Thank you
Subject: Thank you
From: Stephanie on 07/29/2009
I just wanted to say thank you for a most excellent performance tonight at the California Mid State Fair in Paso Robles, CA. I hope the rest of your summer is wonderful and productive. I look forward to your new album in October? I believe that is what Paul said. Thank you for helping me live a dream too.

Subject: KISS Tattoo
From: Daren Purcell on 07/28/2009
Just Showing My Love For Ya'll, keep up the awsome work!!!!
posted on blog with errors
Subject: posted on blog with errors
From: on 07/28/2009
Hey, thats awesome that our letter was posted, it made us super happy but we noticed there seemed to be a sentence missing for some reason. Anyways thought we would let you know so you could just do a correction. This was the original letter:

We just saw KISS rock the capital here in Ottawa, Canada and it was an amazing show!! That night my 2 1/2 year old son Cooper became a Jr. KISS ARMY member and wanted to send his thanks for such a great show with this pic! He has memorized all the band member names and can sing a few lines of 'Lick it up' already. I think its time to burn down the disney room and make it a KISS room!! Thanks again guys and ROCK ON!!!

Neville Black
Zakk can't wait to meet Gene!
Subject: Zakk can't wait to meet Gene!
From: Sean Sherman on 07/28/2009
Guys - My son Zakk is stoked about the possibility of Kiss coming to Nashville - he's been a fan since he was in the womb. The kid is only 4 but freaked when he saw the Gene costume online and asked my wife and I to buy the suit. He's saving for the meet and greet package (with our help). Hope to see you in Nashville!

Sean, Sharon and Zakkary Sherman
my birthday
Subject: my birthday
From: Claudia on 07/28/2009
Hey KISS, just wanna give you a kind response about the first Canada shows. We traveled on thursday from Germany to Canada to join your first 3 concerts there. Arriving on friday 1am, we drove to Sarnia, stood in the 1st row (on Genes site) and saw an amazing bayfest show. On saturday we drove to Windsor, been in the 6th row on Tommys site ... whow. And on monday we had the privilege to saw the montreal sold out concert. It was my 40th birthday on monday and my husband made this 5 day concert trip as a present to me and with this amazing monday show YOU made a big present to me.
We saw the tour kick off in Melbourne last year and of course some shows in Europe (with one of the best days in our lives-the M&G in Holland-thank you for beeing so nice to us). With this 3 shows in Canada, we found a personal finish of our Alive 35 tour (the Montreal show was on the 13th of July and it was my 13th KISS show and for us the best inside show of your tour. What a great atmosphere, wasn`t it).
Eric and Tommy, thanx for playing this great and worthful roles in the band. Without your playing, we are sure, there would be no KISS anymore!
See you in october.
You rock!!!
Yours Claudia
Thanks Guys
Subject: Thanks Guys
From: kiss20099 on 07/27/2009
Alot of years have gone by.......I've grown up with Kiss......Kiss music has always been in my house. I learned to play guitar because of Ace Frehley...I bought my one and only Les Paul when I was 19 I pumped gas all summer and a week before christmas in 1993 I went and bought my guitar it's on my pictures in my army profile. Kiss today is a mature Kiss and fully understands what it means to have we fans.....and in turn we understand what it means to have them. Tommy and Eric saved the band they make them better I got to meet Eric and let me tell you he was gracious,kind,and very friendly he signed pictures for us talked with us not just b.s. but wanted to know about me and my wife,he took the time to reallyenjoy his time with us I'll never forget's the Kiss way and they never forget who put them where they are and it means the world to me. Thanks Guys for being America's Band,The People's Band and now and forever the World's hottest Band!
Subject: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
From: on 07/27/2009
what a hugh concert you gave us, it's excellent, colourfull shows we need, congrats, and keep on rockingm and come rock to argentina, we want kiss everyday and everynight, forever.- kissesssssssssssssss
Eric Carr
Subject: Eric Carr
From: Garret M. on 07/27/2009

Please make some merchandise of Eric Carr. Maybe some t-shirts. Im trying to look all over for Eric Carr t-shirts. I'm 16 and please listen to me. KISS is my favorite band ever. All i do is listen to KISS and talk about KISS.

thank you
Sarnia Bayfest Concert
Subject: Sarnia Bayfest Concert
From: Laurie C on 07/27/2009
Just wanted to let you guys know how much you rocked at Sarnia Bayfest! Lucky enough to get front row and got some great pics. Enjoyed the whole show (opening band Bobnoxious was really great too)

The pyro was fantastic! Best concert ever seen! Thanks again!
Subject: KISS
From: Samuel Fairchild on 07/27/2009
I have never clicked with any band like i have with you guys. not even close, your apart of me and have beeen sense 1976.When i listen to your music i'm at once picked up and when i watch your concert videos i am elevated to a much higher place.You guys are brothers to me and i am proud of you guys very much.Even though you have been picked on and not appreciated you have fought the fight and now are enjoying the respect and appreciation you should have all along as you watch the doubters get in line to take a big bite out of that humble pie that said you wouldn't make it.I am soo glad that you are still kick'n it and i am looking soo forward to your new album and tour.To me you have always been and always will be the best rock band of all times.Thanks for all you have done, please come out with much more dvd of full concerts and other stuff, i can't get enough and never will. Rock on KISS. Your number one fan . Samuel
From: Tomi on 07/27/2009
Greetings from Finland Here's a pic of our 2-month-old baby girl, wearing the outfit her dad bought her. Next time you guys visit Finland, we might be in the audience.
my 2 year old fan
Subject: my 2 year old KISS fan
From: Neville Black on 07/27/2009
We just saw KISS rock the capital here in Ottawa Canada and it was an amazing show!! That night my 2 1/2 year old son Cooper became wanted to send his thanks for such a great show with this pic!
He has memorised all the band member names and can sing a few lines of 'Lick it up' already. I think its time to burn down the disney room and make it a KISS room!!
Thanks again guys and ROCK ON!!!
From: JOSE SILVA - LIMA PERU on 07/27/2009
Hi Kiss!

I want to share with you this picture It is from my daughter Andrea’s third birthday party! We all got our faces painted and enjoyed some of your music.
My 3 year old became a fan since last April when you came to perform in Peru and I played some DVDs before going to the concert.
I went so see you with my wife and my brothers and it was AWESOME!
Little Andrea didn’t have the chance to see you on stage and keeps asking when will she be able to see play.
She asks me to play ‘I was made for loving you baby’,’Sure Know something’,’Shout it out loud’, and ‘Deuce’, this last one is not only a sing along but a dance along….we all dance together as you do on stage.
I hope that you can come soon, so I can take Andrea this time!
Black Cross
Subject: Black Cross
From: Erwin Frazer on 07/27/2009
Well hi there guys. According to the looks of it Gene is a Motorbike Crosser also. This picture was taken last weekend in Lichtenvoorde ( Holland ) at a festival with over 130.000 visitors. It's a Music, Cross, Circus festival in the middle of nowhere, but Gene managed to find it!! Way to go Gene !!
rocks the Commons
Subject: KISS rocks the Commons
From: on 07/27/2009
Hey Guys,

People in Halifax are still chatting about the show! I'm a long time fan and been to all the KISS lineups live. Of course I love Ace and Peter but, there was a huge noticeable difference in the sound live. Tommy and Eric are great! No one missed a beat, sharp, crisp and clear playing with no out of tune slurs. Vocally you could make out all the lyrics through the loudness. All the old Diehards must go. Listen to what everyone is saying. Don't be was probably one of my favourite times seeing KISS live. After a month of dragging my girlfriend to the show, everything changed...she knew a few songs from my DVDs she may have glanced at. She had a great time seeing them up close. It was a great KISS good nite had by all. Looking forward to the new album and hope you now will make Halifax a regular Canadian stop.

Just a shout out to Shane and his wife from NFLD who took a break on our towel between bands.

Tom & Leigh Ann
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