Gene Simmons & band members
Subject: Gene Simmons & band members
From: mklarin on 05/20/2009
Dear KISS,

I wanted to let you know that my 2 1/2 year old son is in LOVE with you guys that your are all we listen to 24 hours a day and watch on tv. He plays his drums and my head rest in my car "LOL" to every beat of your songs and knows mostly all your songs word for word. He keeps telling everyone that you guys are coming to his 3rd Birthday and that he is going to your concert. We can't wait for you to come to California so we can take him. He is going to be so excited. Everyday he pretends he puts on his make just like yours, and he says he can make blood drip from his tongue. Thanks again.

The Klarin's From California
Celebrating in Moscow, Russia
Subject: Celebrating KISS in Moscow, Russia
From: paulpott on 05/20/2009
The 24th of May will always be a special date for the Russian KISS fans. In 1998 the very first Russian KISS-Convention took place on this date. Ten years after, in 2008, we have finally got the best - as the first ever KISS concert in Russia happened on the very same day! So, in 2009 KISS fans in Moscow are about to celebrate two of these historical events... same date, May 24!
From: on 05/20/2009
NEW KISS SPECIAL MAGAZINE (FROM SPAIN), New KISS magazine Metal Hammer (Poster Express) Number 2.
8 Exclusive Mega Posters!
Ikons cards
Subject: KISS Ikons cards
From: radom1 on 05/19/2009
Hello KISS! My name is cassius and I am a big fan. I recentley got the KISS Ikons Cards Blaster Box and it is great. I recieved a Gene Simmons stage worn costume swatch and put it in a frame! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! So thanks for being so good to your fans and I love you. All the best, Cassius=)
Article in Springfield, IL newspaper about
Subject: Article in Springfield, IL newspaper about
From: mikeyqlz on 05/18/2009
I was featured in the State Journal Register, from Springfield, IL., holding my Kiss Alive album. The article was about the first album ever bought. I thought I'd share this. The link is
Cape Giradeau Fan Convention June 13th
Subject: Cape Giradeau Kiss Fan Convention June 13th
From: rockmaster316 on 05/17/2009
I wanted to send you the info on the Kiss Fan convention in Cape Girardeau, Missouri for Saterday June 13th from Noon til 7pm. Bill Baker (Ace Frehley Archives) will be the Special Guest and Ace Frehley Tribute band ROCKET RIDE and Local Band DRIVIN RAIN will be performing after the Convention. There will be Costume, air Guitar, and Art Contests as well as a showing of Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park as well. Tickets for this event is 10 dollars in advance and can be ordered by calling 573-339-0991 and is 15 at the door. Attached is the flyer for the event!

John Wicker
Kiss Army Missouri
Hello!... When you come to Mexico?? :'(
Subject: Hello!... When you come to Mexico?? :'(
From: leibby57 on 05/16/2009
I'm Leibby.

Please let me speak my language.

Tengo 16 años de edad, y vivo en Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Se que nunca vendrán a esta ciudad. Pero me encantaría conocerlos, quizá puedan venir a Monterrey, Nuevo León, ó a la Cd. de Mexico. Aunque estas ciudades estan lejos de mi, yo iría... ustedes son mi mas grande anhelo.

Paul Stanley; eres una estrella (literalmente hablando), tienes brillo propio!... como cantante, guitarrista, compositor, y sin duda alguna, hasta de pintor... en cada una de tus obras artisticas, ya sea una pintura, o una canción... expresas lo que sientes, y lo transmites. Y yo gustosa lo recibo. Ah! muchas felicidades por la llegada de Sarah Brianna (un poco tarde, lo siento), muy lindo nombre por cierto!.

Gene Simmons; todo un dios!.. solo a alguien como tu le quedan las mallas tan varonilmente!... Eres una leyenda sin duda alguna, al morir serías una celebridad (si no fuera porque eres eterno! ^^). El talento esta en tus venas!.. que suerte para Nick!... espero que siga con el legado de "La Lengua del Rock".

Lamento no tener comentarios sobre Eric Singer y Tommy Thayer... lo que sucede es que no tengo mucho de formar parte de The Kiss Army, y lo que hasta ahora sé no es de la actual alineación, pero no me cabe la menor duda de que deben ser los mejores en lo que hacen, porque sino, no estarían en KISS!.

De verdad quiero conocerlos, se que no soy la mejor fan, pues no tengo mucho tiempo en esto, pero sí soy dedicada, y desde hace un tiempo ustedes son todo para mí.
Su musica, me permite seguir por este camino de baldosas amarillas... haha. :)
Larga vida a Paul Stanley,
larga vida a Gene Simmons,
larga vida a Tommy Thayer,
larga vida a Eric Singer...

Larga vida al Rock!!

I wanna Rock and Roll all Nite, and party every day!!

Aqui una foto mia... y que viva el Rock!
in Lima!!!
Subject: Kiss in Lima!!!
From: martin8003 on 05/15/2009
kiss in Lima Peru, thanks for the dream come true, long live the rock n roll!!! hey Gene!!!!
Just 1 Month? I Can't believe it!
Subject: Just 1 Month? I Can't believe it!
From: Nicolas Diaz on 05/14/2009
Hey KISS Army,

I can't believe that just 1 month ago KISS came to my country "PERU". We are still very excited! That day (04.14.09) was just magic for me because I have been a KISS fan for 12 years. To see Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy was the best gift that any KISS fan can ask for. We are waiting for the Peruvian KISS Expo, and we hope another KISS concert will come to Lima. I still remember the words, "LIMA YOU ARE A ROCK CITY" and then they started to play "Detroit Rock City". It was amazing especially when they came out with the Peruvian Flag ¡OMG! well Goodbye to every one and keep rockin' with KISS.

Nicolas Diaz.
Lima, Peru
Hello !! I`m from CHILE
Subject: Hello !! I`m from CHILE
From: javier_ace on 05/14/2009
You are the best! Hello Kiss. My name is Javier. I`m from Chile. This photo takes with my camera in Santiago in the concert of my life. I wait to see them the following year. GENE !! You are the best.
1 Year Party from in Athens
Subject: 1 Year Party from KISS in Athens
From: Greek KISS Army on 05/14/2009
Here is the poster again...
1 Year Party from in Athens
Subject: 1 Year Party from KISS in Athens
From: Greek KISS Army on 05/14/2009
1 year has gone by since KISS blew Athens away! And what a show that was!!!

The Greek KISS Army is celebrating this with a huge party in Athens.

KISS music all night long, great kiss memorabilia to give away, special kiss videos, and special appearances and surprises.

On the 23rd of May, at Easy Livin', in Holargos.
Doors open 21:00
(Stratigou Kokola 18)

If you are in Athens, come for a great KISS night out!!

More info @

Happy Birthday Eric Singer
Subject: Happy Birthday Eric Singer
From: yokarikaira on 05/13/2009
Hello dear friends Paul, Gene Tommy and of course Eric who this is dedicated to,

My name is jose Gabriel Torre and I'm writing from Caracas, Venezuela. This is my second or third message to you. I want to wish to Eric A Happy Birthday, I hope that your birthday party was good and I hope I can see you here in Caracas the next year like paul said in the Caracas show (I was there).

I Hope I see you soon again

Jose Gabriel Torre
Caracas, Venezuela
Homer "SpaceMan" Simpson
Subject: Homer "SpaceMan" Simpson
From: luser17 on 05/13/2009
Hi guys,

First of all, you're the best of the best. I love all your songs.

Well, i was watching a Simpson's episode and saw this:

Homer Simpson with the spaceman make up!!! OMG two of my favorite things together.

Well it is all for the moment. Greetings from Mexico

Still in Shock
Subject: Still in Shock
From: Rafael Castellanos on 05/13/2009
Guys, I think you don't realize, I think you are really not aware of what you did to us last Friday April 17th here in Caracas. Yes you have fans around the world; Yes people love you; Yes people say you're great. But all these people have seen you three, four, ten times already!!! But You had never been here in Venezuela, and many people can't afford to travel abroad. So, when we found out you WERE coming, it was like... what?... What?... WHAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?! I personally just sat there speechless in front of my computer when I opened Kissonline and read "Kiss to Rock Venezuela". I had to read it and read it and read it like ten times. I wondered, "Is this April fool's Day?" I had lost hope. I was more or less resigned. I used to whine saying "I am never going to see my favorite band in my life." But... IT WAS TRUE!!!! I immediately got my ticket, and the wait was a torture. One day, two days, a week, two, three weeks, a month, until THE DAY CAME!! Guys, I was lucky enough to get into the press conference and Gene said "You will see what you've never seen before. You will see the greatest show ever." Deep inside I thought, yeah, I love Kiss, but with all due respect, everyone knows the way Gene talks!! But... you know what? He WAS NOT BLUFFING!!! NEVER IN MY 39 YEARS had I seen such a show!!! Never had tears come out of my eyes at the beginning of a show. NEVER had there been such a show in our country!! (And, by the way, many, many, many famous bands have played here!!) THE LEGEND IS TRUE!!! I witnessed it with my own eyes yelling, singing, screaming with my wife. EVERYTHING we expected and TONS more!! Fire, smoke, blood, flying around, solos, all the right songs, loud crystal clear perfect sound (kudos to your sound guy!!), EVERYTHING!!! Thank you, guys. From the bottom of our hearts. From the bottom of MY heart, thank you!! And now the ticket from the show, and some confetti I managed to get with a ski cap are now inside my Kiss box set as a priceless treasure. God Bless, guys!! Rock on!!
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