Subject: KISS ARMY
From: Aaron on 09/20/2009
I have been a diehard KISS fan since 1976 when I first heard them. I recently rejoined the KISS Army just to get in on the pre-sale tickets and it worked! I will be on the third row in Nashville with my 17 yr. old son - his 6th KISS Concert! Once again, KISS does it right! Thanks guys!
through the highs and lows
Subject: through the highs and lows
From: Janelle on 09/20/2009
your music has helped me through the lows of my life, and to enjoy the highs i am 27 and finally will see the show on oct. 28 in nashville tennessee. KEEP ON ROCKIN'!!!!!
Can not Wait To see my Third Concert!
Subject: Can not Wait To see my Third Concert!
From: Anita on 09/20/2009
To: All the members of the band, thank you for touring again? I know that I can not speak for all your fans but this one has missed you guys in concert. I know the last two concerts I went to rocked! Words can not decribe them at all a person just hast to go to one to see it for them selves. So I have a new date taking me to this one and I can not wait I already showed him one of your short movies and have more dvd's to show him and I think guys you have a new fan rock on. Who in there right mind would not like you guys you all rock! I know my first concert in 1990 in NC where I was stationed for the Marine I saw you guys 3 months pergnant but I still rocked. I still have Paul's guitar pic. Thank you Paul! Then I seen you guys here in Cleveland in 2000, and you all still rocked! So I know that the show on the 28th is going to be great. I can not wait! See ya on the 28th and any fans that will be at the Q in Cleveland will Rock the House down!!!!! Just like the song says WE WANT TO ROCK and ROLL ALL NIGHT AND PARTY EVERYDAY!
From: Nico on 09/20/2009
Hi guys,how are you? My name is Nicolas I am from uruguay,i have Sixteen years old and i am a kiss fan since i was Ten.On april 5th i went to the KISS concert in Buenos Aires and it was the best thing than ever happened to me! and i meet Eric at the hotel he`s an excelent drummer!! and a great person too.I cant wait for Sonic Boom its great!!!!,i love it!!. I love KISS and i love you guys,I hope to see you again live on the new tour! Greetings Nicolas
Subject: Thanks
From: Jay Greif on 09/20/2009
I've been a Kiss fan since I was a young Jewish boy in Brooklyn in the mid-70's, and I just want to thank you for showing me that Jews from New York can rock.
Not a typical Fan
Subject: Not a typical Kiss Fan
From: trinitefaith on 09/20/2009
Honestly... I never listened or really cared for Kiss music until I watched Family Jewels. Any group of men that can be in the musical industry without drinking or doing drugs are my heroes in this crazy world gone insane. You will never know me, I am just a little bitty person in a very large sea of fans. My only wish is that you could know what an impact you have made in our family's life. We need more superstars like you. I hope to be at your Tampa show this October 2009. I salute you!!!
Subject: Bitte?
From: ~Nicole Z.~ on 09/20/2009
I know you guys hear this a lot, but you guys KICK ASS!!! :D I mean, I can't even put into words how amazing you are! I won't be seeing you anytime soon, but is there any possibility that you might be coming back to Germany for a tour? My best friend and I are literally DYING to see you! And I'd like to see KISS live, before I have to move again!!! Once again, you guys are amazing, and ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER!!!!!! \m/ >o< \m/
come back to Brazil!
Subject: Kiss come back to Brazil!
From: Leonardo! on 09/20/2009
Hey Guys! I'm Leonardo, and I'm from Brazil (Sao Paulo), I just wanna say that you're the best rock and roll band in the world, and Brazil wants so much that you guys come back in the tour of Sonic Boom! Here's a photo in 83, when you came to Brazil in the first time in Creatures of the Night tour, in Rio you guys rocked for 137,000 people, you guys have done a concert in Sao Paulo too, remeber? In Morumbi Stadium... Well guys, Come back, and many times, please! Brazil loves you!
since kindergarten
Subject: since kindergarten
From: bamakiss on 09/19/2009
I first started listening to Kiss in kindergarten, 35 years ago. On October 24, I'm bringing my girlfriend, my sister and brother in law, and my two young nephews to experience KISS live. Hail KISS
Sonic Boom
Subject: Sonic Boom
From: Francis M on 09/19/2009
Good People
Subject: Good People
From: Suzi on 09/19/2009
Hi, I just wanted to say Thank-you. A long time best friend of mine who is terminally ill has recently been given a chance to see and meet Kiss in Vancouver when they come. He has been a lifelong fan as has my boyfriend as well. I have also found myself a fan and now a fan of Gene's tv show too! What a neat family. Anyhow - Thank-you, a truly heartfelt thank-you for making my friend's dream come true! You are genuinely good people and my best wishes to you all.
Grammar Man and !
Subject: Grammar Man and KISS!
From: gojifanmark on 09/19/2009
Dear Kiss, I'm so excited that you're coming back to Cleveland! The last time I saw your greatness was in 1998, so you know that after 11 years, you are GREAT EXPECTATIONS! I'll be doing the Meet n Greet - an incredible dream come true - after 32 years of KISS fandom! I'm an English teacher, and in 2005 published a comic book called Grammar Man, which teaches simple grammar lessons in a humorous way for grade and middle school age children. I currently have a brand new Grammar Man Grammar Handbook in the works and want to ask you if you would allow me to use KISS in one of the lessons! I'll gladly give you all copies of my original Grammar Man to read as well as the script you're in- which is very funny, I might say. I simply want to include the greatest rock band in the world in my book - just think of how cool it would be for kids to actually have KISS as part of their English lesson! On a serious note, I plan to donate a full 10% of gross sales of my new Grammar Man Grammar Handbook to The Wounded Warrior Project, which will be between 3 and 5 dollars a book. I know that if KISS is a part of this comic, there is no limit to the good this book can do to both help children learn grammar in a fun way and, importantly, help honor, serve, and give back to those who have given everything to protect our freedom and our fantastic way of life. I'm looking forward to giving your comic books to you in person on Sept. 28th! I can't wait to hear you rock Cleveland- it will truly be a SONIC BOOM! Mark Justice
Our Future Roadie
Subject: Our Future Kiss Roadie
From: CandiceB on 09/19/2009
Here is a pictue of our 5 month old daughter Alyssa. A.K.A. "Future Kiss Roadie" We can't wait to see you in Houston December 5th!
San Diego Show CANT WAIT!!!
Subject: San Diego Show CANT WAIT!!!
From: James Gray on 09/19/2009
thanks For carring For And Offerring Different price The Sports arena.unlike A band Here A few Weeks ago Wanted Every Ticket Close To $100 even The nose bleeds. Youve Always Given The Fans More Than They Asked For.even In The early years You Gave Us An Lp Every 6 Since Dressed To Kill 1975 thanks, James
Subject: nervous
From: dschevy4x4 on 09/19/2009
We have a chili cook off coming up this friday and I just hope we can do you guys justice. We are given a theme to decorate and dress up to each year and this year was rock bands. Well if they want the best we picked the best. The four of us guys will be dressing up as close to the destroyer era group as we can and the lady that makes the chili will be wearing a button that says Beth. i've been working on building our booth for about 2 months now and I just hope we don't fail you guys. Just as a side note the whole event is to benafit the local area United Way, so it's all for a good cause. Wish us luck.
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