Happy Birthday Gene
Subject: Happy Birthday Gene
From: Robert on 08/28/2009
I just wanted to say happy belated b-day Gene. You guys rock!!! You were first concert and I am looking forward to seeing you in Oakland. Cant wait till your album comes out....
Subject: COBO
From: keegan kruttlin on 08/28/2009
OMG! this will be my first concert ever im so excited that my first one happens to be KISS im going to be in the 6th row in the middle i cant wait ill see you on saturday!!
Gene's 60th
Subject: Gene's 60th
From: jimily on 08/28/2009
Gene,Sorry I missed doing this on the 25th, was in the hospital without access. Happy 60th. as long as you're there I'll always be young!Shalom, Caim Witz
Happy B day Gene
Subject: Happy B day Gene
From: Bradster1972 on 08/28/2009
Happy Birthday Gene.Please,Please play Indianapolis
True Greatness.......
Subject: True Greatness.......
From: Michael Jarret Sharp on 08/28/2009
"KISS" is the greatest and most amazing rock/heavy metal band/group ever!!!!!
Airbrushed Hardhat
Subject: Airbrushed KISS Hardhat
From: Kevin Ware on 08/28/2009
I've been a KISS fan since 1980 and of course I am a big collector as well. Recently a friend of mine asked me if he could borrow one of my hard hats and surprised me with this. Hope all the KISS fans like it, I SURE DO!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for finally coming to Birmingham!!
Subject: Thanks for finally coming to Birmingham!!
From: Gauge on 08/28/2009
I've been a fan of yours since I was like 4 years old. Now, I finally get to see you live 10 years later!!! =D
Happy Bday and Sonic Boom
Subject: Happy Bday and Sonic Boom
From: Gil James on 08/28/2009
Happy Birthday Gene and thanks for the whole band of Kiss over the years for the great rock n roll. Excited about the new Sonic Boom album and can't wait to get home from Afghanistan, buy the disc, and put it in my car with the windows down playing it loud and proud... Sincerely, SSG. James..
From: Frank on 08/28/2009
Happy Belated Birthday Greetings and a message to Gene
Subject: Happy Belated Birthday Greetings and a message to Gene
From: MO on 08/28/2009
Happy Birthday Gene!! I love KISS.... I have the CD in my car and its always playing and you can see me rocking on the way to work. Gene I love your show!!! when I heard you guys were coming to Saskatoon, Sk I was like omg I need to go so bad I love you guys!! THERE IS NO BAND than you. I really want to go to the concert for its near my Birthday and what a awesome Birthday present that would be to see my favorite band of all time!! So hoping to see your show in Saskatoon!! I am super pumped!
Muchos Gracias
Subject: Muchos Gracias
From: Clarissa Summers on 08/28/2009
Muchos Gracias(I am learning spanish). So anyway thank you guys so much for including california in you tour. The Sacramento show is going to be my first concert ever and what make it even better is because it's a Kiss Concert!!!!! KEEP ON ROCKIN!!!!! LOVE CLARISSA
Sonic Boom
Subject: Sonic Boom
From: Billy Wilson, Hayward Ca on 08/28/2009
Hi guys, let me start by saying I have bene a fan for every second of you're 35 year reign in the music world, and I thank you for keeping rock-n-roll ALIVE. I have heard the new track "Modern Day Delilah" and I just wanted to say that as soon as the first chord was struck I was instantly transported back to the 70's, hearing it was like a breath of fresh air yet alot like welcomeing home an old friend, I just wanted thank you and I'll see you in Oakland, and let's do this for another 35 years.
Subject: hi
From: ashley marie barry on 08/28/2009
hey guys i want to say happ birthday to gene and also you guys rock the house down and l like your music and you guys sing alot and you guys like to play music and you guys are cool,
Happy B-Day, Gene
Subject: Happy B-Day, Gene
From: originals on 08/28/2009
Happy B-Day, Bat-Liz.
Subject: Thanks
From: Lisa on 08/28/2009
Hello, I just wanted to say thanks again for coming to Winnipeg again I've been to your shows before and they were amazing. This time around my husband is coming and so is our baby that hasn't been born yet, so I plan on squeezing into my KISS t-shirt and were soooo going to be there!
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