Almost 9 hours: MODERN DAY DELILAH
Subject: Almost 9 hours: MODERN DAY DELILAH
From: Lion67 on 08/19/2009
This pic on the right side is from 1980 or 1981..... I am a fan since december 1979, like U already know........! Now it's almost 30 years later.......and U guys still rule ! Since I come home tonite, I listen to that song ! And: Paul: It's one of the best U have ever released ! Can't tell it in words how much that what U have greatet with Gene, means to me........ I wish U a big US Tour & hope that U are coming 2010 to Europe ! KISS 4EVER !
Modern Day Delilah
Subject: Modern Day Delilah
From: Demonsodyssey on 08/19/2009
WOW!!!! AWESOME!!!! Can't wait for the new album guys, proof you can kick ass on a massive scale. How about bringing a Sonic Boom tour to England.
Sonic Boom
Subject: Sonic Boom
From: Tiziano - Italy on 08/19/2009

Subject: Glory
From: ZZ on 08/19/2009
Hey KISS you guys rock, Paul your songwriting has inspired me to be a singer/songwriter I'm already writing and hope to be as good as you. Gene your blood spitting & fire breathing makes me wanna be an out rageous and wild frontman. Tommy your guitar playing is awesome I can see why KISS chose you as a guitar player I can't wait to hear you and eric sing on the album. Eric your drumming is top knotch you kick it on Black diamond and nothin to loose. You guys were my first rock band and still are my favorite/inspirational band. Can't wait to hear the new album, on October 6th I'll be rushin' to walmart or sams club fast to be the first one. I also wanna ask if the album will be availiable on itunes.
-Thanks and keep kickin ass
Halifax Rocks 2009
Subject: Halifax Rocks 2009
From: Scott Faulkner on 08/19/2009
Hi Guys, it had been a long wait form 1977 where I couldn t go, to the 80's where your appearance had to be cancelled, to 2009, but every second was worth the wait. My wife and I had the best rocking night of our lives. Over a month later and we still talk about it daily. For me, your appearance in Halifax was the fulfilment of a life long dream, to see the Hottest Band In the World perform in my home town. I only hope that it won't be the last time you Visit Halifax. Thank you for having us as a part of your tour

Scott Faulkner, Nova Scotia, Canada
Rock and Roll All Night, And Party Every Day!!!!!
Modern Day Delilah
Subject: Modern Day Delilah
From: Burkhard Zöllner on 08/19/2009


Burkhard, Dortmund, Germany
From: Jeremy majoros on 08/19/2009
Dear paul,gene,eric,tommy

This morning has been the most exciting morning of my life i am finally getting a chance to come and see you guys i have been a fan 10 years and have been waiting to see you guys for ever i am 18 and my buddies and i just bought tickets to the COBO hall show we have all been fans for ever and our favourite movie of all time is Detroit rock city we like to think of our selves as the guys from the movie and to think our very first KISS show will be at cobo hall!!!!!!!!!!

looking forward to seeing you guys can't wait until you come to oshawa to where i will be buying the meet and greet package
You Rock!
Subject: You Rock!
From: Chris on 08/19/2009
Dear all KISS members,
even though I am young, i am a enourmous fan of KISS. For the past few years my birthday and on the thanksgiving wish bone, all I wished for is for KISS to play at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, New York or the Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, New York. Hope you can make it, I'll keep wishing. Thanks.
Sonic Boom, Potato Heads & Skins
Subject: Sonic Boom, Potato Heads & Skins
From: Peter R Nowfel in Sydney Australia on 08/19/2009
G'day Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy from the Land Down Under,

I've just spent the last hour listening to Modern Day Delilah and am already in love with it. An instant KISS classic. If this is any indication of the quality of Sonic Boom then the KISS Army will be truly blessed on 6 October.

The new Mr Potato Heads are absolutely fantastic and will be an important part of my KISS collection when I receive them. I also love the laptop skins and will be ordering some soon.

Thanks for the last 36 years and I look forward to seeing you live on stage in Sydney soon.

Rock on,

Peter R Nowfel
Rock n roll over again !!!
Subject: Rock n roll over again !!!
From: UK_KISS_fan on 08/19/2009
Been a UK KISS fan since '76 and I'm real excited about the new record. "Modern Day Delilah" is a fabulous addition to the KISS Kanon and the press previews indicate that "Sonic Boom" is gonna be a killer KISS in greasepaint LP ... I just can't wait to check it out !!! Congratulations Paul for getting the band down to the business of delivering the goods in the studio again ... sounds like you've succeeded big-time.

Many, many thanks to Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy for making KISS the greatest band of the 21st century .. in the last few years you've really delivered the genuine, mindblowin' Klassic KISS that we all wanted and thought we'd never see again ... looks like you guys are lovin' it as much as we the fans are !!! I salute you for bringing so much joy and excitement to the lives of so many KISS fans.
New Album
Subject: New Album
From: Randy Gallman on 08/19/2009
Can not wait to hear the new 76 style album been a fan since 10yrs old and 43 now first time seeing kiss was 1977 new years eve in Greensboro NC with a opening act called Piper my wife two girls 13 and 12 are going to see you on sonic boom tour can not wait keep rocking Randy
Words cannot explain
Subject: Words cannot explain
From: Jeff on 08/19/2009
After 4 years being stationed in South Korea and Japan with deployments here and there, I finally get to see the greatest band in the world again right in the middle of my leave!! Words cannot explain how amazing it'll be seeing you guys up on that stage in Detroit!!!
to the band
Subject: to the band
From: mike musa on 08/19/2009
I went to a kiss concert back in 04 with gene pual peter and tommy in moline IL. At the time i was 12 and areosmith closed the show im not big on them but you guys rocked the joint .we even had a lighter christmas tree it beeing the 12th of december.Through the blistering illinois cold we walked to the mark of the quad (when it still was the mark).The closer we got i could feel like was like electricity pumping through my vains and 15 minutes later (After the lame warm up porch gouls yes i remember this night better then when I lost my virginity).The anouncer proceeds all right moline illinois you wanted the best you got the best the hottest band in the world KISS.The words hit me like a ton of bricks.But it was my kisstinked to stand straight as a all played your hearts out like it was your last show. I cant wait to see you again.The whole point is I wanted to give my personal thanks to you guy from fan to band. thanks, mike musa milan, IL
Subject: Kiss Rocks!!!
From: donna1970 on 08/18/2009
I have to say you guys are the greatest band ever and Gene I love your show!!!!! I also would like to say I have seen some art work of Paul's and love it as well!!!! I am looking forward to the new album.
: Lifetime Warranty!
Subject: KISS: Lifetime Warranty!
From: Bruno Baraldo on 08/18/2009
Paul, Eric, Tommy and Gene! I'm Bruno from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Just wanted to thank you guys foir being who you are and making possible for me and for all Kiss Army to be able to follow you! Thanks to my elder brother, I've been a fan of you since I can remember (I'm 20 years old). I've waited for years and years to see you live, actually my whole life! This year I finally got the chance and went to São Paulo to that fantastic show! Thanks for the songs, the show, the cd's, the LP's, the clips and the new album! Can't wait it! I'm sending you a picture taken 11 years ago, when I was 9! It's plenty of time when you're a 20 years old guy! You were always there in my life, and you're still gonna be till the day I die!
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