My Life With a !
Subject: My Life With a KISS!
From: Matt Mullins on 08/08/2009
My life has always been affected by KISS. I was bought up on the music that has now become the soundtrack to my life. I am now 18 and even though it may not be cool to love KISS at my age it is very much a passion of mine and will be for life. I have managed to see KISS four times so far once on the Psycho Circus tour and three times last year in Europe. It strikes me that after 36 years entertaining the KISS Army the hunger is there more than ever. I have never seen the band looking better or sounding tighter. If the form being shown in the live shows has translated onto the album we are all in for a HUUUUGE treat! I cannot wait to hear what you guys have got in stall for us. KISS is stronger then ever and the legacy just keeps getting crazier!!! ROCK ON!

Matt Mullins
aniversary Carnival Perú
Subject: KISSaniversary KISS Carnival Perú
From: Lima - Perú on 08/08/2009
Today August 8th. is KISS Carnival ´s 10th. Anniversary, Congratulations to all the members!!!! KISSincerely. Roberto Pinna
Music from "The Elder"
Subject: Music from "The Elder"
From: mark campbell on 08/07/2009
I heard "I" on Sirius XM earlier today and just sat down to listen to "Music from The Elder" for the first time in many years. Although the album was much maligned, it was always one of my top favorites. Hearing it again gave me goosebumps! Great album! Thanks Kiss for keeping it going!
Don't Forget NYC
Subject: Don't Forget NYC
From: Nightcrawler- Bronx, NY on 08/07/2009
Don't forget to add Tour Dates to NYC. It would be sad if you forget your roots. There are past, current and future fans waiting for you guys to come back to the Greatest Stage in the World. NYC and Madison Square Garden. Hopefully we'll see you soon.
You are the greatest
Subject: You are the greatest
From: Arman on 08/07/2009
just writing to tell you guys that you are the best band in history, no one even comes close, and you guy gotta come to jacksonville, florida soon.
Subject: Tour
From: Jesseboy on 08/07/2009

I Have Been A Fan Of Yours Since last year, and i have collected memorbillia since then. I have collected KISS Plasma Lamp, Tooth Tunes, Creatures of thew night blanket, CD's, DVD's, Statues, Pins, Lights and Clothes, and posters. Anyway i would really like to go to a KISS concert. Me and my family are really hoping that you will come to winnipeg and put on a GREAT show like you always do so i can witness my first KISS Concert. For my birthday,and KISSmas :P the only thing i have asked for weas KISS stuff like the KISS Mr. Potato Heads, and CD's and Boots and much more. So Please Read this and PLEASE COME TO WINNIPEG!!!!!!

Signed Your Fan Jesseboy!!!!
From: ANTHONY PUPO on 08/07/2009

I grew up in east northport ny,, when i was a kid there was a guy down the block who made jewelry for my parents.. one day i was in his basement and there it was ,, your axe bass being built !!!! arty let us hold it,, what a day, to think i once held the sickest bass in the world before gene !!!,, my friends and i watched it being built with amazement,,..p.s. my first concert was kiss 1979 at the nassau coliseum you rocked !!!!!!thanx for all the years of rockin tunes and kiss parking lot party's...

anthony pupo,, kiss fan !!
From: on 08/07/2009
Yeah! and KISS is here too. This group will have a beautiful day next Sunday. It will be a KISSafternoon with music, photos, videos and songs. We love that April, 14th that you visit our country, Peru. Our dreams came true. Thanks and we are waiting for you very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
My First Concert
Subject: My First Kiss Concert
From: Krystal Moon Joseph-Kearns on 08/07/2009
Dear Kiss,

My name is Krystal I'm ten years old and when I went to your concert I almost cried because,going to see you guys LIVE in concert as been like,my life long dream!!!!!!!! I just wanted to say THANK-YOU so much for the GREAT time while I was in Halifax!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

-Krystal Moon J-K
Subject: Hi Kiss
From: Nicolás on 08/07/2009
Hi Kiss!! Im Nicols. Im 13 years old and I live in Mendoza,Argentina. Thanks for the amazing concert,was the best moment of my life. Come back soon.

please come in croatia
Subject: please come in croatia
From: on 08/07/2009
i listen kiss all of my life..and i hawe one question ???when are you coming to croatia ..or some place neer .....when you come you can sleep at my place;;)))hahahahaha......big hug and kiss from Poreč ..CROATIA
Rock and Roll
Subject: Rock and Roll
From: Susan Shelley Kokolsky on 08/07/2009
come on guys!!! Winnipeg LOVES YOU!!! Come down and we will definately show you a good time. Hey Gene...bring Shannon and Tracey and we will blow the roof off this city as only Shannon and Tracey can do. Show Winnipeg HOW TO ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT.!!!
New tour
Subject: New tour
From: Guy Babione from Clyde, OH on 08/06/2009
When I was about 10 I heard Destroyer. I have been a fan ever since. My parents did not allow us to go to concerts, and when I was older, I never heard of any KISS concerts until it was too late. I promised myself I would never go to a concert until I have been to a KISS concert. I am 42 now and haven't gone to a concert yet. I hope I get to see KISS on this next tour!
Subject: Sarnia
From: Brian Gaudet on 08/06/2009
Thank you so much. The concert was amazing and I thank my son for being a fan. Loved it and bought several of your CD's

Thanks guys, you are wonderful
is Everywhere
Subject: KISS is Everywhere
From: slaterock on 08/06/2009
My favorite author: Karrin Fossum, dubbed: "The Norwegian Queen of crime" has just released her latest book: The Waters Edge" In it the first victim is found in the woods wearing just a KISS shirt. It just goes to show you- Kiss IS everywhere! Maybe Mrs. Fossum is a fan?
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