Sonic Boom
Subject: Sonic Boom
From: David Wilson on 08/23/2009
Now hear this all the rock and roll posers in the world. There's a spiked fist crushing in your face. That fist is KISS!! This is just a disclaimer. And if your feelings get hurt because KISS just kicked your ass. We've got 2 words for you--SONIC BOOM!
Local Army members
Subject: Local Kiss Army members
From: alexofaustria on 08/23/2009
Hello at!

Do you think it would be possible to also add a search option to the Kiss Army member page, that let's one select members by country/state? That way we could really hook up locally also. Just an idea ;-)

Best regards and we are all looking forward to October 6! Booooom!


KOL Response - Not sure, but that is an excellent idea - will ask the tech team to look into it!
Subject: Concert
From: CoboHall9/25/09Alive35 on 08/22/2009
Dear kiss,you guys are gonna tear up detroit please sing modern day delilah!!! i am pumped
uk tour?
Subject: uk tour?
From: J Rhodes on 08/22/2009
Hi guys, heard the new tune sound great! cant wait for the new record. i'll be at the record store on the morning of release. might have to take the day off work just so i can revel in it. One big, big,BIG question... will there be any UK shows? i couldnt make it to download last year and i hate the fact i missed my heros. so please please please UK shows! much thanks big love JR
Subject: Amazing
From: Nunzio Vacca on 08/22/2009
Considering I am now forty two and have been a KISS fan since I am ten, this is amazing! I still remember listening to Love Gun on 8 Track before beginning my day as a fifth grader! I picked up the bass, wrote music and played in a band! KISS has been around through all of it and still going strong!
Cant Wait
Subject: Cant Wait
From: clyde hooper on 08/22/2009
Been listening to the "Modern Day Delilah" single over and over here at kissonline. It truly is an amazing song. I cant wait to buy and listen to the rest of the album. Mostly I cant wait to see you guys in concert again. "Soon" I keep telling myself "Soon".
new song
Subject: new song
From: kisslover1717 on 08/22/2009
I just heard the song last night guys & it kicks ass!! Paul's voice (as I am a really big fan) never sounded better! Keep the great music coming & hope to see you in Atlanta soon!
Subject: happy.birday.genesimmons
From: bettyloujimenez on 08/22/2009
Can't Wait
Subject: Can't Wait
From: sara2oz on 08/22/2009
Saw you guys in Milwaukee on June 27 and got my tickets to see you in Detroit yesterday! Seeing KISS twice in less than three months, absolutely priceless!!!
The new album
Subject: The new album
From: kiss1973 on 08/22/2009
Hay KISS! I was watching the news when i heard that you guys have a new album. I am so happy to hear that a new album is coming out. I caint wait to get the new album. You guys rock!!!!!!!
Subject: WOW!
From: Johnny G on 08/22/2009
dear KISS, oh my god modern day delilah is a powerful and epic song!!! i seriosuly can't stop listening to it, i even know all the lyrics by heart! Tommy Thayer your solo is just so incredible and powerful. I'm super excited for the new album. kiss im one of your biggest fans! i've been listening to kiss since i was 2 or 3! i really really really want you gies too come to THE GARDEN. it would be an honor to see you gies there ALIVE!
Can't Wait
Subject: Can't Wait
From: Don Hensley on 08/22/2009
Am excited about the new album... My birthday is Oct 1st and you can bet that I'll be grabbing my copy of Sonic Boom the day it hits the shelf. Thanks for all the years of kick ass music.
Subject: Fantastic
From: Miikka on 08/22/2009
Hi! Modern Day Delilah rocks. I have came to kissonline every day to listen it, if the whole album is as fantastic as Modern Day Delilah i will listen to it 24/7. I was on alive 35 tour first finland concert and it was coolest thin i have ever been in. I wish you will come to Europe and Finland if you have Sonic Boom Tour. All finland loves KISS and I`m sure that you can have million of sold out concerts in Finland...
Subject: WOW
From: DRAGON KING on 08/22/2009
I tell ya.Eric may not b Peter and Thayer may not be Ace,But damn them boys can play.You can put them in a dress and i'll still listen.Gene and Paul your voices are better than ever.I like the rasby sound now when Paul screams.This is a kick ass song and i'm eager for more.Tommy should be proud,I KNOW I AM
Subject: COBO
From: Garret on 08/21/2009
Dear KISS,

i just bought tickets for september 25th show! I got floor seats row 23. I just got done hearing gene on the radio...i cant wait until that show comes out on dvd. i can tell my kids when i get older "i was there." im 16 and i love KISS. i think you should play the whole KISS Alive album and some of Sonic Boom songs...please..and maybe throw in "Unholy"...?

cant wait until that day comes!!! im so excited!
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