30 years as a fan
Subject: 30 years as a KISS fan
From: marcelogarcia on 04/23/2009

I'm Marcelo Garcia, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. When KISS played in B.A. recently, it made one of of my dreams come true. I went to the KISS show with one of my little daughters (I have two: Sol and Camila). If you look at the T-Shirts we're wearing, you can see how much We love KISS. It says KISS daughter and KISS dad.

I have been a KISS fan since 1979 when I was 9 years old (30 years and counting!!!) Now my daughter, named Sol, 10 years old, loves KISS as much as I do.

This is a gift to me. Kiss made it possible.
My 30 years as a fan
Subject: My 30 years as a KISS fan
From: marcelogarcia on 04/23/2009
Hi! I'm Marcelo Garcia, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. When KISS recently played in B.A. I could make one of my dreams come true: I went to the KISS concert with one of my daughters (I have two, Sol and Camila). She is Sol (in the picture), 10 years old, and as you can see, she is a KISS fan too!! Look at the T-Shirts I made specially for the show: KISS daughter and KISS dad...
I'm a KISS fan since 1979 when I was 9 years old (30 years and counting!!!) and to be honest with you, I never imagined I could see a KISS show beside my daughter. She likes KISS as much as I do, and this is a gift to me. KISS made it possible...
Santiago, Chile
Subject: Santiago, Chile
From: Jo on 04/23/2009
KISS Chile 2009---comments of a Kissette by nature
From: seika on 04/21/2009

Hey hotties!

After much thought I decided to send you guys a note, expressing the joy you made me feel this past April 3rd, when you rocked Santiago (the neighbors of the stadium must have been so happy with the fireworks! well they should be!). It was a once in a lifetime experience as I never had the chance of attending your previous visits here, but this time I could not miss you. I stood like 4 mts from you...I could almost smell your sweat..breath taking. I am sorry I missed you at the hotel.

GENE...let me tell you that your intimidating look has become heavier as time passes, and you are a larger than life icon, no comments ....TOMMY....man your guitar solo was amazing....ERIC....I saw you filming the crowd between your rocking drums, I jumped my a** out to be recorded, but I was wearing a black T shirt among a black&white stadium.......and PAUL..I have said this before...you passed right above me during Love gun...no further comments, sweet Starchild.

I was born in 1976, and my first memories of music are mainly you.. My oldest brother became a huge KISS fan at the age of 10 (around the same year; he attended the concert as well..ecstatic), so by the time I was born, my mother was nursing me while listening to Strutter or Deuce. By the time I was 5, my superheros were Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Kiss. Since then, I have loved your music and your shows, and your looks, specially while becoming a teenager (no further explanation is required, I presume..).

With the internet and some money, I have been able to submerge back into the ´70s watching concerts, videos and interviews, way before I was born...even Kiss meets the Phantom of the Park...hmm I should have been conceived earlier...

I have attached "the" one good pic I got from your concert..which is myself of course....like one hour before you started. As you can see...I acquired one of your Alive 35 T shirts....due to personal issues, I could not wear the outfit I wanted...maybe next year, as you guys offered.

My love to you all! and rock Canada all the way!

Army runs in families and serves our country!!!
Subject: KISS Army runs in families and serves our country!!!
From: thomasmundahl on 04/23/2009
Please post this for my nephews and niece.

From left to right:

My nephew Jon Braaten, their sister (and my niece) Susan Privratsky, and my nephew Joe Braaten who is serving our country in the United States Coast Guard.

I got their older brother hooked on KISS in the 70's and he in turn corrupted his other siblings into being KISS fanatics. Kris Braaten (the oldest sibling, who changed the spelling of his name from Chris to KRIS to resemble KISS) was lost in a tragic accident about a decade ago, but he is rocking from the heavens. Collectively, me and my KISS army nephews and nieces have seen over 100 KISS shows!

I am SHOUTING IT OUT LOUD for me, Kris, Jon, Susan and Joe. We love KISS!!!

Peace out!!

Thomas Mundahl
live colombia
Subject: live colombia
From: jo5ta on 04/23/2009
Hello Kiss

thanks for the concert in Colombia. It was the best concert I have ever seen in my life.

These are the more than 50 000 members of kiss army in Colombia.
From: nicokissero on 04/23/2009

My name is Nicolas, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and simply thank you very much for coming to Argentina after so long!

Here a photo with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer at the after party at The Roxy April 5, Thanks guys!

Just had to thank Kiss, I love them!
Return to Argentina soon!

Your Alive 35 show In Caracas, Venezuela!
Subject: Your Alive 35 show In Caracas, Venezuela!
From: yokarikaira on 04/23/2009
Hello Paul, Gene Tommy & Eric

I want to thank you for your recent amazing show in Caracas, Venezuela. I was there and It was a Fantastic experience for me. I want to repeat Paul's words when he said "we want to come back and see you again!". I hope I can see you her in Caracas as soon as possible. I have been your fan since 1978 when I was 9 years old (now I am 39 Years old). The first album that I heard was Unmasked.

Fiss Forever
Jose Gabrel Torre
Caracas, Venezuela
Coming to Orillia
Subject: Coming to Orillia
From: sheilad on 04/23/2009
Hello guys

I wrote to you a while back asking you to come to Orillia, Ontario in Canada. You can imagine how happy i was to hear that you were indeed coming. I hear the tickets are going fast and like i said in my last note that if you ever came here I WOULD be there and I AM going. I already have my ticket.

I can't wait to experience my very first concert.

Thank you for making another kissarmy member very happy.

Sheila Donnelly
From: ALAN on 04/23/2009
Hi Eric,

My name is Alan Armada and this is my photo with you at The Roxy disco after the show in Buenos Aires. You signed my arm and I tattooed your autograph!

We are waiting for you and the guys to come back again!!!

From: Alejandro Rizzotti on 04/23/2009

I would like to show everybody my tattoo of Tommy`s autograph. I met him during the after party in Buenos Aires on April 5th.

Thanks Tommy and KISS for such a wonderful show !!!

Alejandro Rizzotti.
Cordoba, Argentina
pixelart by Sergio Almendro
Subject: KISS pixelart by Sergio Almendro
From: karakenio on 04/23/2009
Hi guys, I went to your show in Caracas last week, and it was awesome! Thanks for coming down here with all the firepower.

I was not a "fan", I just have a record and liked the band. Now, as you see, I even joined the army \\m/

By the time I arrived at the concert, it had just started and they wouldn't be selling anymore tickets because they were sold out; so I joined the hundreds of people trying to look from the outside, hanging by the trees and standing over the cars he he; It was quiet an experience! We were rocking all the way, singing along the songs.

The sound was probably one of the best I have ever heard in a concert! Beating such shows as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, etc. even though I was about 1 kilometer away!!! What I liked the most was the end, with the "Love Gun & Detroit/Caracas Rock City" combo. It was brutal! People were even mosh-pitting! Top rock moment of my life. Thanks.

So, I decided to make a KISS-concert inspired cartoon of my character "Nuloman". It was featured last Sunday on the most important Venezuelan comic e-zine "El Suplemento de Zuplemento (SdZ)": http://zuplemento.wordpress.com/2009/04/19/el-suplemento-de-zuplemento-76-19-abr-2009/. It's called "Nuloman at KISS", and he's the one inside the car. Hope you like it! Drop some words. c'mon, I'm the author himself =D

PS. I'm spreading the word about KISS. I am telling the people that didn't go what a great thing they missed.

Me and my son
Subject: Me and my son
From: ducolferai on 04/23/2009

This is a pic of me and my son Miguel (2 years old and a big KISS fan) in our house. Above us is a poster of me and KISS at backstage of the São Paulo Brazil show!

Thank KISS for this one!

From: KISSOFRENIA from ARGENTINA on 04/23/2009

After your visit here, all Argentinian fans have to join forces again and celebrate it with a show.

I couldn`t believe my eyes when I saw lots of children watching your show at River Plate Stadium, the new generation is coming !!!

www.kissofrenia.spaees.live.com .
The Most Beautiful VENEZUELAN GIRLS of the planet
Subject: The Most Beautiful VENEZUELAN KISS GIRLS of the planet
From: vinilco on 04/22/2009
The girls of the KISS ARMY VENEZUELA sending kisses to Tommy, Eric, Paul and Gene.

Thanks for coming to Caracas. You gave us a night that we will never forget.

Hope to see you again very very soon.

Kiss Army Venezuela Rocks!!!!!

revnge in
Subject: revnge in
From: paruleon on 04/22/2009
Meeting kissero cadaano celebrates in mexico a fans' meeting with the best bands I pay in mexico
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