genes Birthday
Subject: genes Birthday
From: Michael on 08/26/2009
Happy Birthday Gene you Kept Rocking all of the Years And hadnt stopped ,Happy Birthday and keep Rocking..........
birthday and new music
Subject: birthday and new music
From: scott on 08/26/2009
Happy b'day Gene hope you have many more. I've been a fan a long time got my first KISS album at 13 i'm 48 now (still got the albums-ALIVE&KISS) glad to hear that you have new music.I wish you continued success keep rocking.
Subject: Ottawa
From: hopkinsr3sns on 08/26/2009
Great not only to see you walking the streets of Ottawa with your lovely Canadian girlfriend, but also rocking the biggest crowd ever at Ottawa Bluesfest, over 30,000 fans from all ages. KISS is the best live show, pyro never gets old.........
Happy Belated 60th B-day
Subject: Happy Belated 60th B-day
From: Tonya Green on 08/26/2009
Happy Belated birthday Gene. You guys rock for bringing back the origanal group and for making the best headbangin' rock songs for so many years.
Subject: thanKiSS
From: Albertus Vorkt on 08/26/2009
I entered Heavy Metal in 1984 after listening to Creaures of the Night, since that magic moment I never stopped my Metal life, and now when I am almost 41 I feel honoured of being a Kiss fan for more than 25 years, thanKiSS Paul, Gene, Ace and Eric, may all the best be with you forever. Greetings from Mexico!.
Toronto '09
Subject: Toronto '09
From: Judi Hossack on 08/26/2009
I bought the Meet and Greet for myself and my son on Oct.2 - I am living a dream and able to share it with my son Jeremy - can't wait - see you then and belated Happy Birthday Gene - keep on rocking!!!
From: Victor on 08/26/2009
Hi Guys! My name is Victor, I'm from Brasil. I am so happy because I went to a KISS' concert, this is amazing. The show was perfect, really! São Paulo LOVES YOU!!! I really hope that KISS come back do Brasil - São Paulo, and rock us again! Wainting for the SONIC BOOM! Hugs from Brasil!
Happy Belated Birthday Gene
Subject: Happy Belated Birthday Gene
From: Sean Dillon on 08/26/2009
Happy Birthday Gene! Been a KISS ARMY FAN since I was only 4 years old, thanks to my dad who got me into you guys when I lost my BATMAN Doll ha ha :-) I am a Chief in the Navy and have remained a loyal fan forever!! Taking my wife to see you guys in DC on OCT 13TH. She is from Japan and is the same age as me, as well as a Major KISS FAN too!! Come on with the new album guys!!! Thanks for kicking ass all these years man!!!! See you soon~ Sean
Gene's 60th Birthday
Subject: Gene's 60th Birthday
From: Stoner aka Michael Stone on 08/26/2009
Gene, Happy B-Day my good man!! I watch the show every Sunday and you are truly and inspiration to father's everywhere!! I am so going to the show in D.C.!! Time to show everyone what a true rock n roll show is all about. 60 yrs young!!
From: Greg Dunn on 08/26/2009
Kiss you Guys ROCK I listen to you cents you you started . KISS WILL ALWAYS ROCK AND ROLL.
happybday gene!
Subject: happybday gene!
From: nettles on 08/26/2009
happybday gene! been a fan since 1973! just so happens we have the same bday, except i was born in 64.hope you come to cali soon. keep rocking!
Subject: Kiss Tour
From: Mike in Chicago on 08/26/2009
I've seen KISS 7 times over the years - and now my 7 year old daughter is hooked on Kiss after seeing her first show this summer - thanks for continuing to Tour and look forward to seeing KISS in Chicago again this November - My Mother took me to see KISS when I was 9 and now I get to take my daughter - Cannot say that about too many bands - thanks again!!
Subject: pics kiss
From: BIG AL on 08/26/2009
HI all

check this truck nice KISS logo,the pictures was taken from my window office in down town Montreal

PS: happy bithday gene

G Opening Planet Holloywood LV
Subject: G Opening Planet Holloywood LV
From: on 08/26/2009
Still Looking Good HAPPY B -DAY!! Hope to see you again When you Partyt in Houston. Dec. 5
Gene's Birthday
Subject: Gene's Birthday
From: Dylan Peggin on 08/26/2009
happy birthday gene. hope you have a nice birthday. here's to another 60!
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