How changed a country 1983.
Subject: How Kiss changed a country 1983.
From: Alex on 08/12/2009
To Paul and Gene. There is a big country in South America called Brasil ,that you know very well, but perhaps you dont know how Kiss changed the face of a generation during an important time of transition to democracy in our country.
From 1981 to85 the whole country went to the streets asking for the end of the military regime, we wanted democracy,we wanted to vote,we wanted to open the country to the rest of the world.
Rocknroll during the military regime was very marginal.We never had a major rock concert in the country til 1983...
The album was Creatures of the night, and it hit the stores together with the shows schedule in Sao Paulo,Rio,Belo Horizonte.The country was taken by storm.Kids would go nuts just looking at the cover of the album.The video from I love it loud start playing on tv late at night.Kids would stay til late to see it, and comment in school the day after. But the military and religious conservatives started a campaing against the realization of the concert. They will put parents on panic giving away flyers in schools and universyties saying that Kiss were massengers of evil and that a great catastrofy would happen to those who attent.K ids In S atans S ervice it was writen.Animal sacrifices onstage....very bizzare.You please have to consider that our country got the 1st major rock concert with less.The looks,the performence would scare your parents much more than any other band at the time.I dont think that Cheap Trick would have the same problem if they were playing here at the time.They tryed to put a lot of pressure in the kids, and I know for a fact that thousands of those kids attended that concert without their parents permission (including me).
The Kiss concerts in Brasil 1983 were a experience that nobody will ever forget.With the unique formation of Gene,Paul,Vinnie Vicent and Eric Carr that had his drumkit on the top of a War Cannon That fires during his solo.Blood spitting,pirotecnics,Paul destroying a guitar...we got out of that stadium without knowing what hit us,we felt like rockroll superheros.The show was a celebration of rock and peace.In one of the Kiss videos,Paul refers to this concerts as the biggest crownd Kiss ever got, 150 000 in Maracana stadium in Rio and 100 000 plus in Sao paulo just to see Kiss.
Well ,to finish the story,after that concert,Brasil became a part of the international tours of the greatest rocknroll bands and also, other styles too.Big festivals started to be organized like the first Rock in Rio in 85 with Ozzy,Iron,Whitesnake and others.The same year we elected our first president.We are know today as a warm and very intense audience that caused even the release of DVDs from major international bands live in BRASIL.

Um Abraco
KISS FAN since 1983.
Thank you Kiss
Alkbottle with Guitars
Subject: Alkbottle with KISS Guitars
From: Mario Ebner on 08/12/2009
KISS played on a Gig in Graz on 8.8. as a Special Detroit Rock City with my collected KISS Guitars - Yours Mario Ebner
Subject: KISS
From: SamuelF on 08/11/2009
jJust wanted to say thanks for the new album,which i wait for with baited never changes, i start getting nervous the closer the release date gets.I just have this feelin that this is going to be like creatures was, a home run of an album thats emphatically states who and what you are.The best D#*#* band in the world.Keep rockin KISS and i'll be right there with you every step of the way.Your greatest fan Samuel
Birthday cake
Subject: Birthday cake
From: Dennis on 08/11/2009
My sister made me this great cake for my birthday and I wanted to show it off!
you guys rock!
Subject: you guys rock!
From: Sandie in Montreal on 08/11/2009
hey guys! I've seen your show on July 13 and it rocked! It was the 4th time I saw you in concert. Everytime, I feel like a kid in a toy store. Not only does your show rocks but it is soooo much fun! It's like a big party for 15,000 people! I was amazed at the age range at your show. I was sitting next to 7 year old kids wearing make up. Guess your music transcend generations.. Can't wait to see you guys soon!
LOCAL DJ creates a ROCK N ROLL Birthday for fellow fan
Subject: LOCAL DJ creates a ROCK N ROLL Birthday for fellow fan
From: Bill France on 08/11/2009
Guys!!! You are the greatest band in the history of the planet. I can't wait to check out the new album. I was recently asked to DJ a birthday party for a friend's son. The 13 year old wanted a Guitar Hero themed party. He asked that everyone wear a shirt of their favorite rock band. He was wearing a KISS shirt. His mom knew I was a card carrying fanatic of the KISS army. So she asked me to provide the music...little did either know I was planning to take his birthday to the next level by showing up in full on Gene Simmons costume. The kids had a great time and I'm sure I recruited a few new members to the KISS army! I hope to see you guys on tour soon! Are new costumes a possibility for the new album and tour?

Thanks for all the years of magic!

Bill France
Logan, WV
We absolutely love you!
Subject: We absolutely love you!
From: on 08/11/2009

Thank you for making us the HAPPIEST TWO GIRLS in the WORLD!

Just a little over a week ago, our spirits plummeted when we were not selected as one of the winners of the Ultimate KISS Fan contest. We believed that our chance to meet KISS and be photographed with the band was such a long way off.

You see, we traveled to Buenos Aires to see the show in April. At that time, we were invited backstage to meet the band. Unfortunately, there was so much chaos backstage, we were asked to clear the area. At that time, we did have an opportunity to get a picture with Tommy and Gene. Having the opportunity to see KISS in a venue like Buenos Aires was life changing, and coming home with two very special pictures was an amazing gift. And yet, we still left with the desire to have a picture with the whole band.

This last week has truly been one of the best of our lives. First, we won tickets to see 3/4 of KISS unmasked at the Radical Publishing party at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. It was like seeing KISS at a private house party. We were blown away.

And then... WE MET KISS backstage in Paso Robles and left with the picture of our dreams. THANK YOU KISS, and a very special THANK YOU to Dean and Mike. While backstage we felt as if we were in a dream. Everything happened so fast. Our hearts raced... we felt SO ALIVE...

And then, Tommy remembered us. How mind blowing is that! He remembered the picture we took together in Buenos Aires.

We truly are the luckiest girls in the whole world... (and yes, the harder we work, the luckier we seem to get).

So for all the amazing KISS fans, dreams DO come true... don't stop believing.

KISS, we are the KISS ARMY VIXENS and we are awaiting our next assignment. We will follow you anywhere. You will never have to ask if we love you... we will forever let you know it...

All our love and KISSes,

The Kiss Army Vixens
Subject: Voodoo
From: Tyler Shelton on 08/11/2009
KISS playing Voodoo Fest. the best think to happen. New Orleans rock n roll with KISS all night and all day. Thanks for playing Voodoo Fest. See you there KISS.
Trib band in Car safety commercial
Subject: KISS Trib band in Car safety commercial
From: Maarten Bijnens on 08/11/2009
Here's the link, I forgot:


Maarten Bijnens
1 year old fan
Subject: 1 year old KISS fan
From: David Rotramel on 08/10/2009
Here is a picture of my son Nicholas from his 1 year photo shoot, with his best rock and roll attitude! His dad has been a fan since he bought Alive! in 1976, and is anxious to see KISS for the tenth time when they (hopefully) come to Kansas City!

Concert in Mexico
Subject: Concert in Mexico
From: VĂ­ctor Wildcat on 08/10/2009
Hi, guys kiss.
You are an authentic band anyone can not be.
Well just wanted to ask if they were not thought to come to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. I am a big fan of you even if you have not lived 13 years and in the years of his time, (and I would have liked to live) is a lot about you and your band and I would like to organize a concert here in my town.
Actually it would be the first to buy a ticket for her concert.
Explode with excitement to see you here.
Well just ask you to consider coming here.

Thank You
Subject: Thank You
From: Shirley Holm on 08/10/2009

I have been a Huge KISS Fan for 9 yrs now, and joined the KISS Army5-6yrs ago and very proud to be a part of it all. My Best Friend/Sister Stephanie experienced the 2003 and 2004 Columbus,Ohio KISS Koncerts and had the time of our lives. We want to say Thanks You to each and everyone of you for the Great Music you have given us over the yrs..Looking forward to the new KISS Album and perhaps the chance to see ya live this Fall 2009, take care Gene,Paul,Tommy and Eric, you guys are the best, keep on a Rockin' and Thanks.

I really want you guys to come to my area
Subject: I really want you guys to come to my area
From: Damon on 08/10/2009
Dear Kiss, I really want you guys to come to Indianapolis or Terre Haute or Springfield. I live in the middle of those towns so I could make it. I would love to see you guys. I've told my parents that no matter what, if you guys are in our area we are seeing you. PLEASE COME!

Keep rocking,
Alive tour AGAIN A MUST
Subject: Alive tour AGAIN A MUST
From: Drew Kerr on 08/10/2009
Hi Guys im writing from Adelaide in South Australia, I was close to front row at your first gig in Melbourne after the Grand Prix in 08 and my best friend & I are heading over to America on the West Coast late September . We are so hoping to see the concert again in America would make our boys trip the ulitmate, Can you let us know any dates you may have between September 24 and October 4.. Cheers and Keep Rocking KISS 4 EVA DREW
From: Wendy on 08/10/2009
Cadillac would love to welcome the real Kiss back to Cadillac once again.
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