The Best BAND EVER!!!!
Subject: The Best BAND EVER!!!!
From: Lyle on 09/05/2009
WOW you guy's are the best band in the world!!!!! I am hoping to get tickets to the Winnipeg concert but the tickets sell so fast because you are the best band ever thank you for prasing the world with you kick ass music.
We wanted the best, we got the best!
Subject: We wanted the best, we got the best!
From: Eric & Michelle on 09/05/2009
Dear KISS, We really enjoyed the show at the Ottawa Bluesfest on 2009-07-15. We were part of the 30000 people attending that night and it was fenomenal. Aswome music, great memories, you guys are the best!!!! Been from Quebec City, we were sorry to miss the show in our home town, but we were please to see that 90000 people were there to see the best show on earth. KISS ROCKS!!!, Quebec City ROCKS!!!! Oh Yeah!!!! Keep up the good work, and can't wait for the new album. Eric & Michelle
Learning songs
Subject: Learning songs
From: Logan Brown on 09/05/2009
Hey guys! I'm learning a song of yours every week!! I'm a guitar player and my dream is to become a famous rockstar. I'm also hoping to see you guys in Atlanta here soon and I know FOR SURE that I'll get your new album on 10/6/09. All the best!
You have to come back!
Subject: You have to come back!
From: Tomás Rodríguez Alonso on 09/05/2009
Hi KISS! Please come to Argentina again! Or at least come to some where in South America and I`ll be there! Your concert in the Quilmes rock was awesomeeee!!!!! Every where I go I hear KISS in my IPod, but I can`t afford to go to the North America tour. Please guys, you must come to South America!!!! U are the best band in the world!!!!
Drummer Protege
Subject: Drummer Protege
From: Adam on 09/05/2009
I started listening to KISS virtually from the time I was born. My dad's a KISS psychotic and his madness inevitably rubbed off on me. One of my favourite photographs from my early years had me in Gene Simmons makeup wielding a yellow plastic guitar and sticking out my tongue. I was around four years old. As I started to get older, my parents realized that, whenever they spoke, I often said, "What? What?" Concerned, they took me to an audiologist, and sure enough, it was determined that I had a hearing impairment. I was six years old at the time. Though there were growing pains, I became used to my impairment, and in the process became a burgeoning KISS fan. I sang the songs and played air guitar throughout the years, until something strange happened. One day while my dad and I were driving and listening to KISS Alive!, I found myself tapping on the dashboard--not just the standard tapping along with the beat, but actually differentiating between different drum sounds: snare, toms, cowbell. I'd swing my way across the dashboard in an attempt to imitate Peter Criss's rushes across his kit. Because my hearing impairment mostly affected the higher pitches--Ace's guitar solos sometimes reached beyond my hearing--I had close to normal hearing in the lower, deeper ranges, and so could clearly discern every single drum sound. A short time later, I used the money from my paper route to purchase my first drum set, and KISS songs were the first I performed. Peter Criss was a frequent imitatee, as was Eric Singer for his use of double kick pedals and nuanced rhythms. Also, of course Eric Carr was never forgotten. Today I am twenty-five years old and still pounding away. And with KISS announcing its visit to my new home of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, you can bet I will be there to pay my respects to the men who initiated me into the wonderful world of music. From the bottom of my heart and the top of my lungs, thank you Paul, Gene, Peter, Ace, Eric C, Vinnie, Mark, Bruce, Eric S., and Tommy.
Thank You
Subject: Thank You KISS
From: Kathleen Ogilvie on 09/05/2009
Dear KISS, I have been a KISS fan my entire life and have always dreamed and envisioned the day when I would get to see the band that made me who I am as a person. No one would take me seriously when I would explain that KISS had to come to Halifax (my home) because they meant so much to me, and therefore it was fate. When I heard the annoucement that KISS was scheduled to play Halifax, N.S. on July 18, 2009, I cried. After months of waiting, the day of the concert arrived. My mother and I got up at three in the morning, put on KISS make up for two hours, making sure it was perfect, and arrived at the venue at six in the morning. We were the first ones there! When the gates opened, I ran so hard that when we got to our spot, I was sick. My mother was very concerned that I wouldn't make it through the multiple opening acts because I was so excited and exhausted. When the stage was finally set, I could hardly contain myself. I recognized all of the stage props, and knew from them which songs were going to be sung. Finally, it started, "All right Halifax! You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world, KISS!" I only remember hearing, "All-" because as soon as that started, I burst into body-racking sobs. The curtain fell, and my heroes were standing ten feet in front of me. I sobbed harder then I ever have in my life for the entire length of the concert, my dreams were coming true before my very eyes. If I could design my perfect KISS show (set list, lights, explosions, etc.) this would have been it. It was perfect in every way. Paul waved specifically to me, making me cry even harder because he had awknowledged me, Gene pointed and grinned at me, and Tommy tried three times to get a guitar pick to me. I couldn't have asked for anything more. At the end of the show I walked away with a Paul Stanley KISS Alive 35 guitar pick, which I now have safe inside a picture frame, and I saved a bag of confetti that fell during the finale, "Rock and Roll All Night". I write this letter now, even though it is nearly two months after the show, because any time sooner, and I would be reduced to a driveling ball of giggles just thinking of that night. I want to thank you KISS from the bottom of my heart, you made me who I am, and you made my dreams come true. You were and always will be perfect in every way. Thank you so much, it was the best night of my entire life, please come back soon. Kathleen Ogilvie Halifax, N.S. Age 17
Young Fan
Subject: Young Kiss Fan
From: Minerva Sanchez on 09/04/2009
Dear Kiss, I am letting you know that my now 15 year old nephew, Michelangelo is a HUGE KISS fan! I remember your group from the 70's. I am sooo excited we got to vote for you guys to come to Chicago and we are hoping to see you in concert. Michelangelo only wears KISS tee shirts for clothes! Believe me we try to convince him to change it up a bit, but he does not budge. He has been a fan of your group for over 5 years! He likes everyone in the group, but his fav guy is Gene Simmons. We are ALL Gene Simmon's family jewels fans. Hope to see you soon!!!! Sincerely, Minerva
Subject: KISS SONGS!
From: Levi Schutz on 09/04/2009
I learned Lick it Up and have it perfect!! I play guitar.. You guys are the best band ever!! i am coming to watch you in saskatoon
SEE YA IN PHILLY!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: SEE YA IN PHILLY!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Mike Crawford on 09/04/2009
GOT MY MEET & GREET UPGRADE !!!!!!!!!!! SEE YA IN PHILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come to England!!!!
Subject: Come to England!!!!
From: karina UK on 09/04/2009
I bought tickets to go see KISS in NEW ORLEANS in October!!! So I am flying all the way from London (UK) To LA....Can't wait!! But I want to see KISS again in Europe!!! I don't care where it is!! I'll fly anywhere to see you!! But PLEASSSSSSEEE Come to London!!!!
Subject: Thanks
From: Josh - Winnipeg on 09/03/2009
Hey guys. Winnipeg has going nuts since you booked here. I think i'm speeking for Winnipeg when I say you guys are the best and thanks for letting us see you live. You guys are such an inspiration to me and my friends. Good luck with everything else, and keep rocking. - Josh
Hi !
Subject: Hi KISS!
From: Ashley Moon on 09/03/2009
Hi KISS i can't wait to see your concert. My family are HUGE FANS OF YOUR SONGS! YOU ALL ROCK!! Can i have a picture of all of you please.I am 14 years old. My dad played all of your songs for me.We will see you in SAN DIEGO.
I Love you guys!!!
Subject: I Love you guys!!!
From: Jessica Ballew on 09/03/2009
I have listened to your music since I was barely five years old. I probably memorized most of your songs by the time I was 7. I was 7 when I went to my first concert and it was your farewell tour in Houston, Texas. The 2000 one. I am now 15 and still love your music despite what some of my friends say. I even wrote my english report on Gene when I was in the eighth grade. It was supposed to be on the most influential person we know and it was you!!! By listening to your music I learned to be free to express myself and I do this by acting. I may be able to go to the 2009 concert in San Diego on November 27th. It is awesome because it is barely 7 days after my Sweet 16!! I am super stoked and hope to see you guys there while I Rock-N-Roll All Night and Party Every Day!!!
Our 3-year-old fan
Subject: Our 3-year-old Kiss fan
From: Rick & Sandy Smith on 09/03/2009
Our son has been obsessed with you since he saw your performance on American Idol. Here is a clip of him playing his drums to your music:
New album, new song
Subject: New album, new song
From: Brian on 09/03/2009
I LOVE the new song "Modern Day Delilah". Can't wait to crank it up in my car. This is what I hear from "Modern Day Delilah" so far. Revenge, Rock And Roll Over and Live To Win all thrown into a blender. 3 albums I love. If the rest of this album is even close to "Modern Day Delilah" then it'll rank in my top five KISS albums. 1. Creatures, 2. Revenge, 3. Kiss, 4. RARO, 5. Lick It Up. Looks like Lick It Up might get bumped, LOL. Can't wait to see you guys here Oct. 24th. SONIC BOOM!!!!
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