Rocking my
Subject: Rocking my KISS
From: julian22 on 04/26/2009
KISS is the best band ever!
Download Festival 2008 Videos
Subject: KISS Download Festival 2008 Videos
From: joekisswalker on 04/25/2009
I have uploaded some videos on youtube of KISS performing at download festival 2008. I used different camera angles and used the audio from the official live cd. Please watch, rate, and comment.
and others, so check them out

Joe Walker
gene's portrait
Subject: gene's portrait
From: yursh on 04/25/2009
Sorry, I hope the picture goes now.

Jorge P.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you !
Subject: Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you kiss!
From: Thomas denegri on 04/25/2009
Dear Paul, Tommy, Eric, and Gene,

I want to thank you for coming to Argentina. My name is Thomas and I'm from Buenos Aires. I am 14 years old.

Thank you very much for coming out!
I love them!
I hope they return soon
I am in the picture here with Tommy.
please come back

a big hug,
The hard rock that made Venezuela shudder.
Subject: The hard rock Kiss that made Venezuela shudder.
From: sodadicta1 on 04/25/2009
The hard rock Kiss that made Venezuela shudder.

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to be present in one of the most impressive concerts ever present in our country. The hard rock KISS made Venezuela shudder.

It was on April 17th, a day that will go down in history. The show was magical and full of energy. An energy that held until the very early hours of the morning and even more, as many of us did not sleep for days in anticipation, counting every minute until we got to see the hottest band in the world.

A big black curtain with the word KISS printed in silver letters hid what was behind it, 4 blinding stars that invited us to rock and let our emotions go free without fear.

Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric were the hosts of the night, each one on their very particular style.

Paul, the boy star, with his great use of the stage stole the sympathy of everyone present in the concert as he wanted us to have a great time and to make this party unforgettable. Paul doesn't master the Spanish language, but it wasn't necessary as I always say the music is the expression of our emotions and it doesn't make any difference what our belief, origin or language is. Music unites us and makes us feel alive. It brought everybody together as one as we sang the songs. We were one for more than 2 hours, united by the music... united by Kiss. Gene, the irreverent spirit of the band made his own show, from showing his long tongue to spitting fire through his mouth. I won't forget his marvelous performance before the song "I love it loud" where he dropped blooded from his mouth and flew through the air until arriving to the stage!! Gene, you are a genius as well as the master.

Many tend to compare Tommy to Ace, as there are many fans that have feelings of rejection towards change, but we need to understand that life is made of different stages. Sometimes people need to go on their own path.

Tommy's performance was spectacular and at times he had a hypnotic power over me when playing his precious guitar. He may not be as expressive as the other band members but his magnetic performance on stage forced you to connect with him.

Eric, is implacable when playing his drums, he just purely blinded all the audience showing his exceptional mastery of his instrument.

Thanks to Kiss for giving us a break, letting us fly with your music and giving us the privilege of seeing you live.

I always saw Kiss as a band that may never come to my country, but it was possible. It really happened and I was fortunate enough to be present. The rain couldn't ruin such an amazing night much less to put down the fire in the souls present that night.

*Paul, you will always be the star boy of the band, the perfect host!

*Gene, with your irreverent spirit, you are a master without a doubt!

*Tommy, your mystery caught me, you are an important tool in the group. The fans will always compare you to Ace but you are an excellent guitar player... just what Kiss needs!

*Eric, who is one of the best drummers I know, is a naughty boy... you are the rebel that steals the attention when it isn't his turn!

To all of you that made me laugh, cry, and scream, know that I am taking every single detail of this concert with me. Thanks you for so much!!!

Believe me there are no pictures, videos or experiences ever told to match what it is like to be at this concert.
That night was ours. Paul told us, "we have played in many different cities, but tonight you are the number 1, Caracas".

Thank You,

Adelaida Frederick.
From: johnluekemeyer on 04/25/2009
Halifax Rocks 2009
Subject: Halifax Rocks 2009
From: radom1 on 04/25/2009
Hello KISS,

My name is Cassius Morris and I am a HUGE fan. I just wanted to say that I am practically losing my mind over the KISS concert in Halifax! You have been my favorite band since 2002 and up until now the only time I saw you guy's live is on KISSOLOGY 1,2, and 3! Anyway, thanks for coming and I will be very happy to see you.

Cassius =p
Tribute from Holland
Subject: KISS Tribute from Holland
From: kissstanley on 04/25/2009
hey KISS,now that you are touring in South-America,we will keep you alive in Holland. Hope to see you next year in Europe again!!!!
Every day we must be better
Subject: Every day we must be better
From: karistanley on 04/24/2009

I thank you very much for having come to Venezuela as I decide to wake up of the great dream and to say finally say I have seen KISS. I was lucky by means of big friends and could manage be in the hotel in the arrival of you, of this first meeting I still have the emotion and the satisfaction of being able to speak, to photograph itself, and autographs of eric and tommy. The following day I could enter to the press conference. Paul I am sorry to say to you very much that the one who writes these lines is a fans whom you left with the stretched hand being just opposite to you, for my emotion manage to reach your hand, which you removed with a lot of discretion and that way catch your rejection. Already a friend was commenting to myself that you do not like the tact with the fans since to you part(report) of the world has followed(continued) them to many(many people) to see to believe and comprobe, indeed remain amazed and with many sadness, only he(she) was wishing a small gesture of fondness or a bit of attention, it is the illusion of any fans. In the world we them of venezuela, we are recognized like happy, elegant, and charismatic, like that as the beautiful women (to Gene)... Throughout these years they have grown as band, in money, and social position, but it is not quite in the life the humility is something it neither that nor is bought nor sells, and ultimately we all are equal. Paul I take you tattooed in my right(straight) leg, and in my heart, regardless, there forever. sorry and thank you..

I made some images
Subject: I made some images
From: luiastaroth on 04/24/2009

I want to show one image of my website. It is the discography of the band.

I made this pic because it is an easy way to see the discography =)

My website is
Gracias por cumplir un sueño Imposible
Subject: Gracias por cumplir un sueño Imposible
From: Frederick (Chiva) on 04/24/2009
Saludos Kiss !!

Gracias en nombre de Venezuela por hacer que se cumpliera un sueño que para muchos era imposible y alegremente fue realidad este 17 de Abril del año 2009, también agradezco a mi esposa por acompañarme siempre en todo momento en los malos momentos tanto como el los GRANDIOSOS MOMENTOS como lo fue el de Kiss en Venezuela.

Nunca pensé que hubiera podido asistir a un concierto de Kiss, desde niño los escucho y no se me paso por la mente poder verlos en vivo, y mucho menos a tan corta distancia como lo viví este viernes, y mejor aun, entregarle en sus manos en pleno concierto la bandera de Venezuela al señor Paul Stanley, fue un momento increíble....

Espero cumplan la promesa de volver el año que viene...allí estaré nuevo en primera fila para verlos tocar.

Muchas Gracias Kiss por este regalo y muchas gracias a los amigos y amigas (los cuales en honor a ellos pongo estas fotos) que estuvieron compartiendo con nosotros este gran e inolvidable fiesta de rock n roll !!!!

Greetings KISS!

Thanks on behalf of Venezuela for making a dream come true for many who though it was impossible. The dream came true on April 17 2009. I also want to thank my wife for always being there in good and bad times including the great moments when Kiss was in Venezuela.

I never thought I could attend a KISS concert. As a child I would listen but I never thought I would see them live let alone at such close range as they were today. Seeing the flag of Venezuela in the hands of Mr Paul Stanley was an incredible moment.

If you come again next year I will be in the front row

Thank you very much for this gift and thank you very much to our friends who shared with us this great and unforgettable celebration of rock n roll!

Excuse my English!!!
Hi !
Subject: Hi KISS!
From: joako on 04/24/2009
I'm Joaquin from Argentina. I want to send you a photo from April 5th before you played at River Plate Stadium. I'm the one who is not painted, the girl is my girlfriend, and the two boys with Gene and Paul's make-up were painted by me and I think they look very well, don't they? That's all I wanted to show you, Thanks for reading!!!
From: karakenio on 04/24/2009
I sent a letter yesterday:

"KISS pixelart by Sergio Almendro"

I don't know if i didn't add the image, it didn't upload correctly, or well... if it was edited.

The idea was to show this image with the letter:

Thank you
Bercy picture
Subject: Bercy picture
From: leepifer on 04/23/2009
I just send my letter but file was too large. Is it possible to attach the good one from this message? Thanks.
- 17/05 - Bercy - Paris
Subject: KISS - 17/05 - Bercy - Paris
From: leepifer on 04/23/2009

I was 12 when I first saw Kiss in Paris on 10/31/1983, Balard!
I will never forget being on my brother's shoulders during the whole concert! Years later, we went together to Bercy to celebrate the hottest band in the world! It was an incredible show which will be stuck in our hearts forever. I met German, English and Spanish fans who came from far away just to see the show. I shouted and sang for 2 hours and I loved it. I bought the cd at the concert too, a great souvenir.

Huge thanks and I hope to see you next time you are in Paris.

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