My New Tattoo!
Subject: My New KISS Tattoo!
From: rug on 06/12/2009
Hey guys,

Firstly, KISS is without a doubt the hottest band in the world and has helped me through many tough times in my life, and also happens to be my biggest musical inspiration. So when my 21st birthday came around, I decided nows the time to finally get the tattoo that I've always wanted. Hope you guys like it!
Subject: KISS Alive
From: dj_wild on 06/11/2009
Hey Kiss Members,

I wanted to drop a line. I have been a KISS fan since I first heard the KISS Alive album back in the 70's. :) I am from Hopewell, Virginia, and for some reason, KISS never came there or to Richmond. So I have went all this time loving KISS. as the greatest rock band ever, but was never able to see them live. :( I would have given a leg to have seen KISS back in the 70's. However, I have since moved to Montreal and my wife knows how much I love KISS.

I just turned 45 years old and on my birthday my wife hands me a card; I open it and there was a note which said, "To my loving husband who loves KISS but has never seen them live... I hope it was worth waiting for 35 years". I open the other page and there were 2 red zone tickets to see KISS in Montreal on July 13th!!! YESSSS OMG YESSSSSS I get to see KISS and I'm keeping my legs!!!

She told me she wanted to make this special since my health is bad now as I get older, and wanted to buy me a Meet&Greet but was unable to afford the 750.00US.

She did all she could to get the tickets because the show was sold out by the time she found out about it (she got them off ebay). Got to love a wife that will do this for her husband. :) I may not get to meet KISS but I will get to see them that's for sure!!

All I can say is I expect this show to be...

Bicycle Folks,
Bobby "The WiLDMAN" Parker
Come Back to Venezuela!!!
Subject: Come Back to Venezuela!!!
From: usermaatrasetepenra on 06/11/2009
Vuelvan a Venezuela, se les extrana por aca!!!!!
Halloween 1984
Subject: Halloween 1984
From: doornail on 06/11/2009
It was Halloween 1984, and I was attending Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire. The house I lived in was rockin' to Lick It Up daily.

We decided to dress up like KISS and go around campus and cause havoc. I am Gene Simmons in the photo. We took a huge boombox to the dining hall and blasted the Lick It Up album. Some liked it, some didn't. We didn't care, it was the time of our lives. We couldn't decide who would be Peter Criss, so we had both Criss and Eric Carr.

We also disrupted many classes that day by bum rushing into rooms filled with students and not-to-happy professors. Again, we didn't care, we were for all intensive purposes KISS at that moment. I did feel the power, and if you can believe it, the girls flocked to us in droves. Now I know what Gene Simmons says by being called, "The Doctor of Love".

Long live rock and roll and KISS forever.
Non Make- Up
Subject: Non Make- Up KISS
From: gmount on 06/11/2009

First off I just want you to know that you guys are legends! I love all eras of KISS and I enjoy listening to all of your albums, but I have something to tell you that I think is really important. I hope you guys read this because I really want to tell you guys this.

You guys rock now, you sound better than ever, so I think with your new tour you should seriously play more 80's non make-up era songs. I don't know if you will ever take this into consideration, but it would rock if you guys played say King Of The Mountain, Crazy Crazy Nights, Anyway You Slice It, Silver Spoon and other great songs from that era.

My favourite KISS album is Asylum to let you know and I have been talking to numerous 80's KISS fans about this topic, and I thought it was time to tell you guys that with the new tour, and your new and improved sound, the 80's non make-up songs would sound absolutely brilliant. You can see that from Tears Are Falling live in 2004!

You guys rocked with Bruce and Eric Carr (RIP), that is my favourite KISS lineup of all time.

Anyway, I hope you read this and please please think about it.

Thank you and all the very best!
Special Needs
Subject: Special Needs
From: gabeandbrandon on 06/10/2009
I am a mother to a very special little boy who happens to be one of your biggest fans, along with his older step-brother. My son is 11 and developmentally is 5, he just went through his 36th surgery a week ago. He came out like a champ and even healed enough to play center field in the special olympics. :)

I am not sure why I felt obligated to send a letter; I guess it is a mother's hope that his idol would maybe send him an encouraging message, send him a tad bit of hope.

My stepson Brandon who is 5 months older then Gabe introduced KISS to Gabe when they first met! There isn't anything these 2 boys do not know about the band. And of course living outside of Detroit, Detroit Rock City is definitely "over played" in our house. :)

Enduring 36 surgeries in the last 11 years has been trying for my son and myself. On top of that, the custody battle we are going through with my stepson and his 2 sisters has definitely taken a toll on everyone.

I guess I just wanted to let you know that a few of your biggest fans live outside of Detroit and are 11 and 12 years old.

Keep doing what your doing. Even though I am a country girl myself, I am grateful that a band, YOUR BAND, sings songs that are not full of "cuss" words and "pornography".

My Nieces Pic
Subject: My Nieces Pic
From: rockmaster316 on 06/10/2009
Here's a pic of my niece Ashley, 10. Drew the originals, and I wanted to take this pic and send to ya! She's becoming a Big Fan of the Best!

John Wicker
Kiss Army Missouri
From: kissroxx2008 on 06/09/2009
The classic KISS image updated for 2009!!....'Cause KISS is truly Hotter Than Ever!
NEW DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: NEW KISS DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!
From: [TONY WHITFIELD] Los Angeles ca on 06/09/2009
Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just saw the new KISS dolls here on KISS on kissonline!

They look very cool, but I hope that one day that you guys put one out that has blood on Gene's face just like on the KISS Alive 2 album cover!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW THAT WOULD RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now before I go

THE KISS VANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE MY PAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!


ITS ON AND POPPIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!

BUT I STILL DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KISS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Whitfield
An Oil Painting
Subject: An Oil Painting
From: underlovegun on 06/09/2009
Greetings From Mexico City!!!
Hey KISS, here is a photo of the oil painting done by my uncle to my father as birthday gift cause my father and I are very very very fanatical to KISS...

My father went to all of your concerts in Mexico City (4), and I went to two because before I was a little baby. But we hope that you return to offer a show again.

Kindly: Miguel Gonzalez Jr.
on Facebook
Subject: KISS on Facebook
From: radom1 on 06/09/2009
Hello KISS!

It's Cassius and I was just wondering if any of the KISS Army would want to join my Facebook group called "Gene Simmons Appreciation Club", or become a fan of my fan page "KISS Action Figures".

Anyone is welcome, and hopefully, I will see some more fans within the next week.

Cassius =)
From: Margaret C Pritchett on 06/09/2009
Hello KISS,
Today I received 40 KISSTORY 2 books for the 46th Combat Engineers. I do not know if they came from KISS, but I wanted to make sure that someone received a huge Thank You!

There was nothing with the books except for the shipping label which stated that they came from a company called National Fulfillment. I attempted to call this company, but the number is out of service.

The dates for the 46th have been moved up to the month of August 2009, so they are closer and closer to returning home.

Thank you again for this wonderful donation for our soldiers!

Bright Blessings,
Margaret C Pritchett
Fort Polk, LA
On Top 5 Rhapsody Artists
Subject: Kiss On Top 5 Rhapsody Artists
From: kiss_fan_4eva on 06/08/2009
According to Vh1 Classic KISS is #5 on the Top 5 Artists on Rhapsody.

Congrats guys! You guys rule!
Surgeon's Office
Subject: Surgeon's Office
From: Jay Crutchfield MD FACS on 06/07/2009
My office is "decorated" with lots of BLOOD (befitting for a surgeon).
Here are some pictures...
Kit of Eric Singer
Subject: Kit of Eric Singer
From: kisshell on 06/07/2009
This is my memory of the KISS concert in Brazil.
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