Subject: Thankxxxx!!!!!!
From: kissilicious23 on 05/29/2009
I'm Alejandra from Lima, Peru.... and I am soo happpy because KISS was here in Lima, Peru... was the best concert in my life.... I'm still dreamin' to know them..... well I wish KISS would come back to Peru very soon!!!

"KISS gave rock and roll to us and we were made for lovin' them !!!!"

Almost in Valencia, Spain
Subject: Almost KISS in Valencia, Spain
From: mart on 05/29/2009
KISS in Valencia, Spain? No, at least not yet!
These fans have their own tribute to our legends.

Fan Ticket Pre-Sales
Subject: Fan Ticket Pre-Sales
From: ChuckCaves on 05/28/2009
Hey Guys, I'm really psyched about your upcoming tour and the new album. I've been to 22 of your shows since 1975 and I refuse to miss one that comes anywhere close to me.

I live in Louisville and we are at #21 on the demand list. I think that's a great idea. I support the band doing this and I've been using Eventful for well over a year now... What I wanted to ask about though is that I see now that anyone that demands KISS on Eventful gets in on the Pre-Sale. It's extremely hard and extremely expensive to get tickets for even marginal concerts these days, let alone getting good seats for the greatest show on Earth...

So my deal is that I pay to be a member of the KISS Army and now my ability to enjoy the exclusive pre-sale with my other Army members is watered down by anyone who simply makes a demand on eventful for free. I don't want to sound like a whiner... but guys I've supported you guys since before KISS Alive... I marched on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame...

I'd just like to know if I'm mistaken here... I hope so.


KISS ARMY MEMBERS' Presale will be a day before the 'Demand It' Presale.
Hi !
Subject: Hi KISS!
From: vicentte on 05/28/2009

I'm Vicente from Sao Paulo (Brazil) and I LOVE the band. I went to the show and I loved it. I see Paul flying on the "Love Gun", and I see Gene Spitting Blood on the "I Love it Loud". I don't know how to speak English, but I love KISS. I saw Eric and Tommy in the "Manifesto Rock Bar" and was a wonderful experience!!

Hi My Friends
Subject: Hi My Friends
From: ferdeuce81 on 05/28/2009

Hello my friends. Thanks for visiting my country Lima - Peru, we are very happy and grateful for your visit we hope you will return soon.

Lima loves, thanks and greetings once again to Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric continued success.
Meet & Greet !!!
Subject: Meet & Greet KISS!!!
From: tpinna on 05/27/2009

I'm sending the photo of the Meet & Greet session.
I'm very excited. I'm with some members of the KISS Carnival Peru. I'm the one in the black t-shirt next to Gene.

Roberto Pinna
Halifax Loves !!
Subject: Halifax Loves KISS!!
From: radom1 on 05/27/2009
Hello KISS!
It's Cassius (again) and I just wanted to show you guys and the KISS Army this picture of my friend at the local rock merchandise store Rock Candy in this new Halifax Loves KISS T-shirt.

All the best,
Cassius =)
Swag Bucks (Search and Win with )
Subject: Swag Bucks (Search and Win with KISS)
From: radom1 on 05/27/2009
Hello KISS!
My name is Cassius Morris and I am a big fan! I have been a fan since grade two when I was 7 years old (I am 10 now) and I just wanted to show off my new prize from swag bucks with the KISS Army. They are KISS Psycho Circus 3D Glasses that were given out on the Psycho Circus tour. I was just a 1 year old at that time, but I will always have a little piece of it to remember. (and KISSOLOGY Vol. 3 of course!) So thanks for being sooooooooooo good to your fans, and you guys rock.

All the best,
Cassius =)
P.S. I will see you at the Halifax Commons on July 18th. Thanks bye!
Subject: FANS IN LA
From: STEVE on 05/27/2009
Thought you might like this photo of me and my friends dressed as KISS with me as Peter Criss. We were in Hollywood a few days after KISS was on American Idol and got a great reaction and many compliments from all the KISS fans. The only person we were missing was Adam!!

Our Daughter's First Show!
Subject: Our Daughter's First Show!
From: Amanda Badham on 05/27/2009
Dear Gene-
Saturday, June 27, your band will be playing at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. This day is also our 2 year old daughter's birthday. My husband has been a die hard fan for years. He doesn't really want to listen to any other music besides KISS. Ever since our daughter was born, he's had her listening to your band and watching your videos. You now have ANOTHER die hard fan! She just loves KISS, and especially you! She says, "I want Gene" at least 10 times a day- I'm VERY serious. She always wants to listen to KISS- even if something else is playing, and always wants to watch your videos.

We've decided to take her to your concert on June 27 in Milwaukee for her 2nd birthday. She's going to go wild!

Thank You,
Amanda Badham
(in behalf of Violet Badham- my almost 2 year old)
From: Mrs. Kimberly Burke on 05/27/2009
Dear Gene,
I hope through some miracle that you will get to read this letter. I am the mother of a 7 year old boy named Liam. He is the greatest fan ever. He knows every song that KISS has made, and this he learned all by himself. Just recently we found out that KISS is playing in Paso Robles at the Mid State Fair. I called his grandma to tell her about the concert and she immediately bought tickets so that his very first concert would be his dream band. We (his dad, sister and myself) waited for him to come into the back yard after school last Thursday and had him read the printed ticket (he just started reading on his own a few months ago).

At first he thought we were going to the fair, but when he read further he realized that it was a ticket to your concert. His little eyes welled up with tears and he looked at me and asked if we were really going to see KISS. When I told him yes, he ran into the house crying and yelling that this was the BEST day in his life. Liam even realized that where we are sitting is on your side of the stage. I even made him a Gene Simmons birthday cake for his birthday in March. Thank you for your time.

Mrs. Kimberly Burke
From: JAN on 05/27/2009
Hi Gene,
We are so excited to have KISS come to Sarnia's Bayfest this summer. We wanted to show you how much we are looking forward to seeing your performance so we made a video and formed a group called the Kissables. We would love to send you a copy of the video -- can you email us an address to mail it to? I have attached a photo of us.

Cheers and hope to hear back from you.
A Million Views
Subject: A Million Views
From: Sean on 05/27/2009
Just a quick note. Santana jumped all over you awhile back and said you were a piece of no talent garbage.

Well I don't know if you noticed or not, but the YouTube American Idol KISS had over 1 million views before it was taken down and Santana... 1,900 views, Hum!!!!

Take Care,
Subject: KISS Girls
From: Jason Borkowicz on 05/27/2009 I am sending you a picture of my younger sister and few of her friends that dressed up as KISS for decade day on spirit week at their High school. I spent about a week or so hand painting their T-shirts and practicing their make-up. The girls started their day out super excited at 5:30 AM for make-up, hair and costumes. They were all excited about how awesome they looked when they left the house, as they walked into the lunchroom at school all together and ended up getting a standing ovation, other students were flashing cameras and camera phones at them saying that they looked the best ever. As they went thru the hallways to go to their class, a few teachers ended up stopping them and sent them to the office. The principal told each girl they had to remove their make-up because they couldn't tell who they were but other teachers were saying that they disagreed with the principals decision and requested pictures of them before they removed the make-up. Each of these girls are straight A students, never been in trouble, play varsity softball and put a lot of time and effort into their costumes and make-up for this spirit week event, however they were sadly disappointed when all of their efforts were told to be removed. They don't know that I did this, but I feel like our efforts were taken in vein and not recognized. I just wish they could have had the opportunity to be considered in the contest that was going on that day as well for "best costume" because I know they would have won with out a doubt. Thank you for your time in this matter, it really means a lot! Amber P.S....My little sister was actually Gene Simmons...Check out her tongue and you'll see why!! LETTERS click here.
From: 43 YR OLD STRAT WIELDING MOM on 05/27/2009
I'm a 43 yr. old Strat-wielding Mom from CT, whose first gig was KISS-78'. My 18 yr. old Les Paul-wielding sons' first show was KISS at Mohegan Sun under that flimsy little tent on the Psyco-Circus tour, before the real venue was built ! We were in Row 2 in front of you. Niko still tells his friends about you...ummmmmm...'interacting' with his Mom and how killer the show was!

It was also the last time I saw my lifelong friend/guitarist Insano and my former guitar teacher, who both died a short time later of Pancreatic Cancer at 37 yrs. old...and of a massive stroke at 49 yrs. old. It was a very happy nite for us all, and the memory of being there together always makes me smile.

I was so excited when you all hit the stage with Adam Wed. nite I was bouncin' on my couch like Tom Cruise on the Oprah show! Which leads me to.....

For Adam, my dear friends Jeff and Crumb, myself and my son, and for every dreamer out there who has hit the stage with KISS in their bedroom mirror, I want to say, "thank you" wasn't just a dream come true for was a dream for all of us.

Love your heart.....
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