sarnia bayfest
Subject: sarnia bayfest
From: rdugas77 on 07/11/2009
First off KISS kicks ass, best damn rock show on the planet!!! ive been to bayfest every year since it started and been to most of the shows amongst many many other venues and simply hands down kiss rocked the fest better then any other last night. Kiss army showed up in droves with full makeup and gear which is a sign of true dedication that only kiss army can demonstrate. gene you kick ass dude seriously 35 years later and still kicking ass and taking names you guys are the embodiment of rock and roll at its best, keep on rockin and look forward to you come back this way in October.

From: donsart47 on 07/11/2009

My name is Don Armsyrong been a "BIG" KISS fan for over 35 years now. I am an Airbrush Artist so when I heard "KISS" was going to be at the "SARNIA BAYFEST" JULY 10TH , "WOW" got my son CHRISTOPHER and I tickets. I Airbrushed A BIG "KISS" BANNER on a white bed sheet and Had an awesome time with all the KISS ARMY FANS......... KISS ROCKED THE HOUSE ALL NIGHT LONG, THANKS KISS, I WILL SEE YOU IN THE STATES THIS FALL. LOOKING FORWARD TO HEAR YOU YOUR NEW LP. I KNOW IT WILL "ROCK"
Subject: sarnia
From: callaway on 07/10/2009
great show really had a great time thank for coming to bayfest
Kustom Figures
Subject: Kustom KISS Figures
From: ruination04 on 07/10/2009
I am a big GI Joe fan and as I was browsing through a Joe message board, I saw a thread containing custom KISS figures! Thought people would like to see them. .
new release
Subject: new release
From: jeffbanks98 on 07/09/2009
I was pumped when I heard the new album was going to be recorded analog. Then playing live as a band and having Paul produce it, every KISS fans wet dream. There is no way that this KISS album can be bad. Things could never be better when there is also a chance for me to see you guys in concert. Thanks for everything.
Milwaukee concert
Subject: Milwaukee concert
From: bigd44444 on 07/09/2009
I have seen Kiss 7 times since 1996 and I have to say the Milwaukee show on 6-27-09 was by far my most memorable. I loved hearing those old songs played live. The beginning of the show was as I had imagined leading up to the show,and that's about it. The playlist was awesome!! It was almost as though 30 years never went by and the show I had always dreamed of seeing was real. I had ALIVE! when I was 6 years old, and since the reunion tour have been attending all the Wisconsin Kiss concerts. I never would have thought I'd hear my favorites like "parasite" played live. The band was the tightest yet, and the sound quality the best yet. Thanks guys for making a kids dream come true. I only hope the band comes through here again touring on the new album(which we are drooling for). Thanks guys!! -hope to see you at summerfest 2010.

Drew Hilton, lifelong Kiss fan
My Show with a theme.
Subject: My Show with a KISS theme.
From: lovegun246 on 07/06/2009
Hi guys,I have a webshow that I've started and we've had 1 season so far and in the production of season 2. In season 2 I had a episode that I made and it is a Kiss Edition (that episode will be uploaded to my site ( on the page titled Game Show) July 10th. But I uploaded the singing part at the end to my Youtube Channel. Here`s the link:

Hey if anyone likes my website leave a comment on the Laughing Blog.

----To the best band in the world KISS

Ultimate fan Contest
Subject: Ultimate KISS fan Contest
From: carolport on 07/06/2009
Dearest KISS,

When do you plan on announcing the Five Grand Prize Winners for the Ultimate KISS Fan Contest?
We are all eagerly awaiting the results....

Hugs and KISSes....


Subject: Kiss Art
From: leeanna on 07/06/2009
Dear Kiss,

I love Paul's art! It inspired me to draw the band. Hope you like the pictures and hope to see you in Tampa soon!
is everywhere
Subject: KISS is everywhere
From: vienna666 on 07/06/2009
Hey KISS and KISS-Fans!

I just found a Picture of Chemical People's Cover for "Getaway":
Destroyer Magazine
Subject: Destroyer Magazine
From: tpinna on 07/05/2009
The Detroyer Magazine of the KISSArmy Sweden in special edition of KISS Alive 35 tour / Sudamerica...


Roberto Pinna.
From: huggybear110456 on 07/05/2009
Hello to my favorite band since 1974. I'd like to express my thanks to you for existing all these years ; your music and philosophies have gotten me through good and bad times. The enclosed photo is of a KISS themed boat that showed up at the Lake St John LA annual 4th of July Flotilla. I wasn't there but I got the photo off the local newspaper website. The boat was actually blessed by a Catholic priest !!! Just another example of why YOU GUYS are truly the HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD. Thanks again...

David O. ' Huggybear' Hugg, Sr. Texarkana TX
Subject: Paulie
From: shawna1828 on 07/04/2009
Dear Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric-

My name is Shawna Fleming. I live in the Upstate Ny area. I'm writing you for my 5 year old son Paulie. Paulie is a HUGE KISS fan. ( I think he is your biggest fan ever) Everything he does everyday revolves around KISS. He just turned 5 on June 22nd and the only thing he wanted for his Birthday was KISS things. I have gone to all of our local Targets and Wal-marts and have bought them all out of KISS trading cards. He is covered from his neck down in KISS tattoos (from the trading cards) Next week we are taking him to Myrtle Beach to visit the KISS Coffee House. He knows every KISS album and what songs are on every album. We are really hoping that you guys will tour somewhere around our area. It would make my little boy's dreams come true to meet you all. I have never met anyone in my life that is into something the way that my son is into KISS. I'm sure that he is your youngest and biggest fan out there. I know that you probably get these types of fan letters alot, but have you honestly ever heard of a child being totally into KISS since the age of 2. Thanks to all of you for being such great role models to my son. And I hope that someday he will get a chance to meet his heroes!!! Keep on Rocking and have a great Summer..

Sincerely Yours-
Shawna Fleming
8103 Sloop Drive
Cicero, NY 13039
Milwaukee Rocked!!
Subject: Milwaukee Rocked!!
From: Tommy Hinton on 07/04/2009
My name is Tommy and I saw KISS in Milwaukee with my dad and you guys rocked! I dressed as Gene Simmons and had more than 300 pictures taken of me with other KISS fans. I am 6 and have been taking guitar lessons for a year now and I want to be just like Tommy Thayer.

ROCK ON! Tommy & Dad
A 16 years old Brazilian fan
Subject: A 16 years old Brazilian fan
From: peterdanielcriscuola on 07/04/2009
Hello guys!

I am Daniel, a Brazilian fan of KISS. I went to the show in Sao Paulo on April 07, it was wonderful!

I read the message from Gene about the new album, I am happy and anxiously waiting to buy it, and hear the new songs!

A huge hug!
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