Ken Kelly
Subject: Ken Kelly
From: Rod Whitenack on 07/02/2009
Last month I was working one of my trades as a Guest Coordinator at the Rondo Award Winning Wonderfest Model/Toy/Sci-Fi Convention in Louisville, KY when I got the chance to befriend classic KISS fantasy artist Ken Kelly. Ken joined us this year at Wonderfest at the suggestion of Guest Guru Donnie Waddell and myself, and all of us in Louisville are glad he came. He is absolutely one of the coolest guys anybody could ever meet and hung out with all of us Monster Kids at the Old Dark Clubhouse until the wee hours of the morning.

KISS fans will remember Ken Kelly as the album cover artist for two of the most famous album covers of all time, "Destroyer" and "Love Gun".

Ken also made a personal best in sales that weekend, outselling even the world famous Chiller Convention. An astonished Kelly said, "You just don't outsell Chiller!" The fans were ogling Ken's work from behind glass windows Friday night as we watched him set up his amazing artwork, and 10 minutes after opening Saturday morning Ken had already sold a piece of original artwork (a beautiful portrait of the Frankenstein monster).

You rock.

Rod Whitenack
Louisville, KY
American Idol
Subject: American Idol
From: El on 07/02/2009
I just would like to express how much I enjoyed you and your bands performance on American Idol... It was refreshing to finally get to see a band as great as yours grace their stage. I have read many blogs with so called "rockers" talking shit about you guys doing that show... I raise my glass to you all...What GENTLEMEN...I watch AI ever year and I enjoyed Adam all season...what a way for him to end the show...With the best Rock group around!!!!

Thanks for the goosebumps...

From: BRIAN on 07/02/2009

Having seen the recent KISS show in Milwaukee, even four days later, I'm still blown away by what I have deemed to be the absolute best KISS show I have ever witnessed. Having seen KISS, on average, about once per year since 1995 (my first show was at the official Convention), I honestly do not think I have seen a better performance, musically, from the band. I have never been totally disappointed in seeing KISS, though on the AeroKISS tour, I think Chicago was an off-night for the band. Nonetheless, Milwaukee on June 27, 2009 could easily be released as KISS Alive V and is one where I wish we had the option to purchase a CD recording of the show, like on the last American, and even your most recent European, tours. Without doubt, the band was firing on all cylinders that evening!!

Brazil loves
Subject: Brazil loves KISS
From: thiagor on 07/01/2009
Hi guys! I'm a Brazilian fan and I want to say some things:

the concert in Brazil was amazing!
All my friends and I want that again, and note the amount of Brazilian fan letters in this site showing you guys our affection for KISS!

Anyway me and 3 friends decided to go like KISS to a costume party and I want to show you:

PS: sorry paul! The guy who supposed to interpret can't go to the party that day.

PS2: I just sent it but the picture was too large, I'm sending it again now with the picture xD

I Love You, Guys!
Subject: I Love You, Guys!
From: Rayra Spindola on 07/01/2009
Hey guys! I'm here to say you I LOVE YOU so much!

I was in your show here, in Brazil. Really, your show was the BEST in my life. I was with some friends, my boyfriend and my father, who is your fan too. He showed me your first album and I've fallen in love. Well, as you can see, the admiration for you passes through two generations in my family, from father to daughter. Even my father saw the show you did here in Rio in 1982.

I 'll teach my children to listen to Kiss and I'll tell them that I had the opportunity to attend a concert of yours too. The concert on 04/08/2009, a unforgettable day.

So, you're my favorite band and my father's too.

Thank you to come back to Rio de Janeiro.

I loved when Paul says something like: Yesterday we played in São Paulo. BUT YOU'RE (Rio de Janeiro) THE BEST!

Rio is a rock city! and we love you!

Paul, I love you so much! Tommy, Eric, you're super! But, Gene, you rock my world! You're my favorite!


Rayra Spindola
Rio de Janeiro
From: zzdestroyerzz on 07/01/2009
I like to add a photo to my letter I just wrote.

Grretings from Germany

A Brazilian Fan made a Homepage for
Subject: A Brazilian Fan made a Homepage for KISS
From: eduardo2007 on 07/01/2009
A life changing experience
Subject: A life changing experience
From: kissnation2003 on 07/01/2009
Isn't it funny how somethings you will never forget and somethings you can never remember. Well, this is one thing that I will never forget and it changed my life forever. It started when I was in the 2nd grade in Mrs Muto's class. It was show and tell day and to this day I can't remember what I brought in but I'll never forget what someone else in the class brought in. This person turned out to be one of my best friends to this day. His name is Steve Kucharski and little did I know that at that time what he brought in would change my life forever. We were all sitting around a table when it came to Steve's turn for his Show and Tell item. Mrs Muto put a record player on the table and proceeded to put a album on. All of a sudden I heard a roar of a crowd and then the words YOU WANTED THE BEST YOU GOT THE BEST and then a bunch of noise. That noise was the song DETROIT ROCK CITY. Then Steve started to pass around the album. It got to me and I opened it up and I saw 4 guys in make up, around all this fire and fireworks. Needless to say I was blown away. Me being in the 2nd grade, I had no idea who KISS was or what they were about. I went home that day and mentioned it to my mother and for Christmas that year I got KISS ALIVE 2, the very same album Steve brought to Show and Tell. Since that one day in 2nd grade I have been addicted to KISS. I remember my older brothers telling me that KISS was a kids band and I will grow out of it. Well its 30 years later and I am still addicted. I can't imagine if I was never in class with Steve that day what my life would've turned out like. I just want to thank, KISS especially Paul for being the absolute best singer songwriter and performer to ever be on a stage! Also Steve and his parents for letting him bring that record in that day. Since then I saw KISS over 30 times and 12 of those times with Steve and we're still counting.
Brazilian Fan makes video of
Subject: Brazilian Fan makes video of KISS
From: eduardo2007 on 07/01/2009
in the Elmira, NY Newspaper !!!
Subject: KISS in the Elmira, NY Newspaper !!!
From: thermobw70 on 07/01/2009
A story ran recently in the Star Gazette newspaper (Elmira, NY) about a resident who pursuing his dream of making rock and roll albums because he was inspired by KISS when he was young. It's a really cool story that totally honors KISS!

Click here to read it:
From: Nate M on 07/01/2009
here is a smaller photo file that goes along with the letter I just submitted :)

Thanks again,
Nate M
From: Nate M on 07/01/2009
My wife and I took my two year old daughter Abbey. She loves KISS, and can sing a handful of songs and really enjoys watching their concerts on DVD. Well apparently the real life KISS scares the pants off of her!! It was super funny, and sad at the same time. But when my wife took Abbey up to get their group picture with the guys, Abbey started to fuss and when she got right in front of them started to cry... Gene being the nice guy that he is reached out his hand and touched her arm to comfort her. Abbey took one look at him and screamed like her little world was going to come to an end!!! The whole room busted into laughter, Gene looked embarrassed and Eric and Paul were saying something like, "Gene!! Your mean, you made her cry."

So now my wife, Mandy took Abbey off the side of the photo area to try to calm her down. And while I was walking up to get my picture taken with KISS, Tommy reached over to see if Abbey was alright... Abbey saw him coming and cried, "Tommy No!" LOL

We then took Abbey to the back of the room and sat on the couch while everyone one else got their pictures done. We half expected her to freak out, and adding to the the visual image of KISS in the same room with our little girl, it was incredibly hot, she didn't have a proper nap, and we just got done with a seven hour car ride a few short hours earlier.

My wife went into mom mood the rest of the meet and greet and sat with abbey on the couch, while I went and mingled with the guys (boy, did I marry the right girl, or what?)

Eric wound up standing in front on Mandy(my wife) and Abbey, and once Abbey fell asleep Eric turned and started to talking to Mandy about our daughter and seemed very concerned for them, which was VERY VERY NICE. At one point my wife's talking woke our daughter up, she took one look at Eric and started crying again.

Because of Abbey's little scene, I ended up talking to all the guys about my daughter and my other daughter that's due in November. Also, everyone commented on my HTH tattoo, Gene and Eric even said it was the best one they have seen. I also "asked favors" from Tommy and Gene, and asked if I could just touch their costumes... Tommy thought this was funny and Gene said he may bite depending on were, but both of them let me touch. I made sure to shake Paul's hand like six times.

It all went really quick for 30-40 minutes. It only could have been better if my daughter didn't freak out. At least it makes a good story. LOL

But overall, I loved it! Totally worth the money for me, and I would do it again in a heartbeat..

** I attached a couple photos of my meet and greet picture, my new kiss tattoo, and the picture of my daughter we got autographed.

***If anyone from the meet and greet got a picture of my daughter in front of KISS, could you please email me a copy at - It's the only the from the meet and greet we didn't get that we were really excited about :)
-Thanks Everybody!
Subject: KISS Convention
From: radom1 on 06/30/2009
Hello KISS and the KISS Army! My name is Cassius Morris. I am ten years old and I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am your biggest fan that is under 18! I am not asking or telling you this... no, I am DEMANDING you to do this! I Cassius Joseph Morris DEMAND you (gene simmons,tommy thayer,eric singer, and paul stanley) to have a KISS convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia this summer. I will attend and I am just dying to meet you guys! I will see you July 18th at the Halifax Commons but that is not enough! So, please have a convention or signing in Halifax. It will be the time of my life. The truth is that you guys are my life. Hands down, I would be nothing without you. You guys changed my life and I hope that you will grant my wishes.

Cassius =)
Summerfest and Fan Tour
Subject: Summerfest and Fan Tour
From: greenbaykissfan on 06/30/2009
Dear KISS,
Saturday Night at Summerfest was my 28th show. I loved the old school feel of the show. My favorite song is "She" and it sounded great live!! It was a blast walking the festival grounds with the rest of the KISS Army. The band sounded as fresh as ever. The only glitch was the video screens going down for 2 songs and Eric's drum solo. My girlfriend loved her first show!! She will definitely go again which brings me to my last point. I really hope you come back to Green Bay on your fan tour. The Hot In The Shade tour was the last time you were here. For a city our size to be 50th in the voting means alot. We want you back here!!! I have driven over 125 miles for 24 of your shows and would be grateful if you came here. Keep on Rockin!!!!!! Hope to see you soon.
Subject: Kiss Art
From: andrewhlt on 06/29/2009
Hey Guys!

I wanted to share this with the band as well as the rest of the Kiss Army. I was often criticized when I was a kid for doodling Kiss too much. Many years later, I am a 34 year old successful business man working in the Chicago area. I recently took a graphic design class at a local college to help me further promote my business. I did great in the class thanks in part to this little project!! Sometimes I wonder if I didn't take the class so I could have an excuse to go back to my roots!!
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