April 17th, 2009 Caracas Rock City!!!
Subject: April 17th, 2009 Caracas Rock City!!!
From: yokarikaira on 04/28/2009
hello Paul, Gene, Eric, and Tommy

My name is Jose Gabriel Torre, and I am writing from Caracas Venezuela. I was at your Caracas show and I want to say that the night was unforgettable for me. At the show, Paul said that, "we want to come back and see you again" I will definitely be there the next time you are in Caracas. I hope I can see you next year like you promised.

I hope to see you soon

Jose Gabriel Torre
Caracas, Venezuela
Two songs in bulgarian Music Idol
Subject: Two KISS songs in bulgarian Music Idol
From: radost on 04/28/2009
Hallo, KISS!

Two Idols- Preslava Mruvkova and Dimitar Atanasov, decided to sing "Forever" and "I was made for loving you" at the rock concert. Watch and enjoy!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKEkXAsW5Hw .
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgX4-vS4Axs .
From: Keith Tarrier on 04/28/2009

I received my Japanese KISSology Box Set A! I was very surprised to receive such a large, heavy box when it turned up. I opened it up and was blown away by the contents. The box itself folds out into a KISS stage.

The set includes 18 Discs, a T-shirt, KISS ticket, stage props and characters, KISS picks, and disco ball for the stage as well.

This box set is awesome, and a must have for all KISS fans!

Keith Tarrier
From: BRIAN MANNING on 04/28/2009
KISS Campaign - Tsongas Arena

Hi Brian:

We spent today walking the streets of downtown Lowell passing out fliers asking people to “demand” KISS come to Lowell.

I have attached a picture, and was hoping you’d pass it along to the agent at CAA that has KISS.

Thanks & have a great weekend!


Craig Gates
General Manager
SMG Managed Paul Tsongas Arena Lowell, MA ph 978 848-6901 fax 978 848-6999
Ayers Rock Tour picture...
Subject: Ayers Rock Tour picture...
From: criss87 on 04/27/2009
Here's the pic, it was too large the first time...
Ayers Rock Tour
Subject: Ayers Rock Tour
From: criss87 on 04/27/2009
Hi guys,

I'm a German backpacker in Australia and did a 3 day trip to Uluru (or Ayers Rock). And what did I see there at about 6.30am? Well, yeah, I saw the Uluru changing colors during sunrise, but I also a KISS van. Nice unexpected site!

I hope you're going come to Germany again, I'm voting for Hamburg!

Thanks for all the great music you have made in the past 10 years that I've been a Kiss fan!

All the best,

my new tattoo:)
Subject: my new tattoo:)
From: kissbaby13 on 04/27/2009
Dear Kiss,

I just wanted to show you my very first KISS tattoo. I've wanted to be branded ever since my dad got his KISS tattoo when I was little kid... Like Paul said, if your a fan put your money where your mouth is :) I hope you guys like it! I cant wait to see you guys again. Once just wasn't enough for me :( you guys rock my world ..

with lots of love from downunder..

Amber xoxo
Subject: KISS Article
From: cangus on 04/27/2009
Tried sending this in as a news tip, but the form won't work under 'contact us'.

Gods of Thunder to Rock the Bay?

With a battle cry that reads: “COME ON THUNDER BAY, IT’S TIME,” the members of the Thunder Bay Kiss Army are mobilizing in an attempt to bring the “Hottest Band in the World” to town for a stop on their 2009 North American tour. In the first ever “Fan-Directed Tour,” veteran shock-rockers Kiss are asking their fans to log onto the website Eventful.com and “Demand” that their city be a part of the upcoming tour.

Ask, and they shall receive.

Citizens of Thunder Bay, Ontario, a small Northwestern Ontario city of just over 100,000 people, are used to being snubbed by large-scale tours, which typically opt for larger, more commercially viable markets. Such is the case when a 6-hour drive to Minneapolis, or and 8-hour drive to Winnipeg has become the norm for local concertgoers wishing to see any of the big-bill touring acts. However, when given the opportunity for such a concert to be performed on home soil, Thunder Bay has undeniably risen to the challenge. Creating quite a buzz, this contest has spread by word-of-mouth throughout the community; everybody is astir by the incipient prospect of such an event. A show of this magnitude would certainly satiate the appetites of Thunder Bay’s head-bangers, who finally have the opportunity to bring a big name concert to the Bay.

And with Thunder Bay currently sitting at #14 on the voting website, what originally seemed like a long shot is quickly becoming a reality.

Citizens of Thunder Bay and its surrounding municipalities are encouraged to help make history. Go to Eventful.com/KISS and DEMAND Kiss in Thunder Bay. Join the Facebook group KISS TO THUNDER BAY, and help spread the word. They will only come if we Shout it out Loud!

Thank you !!!
Subject: Thank you KISS!!!
From: usermaatrasetepenra on 04/27/2009
Thank you KISS!!!

Happy Birthday Ace!
Subject: Happy Birthday Ace!
From: _kiss_the_best_ on 04/27/2009

I did this drawing for Ace's birthday on April 27,2009 (Artwork has the date of 2 days before completion)
I just wanted to show this to you guys. This is my KISS tribute through art (I can't play a guitar or drum but I know as I can use my pencils).

http://community.livejournal.com/kiss_ctp/ .

Greetings from Italy!

Thank you Paul Stanley.
Subject: Thank you Paul Stanley.
From: buba_sparx on 04/27/2009
I have been a KISS fan for the last five years. I started to listen to you guys when I was a kid living in Newport, MN. I moved to Wadena, MN in 2005 after i graduated and when I moved, I started to change my life. I listened to KISS and fell in love. The first album I bought was The Very best of KISS. I couldn't put it down. Last Halloween, I dressed up as you. I had people waving and honking, which was cool. You can see my pictures on MySpace. I'm SparxZilla and I am your friend on the website. I have the KISS Rocks the Nation on DVD and i like how you say "We were for your mom and dad, We were there for your brothers and sisters, and we are here for you and your children." I think that is so cool. I just wanted to say Thanks to KISS, especially Paul for inspiring me to be a better person.
Paul from WPB FL 1983
Subject: Paul from WPB FL 1983
From: revjw on 04/27/2009
Paul 1983 West Palm Beach FL
More from WPB FL 1983
Subject: More from WPB FL 1983
From: revjw on 04/27/2009
More from 1983
in West Palm Beach 1983
Subject: Kiss in West Palm Beach 1983
From: revjw on 04/27/2009
We are looking forward to seeing the hottest band in the world again soon here in Florida!

Here is the ticket stub for the Creatures tour from 1983. My fiancée at the time had never been to any concert, she grew up in a small town and her family would not allow such things. Then she met me! We were in the front row and had snuck in a camera to get some pics. The show blew her away and Gene was flicking picks down her shirt, the best part is that she thought someone else was throwing things at her. I had to explain it was Gene and he did the same thing later that same year on the Lick It Up tour. By then she had wised up to him.

Now this time around we all can go with kids in tow. Looking forward to the Return of KISS in Florida! Maybe he will throw some more picks.

The Rad Rev, JW
happy b day ace
Subject: happy b day ace
From: hof on 04/27/2009
happy b-day ace!
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