Lifelong Fan Lands Web Show
Subject: Lifelong KISS Fan Lands Web Show
From: Andy Jones on 09/06/2009
Hi KISS! I've been a lifelong KISS fanatic. I am one of the hosts of a new humor/food web show on called EAT ME. In the first episode, I am showing my KISS pride by wearing my Alive! t-shirt. EAT ME on
Thank you Gene, Paul, Eric, & Tommy!!!!!
Subject: Thank you Gene, Paul, Eric, & Tommy!!!!!
From: David Dodd on 09/06/2009
Dear KISS, thank you SO much for adding Fresno to your Fall swing! I am in my last semester @ Fresno State, & seeing you will be the highlight of my experience at this fine university. I've seen you twice before, and am looking forward to seeing you again. As well, thank you (in advance) for the new album, Sonic Boom. I listen to Modern Day Delilah daily, and love it! No performer(s) have ever cared about their fans more than you guys, and the low prices for both the new CD/DVD package and the merchandise to be offered in Wal-Mart's KISS Korner is proof of this. I'm proud to be a member of the greatest organization ever, the KISS army. Thanks again, & see you soon!
cobo hall show
Subject: cobo hall show
From: Don on 09/06/2009
Dear Kiss, I am only 16 but i am a huge fan of the band and I own many of your albums(my favorite is Rock and Roll Over) and am looking forward to the cobo hall show I will be attending on September 26th. I was curious however, I heard that you guys would be recreating the entire alive album, and was wondering if you guys would also be playing later classics like "Detroit Rock city", "Shout it out loud" "Love gun" as well as new tracks off Sonic boom?
My late brother would be proud
Subject: My late brother would be proud
From: Joanne Tsetta on 09/06/2009
I found out through a friend that you were heading to Calgary, closes I can get to you guys if I can get a ticket. I am from Yellowknife Northwest Territories, Canada, way North of Calgary! My late brother Archie if he was alive would find/make his way to see you guys, so I am making this trip for him. One year in the mid 1980's he dress as Gene Simmons for Halloween....OMG splitting image tonge and all.....So Gene even if I don't get to meet you....I will be thankful to be at the concert. I hope they actually read their own email but its a nothing but a dream.....have a good day!
From: mike sands on 09/06/2009
Hello to gene paul,eric,tommy,first like to say all the best for the launch of sonic boom, ,the new zealand kiss army have just set up a new website,we would love it if all the kiss army members from around the world stopped by and said hello, the address is and one last request PLEASE KISS COME BACK TO NEW ZEALAND thanks mike sands nzkiss army
I Love You My
Subject: I Love You My KISS
From: Nina Felbr- on 09/06/2009
Dear KISS ! I love you so much.My name's Nina. I'm 13. I'm from Prague - Czech Republic. I always sing your songs. I have a dream to meet you and look at your concert in Prague - Czech Republic. I love you so much and I'll always love. Your fan Nina
fan for a long time.
Subject: Kiss fan for a long time.
From: Rene on 09/06/2009
Dear kiss,I've been kiss fan sinds the beginning of kiss.I've bought the first vinyl records in '78 and played it on a cheap recordplayer but he in those days you where very fortuned.I remember my parents remarks about it and didn't share the same feeling for the music as i did,but they let me enjoy your music instead to forbid it(good parents)remember that i was only 14 years old! I saw you guys in '79 or "80 live on stage here in Holland,Leiden,Groenoordhallen and the support act was Iron Maiden with the first singer Paul dianno,It was my first gig i saw in my life and boy i enjoyed it so much i remember i talked about all week on school and at home,I was alllways a rock fan from the beginning and i still am!Now i'm 44years old and saw all the rock bands you can think off,but kiss has a special place in my hart!I saw you guys last year in Nijmegen and afterwards i bought the double live 35 cd of that concert.Guys keep on rockin and never stop!See you guys next time when you come to Holland again!PS i can't wait for your new cd sonic boom i have high hopes..Greetings Rene.cheers.
at sarnia bayfest
Subject: kiss at sarnia bayfest
From: Noah on 09/06/2009
Hey kiss!!! I just got to tell you that your concert at Sarnia Bayfest was awsome!!! It was the first time I've ever been to a concert.I'm 8 years old and I just loved the smoking guitar that Tommy did, Paul flying over the audience, Gene vomiting blood, Eric going up with the drums, all the explotions and fire works. rock and rule!!!!
I love
Subject: I love KISS
From: Italy on 09/06/2009
Hy KiSS!!!! I m an Italian fan and for me is very difficult write a letter in English....(sorry if my english is bad!!!!).... First song that i ve listen was Strutter......after this song,now i listen only KISS....!!! But now i will not settle of your music!I want your comics,your belt,your t shirt....... Besides i sing in a rock band and now I want sing only kiss's song!!!!!!! I m crazy..........for Kiss!!! I want your new cd.......why you haven't an Italian date????????????????? I want see you early! Bye bye!!!
From: K on 09/06/2009
Dear KISS members. I just wanted to say a big thank you for pulling my partner back from depression. He has been a huge fan of your's since his teen years. Over the last year his depression has worsened to the point where i didnt think id ever get him back. All of a sudden (a few months back) he had an erge to pick up his bass guitar, something he hasnt done in a VERY long time.and has been playing every known KISS song known to man,woman and or child. It brings me to tears that the power of your music has touched him and brought him back from oblivion. I dont know how to thank you all. If you see to it that you come and play in Brisbane i will be in the front row....the woman with the biggest grin on my face next to the man of her dreams singing the loudest in appreciation for what you have done for him and i. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME TO BRISBANE!
Nov 09 Winnipeg Concert
Subject: Nov 09 Winnipeg Concert
From: on 09/06/2009
Dear KISS, My name is Braden Buczkowski and I have been a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces for the past 20 years. I first saw KISS in concert at Buffalo, New York when I was 8 years old. YOU GUYS ROCK!! I have to say that concert was a major event in my life, one that I have never forgotten. I had an opportunity to see another KISS concert almost 25 years later in Raleigh, North Carolina while I was serving on an exchange tour with the United States Air Force and it was just as amazing as I remember from Buffalo. Your music and style has shaped my life and I am in your debt. I wish I had a chance during my life to see more concerts but due to circumstances beyond my control it has just not been possible. On November 9th, 2009 you are scheduled to be in Winnipeg, Manitoba where I am currently based. I am planning on attending the concert and will be bringing my son Thomas who is currently 9 years old. Over the years I have shared my love for KISS with him and he is now a devoted fan...he wants nothing more in life than to become a rock star and I want to share this awesome experience with him. I am sure this concert will be a definite highlight of his young life.
See you in Alabama
Subject: See you in Alabama
From: Robby on 09/05/2009
Hey guys can't wait to see the show in Alabama I know you'll bring the walls down! THANKS!
The Best BAND EVER!!!!
Subject: The Best BAND EVER!!!!
From: Lyle on 09/05/2009
WOW you guy's are the best band in the world!!!!! I am hoping to get tickets to the Winnipeg concert but the tickets sell so fast because you are the best band ever thank you for prasing the world with you kick ass music.
We wanted the best, we got the best!
Subject: We wanted the best, we got the best!
From: Eric & Michelle on 09/05/2009
Dear KISS, We really enjoyed the show at the Ottawa Bluesfest on 2009-07-15. We were part of the 30000 people attending that night and it was fenomenal. Aswome music, great memories, you guys are the best!!!! Been from Quebec City, we were sorry to miss the show in our home town, but we were please to see that 90000 people were there to see the best show on earth. KISS ROCKS!!!, Quebec City ROCKS!!!! Oh Yeah!!!! Keep up the good work, and can't wait for the new album. Eric & Michelle
Learning songs
Subject: Learning songs
From: Logan Brown on 09/05/2009
Hey guys! I'm learning a song of yours every week!! I'm a guitar player and my dream is to become a famous rockstar. I'm also hoping to see you guys in Atlanta here soon and I know FOR SURE that I'll get your new album on 10/6/09. All the best!
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