Come to Adelaide Again
Subject: Come to Adelaide Again
From: kisspride on 06/29/2009
Hey guys,

I am Michel Joseph Habib and I am a huge fan of yours. I have been to one of your concerts. Hopefully, you can come here again so i can go haha. I've been a fan for 11 years and I love your music. I am looking forward to seeing you guys again sometimes. tc, cya one day. love you guys.
Subject: HI
From: ashgames14 on 06/29/2009
Hi Kiss!!!!

I am your #1 fan! I love all of your songs!!! On PSYCHO-CIRCUS!!! Especially Raise Your Glasses, and Dreamin!!!

            Love, Ashley Fielstra, your #1 fan.
Gambler guns return home from Iraq
Subject: Gambler guns return home from Iraq
From: libby3 on 06/28/2009
Dear Gene,

Here is a picture of some of your Gambler Guns that just returned from Iraq two weeks ago. You gave us a shout out last year before we left and that meant a lot to us and we really appreciated it. Thanks again you will always be a member of the Gambler Gun family.

Thanks again,

Subject: Summerfest
From: kingnightimeworld on 06/28/2009
Dear Kiss,

I am 15 years old. I have been a Kiss fan since I can remember. My dad took me to see you 12 years ago when I was 3. I knew then that once was not enough.

Once I found out that Kiss was playing at Summerfest (which is about 3 hours from my hometown, La Crosse) I knew that I had to go. I could not get my parents to let me go, so I decided to do anything I could to go.

I got to go and you guys rocked!

Summerfest 2009
Subject: Summerfest 2009
From: brookii2012loveskiss on 06/28/2009
Dear Gene, Paul, Eric, and Tommy,

I am 14 years old, and was at your concert last night. Thanks for such a great show. It was amazing. My favorite part was definitely when Paul said "thanks to all of the young members of the KISS army, we were there for your parents, and we will be there for you". It was my favorite line of the evening. You put on a great show and since it was my first concert of yours, It really made me the happiest person alive to see you perform. I hope that wasn't the only time I'll get to see you perform, but if it was, I'm happy that way. Thank you for a great show, and keep rockin' and have fun on the rest of your tour. I can't wait for the new album to come out. Thanks again for everything, and God bless you all!

Eric at the SD Fair
Subject: Eric at the SD Fair
From: Craig on 06/28/2009
Hello Kiss,

Two years ago I took my wife to her first Kiss concert at the Soboba Casino. She got to see the only Kiss trio performance in history. This year I am hoping to take my daughter to her first Kiss concert and my wife to her first Kiss concert with Paul singing all the classics.

When we went to visit the San Diego County Fair this year, guess who was out front welcoming the guests? The theme this year is Music Mania, out of all the artists they had to choose from, they picked the Catman!!

A big thank you again to Tommy who sent me the picture of my wife and I backstage with Kiss before the concert. You're a class act.

Subject: KISS dragster
From: biggunz2001 on 06/28/2009
    Thought I would share this with yall. My son knows that I am a big KISS fan. In one of his high school classes he made me a KISS dragster. I wonder how much a real one would cost?

KISS fan,
Jeffrey Maddrey
You Rock
Subject: You Rock
From: davy316 on 06/28/2009
Dear Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric:

I'm now 14 years old. I discovered you when I was 6 years old and I loved you since then.

I play the drums in a band called the plague and we play some of your songs. When you came to Spain last year I wanted to come because I was on holiday with my band at the time. Unfortunately, I couldn't because I had to play on a concert with my band.

Every day I look at your tour section on this website to see if you are coming to England. I'd love you to come to Colchester, a big town in Essex. If you come I'll be the first to buy the ticket.

You're my idols guys, I love you so much YOU ROCK THE WORLD YOU ARE LEGENDS
: The Soundtrack to my Life
Subject: KISS: The Soundtrack to my Life
From: swaarmetaal on 06/27/2009
Hello from South Africa, KISS!

I've been a fan of yours since 1980. The first KISS song I ever heard was God of Thunder & it's still my favorite to this day!

I was very disappointed, to say the least, when in the early 80s your gig scheduled for 'Sun City' was canceled. (Animalize) I still have the poster advertising the African show that never was! This must be a rare collector's item nowadays. Fortunately, I (finally) got to see you guys live, twice in the UK on the reunion tour, at Donnington and Finsbury Park. It was an incredible and emotional experience I had to wait almost 20 years for ha ha.

Attached is a photo of my kick ass Rock & Roll Over tattoo, which I had done to show my appreciation for the band responsible for the soundtrack of my life. I also built myself a 'KISS Bar', but that's another story he he.

Can't wait for the new album!
Best regards,
Francois Breytenbach Blom
Hi everybody!!
Subject: Hi everybody!!
From: clarinharj on 06/26/2009
I want to say that I love you guys! Your songs are amazing and please come back to brazil/rio de janeiro as soon as you can!! I didn't have the opportunity to go to your concert here, but the next time that you come here, I will!!

Take care! Gene you are amazing!!!

Maria Clara
Rio de Janeiro
From: jamesholdsworth on 06/26/2009
I recently bought my 3 month old daughter, Annabelle, her first ever KISS T-Shirt. She was so delighted with it she picked up her air guitar and launched into Rock'n'Roll all Nite !!! Surely the youngest ever air guitarist ? Here is the proof !

All the best

James and Annabelle Holdsworth
Leeds, England
From: on 06/26/2009
If Pablo Picasso were alive still, this is what we reflect in his paintings.
Subject: KISS
From: Garret on 06/25/2009
Dear Paul, Gene , Eric and Tommy,

My name is Garret, I am 16 years old and a huge fan. KISS is my favorite band of all time. I have never been able to attend a KISS concert. I can't go to the Windsor concert in Canada because you have to be 19. I live in Taylor, MI. Please come to matter what number were in on "vote for KISS", please come here. I will be in the front row so i could catch the action and see the best band in the world up close and personal....thank you

                                                                                                                        Garret M.
Hi guys!!!!!!
Subject: Hi guys!!!!!!
From: alliejack on 06/25/2009
Hi guys!!!!!!

I am a huge fan of KISS. I loved the part you guys played in the fairly odd parents. When I heard u guys would be on I almost passed out!!! And Gene, I love family jewels.

Well, hopefully some day I can see you guys in concert!!!


Tyler Anderson Raleigh NC
from Southern Italy
Subject: KISS from Southern Italy
From: zippanda on 06/25/2009
Hello everybody!

We are a group of boys who love Kiss. We are impatient to go to a concert in Italy, obviously strictly with the makeup... :) Rock on!!!
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