Subject: pics kiss
From: BIG AL on 08/26/2009
HI all

check this truck nice KISS logo,the pictures was taken from my window office in down town Montreal

PS: happy bithday gene

G Opening Planet Holloywood LV
Subject: G Opening Planet Holloywood LV
From: on 08/26/2009
Still Looking Good HAPPY B -DAY!! Hope to see you again When you Partyt in Houston. Dec. 5
Gene's Birthday
Subject: Gene's Birthday
From: Dylan Peggin on 08/26/2009
happy birthday gene. hope you have a nice birthday. here's to another 60!
Sonic Boom
Subject: Sonic Boom
From: Croatia on 08/26/2009
The first song is beautifule!!Sonic Boom is gona be great,can`t wait to hear all songs..Keep rockin and many more songs and albums!!
The Philly Show
Subject: The Philly Show
From: Mike from Philly on 08/26/2009
Can't Wait till October 12th I just got my tickets for the show on the fan pre-sale, It pays to be a member of the KISS ARMY....I'm ready to ROCK with the greatest band in the world!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Gene
Subject: Happy Birthday Gene
From: Ben on 08/26/2009
hey Gene happy 60th make it a day.
I LOVE YOUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: I LOVE YOUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: jgp_kiss_fan on 08/26/2009
I'm an 11 year old girl who LOOOOOVES your music!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait until October 2nd!!!! I might be coming to the ACC to see you!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHH!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Gene
Subject: Happy Birthday Gene
From: Peter R Nowfel on 08/26/2009
Happy 60h birthday Gene. I hope you have a great birthday and thanks for 36 years of great entertainment. Australia looks forward to experiencing a "Sonic Boom" on 6 October and seeing you and the other "Creatures of the Night" live in 2010. Rock on Demon!
Subject: cobo
From: jeff on 08/26/2009
happy birthday gene see you in detroit at cobo hall with my two boys they cant wait.
Gene's 60th Bday!!
Subject: Gene's 60th Bday!!
From: Theresa on 08/26/2009
Happy 60th Birthday!!! Glad you are coming to Cleveland, OHIO - Home of Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.
I watch your reality show, could you invite the rest of the band on the show?
Kiss is the most awsome band ever! I used to cut all your pictures out of the teen magazines, I had squares on my walls, when my dad said, it was time to repaint the walls.

I wish, I could see you in concert, I have been calling into the radio station trying to win tickets.
Subject: gene
From: lori on 08/26/2009
hi Gene HAPPY B-day.. i had a b-day last week .good people with aug. b-day. well i just bought 4 tickets to see u in washington,dc. my 31/2 yr. son loves u he sleeps with all of his kiss dolls everynight. he cant wait this will be his first concert. iam so glad u are coming back i meet u 2 times already on after a concert and one in richomnd va at the race track .u were so nice.thanks i was wondering if u can make my son's wish come true he wants to meet u and take a pic. with u it would be a great b-day present for him.. PLEASE is there anyway we can get back stage to see u and the band for him(and for me haha) cant forget about mom haha. i watch you on simmoms show u are a family guy. please make this wish come true. i would be forever greatful to u , please let me know please he loves u and so do u this will be my 6th concert....
well Gene please think about it and make my little boy smile.. he cant wait to see u fly and let the red come down your face thats what he calls it haha...thanks for your time and hope to here from u....
coming to Greenville, SC
Subject: KISS coming to Greenville, SC
From: Allison on 08/26/2009
Buckle UP Baby! The BELLZ will B there to Represent the KISS Army of the South in Greenville, SC! !! Got our Tixx 2day! We CANNOT WAIT! Until then... KISSesss...
Hey Guys
Subject: Hey Guys
From: Jordan on 08/26/2009
KISS, I can't wait until u come to DC u will rock out Jordan
=The Best
Subject: Kiss=The Best
From: Tony Montana93 on 08/26/2009
Thank you Kiss for your music you are the best band I have ever listened !
tour dates
Subject: tour dates
From: njdevil952 on 08/26/2009
finishing 3rd among the cities who voted you to play,not understanding why sault ste. marie is not on your tour dates, can some one explain this please
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