Ibanez PS10LTD
Subject: Ibanez PS10LTD
From: magictouch1975 on 06/23/2009
Hey KISSOnline!!!!

If you could put this up on the site......I'd REALLY Appreciate it! Thanx!

          This letter is directed to all KISS Memorabilia Collectors. I have a 1995 Ibanez PS10 LTD In MINT CONDITION (Never Played,Plastic still on pickups & Pickguard.). I also got it autographed by Paul Stanley @ the '95 Unplugged Convention that I attended in Pittsburgh. I am deciding to sell it because this is the only way I would be able to afford a Meet & Greet Package when the band tours in the fall. I'm posting this letter here, because I want it to be bought by a KISS Fan so I know It will remain a collectors piece & not be played. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE!!!!! If you don't intend to buy it.....Don't waste my time..... I really want to get a Meet & Greet Package for this tour! I've included a recent picture of the guitar.

Thank you for your time!!!!!

Mike Crawford
Ashland, Pa
From: KissArmySpain.com on 06/23/2009

Thanks to Eric Singer of KISS and Ceaser from Alice Cooper who hit the floor for Game 5 of the Lakers / Rockets playoff series. A good time was had by all as the Lakers took the victory with a hefty margin. The Lakers started fast and never looked back on 12 Tuesday, cruising to an easy 118-78 win in Game 5 of the conference semifinals. Kobe led with 26 points.

Posted by kissarmyspain.com
From: kolumbiakissfan on 06/22/2009
I'M AN OLD kiss fan and have been so since I was 7 years old. I came very close to you in the last KISS Concert in Bogota, Colombia. Thank you for finally coming, this was the dream of my life. I AM IN AWE OF YOU, I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU. I dressed like KISS AND I WAS DREAMING THAT I WAS ONE OF THE BAND. YOU ARE INVITED TO SEE MY PAGE FOR WATCHING find videos Kolumbia KISS FAN


is Everywhere
Subject: Kiss is Everywhere
From: pierkain on 06/22/2009

Check out this fan from yesterday's Confederation Cup SoccerMatch between Italy and Brazil!!


Subject: PRESAGIO show
From: andybuonfrate on 06/21/2009

I just wanted to show you my PAUL look when I played with my band PRESAGIO last weekend in Buenos Aires.

I'm looking forward to listening to the new KISS cd.

I am rehearsing with KISSOFRENIA too, we are preparing a new show including new songs!!!!

www.kissofrenia.com .
www.presagioweb-com.ar .
To Janice & Eddie & Anthony!!!!!!!!
Subject: To Janice & Eddie & Anthony!!!!!!!!
From: Tony Whitfield Los Angeles CA on 06/21/2009
Hi Janice,

My Name is Tony Whitfield. Like you and your sons, I am also a big kiss fan. I just read your letter here on kissonline.

It's so cool to know that your sons are moved by the songs of KISS!!!!!!! The SONGS, FIRE, BLOOD, MAKEUP, AND SHOW MEAN A LOT TO ME TOO. I HAVE CP!!!!!!!! So, I understand. To you Eddie & Anthony, I say hang in there STAY STRONG & SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!



Also, go to www.songwizard.com & Go to Daves friend Tony. THERE IS A PHOTO OF ME WITH A VERY COOL T.SHIRT ON.

Subject: School
From: dr_tongue on 06/21/2009

School is ending in Austria now and I had a lot of problems this year. I had bad marks and it was possible that i have to repeat this grade. Life was hard in the last few weeks but every day I listened to kiss. Then i listened to the PSYCHO CIRCUS album to track number 7! The song is called raise your glasses!!! there was one sentence which gave me power again!!! "Been broken down, but not defeated I kept on punching back till i succeeded" yes I did it!! I made 7 exams in one and a half weeks!!! GUESS WHAT, I PASSED!!


Two BIG Fans
Subject: Two BIG KISS Fans
From: A Very Thankful Mom on 06/19/2009
One of my twin sons, who are both handicapped and wheelchair bound, were recently in ICU at the hospital. He had breathing problems. In the past it was pneumonia. This time he wasn't releasing his carbon dioxide properly which made his fingers and lips turn blue. He was sedated and needed a breathing tube put into his airway right away. The next day he was still out of it, I asked his nurse if he can still hear everything even though he is out. The nurse said "Oh yes". So, I put my MP3 player on for him, which has a lot of KISS songs on it. He didn't make any kind of response... yet.

The next day I was flipping channels and started watching the Today show. I heard that Gene Simmons was going to be coming up next. I said to my son "Did you hear that?! Gene Simmons is coming up next!" He tried so hard to open his eyes and did manage to keep them open only for about 5 seconds or so. Then when Gene came on he watched the whole interview. So then, after that, I decided to put on one of his favorite dvd's from Kissology 3, which is disc 3. While the dvd was playing he kept opening his eyes and watching for a while and then closing his eyes again. Throughout the whole dvd, his nurse kept checking on him. When the dvd was over the nurse said to me, "His vitals remained low and stable through the whole dvd." I was so amazed.

After 4 days he was finally weaned off his breathing tube until it was ok to remove it.

Monday morning I brought my son a surprise. I taped the first show of season 4's, Gene Simmons Family Jewels. When I told my son about it he put a BIG smile on. He watched the whole show laughing and smiling.

He remained in the hospital for one week and happily is recuperating at home.

Back in February of this year, we had an amazing moment and met with Paul Stanley at his art show. I made arrangements with someone that works at the gallery and she spoke to the owner who made this great surprise for my sons happen. Paul was so patient and kind. His photographer took a lot of pictures. The gallery made two collages with each of Paul's autographs in the collage. It is BEAUTIFUL! My sons received two surprises, meeting Paul Stanley and the collages. The photo attached is the same photo I put up in my sons room when he was in the hospital. Every time he looked at it he put a BIG smile on his face.

We love to watch Kissology so when my other son is in the hospital I put it on for him. He loves Gene Simmons Family Jewels or anything else that has to do with KISS. All the while he is smiling.

I can't thank KISS enough for being there and STAYING STRONG!! None of the great moments and you guys helping my sons recuperate would have happened without you. We are and always will be KISS fans.

Sincerely with a mother's love,
Janice, and of course, Eddie and Anthony
A Wedding Toast.... Style
Subject: A Wedding Toast....KISS Style
From: sta98 on 06/19/2009
Today, June 19th, is my 5 year wedding anniversary to my wife, Carla. I wanted to share the toast my best man, Mike, gave on our wedding night.

Raise Your Glasses
Thomas & Carla
June 19, 2004

It seems like 100,000 Years ago when this All American Man and this Torpedo Girl met this Hooligan. We lived, in many ways, Larger Than Life, as if we had Nothing To Lose. Always with Great Expectations, aiming to be King Of The Mountain. That was long ago, when our Flaming Youth seemed like it would last Forever. I Sure Know Something...we were Partners in Crime.

Fast forward many days and many Crazy Nights to the great occasion that brings us here today. Celebrating a Childhood's End and the beginning for Mr. and Mrs. Meyer, of a new Reason To Live. As a saying goes that you've heard many time and it's actually come true for both of you:

You Wanted The Best... and You Got The Best.

And so my friends, Raise Your Glasses. For Thomas and Carla, May you always Rock and Roll All Nite...and party everyday!

Thanks for the honor, Love and best wishes,

Happy Anniversary Carla, Love Ya!

fans need to vote!!!
Subject: KISS fans need to vote!!!
From: slartibartfast on 06/19/2009
To all KISS fans you need to vote for KISS in the Hottest 100 songs of all time ! The Australian radio station Triple J (A Government funded youth network) runs an annual Hottest 100 each year. Usually fans vote for the songs from the previous year. Now they're calling for votes for the Hottest 100 songs of all time. Go to www.abc.net.au/triplej to vote for KISS now! Particularly if you're in Australia. I voted for Detroit Rock City of course!!!
The True Ultimate Fan
Subject: The True Ultimate Kiss Fan
From: inkmantattoos on 06/18/2009
This Letter is to all You Posers Out there!!!!!!!!

I am the Mad Inkman!! of Atlanta georgia... and I feel that Alot of people claim to be true kiss fans because they got a kiss tattoo!!!! Well members of kiss and to all the world"s kiss fans... i want you to come and check out my video of me tattooing my leg in entirety to my true idols ,the original 4 kiss members !!!!

I am a true kiss fan, raised in ace frehleys apartment building in the bronx on 201 st street and Marion ave, next to moshula pkwy.... and have had a life time of kiss experiences.... i tattooed half of my leg in tribute to the gods of heavy metal.... come watch for yourselves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfGFi2iEi-4

write me and tell me what you think

About the Balloon...
Subject: About the Kiss Balloon...
From: larakiss123 on 06/17/2009
Hi! I am a fan from Brazil and i have a contest to do!

I saw this video of the Kiss Balloon and I would like to say for you guys the event happened in the state of Minas Gerais, close to a city called BELO HORIZONTE.

Do you recall us??

This event with balloons just proves (I don't know how can I write it!) to you that we want Kiss again here in Brazil. Belo Horizonte misses the band since '83!!

My uncle was at that concert and I went to the Rio concert this year!

This city wants to see Kiss again, and I wish I could go with my uncle.

Thank you for receiving my letter! I love you and Gene, I drew you!

My 2 year old rocking to ology!!
Subject: My 2 year old rocking to KISSology!!
From: robkis73 on 06/17/2009
Hey this is Rob Kiskaden wanting to share a video of my 2 year old son rocking out to KISS. He loves the band and music, and regularly watches the KISSology DVD's with me. He thought he was part of the audience when we were watching the Tokyo 1977 concert, up until he noticed I was videoing him. I'm still trying to convince his mom to let him join me to see the fall tour HOPEFULLY coming to Lexington, KY.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HQvHbU5N9Q .
thanks for make my dream come true
Subject: thanks for make my dream come true
From: kisshell on 06/17/2009
hello guys HERE IS DANILO from BRAZIL, sorry i dont know how to say much in English, but i know to say I LOVE YOU. thanks for come back to brazil, i was there, the best night of my life. the night of april 7th the best of my life.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Demand-it Ultimate Fan Contest
Subject: Demand-it Ultimate KISS Fan Contest
From: elgaby on 06/17/2009
Hello, I have been trying to upload my video for the ultimate KISS fan contest and it shows in youtube but it does not show on your site like the other 7 videos you have posted. I know I have a great video that I would love to share with the rest of the fans, can you please help me? I will give you the link to the video. It will mean a lot to me to be able to be a part of this contest.

Thank you very much

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