Black Cross
Subject: Black Cross
From: Erwin Frazer on 07/27/2009
Well hi there guys. According to the looks of it Gene is a Motorbike Crosser also. This picture was taken last weekend in Lichtenvoorde ( Holland ) at a festival with over 130.000 visitors. It's a Music, Cross, Circus festival in the middle of nowhere, but Gene managed to find it!! Way to go Gene !!
rocks the Commons
Subject: KISS rocks the Commons
From: on 07/27/2009
Hey Guys,

People in Halifax are still chatting about the show! I'm a long time fan and been to all the KISS lineups live. Of course I love Ace and Peter but, there was a huge noticeable difference in the sound live. Tommy and Eric are great! No one missed a beat, sharp, crisp and clear playing with no out of tune slurs. Vocally you could make out all the lyrics through the loudness. All the old Diehards must go. Listen to what everyone is saying. Don't be was probably one of my favourite times seeing KISS live. After a month of dragging my girlfriend to the show, everything changed...she knew a few songs from my DVDs she may have glanced at. She had a great time seeing them up close. It was a great KISS good nite had by all. Looking forward to the new album and hope you now will make Halifax a regular Canadian stop.

Just a shout out to Shane and his wife from NFLD who took a break on our towel between bands.

Tom & Leigh Ann
From: KISSONLINE FAN LETTER on 07/26/2009

Check out this KISS Canada poster I made featruing the photos I took last week. This is my way of thanking KISS for coming to Canada.

I have been a fan since day one.

I have been in the concert photography business for 25 years (shooting over 2500 concerts). It all started for me because of KISS.

The shows at Rama were my first opportunity to shoot the band.

All the best,

Terry Wilson

RAMA Concert
Subject: RAMA Concert
From: on 07/23/2009
I would like to say that your concert at RAMA on 20 July 2009 brought back so many memories for me from Montreal 1977, when it was the last time I had a chance to see you guys. In 1980 I joined the CDN Military and it seemed whenever you came to a venue near me I had to go somewhere...Now I am retired and had the opportunity to see you again...AWESOME..Thank you for such a great concert..memories...and an all out AWESOME show I truly enjoyed you guys and can not wait till fall when you return to Canada...
Subject: NUEVO CD
From: ARGENTINA on 07/23/2009
Mid-State Faire
Subject: Mid-State Faire
From: Stephanie on 07/22/2009
Hi Guys!

I am really excited about FINALLY seeing you after 32 years... (LONG story!). Thank you for making the trek to Paso Robles, CA and making a dream of mine come true!

Most sincerely,
in San Luis Obispo, CA
fan letter
Subject: fan letter
From: edmonton alberta on 07/19/2009
hey guys my name is Levi Hilton and I am 11 years old. Well, I love you guys you guys and you are hardcore rockers. I'ts true god gave rock and roll to me and most importantly my mom and you guys.
created a new fan
Subject: created a new fan
From: chris on 07/19/2009
Just writing to let you know after taking my wife to see kiss in Montreal, the band gained another hardcore fan. The show as always was just amazing and well worth the travel from Toronto to see it. Hope you play toronto this fall as I have son dying to see you guys live.

fan for life,
Halifax Show
Subject: Halifax Show
From: Lisa Gladstone on 07/19/2009
I took my son to the Halifax show which was his first rock concert. We both had a fantastic time as the show was just amazing. It rained most of the day but stopped for KISS, the weather gods were working in our favor. It was a very memorable experience that we will have forever.

Thank you so much!
The most amazing night of my life
Subject: The most amazing night of my life
From: Ana Stanley on 07/19/2009
Hi boys,

I'm here to express my feelings about the most amazing night of my life.

I've had been waiting for this moment for 10 years and it finally happened at River Plate Stadium. I couldn't believe it, but I was there among thousands of people waiting for the same thing : a rock concert in the way that only you are able to do.

The lights turned off so, I could release the scream stuck in my throat. That voice shouting "All Right Buenos Aires...!" made me feel something that I had never felt before, the unforgettable sensation of shouting " You Want the Best, You got the Best, the hottest Band in the World...KISS!!!" loud is stronger than anyone could understand. The song started, the huge curtain fell down and my feelings rose up inside of me. Listening to your voice, Paul Stanley is more than just a voice of a singer there aren't words to explain. You're my idol, that's all!!

Listening to your bass, Gene Simmons, was unbelievable, but It was really true! You both are my guides...

Each song that I sang was my dream coming true, all the fireworks will be always lighting my life and will remain in my memory forever. All of you are part of my life, my story with KISS since I become a KISSoldier. I love you from the bottom of my heart and soul, you make me proud of being part of KISS ARMY.

Ana Stanley from Brazil
Halifax concert
Subject: Halifax concert
From: on 07/19/2009
Hey guys,

In 1977, I stood in the Halifax forum screaming my lungs out at your concert, one I have never forgot to this day.

Now, over 30 years later, my 2 daughters AND my 10 year old grandson stood on the Halifax Commons screaming their lungs out at a concert I know they will remember all their lives too.

THANK YOU for rocking 3 generations of Kiss fans!
in Halifax
Subject: KISS in Halifax
From: Jen on 07/19/2009
That was the BEST show I have ever been to! and the best that I will EVER see ! Thanks so much, I had a Blast !

From: marili_65_@hot, bs as on 07/14/2009

You are my whole life, I have lived by you. I've been your fan for over 30 years! Well, thanks for visiting Argentina, you should come here again soon. We've been loving you forever. KISSESSSSSSSSSSSSSS Argentina waits for you
New Cd
Subject: New Cd
From: Darren Dubuisson on 07/14/2009
Just wanted to let you guys know that there is a lot of buzz about the new KISS cd. Everyone is excited about the new tour. Bring it on!!!!!!!!
Subject: NEW SITE
From: SON OF SIMMONS on 07/14/2009
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