Sonic Boom
Subject: Sonic Boom
From: Croatia on 08/26/2009
The first song is beautifule!!Sonic Boom is gona be great,can`t wait to hear all songs..Keep rockin and many more songs and albums!!
The Philly Show
Subject: The Philly Show
From: Mike from Philly on 08/26/2009
Can't Wait till October 12th I just got my tickets for the show on the fan pre-sale, It pays to be a member of the KISS ARMY....I'm ready to ROCK with the greatest band in the world!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Gene
Subject: Happy Birthday Gene
From: Ben on 08/26/2009
hey Gene happy 60th make it a day.
I LOVE YOUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: I LOVE YOUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: jgp_kiss_fan on 08/26/2009
I'm an 11 year old girl who LOOOOOVES your music!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait until October 2nd!!!! I might be coming to the ACC to see you!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHH!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Gene
Subject: Happy Birthday Gene
From: Peter R Nowfel on 08/26/2009
Happy 60h birthday Gene. I hope you have a great birthday and thanks for 36 years of great entertainment. Australia looks forward to experiencing a "Sonic Boom" on 6 October and seeing you and the other "Creatures of the Night" live in 2010. Rock on Demon!
Subject: cobo
From: jeff on 08/26/2009
happy birthday gene see you in detroit at cobo hall with my two boys they cant wait.
Gene's 60th Bday!!
Subject: Gene's 60th Bday!!
From: Theresa on 08/26/2009
Happy 60th Birthday!!! Glad you are coming to Cleveland, OHIO - Home of Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.
I watch your reality show, could you invite the rest of the band on the show?
Kiss is the most awsome band ever! I used to cut all your pictures out of the teen magazines, I had squares on my walls, when my dad said, it was time to repaint the walls.

I wish, I could see you in concert, I have been calling into the radio station trying to win tickets.
Subject: gene
From: lori on 08/26/2009
hi Gene HAPPY B-day.. i had a b-day last week .good people with aug. b-day. well i just bought 4 tickets to see u in washington,dc. my 31/2 yr. son loves u he sleeps with all of his kiss dolls everynight. he cant wait this will be his first concert. iam so glad u are coming back i meet u 2 times already on after a concert and one in richomnd va at the race track .u were so nice.thanks i was wondering if u can make my son's wish come true he wants to meet u and take a pic. with u it would be a great b-day present for him.. PLEASE is there anyway we can get back stage to see u and the band for him(and for me haha) cant forget about mom haha. i watch you on simmoms show u are a family guy. please make this wish come true. i would be forever greatful to u , please let me know please he loves u and so do u this will be my 6th concert....
well Gene please think about it and make my little boy smile.. he cant wait to see u fly and let the red come down your face thats what he calls it haha...thanks for your time and hope to here from u....
coming to Greenville, SC
Subject: KISS coming to Greenville, SC
From: Allison on 08/26/2009
Buckle UP Baby! The BELLZ will B there to Represent the KISS Army of the South in Greenville, SC! !! Got our Tixx 2day! We CANNOT WAIT! Until then... KISSesss...
Hey Guys
Subject: Hey Guys
From: Jordan on 08/26/2009
KISS, I can't wait until u come to DC u will rock out Jordan
=The Best
Subject: Kiss=The Best
From: Tony Montana93 on 08/26/2009
Thank you Kiss for your music you are the best band I have ever listened !
tour dates
Subject: tour dates
From: njdevil952 on 08/26/2009
finishing 3rd among the cities who voted you to play,not understanding why sault ste. marie is not on your tour dates, can some one explain this please
Happy birthday Gene
Subject: Happy birthday Gene
From: Rena on 08/25/2009
Here is to a rockin 60th birthday,you rock! xoxo
Gene's 60th B-day
Subject: Gene's 60th B-day
From: Ben on 08/25/2009
Happy 60th Gene. Hope all goes well and have a great day. From, Ben
Subject: ALIVE 35 TOUR
From: KISSADIAN NATION on 08/25/2009
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