An Idea
Subject: An Idea
From: Bolivia on 09/08/2009
Guys I heard the song and its the best and You have to make a video an your new album will the best
nashville show(was atl.)
Subject: nashville show(was atl.)
From: danny moody on 09/08/2009
Well guys, I guess it's gonna be the nashville show. My buddy changed his mind on where he wanted to see you. No matter to me, like I said the first letter, this is my first time ever getting to see you perform live so anywhere is fine to me. My best friend end I grew up together listening to your band, even dressing like you on halloween. I wish he could be here to see this concert with us, but I know he will be watching from above and rocking just the same. Enough rambling I guess, I will see you in Nashville and will be listening to your music from now on. Rock on guys. Thank you for your time.
Subject: hi KISS
From: Zander Potgieter on 09/08/2009
Hi i've been a fan for only about a year now but can't stop listening to your music!!! I'm 14 now and currently live in saudi arabia but originally from south africa favorite song is love gun!!!Cant wait to buy the new album!!!
Dream Come True
Subject: Dream Come True
From: Jason Strohmeyer on 09/07/2009
Hey KISS,my name is Jason ans I'm 18 and i live out side of Portland, Oregon in a town called Wilsonville. My dad is such a huge fan. I've practically grown up listening to you guys. I knew Rock and Roll All Night and Detroit Rock City by time i was 10. Ever since i had heard that you guys were doing the North America tour i checked back on the website every day waiting to see the tour dates. The last time you guys came out here me and my dad werent able to make it due to him having a bunch of health complications and i was pretty bummed out. So i kept checking everyday then when you guys posted the dates and i saw November 17th, Portland Oregon on there i screamed and called my dad immediatly. I've never been so excited for anything in my life. I'm happy to say that I'm sure November 17th, 2009, will be a dream come true. Thank you KISS, for the years past, and the many years to come.
on The Mike Douglas Show
Subject: KISS on The Mike Douglas Show
From: Ed Universo on 09/07/2009
KISS is everywhere!!! While flipping through the TV channels tonight, I came across a documentary on The Mike Douglas Show, on NJN, which is the local PBS station here in NJ. While watching, as they would take breaks, to raise money for the station, it was great to see at every break a flash of Gene on the show. To my delight as I continued to watch, they indeed showed as Gene was introduced and sat next to Mike and interact with the other guests, and a brief view of Gene breathing fire, at the end of the band playing Firehouse. As an added surprise a short interview with Gene and Paul on the segment, and afterward the praise given to the Band and their accomplishments, buy the hostess, and the then producer of The Mike Douglas Show. KISS is indeed EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Looking forward to the Sonic Boom that is going to hit New York on October 10th Ed
Alive 35 Tour
Subject: Alive 35 Tour
From: Kisslover1717 on 09/07/2009
I just wanted to say thank you guys for picking Atlanta GA. to be 1 of the cities on your tour. I can't wait to see you guys especially Paul!!! I have reen a Kiss fan since my teens & now my teens are Kiss fans too. So just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of my heart.Lots of love!!!!
Sonic Boom release
Subject: Sonic Boom release
From: Mike on 09/07/2009
Hey guys,

I am so excited about the release of Sonic Boom. I feel like a school boy waiting for October 6th but I am 33 years old. Anyway, I had a question. Will Sonic Boom also be released on vinyl? I started to collect all your albums on vinyl recently.

Subject: MSG
From: Fausto on 09/07/2009
When my daughter saw the pictures that my wife and me took with you guys on Monterrey, Mexico on 2004, she kept asking why she wasn't there. She was only five years old. But now we're going to our sixth KISS concert on Madison Square Garden and she's coming with us with her own meet and greet ticket. I know it'll be a day she'll remember for the rest of her life. BTW, we love your new song!!
From: Anthony M on 09/07/2009
The best times of my life have always been when KISS is involved. I am from NYC. I have seen every tour since DYNASTY. . . multiple times!!!!!!!! I thought I was in heaven this year when I saw KISS in Milwaukee, Sarnia, Windsor, Montreal, and Halifax...I thought I was in heaven last year when I saw KISS in Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas...I thought I was in heaven in 2007 when I saw KISS in Cadott and San Jacinto...Well, I am about to REALLY experience heaven....I have already purchased tickets to both Detroit shows, Connecticut, Long Island, Madison Square Garden, Philadelphia, and Houston. . .I plan to buy for Minneapolis too!!!!!!!!

Let there be no doubt: KISS IS THE BEST, HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE BEST, AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! All other bands are merely "pretenders!" If you disagree, then do yourself a favor and spend a night (or more) with the greatest band in the history of the world.

By the way: THE NEW COSTUMES ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing: Having Eric and Tommy has truly made KISS better than ever. . .What a lineup...Thank you, Paul and Gene!!!!

See you at the shows!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony M
From: Bill France on 09/07/2009
FIVE OUT FIVE STARS!!! I know more about the KISS costumes than most...I have been making KISS costumes since I was a little kid in the mid seventies. I have replica costume pieces and actual costume pieces in my collection. I notice things that the average person doesn't. So, here's my honest review. Gene-The best way to explain this new costume is the best of both worlds. They gave us the best of the Gene's iconic costumes. It's very DESTROYER (darker armor...which I like tons more than the shiny platinum), a new chest plate and the classic spikes down the outside leg/dragon head Love Gun (boots). There is no way that Gene can vary too far from these two particular eras. This is CLASSIC Gene from head to toe. Five out of five stars! The demon of my childhood is back and ready to menace the stage! Paul-His costume gets the M.V.P. award. Possibly the best ever Starchild costume ever made. The boots rock! You have take a close look at these platforms to truly appreciate their design. It's a fresh look, but it also takes it's cues from past outfits. Paul is a ringmaster who commands attention from beginning to end. This costume will make his the star of the show! The is hands down the best of the new costumes. I give this one 5 out of 5...wish I could give it 6! Tommy-Knowing that Tommy has a track on "Sonic Boom" about lightning, it only made sense for him to incorporate it into his costume. Combining the lightning bolts with a Destroyer era design is PERFECT! The boots are completely orginal as well. Kind of Elder-inspired, yet totally original. The shoulders have been adjusted to give this classic look a new twist An outfit worthy of a spaceman! I alsol give this one 5 out of 5 stars! Eric-Costume looks very cool. Simpistic and early KISS in design. The Catman designs always worked best when you had a simple, form fitting outfit. Unless you're a fan of the big green lion heads of the Dynasty period, the costume should suit you fine from head to toe. (Orginal, yet classic at the same time) I have to give it 5 out of 5 stars! These costumes should satisfy the cravings of old "die-hard" fans wanting something new without sacrificing the classic of iconic KISS that newer fans will be expecting. I am glad they stuck with a classic black and silver look. Overall, the new costumes deserve 5 out 5 stars!!! Congrats I'll have to spend the extra the cash for that meet and greet. I want a pic with these new costumes! -Bill France
new tour
Subject: new tour
From: darren dubuisson on 09/07/2009
I'm asking all kiss fans and members of the kiss army to bring at least one friend to a kiss show. Let's show the world who the best is. Great costumes by the way!!!!
new costumes
Subject: new costumes
From: R. Gallman on 09/07/2009
Great new costumes love them.
Army Lost a Good one
Subject: Kiss Army Lost a Good one
From: John Wicker- Kiss Army Missouri on 09/07/2009
The pic i have sent up is of Terri aka AcesGurl, she passed away yesterday in her home in California.. She was a huge Kiss and ACE fan and she will be missed. I Know shes up there with Eric and Mark.
From: Randy McBrayer on 09/07/2009
Hey guys! WOW! The new suits are tough! They are a combination of all the suits 1977 and prior, plus I'm seeing some Creatures Of The Night overtones to the Paul, Gene and Ace suit. Creatures on steroids! Thank you for MOVING THE WAR MACHINE FORWARD and creating something NEW for KISS, 2009. We've visited the past glories of KISS since the Reunion (and no complaints, there!) but it is very refreshing to see new KISS territory being chartered with the new battle gear. IT WAS TIME. And unlike Creatures, PLEASE don't let these be the last new suits we'll ever see from KISS. It's always a visual blast to see what you've created for us to be astonished with for the era that KISS is in. In other words, it would be nice to see a KISS AUCTION II with as much battle gear on auction as the AUCTION I. Thanks for being the greatest band in the world, and raising a few generations of fans. I've been a non-stop fan for 32 of the 35 years. I'm 37, and see no end of our relationship in sight. You're my FOUR FATHERS! And you've done a damn good job of raising me and my brothers. WE LOVE YOU. God Bless You ALWAYS, and His blessings on your travels, Randy McBrayer Dallas, TX
Subject: I LOVE YOU!
From: Viktoria on 09/06/2009
I love you since the first time I heard one of your songs, which was Strutter. This year I have opportunity to be in USA as exchange student, and I hope that I will have opportunity to go to your concert in Dallas! That would be my biggest dream come true! **I also want to remind you that there are lot of greeeaaat songs that your fans would die to hear, not only the most famous ones like I was made for loving you, Detroit rock city etc.. Like me for example, I would die to hear some songs from Crazy nights album. Especially I'LL FIGHT HELL TO HOLD YOU, and GOOD GIRL GONE BAD.. I know that that can't happen, but you said you want to play what your fans want to hear, and if you ever think which songs we may like, please concider these also.. Who knows maybe there are lot of fans who would like to hear these...** LOVE YOU KISS, U MAKE MY LIFE BETTER!!
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