The True Ultimate Fan
Subject: The True Ultimate Kiss Fan
From: inkmantattoos on 06/18/2009
This Letter is to all You Posers Out there!!!!!!!!

I am the Mad Inkman!! of Atlanta georgia... and I feel that Alot of people claim to be true kiss fans because they got a kiss tattoo!!!! Well members of kiss and to all the world"s kiss fans... i want you to come and check out my video of me tattooing my leg in entirety to my true idols ,the original 4 kiss members !!!!

I am a true kiss fan, raised in ace frehleys apartment building in the bronx on 201 st street and Marion ave, next to moshula pkwy.... and have had a life time of kiss experiences.... i tattooed half of my leg in tribute to the gods of heavy metal.... come watch for yourselves.

write me and tell me what you think

About the Balloon...
Subject: About the Kiss Balloon...
From: larakiss123 on 06/17/2009
Hi! I am a fan from Brazil and i have a contest to do!

I saw this video of the Kiss Balloon and I would like to say for you guys the event happened in the state of Minas Gerais, close to a city called BELO HORIZONTE.

Do you recall us??

This event with balloons just proves (I don't know how can I write it!) to you that we want Kiss again here in Brazil. Belo Horizonte misses the band since '83!!

My uncle was at that concert and I went to the Rio concert this year!

This city wants to see Kiss again, and I wish I could go with my uncle.

Thank you for receiving my letter! I love you and Gene, I drew you!

My 2 year old rocking to ology!!
Subject: My 2 year old rocking to KISSology!!
From: robkis73 on 06/17/2009
Hey this is Rob Kiskaden wanting to share a video of my 2 year old son rocking out to KISS. He loves the band and music, and regularly watches the KISSology DVD's with me. He thought he was part of the audience when we were watching the Tokyo 1977 concert, up until he noticed I was videoing him. I'm still trying to convince his mom to let him join me to see the fall tour HOPEFULLY coming to Lexington, KY. .
thanks for make my dream come true
Subject: thanks for make my dream come true
From: kisshell on 06/17/2009
hello guys HERE IS DANILO from BRAZIL, sorry i dont know how to say much in English, but i know to say I LOVE YOU. thanks for come back to brazil, i was there, the best night of my life. the night of april 7th the best of my life.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Demand-it Ultimate Fan Contest
Subject: Demand-it Ultimate KISS Fan Contest
From: elgaby on 06/17/2009
Hello, I have been trying to upload my video for the ultimate KISS fan contest and it shows in youtube but it does not show on your site like the other 7 videos you have posted. I know I have a great video that I would love to share with the rest of the fans, can you please help me? I will give you the link to the video. It will mean a lot to me to be able to be a part of this contest.

Thank you very much
The Trip Of A Lifetime!
Subject: The Trip Of A Lifetime!
From: anthonym on 06/17/2009
We are about to start the trip of a lifetime. We are from New York City, and we are about to see KISS in Milwaukee, Sarnia, Windsor, Montreal, Halifax, and Paso Robles. Not only that, but we are doing the MEET AND GREET with you in Paso Robles. THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!

I have seen every KISS tour since Dynasty. There is NOTHING IN THE WORLD that can come close to the EXCITEMENT of a KISS concert!!!! The greatest memories of my life have all been related to seeing KISS. It is truly an experience unlike any other.

In the recent past, we have seen you in Cadott, San Jacinto, Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe. It is an amazing feeling knowing that we are boarding a plane and at the other end of the flight there is KISS.

I want to take this opportunity to thank KISS for the years of happiness you have given to the fans, and especially me. I am so PROUD to be a part of THE KISS ARMY!!!!

If anyone out there wants to experience a life changing event, he or she needs to buy tickets and join the KISS FAMILY!

Nothing makes me happier than knowing I am going to see 6 more KISS shows. . .and a fall U.S. tour is coming our way too!!!!

See you in California. I will be the one wearing the blue University of Michigan hat. We can\'t wait to meet you.


See you on tour. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony Magnotti
Staten Island, NY
From: Marcio on 06/16/2009
KISS is everywhere... Balloon Party ( Brazilian balloon contest )


Thanks Brother !


I have been trying to submit this letter...but my pic is too large
Subject: I have been trying to submit this letter...but my pic is too large
From: djfrance on 06/16/2009
12-year-old Kevin Brewster of Chapmanville, WV was sure of one thing. He wanted his 13th birthday party to rock! He encouraged his parents to throw him a huge "Guitar Hero" themed party in a local school's gymnasium. Kevin and his band "War Threat" would play to open the party. Then, things would be turned over to me, a local DJ. Kevin and I are both huge KISS fans. Kevin didn't know this, but his mom did. So when the stage curtain opened and the crowd of about 200 kids heard the sounds of Detroit Rock City blasting throughout the gym, and I walked out decked in my replica Gene costume, the place went nuts. Just to see the look on Kevin's face! It was awesome. I have to admit I was a little worried how it would go over right before they opened the curtain. Now I say never doubt the power of KISS! I spent more than an hour taking pictures with the kids after the party ended! I feel like I did my little part in recruiting some new members to the army.

Picture link...
Catman Doll
Subject: Catman Doll
From: radom1 on 06/16/2009
Hi KISS! It's Cassius and I just wanted to tell you that I got an Eric Singer doll today in the mail!!! Now i know what some of you might be thinking. "Why didn't Cassius say it was a Peter Criss Doll instead of an Eric Singer doll?". The answer to that question is because it only says "catman doll" on the side of the box I decided to say Eric Singer because he is the new catman...

My Life changed February 9, 1976...
Subject: My Life changed February 9, 1976...
From: Scott on 06/16/2009
After viewing KISS for the first time on TV in the mid 70's I found what true Rock & Roll stood for. I could not wait to see KISS live. Finally after 3 canceled concerts my dream would come true. My senior year in high school I was able to experience KISS live, and it is still a part of my life.

February 9, 1976, we arrived early at the Terrace Ballroom in Salt Lake City, Utah. This venue only had festival seating (no chairs, just standing). I was one of the first ones in when the doors opened and I found myself center stage, front row.

When KISS finally took the stage I was in awe, I could not believe that KISS was there in front of me, live and in person. I can't begin to explain my feelings, I can still remember the feeling of utter excitement even after over 30 years. Gene spit drops of blood on me, I was overwhelmed. Pounding out the beat of each song on the stage, having you all sweat on me.

During the encore I noticed that Paul had a guitar with his signature on it and I thought that he just might give it up. Well, I was correct but only after it was smashed on the stage. I found in my arms a signed guitar from Paul Stanley, I had blood on me from Gene. What more was there to life, this was it, I was truly happy. I had to hide the guitar under my shirt as people were trying to rip it out of my hands.

When I arrived home my mom freaked and wanted to call 911, all she saw was blood all over me and a broken guitar in my hands. I finally calmed her down. The guitar hangs on the wall in my office and I proudly show it to anyone who I know will appreciate what it stands for, true Rock & Roll legends.

We are now much older and wiser but I still am able to transport myself back to those days when life consisted of Rock, cars, girls and just hanging out (not always in that order). I thank you all for being an instrumental part, a driving force of my teenage years. I still have the first car (1967 Mustang) I bought when I turned 16, I have the original 8-track tapes and when I get in this car and plug in Kiss Alive and I am instantly 17 again.

Again Thank you all for the memories.

come to mexico please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: come to mexico please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: jacquez on 06/16/2009
My name is Felipe, I'm from Monterrey Mexico and I am 16.

South American Tour
United States Tour
Canadian Tour

and guys, what about Mexico!!!!!!!

please come back this year

Mexico WANTS YOU to come back this year

From: bdunn2003 on 06/16/2009
Dear KISS and KISS Army,

I have been a long time KISS fan (1976) and have done many a doodle over the years. I was ECSTATIC to say the least when I saw the contest from I threw my proverbial hat in the ring with my humble submission. I hope you like it! Hope to see you in Omaha too!

Bill Dunn .
From: BILBO on 06/16/2009
Design By Humans is running a KISS T-shirt design contest that has over five hundred entrants. I myself have over twenty five designs in the running. .
New "Demon" Costume Reaches Saudi Arabia
Subject: New "Demon" Costume Reaches Saudi Arabia
From: Anan Al-Sabban on 06/16/2009

I just wanted to share with you a picture of me in my new Gene Simmons "Demon" Costume and the youngest Saudi KISS fan (my son) fooling around.

I have to say this is some good quality stuff!

Thank you for all the support and appreciation to your fans around the world.

Hope to see you again soon,

Anan Al-Sabban
Kiss Army - Saudi Arabia
Subject: Thanks!!!
From: efrenesparza on 06/15/2009
I only want to say THANK YOU to KISS for doing the "DESIGN for KISS" contest!!!
Im Efren Esparza from Mexico and this is my first contest!!! My design is dedicated to my daughter 11 years and for all the WOMAN in the KISS army!!!
The name of the design is "KISS for a Princess"

Thanks for your VOTE and your comments!!! still ROCKIN FOREVER!!!
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