revenge tribute MEXICO
Subject: revenge tribute kiss MEXICO
From: paruleon on 04/22/2009
This is the Revenge KISS Tribute Band in Mexico

mark simmons
alex frehley
kiki singer
pp starchild
Hi , Hi army
Subject: Hi Kiss , Hi army
From: lupeolca on 04/22/2009
Hi guys,

His tour through Latin America should now be left exhausted and KISS must recharge their batteries to continue the tour in July. I wish you further success of which you have already had.

Tommy, I want to send a special greeting to you. You and your guitar are an excellent complement to one another. Paul you're not a singer, you're THE SINGER, Erick battery with interpretation and Gene genius to move your whole world. Thank you for being the way you are and please remain that way.

Kisses and hugs

God bless

Bogota, Colombia
PAUL, TOMMY, ERIC, GENE.....Gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: PAUL, TOMMY, ERIC, GENE.....Gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: federico666 on 04/22/2009
Hello from Venezuela!!!!!!!!!! KISS Rules!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: KISS Sneakers
From: Beth Coats on 04/22/2009
Check out my hand made KISS Converse sneakers. I have worn these a few times and now all my friends want a pair. The other side of this shoe has Pink Floyd, The Wall. I have been a huge fan of yours for 30 years! Yea... I'm getting old! My boyfriend, back in the 70's and 80's, was Mike Black. You have met him several times along with our friend Joseph Gibbs. Joseph made statues of you guys back in the 70's. Anyway, I just want to make sure I am not going to get in trouble for painting your name, logo, and faces on my shoes or my friends!

Beth Coats
Marion, NC 28752
Subject: RIO
From: Flávio Mayrinck on 04/22/2009
I'm sending you a picture of the concert in Rio last April 8th. The overall visual on it was great! I started listening to rock 'n' roll when kiss came to Brazil in 1983 (I was only 12). When I heard "I Love It Loud" I went crazy. I couldn't stop listening to it. Since then I became a rock 'n' roll addict. Nevertheless, KISS was, and still is, my favorite band!

It was probably the best show I've been to. The amount of flames on the stage, fireworks, and not to forget the paper rain in "Rock n Roll All Nite" was all incredible!

You guys ROCK!!!! Thanks for the visit!!!! Looking forward to listening to the new album!

Best regards!!!
Flavio Mayrinck
Subject: PERU
From: Andrea on 04/22/2009
HI I'm Andrea from Peru......last year here in my school there was a show where my nephew of 5 years participated by singing a song of Kiss "I was made for lovin you". My mother helped with costumes, others helped me with the song. In the end everything went well because it led him to the final and he won as expected .....

Subject: Caitlin
From: Wendy Searle on 04/22/2009
I am the Grammie of a beautiful 6 year old granddaughter ( I will forward the pictures below). I have never seen a 6 year old girl who was absolutely enthralled with your look and music.

She has wanted to dress up as Gene Simmons for Halloweeen for the past 2 years. She finally got her wish on Oct. 31 2008. See the pictures below. It's amazing how much she looks like you! She is beautiful. I went on your website to vote for Kiss to do a show this fall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We would really like to be able to take her to your live performance.

If you have time, would you please send her a letter saying how much you liked her look-a-like costume. She would be thrilled.

Her name is Caitlin Ann Brodie
Her address is 3360 Ponytrail Dr.
Unit 9
Mississauga, Ontario Canada
L4X 1V5

Her phone number is 905-625-9656

Thank you for your time.


Wendy Searle
From: ??? on 04/22/2009
This little guy deserves to be on your page!!!!
From: kiss120295 on 04/22/2009
Hello to all the kiss army,

I'm a Mexican who wants to see Kiss in my country. I'm not alone as I have many friends who also want to see Kiss here. So, PLEASE BRING KISS TO MEXICO CITY.
From: carolport on 04/22/2009
We wanted to thank Tommy so much for taking this picture with us. Traveling from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires was worth every minute just to see KISS up close. The show was absolutely amazing - you guys never disappoint the fans. This was a dream come true. KISS was, is, and will always be the BEST band in the world!!!

Hugs and KISSes
Ottawa Bluesfest 2009
Subject: Ottawa Bluesfest 2009
From: carp0014 on 04/22/2009
I have just read that you are coming back to Ottawa for the Bluesfest in July 2009. I hope I can get tickets for me and my 6 yr old son before they are sold out. I saw your concert at the Ottawa Civic Center with my mother when I was a little kid (when your stage was made to look like a tank). My son loves KISS, so much so that he still has all my Cd's in his room (he loves all hard rock but KISS really gets him going. He'll start banging his head back and forth while playing his guitar and sticking his tongue out). I hope he loves the live concert like I did.


Clint W. Carpenter
my handmade Gene Simmons's costume!
Subject: my handmade Gene Simmons's costume!
From: falzmen on 04/22/2009
Hi Guys!

That's me with my handmade Gene Simmons's costume! It was during my friends Elena and Marzio's birthday party in Villafranca di Verona; the party was called "Music Idols". I sewed the mantle by myself and made my wadges with some polystyrene covered with tape. I bought my wig and my wonderful girl Claudia helped me with my make up. Obviously everyone there was shocked!

The other costumes were Freddy Mercury, Rick Allen, Marylin Monroe, Eddie of Iron Maiden, Dimebag Darrel, Axl Rose, Slash, Elton John, Slipknot, Sandy of Grease, Rob Halford, Bjork, Billy Corgan, Michael Stipe, and Cher...

Kiss forever!
Fan Report From Brazil (w/ photo - I'm the first one to the left)
Subject: Fan Report From Brazil (w/ photo - I'm the first one to the left)
From: leodamazio on 04/21/2009
Fan report from Brazil

By: Leo Rodrigues*
Photos by: Leo Rodrigues & Henrique Werner.

After being a kiss fan for almost 10 years, it was a surreal yet natural feeling to attend my first Kiss show ever in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Every since the moment I first heard kiss, I have always dreamed of going to a Kiss concert. The result of such anxiety was a terrific night of which I had the chance to share with great friends.

It all began about 5 months ago when I read on a huge news website in Brazil that the boys would be back in Rio. I got pretty excited and there was only one thing to do at that moment. That was to shout it out loud for rock 'n' roll!!!

I called a friend, and we all began saving our earnings. I had to get the best seat! Then another friend, a longtime Kiss fan, called me and we all began looking for a place to stay. We began booking our flights to Rio de Janeiro (as we are from Belo Horizonte/Timoteo, MG) and looking for the appropriate outfits since a Kiss show is not just a regular experience but a larger than life journey.

As the weeks passed by, I began to realize the intense power of what I was about to witness. Not long ago I thought I knew everything about Kiss. I mean, I have all the DVD's and most of the CD's, so I thought a Kiss show would be predictable. My only mistake was that I have never been to a Kiss concert before, so, trust me, there is always something new & positive to learn about Kiss. A few years ago, I went to America as an exchange student and I swore to myself that I would see a Kiss gig at some club, venue, or a any place like that. Unfortunately, the band only did a few shows in Japan during that time period. Paul debuted his Live to Win Solo Tour right after I came back to Brazil which got me very upset. I missed out, but I was very happy for Paul and his great new solo band!

In November of 2007, Bruce Kulick went to Belo Horizonte, Brazil to play at a club with a local band. The set list was filled with major Kiss classics and some great guitar works that Bruce added to the band. I got the chance to meet him before the gig at a meet & greet kind of thing. It was my first personal contact with a Kiss/former Kiss member and it was awesome!

One week before the return of the masters, I had a couple of tests to take back at college so I had to focus on that. It was very hard to not think about Kiss for a while but I got through it! Once I was done with my duties, I packed my stuff, wrote a message to aim at and toss towards the stage during the show. I went to the airport, met my friends, and we were ready for Kiss!!! I couldn't believe it!

We arrived in Rio de Janeiro early in the morning. We still had a full day to go before the new page in Kisstory. I was very tired as were my friends, so we just went to the hotel for a few hours of sleep. Once we woke up, we had lunch at the hotel and then went for a walk in downtown Rio de Janeiro. You could clearly see that there were many Kiss fans in Brazil just by the amount of people wearing Kiss t-shirts on the streets of Rio. I felt like I was at some Kisscity, or Kissland, or whatever you want to call it. It was magic! After so many hours of waiting and wondering how a Kiss concert would be like, I was finally dressing up and getting ready to check out the HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!! I couldn't believe I was finally going to see Paul, Eric, Gene and Tommy, live!

As soon as I was ready, I finally left the room to go to the lobby to meet my friends. Once we were together, we got a cab straight to the Apoteose Arena. Traffic conditions were pretty bad. I heard from the taxi driver that Rio's subway (rapid transit) workers were having a major strike. We skipped the traffic jam through a longer yet emptier route. So, once again we had to wait anxiously.

It was around 7:15 PM when we got to the arena. Our emotions were running wild and I was thrilled to see a whole bunch of wild Kiss fans, hungry for some true rock 'n'roll! As the fans were starting to arrive in droves, the place was getting louder and louder. My heart was beating like Eric's bass drum! By around 9:35 PM, after listening to a great Who classic, "Won't get fooled again", we were appropriately interrupted by a low-pitched narrator's voice saying "Alright Rio de Janeiro"! Once we heard that, everybody got wild and the rest is kisstory! I\'m speechless, still! The show was supreme, fantastic, amazing, surreal, yet so right, terrific, magnificent, super duper nice, thumbs up, explosive, bombastic, loud, tight, sweet, memorable, insane, phenomenal, the best I\'ve ever seen of Kiss, on and on and on and on!!! I was so delighted, that I even lost my voice, got a cold and my back was hurting so badly! But one thing I was sure; I\'m proud to say to everybody that I went to my first Kiss show (there are more to come) and had, by far, the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!! Thanks Kiss!!! *Leo Rodrigues - 21 years old, single, business major in Brazil, former American resident, guitar player and longtime Kiss fan.
From: unown99 on 04/21/2009
Dear KISS,

I am one of your biggest fans and I love your music. I was wondering if you guys could include Los Angeles, California in your United States Tour. There are many places for you guys to play at. There is the Staples Center, The Forum, The Nokia Center, and the Hollywood Bowl. Those would be great places to play and I would be there at any of the those places. Thank you for considering this.

Anthony D.

Tommy Tommy Tommy
Subject: Tommy Tommy Tommy
From: Liliana on 04/21/2009
Amazing guitar!!
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