all my pictures are like this, ur awesome and i hope u come back to halifax in canada u were amazing !!!!!!!!!
the art!
Subject: KISS the art!
From: Sergio on 09/13/2009
Hey KISS!!! Check this cool ad out which appeared today September 13th, 2009 in a nationwide newspaper here in Chile! As we all know, KISS IS EVERYWHERE! Greetings and hoping you come back soon to the bottom of the world! Sergio
Come back to Utah..PLEASE
Subject: Come back to Utah..PLEASE
From: Don Bennett on 09/13/2009
I remember bringing home my first KISS lp. My parents flipped out. I responded by buying every KISS album from there on out. I am a huge fan of you guys, and even through all of the band changes I have stood beside you as a loyal fan. I am a disabled veteran, and I have traveled all over to see your shows. I would really love it if KISS would come back to Utah at least one more time. Your shows always bring back back fond memories of my youth and my first concert was KISS back in Ohio. I know you all have booked your Alive 35, but I hope you decide to extend the tour and come back to Utah, don't worry, I won't let the Mormons get to you. Rock and Roll! DB
Dreams do come true
Subject: Dreams do come true
From: Jacob THEOX on 09/13/2009
My name, is Jacob. I'm 17 and I'm a huge KISS fan, and have been since I was about 3. I live in Kentucky and I've been to 2 Shows, once in Evansville, IN in 2001 and again in Indianapolis, in 2004. When I heard you guys were coming out with a new album, my jaw hit the floor. After so many years of denial about ever maknig a new KISS album, you turn around and make the announcment that you're going into the studio. I was so exited! I checked the website everyday for something new about it. Then you announced a North American Tour. My first thought was, "They'll never come anywhere near here." Then I got to thinking about how great it would be, to go to a KISS show on my birthday. Finally, tour dates are announced, and to my suprize I see Nashville, TN, even better, Nashville, October 28th..... thats three days before my birthday! You Guys are the greatest, and I just wanted you guys to know, how much it means to me, that not only you, but the fans, have allowed my dreams to come true. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. KEEP ROCKIN YOU GUYS!
in Everywhere!!
Subject: Kiss in Everywhere!!
From: Victor Villaseca on 09/12/2009
Hi Kiss!!! Check what I found on Chilean newspaper Las Ultimas Noticias today. I knew Monalisa was a huge Kiss Fan. Can't wait for Sonic Boom and seeing you again in Chile on tour next year! All the Best!! Victor Villaseca Arica, Chile.
Birthday cake
Subject: Birthday KISS cake
From: Patrick Courtois Amyzial on 09/12/2009
Sept 11 marks a momentous yet tragic event in this nation's history! It also marks my birthday. Being the (self professed) biggest KISS fan on planet Earth, I knew that this day would see many KISS things materialize. I was not wrong! KISS ski masks, KISS shirts, KISS computer and Iphone skins, 2 KISS lamps, Property of KISS coasters, KISS Creatures of the Night fleece and the capper to it all? this amazing KISS cake made for me emblazoned with the visage of the greatest vocalist, of the biggest band of all time! The one, the only, the inimitable Paul Stanley! KISS is the inspiration to millions worldwide for a multitude of reasons. This Paul Stanley cake is emblematic of that fact. It's a KISS world, we just live in it!
From: Bryan Benjaminson on 09/12/2009
Good Day Guys, I am a Grade 4/5 teacher at Heritage School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Every year I lead the school in a KISS day where all staff members and kids get in KISS makeup and we have Rock 'n' Roll events throughout the school. I attached a picture of last years KISS Day. We would be truly honoured if you found some time to say hi, or stop by when you're in Winnipeg. I know you are extremely busy, but if you find time to write to us the kids (KISS Kids) would love it. Thanks, Bryan Dean Benjaminson Grade 4/5 Teacher Heritage School
Subject: YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
From: Antonio Colorado on 09/12/2009
I remember when I was 8 years old and I got from a friend this record called ALIVE II which had this pictures of larger than life creatures...WOW!!! and then when I listened to the music inside...I was never the same after that...I was hypnotized by KISS...I've seen you here in Puerto Rico your Asylum Tour with Kulick and Carr, and then in '98 in your Psycho Circus Tour...I went to see Paul Stanley at the House of Blues in Chicago...and my face is somewhere in that DVD...hahaha...I've read two of Gene's books and I think he's a genius...Not perfect, but a genius! (and we are definitely brothers from another mother, everyone tells me I look like you Gene, even the tongue!!!) I love you are the best and no matter what people say, I will love you forever...I love Modern Day Delilah, and to me it is a dream come true that you are making this new SONIC BOOM album...I wish I could meet you some day in my life...Everyone needs Heroes...A world without heroes like KISS would be a bit boring to me...Thank God there are Girls though!!! HAHAHA...Thank God he gave KISS to us fans!!!
Saludos desde Argentina!!
Subject: Saludos desde Argentina!!
From: Argentina on 09/12/2009
Hey guys!! I'm Nico from Argentina, Buenos Aires How u been? i've heard there's a new album coming out! I'm pretty excited about it... By the way, im just writing to show u a pic, this was pretty funny... Paul, Gene, i have a copy of The Elder and i do enjoy it, i actually think it's a great record! Why not trying to play The Oath or I live once again? I'd die!!!!!!!! I hope you come back to Buenos Aires, we'll be waiting for ya! My regards to all of you, Paul, Eric, Gene and Tommy! Rock on!!!!
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