Subject: Gigantic KISS
From: Seika on 08/30/2009
My heros! Some time ago I ordered a big big poster from your KOL store. Once I received, I could not believe the size of it...OK, it was stated at the webpage, however, did not believe how really big it was. So...since we are talking about a "jewel" here, I decided to have it this is another story, since your poster brought many many new customers to the shop, as it was placed right in front...people came to the store just to admire the KISS poster. As the store manager said "KISS fans started to appear day by day" had to be you... And naturally, I took a photograph of it....enjoy! KISS KISS
My Birthday Cake 1978
Subject: My KISS Birthday Cake 1978
From: Joe Evoli - KISS ARMY 7873 on 08/30/2009
Not the best quality photo, but here is my KISS Birthday Cake from 1978. My birthday is 12/20 (same as Peter's), add it to the collection... Give Gene and Paul a big THANK YOU for 35 years of inspiration ! See you in Philadelphia 10/12 ! Joe E
AD in Philadelphia 'City Paper'
Subject: KISS AD in Philadelphia 'City Paper'
From: Matt Albert on 08/30/2009
Hey guys! Today I was out to lunch at South Street and decided to pick up the City Paper. To my surprise as I turned the pages the "KISS ALIVE 35" tour ad was displayed! People were looking at me weird because there was a wide smile on my face. I said to them " can you not love KISS?" Anyway, best of luck on the upcoming tour! I'll see you here in Philly on October 12. Section 1, row 9, seat 12. If you decide to make another album within the next few years how about the title "Passing the Test of Time"?
Welcome back to Montreal!
Subject: Welcome back to Montreal!
From: Gerry Pichirallo on 08/30/2009
Hi Gene, Paul, Eric, and Tommy, Thanks for keeping your word with us Montreal KISS Army fans. Back in July you promised us that you would be returning to Montreal with a new stage, new costumes and of course, Sonic Boom, and you delivered. Good luck with your new tour! See you on October 1st! Gerry
another london date
Subject: another london date
From: kiss fan on 08/30/2009
Could you possibly add another London, ON date the tickets were gone so quick and I missed out because I had to work. Thanks
Taking my 6 year old son to show
Subject: Taking my 6 year old son to KISS show
From: John Williamson on 08/29/2009
I am a 31 year old male who discovered KISS when I was 5 years old when I first seen my older brother's GENE SIMMONS solo album cover. Ever since then I have been a fan and my first album after that was REVENGE when I was 14 and it has just escalated from there. I have seen KISS twice in 1996 and then again in 2000. I have two kids now and in 2008, my first child at the age of 5 discovered KISS thru the KISSOLOGY boxsets and has been hooked as well. His favorite song's so far are NOTHING TO LOSE and I LOVE IT LOUD. I bought us tickets to the 10-13 show in Washington DC and this will be his first real concert and I can't wait to experience this with him. Thank you KISS for this gift I can share with my son.
Youngest -fan?
Subject: Youngest KISS-fan?
From: Lars Svensson on 08/29/2009
Hello KISSonline I just stumbled upon a youtube clip with a 3 ½ year old little rocker girl imitating her favourite band, ladies room from largo 77 if I'm not mistaken. The info says that she will be at the Bi-Lo centre to get rocked by you guys! She really made my day, and it is great to see the future KISS fans. Thanks for all the years and magnificent moments you have given me, and get your ass back to Sweden =) /Lars
Sarnia Bayfest
Subject: Sarnia Bayfest
From: Eric Eastlake on 08/29/2009
I am just writing you to thank you for an awesome show. I have been a fan since i was about 8 years old i am now 39. It was the first time i seen you play and it was a very high energy show that will only ever be topped by another kiss show. Thank you agin and i hope i can see you again. Best Regards
Subject: ROCK N ROLL
From: Wes Lynd on 08/29/2009
KISS you guys rock!!!!!! I'm in a band and my school does this talent show and me and my friends are gonna do a KISS mainly because we all think that your the greatest rock band ever. --your fan Wes
Subject: tickets
From: mrspeed1975 on 08/29/2009
just got my tickets today for the greenville show, can't wait to see you guy's!!!!!!!!!!!
From: RoddyB on 08/29/2009
Dear Kiss, YOU FREAKING RULE i love everything by you and you are my ultimate favourite band, i saw you last year at download festival 08 and it changed my life but desperately want you to come back to the UK I LOVE YOU and i hope you love me too (: KISS ARMY FOR LIFE
I went to your tour in Peru
Subject: I went to your tour in Peru
From: Augusto on 08/29/2009
I'm very happy i could go to your concert in Lima Peru, i can say that is the best of the best shows i've ever seen, thanks God for Kiss
From: Ethan B on 08/29/2009
KISSOLOGY Volume 1 is amazing. Any and all kiss fans will enjoy it...i cant wait to get volume 2.!!!
Subject: BABY
From: on 08/29/2009
I am so excited and yet dissapointed all at once. I am a huge kiss fan and just found out that you guys are coming back to Greenville SC in October. I have been waiting for this tour since your farewell tour in 2000, ( saw you in knoxville TN). The problem is I am expecting my second child October 20th, three days after the concert. I am planning on attending, however may be unable to due to giving birth. I just want you guys to know how much I want to be there, even if I am unable to make it. Sincerely, Audrey K.Sams
Hey Guys
Subject: Hey Guys
From: Robby on 08/29/2009
Hey guys my name is Robby from Alabama i' ve been a fan for as long as i can remember got all the albums, posters and more can't wait to get the new sonic boom. Keep rocking hard guys! Hope to see you in Alabama again soon. Keep it real!
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