Subject: www.<<<
From: gerry de groot on 09/01/2009
This week we play Modern Day Delilah every hour on www.rockfmonline.be.,it's the target of Belgium's n°1 rockstation!Check it out!
can't wait to see you guys
Subject: can't wait to see you guys
From: blackwolfthunder on 09/01/2009
My very first experience with Kiss was with the movie the Phantom....., loved the movie as a lil rugrat and was hooked forever, forever a fan and army member of Kiss. Timeless and Forever!!!!! All my relations!
From: Brad Liverman on 09/01/2009
The KISS ARMY in Montreal, we have a mission to do. We have to get Modern Day Delilah played on the only rock radio station in Montreal, Chom 97.7. Chom has yet to play Modern Day Delilah. The song is great and it deserves air play. We The KISS ARMY know the song is great, but I want everyone to hear and enjoy it. Here's what I want everyone to do. (even if you're not from Montreal you could do this) Go to Chom's web site at chom.com and on the left side of the web page you can click on request a song. Go there and request Modern Day Delilah. I do this at least 3 times a day and I am asking The KISS ARMY in Montreal and all over the world to do the same thing. Being in the KISS ARMY I am proud of my 4 generals, PAUL, GENE, TOMMY, and, ERIC. It's time to have Chom play new good music. WE THE KISS ARMY KNOW WHAT WE WANT, AND WE WANT TO HEAR MODERN DAY DELILAH. LET'S SHOW THEM WHAT THE KISS ARMY IS MADE OF. From, Brad Liverman
on 106
Subject: kiss on 106
From: darklite1 on 09/01/2009
You can add another station to the list of radio stations that are playing delilah, Q106 in lansing is now playing the new single. I am proud to say that I was the one who called in and requested the song, and since then have heard it three times. It just goes to show that KISS AND THE KISS ARMY ARE ALIVE AND WELL. Long live the kings of rock Ed darklite1 Kelley, and thanks for more great music.
Wreckage at Cobo Arena 9/25/09
Subject: Wreckage at Cobo Arena 9/25/09
From: brianfurlong@live.com on 08/31/2009
Hey guys! Just want to say again how much I am looking forward to the show at Cobo 9/25. I cannot beleive I will see you there!! We are coming from Toledo, My daughters bday is 9/27 (17)-- how cool is that?? She will get a Limo Ride to the show -a stretch Dodge Charger (what other limo would YOU take to see KISS??) and get to see the rock show of all time! This whole Country needs an evening with KISS to understand were all on stage--and it is what you make it. Thank you guys for making it larger than life... as it should be!!! One of a kind is hard to find-- you guys NAIL it !!
Gene on $20 Bill
Subject: Gene on $20 Bill
From: Travis Bierwerth on 08/31/2009
Hey guys, I thought you would appreciate this. I found this on the MSN Money web page. All four of your faces should be on our currency! We need Mount Kissmore! I can't wait for the new disc! Modern Day Delilah grooves like no other! We will see you November 7th @ the Target Center in Minneapolis! My wife and I are taking our daughter, it will be her first Kiss show! She is 2 1/2. Thanks for always being there!!!!! Travis Bierwerth Minnesota Chapter of the Kiss Army
Oz Tour
Subject: Oz Tour
From: Heather - Brisbane on 08/31/2009
G'day guys, looking forward to the new album. Hope to see Brisbane, Australia on the tour list soon. Cheers
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame
Subject: Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame
From: David Wilson on 08/30/2009
Hi Guys, I'm going to make this short and sweet. You rightfully belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I don't give a shit what anyone else says. You guys deserve it. That's all I have to say. If anyone wants to comment on this cool with me.
Subject: Twitter
From: Chrissy on 08/30/2009
I made a twibbon in support of KISS. Anyone with twitter can add this to their profile picture. Just go to this link http://twibbon.com/join/KISS-5 See you October 10th 5th row! xoxoxoxoxoxo
Please come to Puerto Rico
Subject: Please come to Puerto Rico
From: Ismael Molina on 08/30/2009
Hi Tommy, Paul, Gene and Eric, I'm 18 years old, I live in Puerto Rico and ever since I started listening to hard rock, KISS has always been my favorite band. I couldn't die without seeing you guys performing live. So please, if its posible, I'd love to see this new tour extend to San Juan, PR. I'll be on the first row with my KISS makeup singing all my favorite songs. Thanks.
Brazil Loves YOU
Subject: Brazil Loves YOU
From: Brazil on 08/30/2009
Hi Guys! My name is Jessica and I'm from Brasil. I am so sad because I couldn't go to the KISS' concert here, but I watched on the internet and I know it was amazing. I really wanted to be there. Your show always is perfect, really! Brazil LOVES YOU!!! I really hope that KISS come back do Brasil, and rock us again, and this time I'll be there. My dream is meet you guys, specially Eric Singer, who I love so much! Me and my brother are wainting for the SONIC BOOM! We loved Modern Day Delilah! We sing it everyday! We love you so much Kisses
K-TAHOE adds New Single
Subject: K-TAHOE adds New KISS Single
From: Darrell Wayne, Owner, KTHO Radio on 08/30/2009
K-Tahoe (www.kthoradio.com) added New KISS Single today
Subject: Gigantic KISS
From: Seika on 08/30/2009
My heros! Some time ago I ordered a big big poster from your KOL store. Once I received, I could not believe the size of it...OK, it was stated at the webpage, however, did not believe how really big it was. So...since we are talking about a "jewel" here, I decided to have it framed...now this is another story, since your poster brought many many new customers to the shop, as it was placed right in front...people came to the store just to admire the KISS poster. As the store manager said "KISS fans started to appear day by day"...well...it had to be you... And naturally, I took a photograph of it....enjoy! KISS KISS
My Birthday Cake 1978
Subject: My KISS Birthday Cake 1978
From: Joe Evoli - KISS ARMY 7873 on 08/30/2009
Not the best quality photo, but here is my KISS Birthday Cake from 1978. My birthday is 12/20 (same as Peter's), add it to the collection... Give Gene and Paul a big THANK YOU for 35 years of inspiration ! See you in Philadelphia 10/12 ! Joe E
AD in Philadelphia 'City Paper'
Subject: KISS AD in Philadelphia 'City Paper'
From: Matt Albert on 08/30/2009
Hey guys! Today I was out to lunch at South Street and decided to pick up the City Paper. To my surprise as I turned the pages the "KISS ALIVE 35" tour ad was displayed! People were looking at me weird because there was a wide smile on my face. I said to them "What......how can you not love KISS?" Anyway, best of luck on the upcoming tour! I'll see you here in Philly on October 12. Section 1, row 9, seat 12. If you decide to make another album within the next few years how about the title "Passing the Test of Time"?
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