On Top 5 Rhapsody Artists
Subject: Kiss On Top 5 Rhapsody Artists
From: kiss_fan_4eva on 06/08/2009
According to Vh1 Classic KISS is #5 on the Top 5 Artists on Rhapsody.

Congrats guys! You guys rule!
Surgeon's Office
Subject: Surgeon's Office
From: Jay Crutchfield MD FACS on 06/07/2009
My office is "decorated" with lots of BLOOD (befitting for a surgeon).
Here are some pictures...
Kit of Eric Singer
Subject: Kit of Eric Singer
From: kisshell on 06/07/2009
This is my memory of the KISS concert in Brazil.
Subject: YEAH
From: peterkiss1234 on 06/07/2009

Paul Breaking His Guitar
Subject: Paul Breaking His Guitar
From: radom1 on 06/05/2009
It's Cassius and I just wanted to ask KISSonline to ask Paul to throw his guitar IN THE AUDIENCE after he breaks it. Halifax Rocks 2009.

Cassius =)
One Day in My tory
Subject: One Day in My KISStory
From: Rodrigo Acuna on 06/03/2009
My name is Rodrigo Acuna and I'm a Mexican KISS Collector since 1980. I have 800 different KISS items, but today was one of the greatest days of my life collecting KISS stuff! A long time ago I was looking for this record, it is one of the most rare 7" records printed in Mexico - it is a extremely rare promotional Rock and Roll Over label and disc with Side A: "I Was Made For Lovin' You" / "Nothing To Lose" & Side B: "Let Me Go Rock And Roll" / "Detroit Rock City".

I wanted to share this with all of you because it is must in all KISS collections. From the early 70`s, almost 30 years old.

Regards from Mexico,
Rodrigo Acuna
in Warsaw Poland!
Subject: KISS in Warsaw Poland!
From: kissawookiee6193 on 06/03/2009
Here is the link to a youtube video of the American School of Warsaw playing a KISS medley called "The Best of KISS"! I dressed up as Eric Carr to play the drums and the crowd loved it! I hope you enjoy a taste of KISS...POLAND STYLE! =)


-Matthew Age 16
Subject: Cayoace
From: cayo on 06/02/2009
After seeing THE BEST CONCERT IN MY COUNTRY CHILE the past 12 years (the last time it was the year 1997).

MARÌAGRACIA my daughter and I took this beautiful picture to the whole world see the next KISS ARMY CHILE, next year to be with you to go back in CHILE.

Thanks KISS
Destroyer Plays Oshawa
Subject: Destroyer Plays Oshawa
From: kisslady_69 on 06/02/2009
Hey Guys...KISS fan here for over 30 years (oooops aging myself lol).

NEways...I work with Canadas best Kiss Tribute www.destroyertribute.com (yay me lol) and the guys did a show in Oshawa on Friday night. As you know...Oshawa is number one in the Vote For KISS in your city. When we arrived at the club, there was a painted up PT Cruiser out front regarding the whole Vote for KISS...check out the pics....what more can I say other than this NEEDS to go up on KISSONLINE :) The guys names are Steve Lynch (Paul Stanley), Tony Verna (Ace/Tommy lol), Mike Chichkan (Peter/Eric), and the founder of Destroyer is Moe Rotondi (Gene).

Huge Hugs
Hope to see you in Canada
Kim Rolfe

KISSLADY69 The KISS Army Princess
+ Adam Lambert
Subject: KISS + Adam Lambert
From: petra2222 on 06/02/2009
I've been a KISS fan, but have never attended a live concert. Now I would fly almost anywhere to see a reprise of KISS performing with Adam Lambert. American Idol is the last place I expected to see KISS, but count me as a "re-newed" fan of yours. What a *FABULOUS* show you all put on that night. You won over millions of fans who didn't even know they liked Rock...BRAVO!
Dressed to Kill Poster
Subject: Dressed to Kill Poster
From: pattyc62 on 06/01/2009
Sorry I meant to send you their poster as well... hopefully, the file isn't too large.

Please Check out Tribute Band Dressed to Kill
Subject: Please Check out Tribute Band Dressed to Kill
From: pattyc62 on 06/01/2009
I am one your biggest fans in Ontario. Since you guys don't tour often I have found an amazing substitute tribute band called Dressed to Kill.

I have had the pleasure of witnessing the band play in different parts of Ontario. I just would like you guys to check out their website to see for yourself www.dressedtokill.ca.

I have watched your videos and listened to your music for many years. These guys look and sound totally amazing if I didn't know any better I would think they were you guys actually playing in front of me. With KISS touring this summer in different parts of Ontario I just thought you guys might like to check out this amazing tribute band I believe you will like what you see. Please feel free to contact me if you would need any other info or Dean Criss his email is on their website.

Thank You,
I was Made for Lovin !!
Subject: I was Made for Lovin KISS!!
From: kissilicious23 on 06/01/2009
Hey my dear KISS,
Thanxxx for approving my lines, I've never thought that my lines could appear but... thanxxxx and I reaffirmed my love for yours.........

Well my wish would be to know you... and why not?!!! Come back to Peru
...... I love you and all the people of Lima- Peru, too.....

xxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxo!!!!! ......Alejandra
Play 4 Us!
Subject: Play 4 Us!
From: fan42boyz on 05/31/2009
This note (below) is from my 2 sons. Very big Kiss fans.

Dear Kiss,
My name is Jarrett, I am nine years old. My name is Bennett, I am six years old.

We LOVE to listen to KISS! You rock!

Check out my Halloween costume from this year (Bennett). I was a 'hit' at the school Halloween parade!

We would love to have come play a concert in our backyard!

Your #1 Fans from Richboro, PA
Jarrett & Bennett
From: Gilberto Sintoni Junior on 05/31/2009
To celebrate his 40 birthday party, Gilberto Sintoni, one of Brazil's biggest KISS collectors, held an amazing KISS Party on May 9th. Die hard fan for over 30 years, Giba set the whole place with KISS paraphernalia, posters, videos, KISS cakes and sweets, souvenirs, and even a professional make-up stand where everybody from kids to elders, could choose his favorite KISS and make up. Two great tribute bands (Kiss Killers and Rock Soldiers - Frehley's Comet Tribute Band) set the place a firehouse!! This was a dream party for every KISS fan. We congratulate Giba and look forward to his 50 year party!

Bruno & friends.
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