my 40 birthday
Subject: my 40 birthday
From: on 08/21/2009
Hi my favorite band!!!

This is a picture from my 40 birthday party: my wife, I, daughter and our 82 years old grandfather... many greetings from Czech land send you Zoran.
the new song
Subject: the new song
From: stauffdogg on 08/20/2009
sweet if this song is any indicaton of the new album it is unbelievable.this is the kiss album we have been waiting for
Apple Pie
Subject: Kiss Apple Pie
From: Robert Espinosa on 08/20/2009
My girlfriend baked this for me just because. :)
New Stuff
Subject: New Stuff
From: Todd on 08/20/2009
Guys, You have just shown why you arestill the real deal. Thank you for taking back the crown of Rock and Roll from pretenders...This is KISS doing what KISS does best! I have been a fan since 79 but know all the history..sorry born in 72. Got everything you have done and then some. My 4 y/o twin girls rock out to KISS along with my 2 y/o son. every time they see footage, they yell KISS daddy KISS! I will see you in Detroit. Just so happens a group of friends and I who are all police officers from Virginia Beach will be in Detroit starting Sept. 25 for our annual football trip. Also happens to be my birthday weekend...One hell of a present!! KISS, beer, girls, great friends, and football!! Keep on being who you are! P.S. PLEASE COME TO VIRGINIA BEACH/NORFOLK AREA! Email is should you get this.
Modern Day Delilah, from Argentina
Subject: Modern Day Delilah, from Argentina
From: Martin Comoglio on 08/20/2009
Thanks for this feeling.

Play new music, from the group that changed and mark my life, even today.

"Modern Day Delilah", a new brand in my soul. I can't stop listening. I can't wait until October 6th for the remaining 10 brands.

Thanks for the adrenaline. Thanks for being an inspiration to me.

Martin Comoglio
New Song
Subject: New Song
From: Ranger Dave on 08/20/2009
Hey guys. Just wanted you to know I am so very proud to be a member of the KISS ARMY. The new song just rocks and I can not wait for the rest of the album. Great job by everyone. Thank you for staying true to your roots and giving us fans what we always knew you could.
From: MICHAEL FELTNER on 08/20/2009
Just heard the new single played on our local station Webn!!! And wow Ohio is ready to get Sonic!! Thanks Kiss, And Keith All My Son who is 13, Wants For his Oct Birthday is see the greatest show on earth KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Modern Day Delilah
Subject: Modern Day Delilah
From: Chuck Conway on 08/20/2009
WOW!! What a tease it was at the beginning of the week to hear a minute or so of this song. Today I heard the whole thing and all I can say is this song ROCKS! I wish the album was being released this week. PLEASE RELEASE IT ON VINYL!!!!

Paul's vocals just brings you up, the driving bass and drums are incredible and Tommy your guitar work just kicks major ASS!

I've been a fan since 1978 and I am just as excited now as I was back then.

Keep it comin fella's!

Modern Day Delilah
Subject: Modern Day Delilah
From: giovanni on 08/20/2009
Dear Kiss!! it's awesome!!! i realy love that song,and i always go to to here it! and i just cant wait for the cd "sonic boom". are just getting started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kiss forever!!
from: Italy
Modern Day Delilah
Subject: Modern Day Delilah
From: Rocky D. on 08/20/2009
Oh Man! What a smokin', in-your-face, KISS CLASSIC! Tommy's lead is dripping with the attitude that made KISS famous! Superb (of course) drum and bass tracks-Gene and Eric are LOCKED IN! The vocals, guitar sound and production? Paul, take a bow! This is going to be the record of the DECADE! I am foaming at the mouth waiting for October sixth to arrive!!
Modern Day Delilah -Casino Windsor
Subject: Modern Day Delilah -Casino Windsor
From: Vojco Milevski on 08/20/2009
Great song - Modern Day Delilah. It ROCKS ! I saw you guys at Caesars Casino in Windsor, Ontario. Amazing 2+ hour show. Better than the show I saw in the 80's. K I S S is getting better with age. Hope to see you again in the upcoming tour. Toronto loves KISS ! ! !
From: Randy McBrayer (kissfox) on 08/20/2009
Hey guys, All I can say about the new track is: I LOVE IT. And, more importantly, I love it "loud!" I've been a diehard fan for 32 NON-STOP years. I'm 37 now. I've missed Paul Stanley's wailing since before "Live To Win," and it's damn cool that we've got more of that coming. Paul, you're such an inspiration for me and my brother. You and I are carbon copies of each other by way of personality, style and emotions. I vow to God on that. I have what I call my "forefathers," and they are the FOUR that comprise KISS.

Hearing the sample of the new track made me crazy. I wanted to hear the whole thing. You debuted it completely AND WITH MORE BITRATE QUALITY!! I've awakened every morning, and as I always do, tuned into KISSONLINE for the latest news and I got my morning ambition in my eyes and ears and not in a coffee cup! As with any KISS CDs that are released in late summer/fall, it already is beginning to seem like the season called "KISS." Now that school is several years behind me, I can look forward to the release dates (that's plural, Mssrs. Stanley & Simmons...we expect more CDs after this!) and dive into the spirit which is KISS. All of you guys sound phenomenal on this, and the solo from Tommy is stellar and cosmic. I can hear the RARO slithering all over it. I call this KISS lineup and sound "KISS 2KX" (KISS 2010). You have EVERY RIGHT to keep marching forward with KISS and not feel bound to the past, however good and great that it was. This is a damn good lineup, and obviously going to be a great CD simply because it has you four composing it and a KISS logo on the cover. How much better can a CD be than that??!!

THANKS SO MUCH FOR MAKING MODERN DAY DELILAH AVAILABLE ON THIS SITE! Last new album you did we fans had to wait for it to be played on the radio so we could record it...and on tape at that. IT'S A BLESSING TO US FANS THAT YOU'VE MADE IT EASY FOR US TO ENJOY THIS NONSTOP! I always pray that God will bless you all and keep you safe and together as a band, and He showed me He's doing that when you all forewent the Farewell Tour. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THAT, TOO. All of the KISS members, past and present, are highly talented, God-given gifts to those of us who are blessed to know you. I love you all, and look forward to seeing you a couple of times on the new tour. (And, new and original suits, right??)

Blessings From My House To Your's, Randy McBrayer ( Dallas, TX
From: Gonzalo on 08/20/2009
I´m from Argentina. I heard Modern Day Delilah and it´s amazing. I´m waiting for the October 6th. Please, come back to Argentina to the Next World Tour. KISS FOREVER.
Awesome Song
Subject: Awesome Song
From: David Lopez on 08/20/2009
Modern Day Delilah is a great song. Paul's voice is great, Tommy's solo is just perfect great work guys, you haven't dissapointed your fans yet!
SOOO Happy
Subject: SOOO Happy
From: Rockcity52 on 08/20/2009
The new song is GREAT! It has been 11 years and 2 kids since Psycho Circus I hope I can remeber how to ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE!! But from the sounds so far I think I will be OK!!
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