From: dr_tongue on 07/03/2009
3 Year-Old fanatic!
Subject: 3 Year-Old KISS fanatic!
From: habs23st on 07/03/2009
Hi Guys,

Here are a few clips of your ultimate fan. My 3 Year-old son, Paul. He's a drummer by trade, but he has been showing an interest in the guitar lately, particularly in Mr. Stanley's rhinestone model...

clip 1: Rock & Roll All Night (he was actually only 2 years old when this was recorded)

clip 2: New York Groove - Note the smashing of the guitar at the end of the performance (I don't know where he gets that from).

I hope you guys get a kick out of this, I'm looking forward to taking Paul to his first KISS show this summer. See you soon

Steve & Paul Thompson
I'm The Ultimate Fan!
Subject: I'm The Ultimate Fan!
From: Mariana on 07/03/2009

I'm Mariana and I'm from Sao Paulo - Brazil.

I loved Kiss since I was 12 years old. Now, I`m 19 and my new passion is to make stop-motion videos. I made a Kiss stop-motion performing Rock`n`Roll all nite. .

I hope you like!

Thanks for reading and watching!!

rocked Milwaukee!!
Subject: Kiss rocked Milwaukee!!
From: flapjackjr on 07/03/2009
Hi Guys,

I have been a fan since the late 70's and have brought along several members of my family. When I heard you were coming to Summerfest, I couldn't wait to get there. My wife and I bought extra tickets to surprise some of these family members...only to be surprised myself! my daughter, brother and cousin had all got their own tickets!

Still a great show, we all had a blast seeing you and hope to see you again on the next time by.

Is there any way to still pick up concert shirts from this mini tour that would include the Milwaukee show listed on the back? One of us had a bad ankle and couldn't stand that long with out help and we weren't able to get our shirts.

Thanks again for a great night, see you soon!!!

Jack, Cindy and family
coming to Huntington, WV
Subject: KISS coming to Huntington, WV
From: scn223 on 07/02/2009

I heard you are planning your first ever fan routed tour, and I want you to come to Huntington, WV. My mom and dad have gotten e-mails saying thank you for participating in demanding KISS to come to Huntington, WV. I posted something on my mom's Facebook page demanding you guys to come to Huntington, WV. It would be awesome to see you guys here in concert. I hope you can make it. My mom and dad have been KISS fans since the early 80's and have been to three of your concerts. My mom's favorite song is Beth. My favorite songs are Rock and Roll all nite, Shout it out loud, and Detroit Rock City. I can play Shout it out loud on my acoustic guitar.

Your #1 fan,

big fan
Subject: big fan
From: antonkiss2 on 07/02/2009
Dear KISS,

I want to let you know you guys have been my favorite band since I've been in 5th or 6th grade. I'm a freshman in high school and I'm still rockin' out to your tunes. I also draw and I want you to check out my drawing of Paul. Anyway, you guys should come and perform over here in California. I wanna go to a KISS concert before I die and hopfully you guys think about it

your biggest fan,
Anthony Freire
Subject: Summerfest
From: Drew on 07/02/2009
Dear Mr. Gene Simmons,

Milwaukee's Summerfest (June 27, 2009) was the first time I've ever seen KISS and I'm your newest 18-yo fan. It was even better than I'd imagined with all the fire and explosions...and my ears are still ringing. I look forward to seeing you again the next time KISS is playing in the area. Thanks for coming to Summerfest!

-Drew C.
Middleton, Wisconsin
From: Kevin on 07/02/2009

Here's a clip of my 5-year old son doing a few Kiss songs on drums. Eric told me Gene might be interested in seeing him play Kiss. This clip was done for the eventful North American Tour Demand competition, so it had to be 1 minute or less. He can play most Kiss songs on cue and is of course available for parties, concerts, and rock star reality t.v. shows!!


Enjoy the clip!

Thanks, Gene
Subject: Thanks, Gene
From: Deborah on 07/02/2009
Gene Simmons,

You used to scare the living daylights out of me when I was little. My brother is 10 years older than I, and he had all the KISS albums and merchandise. (this goes way back into the 70's, sorry!) When I would go into my brother's room and listen to his album collection I would quickly take out a KISS album and put the record on the turntable and quickly put the album cover back because I was terrified of it. But I always listened to the music. When I would watch the TV shows that KISS would come out on I would cry when I would see you cough up blood! And yes at 5 years old I believed you were really throwing up blood! Now that I'm older and as I got older it's obviously a show and I laugh about it now! And Beth is my all time favorite song that can make me cry!! I married someone in the music business so Beth is even more personal for me!! You rock!! Thanks for scaring me growing up!!! Looking back it was actually fun!!!

Gene, You\'re my Idol!
Subject: Gene, You\'re my Idol!
From: Steve on 07/02/2009
My name is Steve from Wisconsin. Ever since I was 14 years old I've been a KISS fan.

But you Mr. Simmons, you are something else besides just the Demon from KISS. To me you've been my idol.

You always have a great outlook on life. You've never done any drugs, or drank. You've helped countless lives over the past thirty years get through the hard times, made the good times, and always gave your honest opinions even on the things most people wouldn't agree with.

The world needs more people like you Mr. Simmons. I just wanted to say even though I never met you, you have always been there with your music, and TV show. Without your opinions on marriage, money, music, and business, I would just be naive.

Thank you, Mr. Simmons. Thank you for existing.
Rocked Milwaukee!
Subject: KISS Rocked Milwaukee!
From: Tracy Meredith-Mullens on 07/02/2009
My daughter and I attended the KISS concert tonight and it was awesome. Thank you for making this night so special. My daughter has enlisted in the Army, and I only have a few months to spend with her before she heads out to basic training. This was our first KISS concert and it certainly won't be our last.

Thank you for an excellent show!

Tracy Meredith-Mullens
Madison Rocks!
Subject: Madison Rocks!
From: Rodney, Gail and Madison Cook on 07/02/2009
As you can see, she likes KISS. Madison (my daughter) is 4 and just loves the "bleeding man". When we can, she and I get together and watch Alive IV.

We are all looking forward to the new album and all that goes with it. Hope to catch you and the guys on the next tour. I have been a loyal fan since Destroyer. In the meantime, best wishes to you and your wonderful family. On that note, with Nick's height and features, have you ever wondered what he would look like dressed as the Demon?

Take care,

Rodney, Gail and Madison Cook

Palmyra, VA
2nd annual "Fan" Convention
Subject: 2nd annual KISS "Fan" Convention
From: Gaylon Tyner on 07/02/2009
I am putting on my 2nd annual KISS "Fan" Convention Aug 15th in Jonesboro, AR. Our focus is "the Elder." Along with our memorabilia, we are going to have a stage production of The Elder (straight play; not musical). Our purpose is to help raise money for a new homeless shelter project. Our goal is raise at least $5,000. Our theater will seat 650.

Thanks and good luck with you upcoming tour. Canít wait to see it!

Gaylon Tyner
1st Sergeant Arkansas KISS Army Division
Jonesboro, Ark
Waring Abbott Photo
Subject: Waring Abbott Photo
From: Fabio on 07/02/2009
Just bought this photo by Waring Abbott....simply amazing, 35 years had gone and our Demon is still here to rock our souls out!!!

Hope to meet you again soon and have it signed...

Ken Kelly
Subject: Ken Kelly
From: Rod Whitenack on 07/02/2009
Last month I was working one of my trades as a Guest Coordinator at the Rondo Award Winning Wonderfest Model/Toy/Sci-Fi Convention in Louisville, KY when I got the chance to befriend classic KISS fantasy artist Ken Kelly. Ken joined us this year at Wonderfest at the suggestion of Guest Guru Donnie Waddell and myself, and all of us in Louisville are glad he came. He is absolutely one of the coolest guys anybody could ever meet and hung out with all of us Monster Kids at the Old Dark Clubhouse until the wee hours of the morning.

KISS fans will remember Ken Kelly as the album cover artist for two of the most famous album covers of all time, "Destroyer" and "Love Gun".

Ken also made a personal best in sales that weekend, outselling even the world famous Chiller Convention. An astonished Kelly said, "You just don't outsell Chiller!" The fans were ogling Ken's work from behind glass windows Friday night as we watched him set up his amazing artwork, and 10 minutes after opening Saturday morning Ken had already sold a piece of original artwork (a beautiful portrait of the Frankenstein monster).

You rock.

Rod Whitenack
Louisville, KY
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