Keep on Rocking
Subject: Keep on Rocking
From: Dan Stransky on 08/21/2009
Sonic Boom comes out Oct. 6, 2009 and I don't think I could be more excited. I am probably one of your youngest fans at 16 years old, but you guys really do amazing work. I have every album you guys have ever recorded on my iPod and I can't wait to add "Sonic Boom" to the list. That is gonna be the difinitive KISS in my opinion. A disc of new work. A disc of rerecordings and a DVD of tour hilights. That is it in my opinion. The ultimate set. The only thing better than that has to be KISSology and frankly I hope you guys manage to make another volume of that with your modern stuff. October 6th cant come soon enough. Got my kiss outfit ready for that day to honor the legends.


Gene, your show has to have been the greatest show to be called a reality show.
Sonic Boom
Subject: Sonic Boom
From: Shebi on 08/21/2009
Modern Day Delilah kicks ass! Can't wait to hear Sonic Boom - ON VINYL, PLEASE! That's the only way you can really take me back in time!
Happy Birthday, Gene
Subject: Happy Birthday, Gene
From: Ross on 08/21/2009
Happy Birthday, Gene. Love, Ross
New Single...
Subject: New Single...
From: Staaf-O-Man on 08/21/2009
WOOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOO...... WOW what a F**king awesome song as all others say , but none of them mention the lyrics which are great and as nasty as kiss had them in the 70's. I know one thing for sure when i get my hands on Sonic Boom it does one lap in my pc for my MP3 player (great for playing during my newspaper delivery rounds early in the morning) and after that spin in my pc it's hitting my dvd player and won't come out of it unless i'm gonna watch KISS dvd's for the next few months after it's release!

love from The Netherlands (AKA Holland).
Hope to see you guys on tour in Europe!
tic..tic.. B O O M
Subject: tic..tic.. B O O M
From: Peter on 08/21/2009
Hi KISS... What a great new Song! A really KISS song! After hearing the song 500 times or more I can say "AMAZING!!!" "Modern Day Delilah" rocks! I canÂīt wait to hold your new album in my hands and hear the rest of "S O N I C B O O M"! =We wanted the best... and we will get it!!! ... Thank you!!!= Have a rockin weekend. Peter
Cobo Hall Concert
Subject: Cobo Hall Concert
From: MotorCityFan2009 on 08/21/2009
Dear KISS,

I have been a fan since picking up the Destroyer album my cousin owned. I stayed all night with my Aunt and my cousin played the entire album for me. She had been to a concert in Detroit and saw KISS Alive. I was hooked with Destroyer and wake up each morning to the radio and dishes of Detroit Rock CIty. No way to over sleep if the two guitars kick in!!

I will be taking my daughter and 8 year old son to the Cobo concert. They have never seen KISS and were too young for the 1996 tour. I have seen KISS in concert 28 times. This will be my 29th concert and I have watch almost every tour.

Congrats on the new album and based on what I have heard the album will be very cool. I like the Modern Day Delilah. I was rusty on the bible stories and had to google her name. :)

See you at the show!
Subject: what a GREAT SONG GUYS!!!
From: milita28; on 08/21/2009
I've been listen the new song, and i just cant stop of listen at it, it is really amazing, pure rock, love it! i can hardly wait to get the new album, and tht u honour ur word guys of coming back to Lima Peru next year, love u all, specially my sweet and intelegent Paul, KISSu guys,
Subject: awesome!!!
From: dynastykiss1 on 08/21/2009
Hi!!! the new song is awesome I Love It Thanks for the present!! I Love You KISS!!!!!!
More concert in South America
Subject: More concert in South America
From: Aliorrala19 on 08/21/2009
hi kiss, my letter is for that please give more concerts in south america in tour and i wish you coming to Ecuador in this tour KISS 4EVER!!
From: Martin Zamorano on 08/21/2009
HI Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy, I so delighted about the new record. I canīt stop waiting the new song, is great. I only want to say to you THANKS YOU for all these years. For my site I made a wallpapers call sonic boom, if you want go to:
modern day delilah
Subject: modern day delilah
From: daniel vellucci on 08/21/2009
Kiss, your new single modern day delilah is just amazing, the thing about this lineup was i had no idea what to expect with the new album and i have to say its hardcore and its rock n roll. I was in punta cana for a week and i couldnt wait to log on to kissonline, and the day i come back, i get to hear the new song and now im more anxious to buy the album it'll be awesome. Btw, you guys are the reason i picked up a guitar.
From: Ruby on 08/21/2009
I can't beleive I'm actually sending a letter to KISS! the best band of all time!! I have all the albums up to dynasty I want unmasked soon. I also have all of the alive albums! My favourite song is Rock Bottom, and King Of The Night Time World also Nothin to Loose. I always pretend to be Paul Stanley and I'm going to school for a hero's day dressed as PAUL!!!! I wish that you guys would tour Australia! That would be awesome as!!! I would come, and I wouldn't bring a laser! I watch that video on youtube when that jerk brought the laser what an idiot!

my 40 birthday
Subject: my 40 birthday
From: on 08/21/2009
Hi my favorite band!!!

This is a picture from my 40 birthday party: my wife, I, daughter and our 82 years old grandfather... many greetings from Czech land send you Zoran.
the new song
Subject: the new song
From: stauffdogg on 08/20/2009
sweet if this song is any indicaton of the new album it is unbelievable.this is the kiss album we have been waiting for
Apple Pie
Subject: Kiss Apple Pie
From: Robert Espinosa on 08/20/2009
My girlfriend baked this for me just because. :)
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