1 year old fan
Subject: 1 year old KISS fan
From: David Rotramel on 08/10/2009
Here is a picture of my son Nicholas from his 1 year photo shoot, with his best rock and roll attitude! His dad has been a fan since he bought Alive! in 1976, and is anxious to see KISS for the tenth time when they (hopefully) come to Kansas City!

Concert in Mexico
Subject: Concert in Mexico
From: VĂ­ctor Wildcat on 08/10/2009
Hi, guys kiss.
You are an authentic band anyone can not be.
Well just wanted to ask if they were not thought to come to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. I am a big fan of you even if you have not lived 13 years and in the years of his time, (and I would have liked to live) is a lot about you and your band and I would like to organize a concert here in my town.
Actually it would be the first to buy a ticket for her concert.
Explode with excitement to see you here.
Well just ask you to consider coming here.

Thank You
Subject: Thank You
From: Shirley Holm on 08/10/2009

I have been a Huge KISS Fan for 9 yrs now, and joined the KISS Army5-6yrs ago and very proud to be a part of it all. My Best Friend/Sister Stephanie experienced the 2003 and 2004 Columbus,Ohio KISS Koncerts and had the time of our lives. We want to say Thanks You to each and everyone of you for the Great Music you have given us over the yrs..Looking forward to the new KISS Album and perhaps the chance to see ya live this Fall 2009, take care Gene,Paul,Tommy and Eric, you guys are the best, keep on a Rockin' and Thanks.

I really want you guys to come to my area
Subject: I really want you guys to come to my area
From: Damon on 08/10/2009
Dear Kiss, I really want you guys to come to Indianapolis or Terre Haute or Springfield. I live in the middle of those towns so I could make it. I would love to see you guys. I've told my parents that no matter what, if you guys are in our area we are seeing you. PLEASE COME!

Keep rocking,
Alive tour AGAIN A MUST
Subject: Alive tour AGAIN A MUST
From: Drew Kerr on 08/10/2009
Hi Guys im writing from Adelaide in South Australia, I was close to front row at your first gig in Melbourne after the Grand Prix in 08 and my best friend & I are heading over to America on the West Coast late September . We are so hoping to see the concert again in America would make our boys trip the ulitmate, Can you let us know any dates you may have between September 24 and October 4.. Cheers and Keep Rocking KISS 4 EVA DREW
From: Wendy on 08/10/2009
Cadillac would love to welcome the real Kiss back to Cadillac once again.
Time of my life !!
Subject: Time of my life !!
From: James Hughes on 08/09/2009
Heyy KISS,
I went to your show at the Sarnia Bayfest. I joined the KISS Army 2 years ago when i was 14. I was always aware of the amazing stage show you put on but now my dreams came true... You are my inspiration. After getting my KISS albums i did everything i could to be like you. I got my own guitar that looks like Tommy's plus this year my band plans to play God of Thunder at the talent show. So id just like to say thanks for everything. You really are the greatest band in the world !!
Subject: ALIVE 35 TOUR
From: JEFF JOHNSON on 08/09/2009
Please dont forget baltimore and DC area for your tour. Ive been a fan since I was 9. It would be graet to have my kids experience you live. Thanks for all the awesome kiss years and many more.
fan motivational speaker
Subject: KISS fan motivational speaker
From: Michael Gershe on 08/09/2009
Dear KISS,

As a survivor of a drunken driving incident that nearly killed me when I was 8 weeks old and did kill my mother, I perform an alcohol awareness program called, "The Magic of Life" for high school and college students.

Not only does it combine comedy, audience participation and my personal story, but I proudly show my KISS Army stripes as I wear a KISS shirt each and every time on stage. Your influence to pursue our dreams and to be ourselves is an important life lesson that I share with each audience. In terms of peer pressure with students, I tell them what it is like to be a KISS fan and how we need to be proud of who we are, and not to let people bring us down.

Here is a link to my 8 minute promo that I wanted to share with you:

As you have been a huge part of my life, I wanted to share with you as you have shared with me. I am amazed on how many KISS fans, young and old I meet within each audience. This is my way of paying homage to a band that has meant so much to me.

Thanks again for being such an amazing influence on my life.

Michael Gershe
The Magic of Life
From: GREG PEEK on 08/08/2009
sure im thankful..
Subject: sure im thankful..
From: karen blackmore on 08/08/2009
hey you guys might have read thousands of people sayin this, but thanks, for make me smile in hard times, to let me rock when everything goes right, i hope to be one day lucky enough to see you guys on stage, rockin just like you know how to do it..im so proud to be part of kiss army..!! PS: please come to Mexico!!!, i promess here it is good food
Subject: KISS
From: Xifajk,Axel on 08/08/2009
Hey Kiss ,

Wish the new album is going great and Im looking forward to hear it as soon as I can.The first time I heard you was in my fathers car when I was only 5 , the song Rock n Roll all night and now Im nearly 16 years old . Im still one of die-hard fans of Kiss.I only had one opportunity to see you , it was my greatest week seen lovely bands including Kiss.It was Graspop 08 in Belgium . I wish that some time you would visit our great Kiss-Army of Malta (Europe) . Thanks Alot Kiss !! :)
Eric Singer
Subject: Eric Singer
From: nckissarmy on 08/08/2009
Eric autographed my Kiss Icons tattoo at the Kiss Coffeehouse Last Saturday 8/1, with in 40 min...it was tattoo'ed too! Thanks Eric...
in N.Y.C.
Subject: KISS in N.Y.C.
From: BASSMAN on 08/08/2009
Hello guys,

My son who has autism and is now 9 yrs old is a HUGE fan!Between the makeup and the songs he has it covered!He does take after his dad who has followed the band since 1976 and so has seen a few things over the years;anyway he really wants to see the band play in New York City,your home town and mine(Brooklyn).Please try and make my son's dream a reality soon!!

Thank you and god bless.
What I think of
Subject: What I think of KISS
From: danestan@online.no on 08/08/2009
Your music is my favorite kinda rock n` roll, especially the stuff from 73 to 81! There`s something magic about the sound, the band`s image and of course the shows, today more than ever ! I`d love to get to meet y`all personally one day and/or get to a show ! Awe and respect from your devoted, die-hard fan Dan E. Stangeland from Norway.
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