Subject: Hi Kiss
From: Nicolás on 08/07/2009
Hi Kiss!! Im Nicols. Im 13 years old and I live in Mendoza,Argentina. Thanks for the amazing concert,was the best moment of my life. Come back soon.

please come in croatia
Subject: please come in croatia
From: topani1989@gmail.com on 08/07/2009
i listen kiss all of my life..and i hawe one question ???when are you coming to croatia ..or some place neer .....when you come you can sleep at my place;;)))hahahahaha......big hug and kiss from Poreč ..CROATIA
Rock and Roll
Subject: Rock and Roll
From: Susan Shelley Kokolsky on 08/07/2009
come on guys!!! Winnipeg LOVES YOU!!! Come down and we will definately show you a good time. Hey Gene...bring Shannon and Tracey and we will blow the roof off this city as only Shannon and Tracey can do. Show Winnipeg HOW TO ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT.!!!
New tour
Subject: New tour
From: Guy Babione from Clyde, OH on 08/06/2009
When I was about 10 I heard Destroyer. I have been a fan ever since. My parents did not allow us to go to concerts, and when I was older, I never heard of any KISS concerts until it was too late. I promised myself I would never go to a concert until I have been to a KISS concert. I am 42 now and haven't gone to a concert yet. I hope I get to see KISS on this next tour!
Subject: Sarnia
From: Brian Gaudet on 08/06/2009
Thank you so much. The concert was amazing and I thank my son for being a fan. Loved it and bought several of your CD's

Thanks guys, you are wonderful
is Everywhere
Subject: KISS is Everywhere
From: slaterock on 08/06/2009
My favorite author: Karrin Fossum, dubbed: "The Norwegian Queen of crime" has just released her latest book: The Waters Edge" In it the first victim is found in the woods wearing just a KISS shirt. It just goes to show you- Kiss IS everywhere! Maybe Mrs. Fossum is a fan?
Detroit Rock City
Subject: Detroit Rock City
From: Yours Truely on 08/06/2009
Hiya, Gene,Paul,Tommy,and Eric

I am a huge fan; and i have to tell you what happened to me at a Championship swim meet here in Nebraska. I am 12 and my Swim team was level D. Then I was the final racer, what was awesome was that it was up to me. If i won this race, our team would win and would go up to level C.The race was the Freestyle, and I was so busy working on Breaststroke that i didn't have time to pracice it! So at the begining of the race; I was in the back. All 5 girls were in front of me. Then, i began to sing Detroit Rock City. I grew faster and faster. Then in the end I won! Now my swim team is level C, and thanks to all of u! I can't be more thankful, and i love u and think about coming to Nebraska I would pay the price for Meet and Greet, even if i would be in dept forever.
Subject: bilbao2008
From: truenos on 08/06/2009
hi kiss, thanks for that amazing night...I hope see you with your new brand album...excuse me for my english....
come to mexico
Subject: come to mexico
From: isaiasdelapaz@yahoo.com.mx on 08/06/2009
Hi KISS my name is Isaias i´m 15 years old, and i am from mexico, my brother and i are your biggest fans and we like to see you in a concert in the palacio de los deportes in mexico city DF, please come hear we want KISS in Mexico
Radio !!
Subject: KISS Radio !!
From: DJ WILD on 08/06/2009
Hey Gang,

I own some internet radio stations and after 30 Freaking Years I got to see KISS ALIVE!! All the time growing up Kiss never came to my home in Virginia, However I moved to Canada and they was HERE !!

My wife knowing I was a large Kiss fan got me tickets for my birthday and OMG what a Freaking Show.. I will never forget it and look on this site daily to find out about the new tour that paul said was coming to Montreal and I also made this Kiss Music Intenrnet radio station called Strutter Radio !!

can be heard at http://StrutterRadio.com

Cant wait for the tour dates So I can get tickets right away!! On my radio site I also added the link to join the Kiss Army and plan on adding more links to Kissonline on the site to share the greatest band ever..

I made my saying after you guys.

You Wanted The Best..You Got The Best..The Hottest Radio Station In The World..Strutter Radio !!
Tour Dates
Subject: Tour Dates
From: Moni from NC on 08/05/2009
I just love you guys and hope that you will add some North or South Carolina tour dates to the schedule. I missed out on the chance to see you guys live when I was 15 and it about killed me. Now I am 29 so, it's been a long time coming for me. Please come to the Carolinas. Much love to you all, especially Gene. You rock my socks!!
is everywhere!
Subject: KISS is everywhere!
From: David Staněk on 08/05/2009
Hey KISS Army, i just wanted to let you know about new Hard Rock Cafe in Prague, Czech Republic. It's largest HRC in Europe and memorabilia includes Gene's Axe bass and Paul's Iceman, both seems to be signed and big poster of Gene between them. So please take a little while and watch linked video, half is in english :) http://webtv.idnes.cz/?relation=V090501_213059_tv-hudba_zkl
Tony Hawk Underground
Subject: Tony Hawk Underground
From: Nick on 08/04/2009
Dear KISS,

Hi, I'm Nick and I am 10 years old. I became a KISS fan after your Idol show and a half. I bought a record a 4 cd's. Anyway, I did some research and you guys all appear in Tony Hawk's Underground the video game so, I picked the game up. It's awesome. KISS has a level of there own where you rock out to 3 KISS KLASSICS, and Gene is a character for regular play. You guys are true ROCK GODS.
P.S. please come to Colorado soon.
At Ohio State Fair
Subject: Kiss At Ohio State Fair
From: Scott Carr on 08/04/2009
Hey guys....Just thought I would share this with you. I attended the Ohio State Fair on Saturday night in Columbus, OH and as I was walking around checking out all the rides and stuff we walked by the Rock-n-Roll Funhouse and there was a huge painting of Gene and Paul on the outside of the funhouse. Very cool...it caught my eye from a distance and it was definitely attracting attention of many other people at the fair.

Can't wait for the new record and tour.
is really everywhere
Subject: KISS is really everywhere
From: Hans J. Kok on 08/04/2009
Last saturday we saw a real good Gene lookalike at the Castle Fest near by Castle Keukenhof, Lisse Holland. He looked really awesome - KISS is really everywhere ....

KISS Rocks on
grts Hans J. Kok
the Netherlands, Europe
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