35 rocks Montreal? NO! 2.0 blasted Montreal!!
Subject: KISS 35 rocks Montreal? NO! KISS 2.0 blasted Montreal!!
From: copain36 on 07/14/2009

The Bell Center in Montreal will never be the same again! 15,000 plus KISS soldiers (the place was sold out!) witnessed KISS 35, or should I say the amazing birth of KISS 2.0! I have seen KISS seven times along the years with many different line-ups and to be honest, I kind of expected a little bit of the same, but man, did the band have a surprise for me!

A leaner, meaner, stronger and musically superior KISS rocked the crowd for over 2 1/2 hours non-stop. You have to see it to beleive it. The band has been upgraded, yes, and it's for the best. They have never been happier or better on stage. And that vibe makes for a party like they have never thrown before.

I'm sure that Tommy will remember for a long time the warm welcome us Montreal fans were waiting to give him. He's just great and no doubt, he truly has KISS blood running in his talented hands.

Can't wait to hear the new album with the improved KISS 2.0 ! That'll be another tour I will not miss, just to make sure that the Montreal show was not a dream!

Even if you've seen KISS live before people, trust me - You've never seen KISS like this! You are in for a shock.

Montreal thanks you - Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric for the great time we had.

KISS 2.0 lives forever!

Copain 36
Great Show
Subject: Great Show
From: Brad Liverman on 07/14/2009

Last night you rocked Montreal. The show was perfect. Paul and Gene sang better than ever. You guys were always great showmen and last night was no exception. Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer were great too. I always knew they were great musicians but they too are great showmen. I am proud that they are in KISS and as far as I'm concerned this is the strongest KISS line up. I can't wait for the new album. KISS thank you for coming back to Montreal. YOU WANTED THE BEST YOU GOT THE BEST THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD KISS.

   Brad Liverman.
in Beth Cooper!
Subject: KISS in Beth Cooper!
From: Matthew on 07/14/2009

I went to see "I Love You Beth Cooper" yesterday with my friends, and being a die hard KISS fan you can imagine my excitement when "Beth" unexpectedly started playing. I was so excited that I just blurted out "Oh my god! That's KISS!" =D I love it when KISS is involved in any Movie! =)

Just thought I'd share the proof that KISS is just as AMAZING as ever!

Keep Rockin!
Matt Age 16
KISS Army America / Poland! =)
Sarnia Bayfest 2009
Subject: Sarnia Bayfest 2009
From: Carolyne on 07/14/2009
Thank you sooo much for the awesome show you all put on! Even though it was in little Sarnia, Ontario you brought out everything you all had and it was very much appreciated. We went to all the shows that weekend and yeah, you know KISS was the best! It's been 3 days and I'm still talking about the show. Thanks again...have a safe tour.
New Site LAYOUT!
Subject: New Site LAYOUT!
From: John Wicker- Kiss Army Missouri on 07/14/2009
I Just want to say the new Layout looks awesome! Love the videos area and just the whole look! Awesome! Cant wait to see KISS on Tour this year! Keep Rockin!
New Design
Subject: New Design
From: Christian on 07/14/2009
Hi! I just wanted to say that i LOVE the new KISSonline design! Really nice! :)
alive and well
Subject: alive and well
From: giovanni on 07/14/2009
Dear Kiss!!
what an awesome new kissonline.com,it's great,fantastic,awesome!!
and now wait for the new album,i just cant wait anymore!!!
kiss rocks forever!!!!!!!
your kiss fan
next Tour
Subject: next Tour
From: lickitup on 07/14/2009
Hey I'm the greatest fan of KISS. The last show in Europa was great. Please play more 80's KISS songs. TEARS ARE FALLING, HEAVENS ON FIRE, CRAZY NIGHTS, FITS LIKE A GLOVE, ROCK N ROLL ON HELL. Please please I love KISS. I'm from AUSTRIA and I hope you come to AUSTRIA. Thanks.
Remembering the World's Greatest Drummer
Subject: Remembering the World's Greatest Drummer
From: Joey on 07/13/2009
Dear Kiss,

This day got me thinking, and I really wanted to share.

Mr. Carr is one of the greatest in rock history. Even though I was only 6 when he died, he made me a Kiss fan long after his death. His drum work during the 80's and his awesome Kisstribution "Little Ceaser" Always get my blood pumping.

So today I popped in my Kissology 2, rocked out to his electrifying version of Black Diamond. And raised an adult beverage to the fox, may his memory and good spirit live forever in our hearts and minds.

This Year when I come see Kiss LIVE, I will be sporting Fox Makeup. To honor my hero.

All the best to the Hottest band in the world,
Way to go, !
Subject: Way to go, KISS!
From: R.S. on 07/13/2009

I'm not an overly nice person, and I usually don't trust too many people, but my heart has always bled for children who are stricken with cancer. To think that most of them will be robbed of their lives at such a young age just sickens me, while the scum of the earth get to live long lives. I just wanted you to know that what you and the band did for "Critter" Chris was incredible and I want you to know that I think you have a big heart. It brings tears to my eyes when I read stories like that. I believe we are always going to have cancer, it makes everyone involved in it too rich to cure, but I always loved the Make a Wish, and similar foundations that make these children's dreams come true. I'm just an average person and I just wanted you to know how proud I am to be a fan. Iíll see at the meet and greets.

R.S. - NJ
Subject: Logan
From: Proud Dad on 07/13/2009
Thanks for posting the clip of Logan playing drums on Kissonline. 3 days later he has 13,000+ hits on youtube and I've been contacted by a couple of "talent scouts" (we'll see where that goes). I wanted to show you one more very short clip of him playing. For the kiss video he was a little timid, but he usually plays with much more emotion and skill. He has had no lessons or formal training - just a lot of Kiss videos and a few Kiss concerts under his belt. Everyone tells me I should get him into show business but I wouldn't know where to start and I don't want to ruin him - any suggestions? Thanks again and here is the better clip:

Me As Gene
Subject: Me As Gene
From: Jennifer on 07/13/2009

Here is a picture of me at one of the signs at the entrance to the City of Martinsville, Virginia where I live. I sort of thought that "A City Without Limits" was a perfect place for a Gene photo moment! Hope you like.

Thanks, Gene
Subject: Thanks, Gene
From: Grateful Mother on 07/13/2009
Hello Gene.

I don't have a question for you. I just have a Thank-you to send your way.

Your band performed last night at Sarnia Bayfest. My son was a VIP Volunteer and you met with the volunteers before the show. You personally talked and had a picture taken with him. I can't tell of how much this has touched me. He called home at 1AM to tell me his WONDERFUL News that you spoke with him. He will never forget this. He has never had anything like this happen to him before. He is HIGHER than a kite, clouds and planes right now. He told you that him and I watch your show all the time. I am sure you hear that from a lot of people, but I know you would still like to hear it.
I have to admit, that when I was a teenager I would have nightmares of your band. I was terrified of your group. I know your laughing, but it's true. LOL. But now since watching your show and seeing how yous are, I had told my son that I should volunteer too, but the way my luck is it didn't work out. He couldn't believe it when I said I would go. He knew way back when that I had nightmares of you guys. LOL. Well someday we have to learn to fight our demons, lol. Well maybe next time around.

Well Gene, you are a kind hearted person and I thank-you again for kindness. He will have memories of this for the rest of his life, and a mother to brag that her son personally was spoken to by Gene Simmons.

Your truly

A mother who's son who was touched by Gene.

Thank you
From: DARCY on 07/13/2009
Went to the concert at Bayfest 2009. It was the best concert I have ever been to. Great job!!

From: CLARK on 07/13/2009

Returned home Saturday morning (2:30 am) from the Kiss Concert at Sarnia Bayfest July 10. My first Kiss concert. I've been a fan since the beginning, I was in a small garage band in Gr 8-9 as a kid we played Kiss tunes, even made up our own light show, I'm now 48 yrs old. Never really had the chance in the past to attend what I will now call the Greatest Show on Earth. You guys are the Rock Gods!!! We took our 18 yr old Daughter with us... she loved it. This was a great Family Night Out. Thank You for the Experience. One quick question....I'm 48 and my body has aches and pains....how's your body holding up wearing the big boots on stage???

Thanks again,


Stratford, Ontario,Canada
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