happy birthday Gene!!!
Subject: happy birthday Gene!!!
From: smtreiber on 08/25/2009
Happy birthday and all the best for you Gene!! Rock on...!!!!

greets Martin
Subject: Birthday
From: Chrise on 08/25/2009
Hi! Congratulations Gene, ock on, from Finland to my biggest hero :)
Congrats Gene!
Subject: Congrats Gene!
From: FredRock! on 08/25/2009
Hope you have a nice Birthday! /FredRock,Västerås, Sweden
Alive 35 Concert
Subject: Kiss Alive 35 Concert
From: Tonia Bruce on 08/25/2009
You are the rock-n-roll legend, AND ALWAYS WILL BE!! I'm bringing my 5-year-old son to see you in Cleveland, Ohio in September, 2009. What a dream!! Thank you for continuing your legacy... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Happy 60th Birthday SUPERMAN OF
Subject: Happy 60th Birthday SUPERMAN OF KISS
From: Alten Treece on 08/25/2009
It's hard to believe that OUR Superman Gene, The Demon, Simmons is 60. You will forever be the eternal Superman of Rock and Roll to all of us. Happy Birthday, can't wait til you come back to St. Louis.
From: Lucy Johnston on 08/25/2009


Happy 60th Birthday !!!
Subject: Happy 60th Birthday !!!
From: Christof Amberg on 08/25/2009
Hello Gene,

i wish you a happy 60th. Birthday and all the luck in the world.
I'm enjoing your music for over 30 years and i hope that there will be many, many years more to come.
Keep on rocking and all the best !!
Hope to see you next year on tour ...

With Love and regards from GOOD OLD GERMANY

always love u
Subject: always love u kiss
From: Lisa komor on 08/25/2009
I just wanted to say thank
You for adding a 2nd show
At cobo in detroit. This is
Our son's sinior year in
High school and he has a
Football game on the 25th
But now that you added a 2nd
Show we can go so glad our
Daughter is going too it was
Her first concert also both of them were 8 at there first
Concert and yes it was KISS
We love u keep on rockin

Love u guys
happy birthday mr.Simmons
Subject: happy birthday mr.Simmons
From: rossenpntchev on 08/25/2009
happy birth day, gene! keep rock'n roll allnite and party every day! Forever!
Happy Birthday
Subject: Happy Birthday
From: Armando on 08/25/2009
Hi, Kiss members, Happy Birthday Gene... The Demon Live... Im from Mexico, I went to the Paso Robles concert(My First Concert). Im 16 Years.. I have a Question. em... How many concerts are you going to do for tehe next Tour of the new album?

Im a kiss member: kisslive001 i think i cant remenber haha
Happy Birthday Gene!
Subject: Happy Birthday Gene!
From: Steve Cooper on 08/25/2009
Happy 60th Gene. I wish you nothing but the best, and continued success. I cannot wait to hear Sonic Boom, and to see you and the rest of KISS blow up the stage, and the competition once again. Kudos on your show as well. I never miss an episode.

I have included a picture which I took of you at Radio City Music Hall on March 9, 1984. I was front row, and one seat to the left (when facing the audience). Also, I was the guy you met at 655 Madison Ave during the time frame that you were going to the South Bronx to shoot the Lick it Up video. I greeted you at the elevator as you were signing out for the evening. I had suggested playing Radio City, and Carnegie Hall. Well thank you for listening, and making Radio City a reality. The band was in top form that night, and the sound was amazing. Well, see you on the road Gene. I shall try for a meet and greet package this time around. :) Happy Birthday, and many Happy Returns!

Your loyal and #1 fan since 1975,

Steve Cooper
Happy -day DEMON
Subject: Happy -day DEMON
From: EdKelley on 08/25/2009
I just wanted to say happy birthday to the greatest bassist in the history of ROCK, THE DEMON. Keep on rockin' like you always have. Spittin' fire, and spewin' blood forever. KISS ROCKS. Can't wait til' the next season of Fmily Jewels starts, the best show on television.
Sonic Boom
Subject: Sonic Boom
From: David Wilson on 08/23/2009
Now hear this all the rock and roll posers in the world. There's a spiked fist crushing in your face. That fist is KISS!! This is just a disclaimer. And if your feelings get hurt because KISS just kicked your ass. We've got 2 words for you--SONIC BOOM!
Local Army members
Subject: Local Kiss Army members
From: alexofaustria on 08/23/2009
Hello at kissonline.com!

Do you think it would be possible to also add a search option to the Kiss Army member page, that let's one select members by country/state? That way we could really hook up locally also. Just an idea ;-)

Best regards and we are all looking forward to October 6! Booooom!


KOL Response - Not sure, but that is an excellent idea - will ask the tech team to look into it!
Subject: Concert
From: CoboHall9/25/09Alive35 on 08/22/2009
Dear kiss,you guys are gonna tear up detroit please sing modern day delilah!!! i am pumped
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