Hello !! I`m from CHILE
Subject: Hello !! I`m from CHILE
From: javier_ace on 05/14/2009
You are the best! Hello Kiss. My name is Javier. I`m from Chile. This photo takes with my camera in Santiago in the concert of my life. I wait to see them the following year. GENE !! You are the best.
1 Year Party from in Athens
Subject: 1 Year Party from KISS in Athens
From: Greek KISS Army on 05/14/2009
Here is the poster again...
1 Year Party from in Athens
Subject: 1 Year Party from KISS in Athens
From: Greek KISS Army on 05/14/2009
1 year has gone by since KISS blew Athens away! And what a show that was!!!

The Greek KISS Army is celebrating this with a huge party in Athens.

KISS music all night long, great kiss memorabilia to give away, special kiss videos, and special appearances and surprises.

On the 23rd of May, at Easy Livin', in Holargos.
Doors open 21:00
(Stratigou Kokola 18)

If you are in Athens, come for a great KISS night out!!

More info @ kissarmy.gr

Happy Birthday Eric Singer
Subject: Happy Birthday Eric Singer
From: yokarikaira on 05/13/2009
Hello dear friends Paul, Gene Tommy and of course Eric who this is dedicated to,

My name is jose Gabriel Torre and I'm writing from Caracas, Venezuela. This is my second or third message to you. I want to wish to Eric A Happy Birthday, I hope that your birthday party was good and I hope I can see you here in Caracas the next year like paul said in the Caracas show (I was there).

I Hope I see you soon again

Jose Gabriel Torre
Caracas, Venezuela
Homer "SpaceMan" Simpson
Subject: Homer "SpaceMan" Simpson
From: luser17 on 05/13/2009
Hi guys,

First of all, you're the best of the best. I love all your songs.

Well, i was watching a Simpson's episode and saw this:

Homer Simpson with the spaceman make up!!! OMG two of my favorite things together.

Well it is all for the moment. Greetings from Mexico

Still in Shock
Subject: Still in Shock
From: Rafael Castellanos on 05/13/2009
Guys, I think you don't realize, I think you are really not aware of what you did to us last Friday April 17th here in Caracas. Yes you have fans around the world; Yes people love you; Yes people say you're great. But all these people have seen you three, four, ten times already!!! But You had never been here in Venezuela, and many people can't afford to travel abroad. So, when we found out you WERE coming, it was like... what?... What?... WHAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?! I personally just sat there speechless in front of my computer when I opened Kissonline and read "Kiss to Rock Venezuela". I had to read it and read it and read it like ten times. I wondered, "Is this April fool's Day?" I had lost hope. I was more or less resigned. I used to whine saying "I am never going to see my favorite band in my life." But... IT WAS TRUE!!!! I immediately got my ticket, and the wait was a torture. One day, two days, a week, two, three weeks, a month, until THE DAY CAME!! Guys, I was lucky enough to get into the press conference and Gene said "You will see what you've never seen before. You will see the greatest show ever." Deep inside I thought, yeah, I love Kiss, but with all due respect, everyone knows the way Gene talks!! But... you know what? He WAS NOT BLUFFING!!! NEVER IN MY 39 YEARS had I seen such a show!!! Never had tears come out of my eyes at the beginning of a show. NEVER had there been such a show in our country!! (And, by the way, many, many, many famous bands have played here!!) THE LEGEND IS TRUE!!! I witnessed it with my own eyes yelling, singing, screaming with my wife. EVERYTHING we expected and TONS more!! Fire, smoke, blood, flying around, solos, all the right songs, loud crystal clear perfect sound (kudos to your sound guy!!), EVERYTHING!!! Thank you, guys. From the bottom of our hearts. From the bottom of MY heart, thank you!! And now the ticket from the show, and some confetti I managed to get with a ski cap are now inside my Kiss box set as a priceless treasure. God Bless, guys!! Rock on!!
From: Rommel Valle on 05/13/2009

I'm from Bolivia and I'm a fan of KISS. Most of all, I'm fan of Gene Simmons. This year I had the luck to achieve my long life's dream, to attend, for first time a KISS show, and I did it in Buenos Aires. Of course, I was not satisfied so I traveled to Lima, Peru to get to see them again. The whole three days I stayed in Lima were spent at the gate of the Marriot Hotel, where my favorite band was staying. The day after the concert I went to have breakfast at the Hotel in order to get some sort of contact with any of the members of the band, and after hours of waiting, at 12:15 I got to see the person I admire and respect the most. I just couldn't believe it was GENE SIMMONS!!!

I couldn't find the words to describe such emotion. I got a picture with him though, and got him to sign my arm. I later tattooed his autograph so GENE will always be with me.

Thank you Gene, I'm crying just recalling when you were beside me.

Rommel Valle from Bolivia
Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas
Subject: KISS Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas
From: faulknerj on 05/12/2009
Greetings Rock Gods

Devoted KISS Fan since Destroyer. I had a very unexpected surprise when my wife and I went to Las Vegas last week. We ventured off the strip a bit to Fremont Street where we were treated to an amazing KISS video on the biggest screen I've ever seen blasting the KISS Classics "Shout it out Loud" and "Rock 'n' Roll All Night". There was a huge gathering when we were there with many singing loud and proud. When the show was finished there was a very loud cheering and applause. A must see for all KISS Fans when in Vegas! Thanks Guys.

Covers of
Subject: Covers of KISS
From: Radost on 05/11/2009

It would be very interesting if there was a special place for covers of KISS songs, where the people can show how they sing your songs. I'm sending you one of my best friends singing "I still love you".

Your KISSgirl Radost from Bulgaria!!!

"Rock IT" Poll 2008
Subject: "Rock IT" Poll 2008
From: andy160967 on 05/11/2009
KISS is no. 1 for the BEST TOUR and PAUL STANLEY is no. 4 for the BEST DVD in 2008.

2008 poll in german rock magazine "ROCK IT".

Congratulations and greets from Germany.
From: andybuonfrate on 05/10/2009
Dear Paul,Gene, Tommy and Eric.

I played for the first time with my tribute band KISSOFRENIA last weekend, it was amazing, the show was incredible .

We played KISS songs from 73 to 78 .

I felt like Paul for at least one hour !!!!
in morande con compania
Subject: kiss in morande con compania
From: francisco96 on 05/10/2009
kiss appeared in a Chilean program of comedy actor che kopete
interpreted to Gene Simmons on the section of the diary of brea, The program is very good and is very famous in chile
From: bigbag987654 on 05/09/2009
So far Winnipeg, mb. is number#1 on the demand list!! I know for a fact that Kiss could sell out two shows easily!! How, because the Kiss Army of Winnipeg is demanding it! If we get two show's I know I will be at both! And if we get a meet and greet package i will also line up to meet my heroes! I would just want to shake their hands and say thanks for being there through all the years. Even though the line up has changed, the demon, the starchild, the spaceman, and the catman will march forward for years to come!

have a rival in the feathered world
Subject: KISS have a rival in the feathered world
From: crowsarmy_32 on 05/09/2009
Dear Boys,

Seems you ain't the only hottest band in the world. Check out these guys. With such a discography as
Hotter Than The Chips
Underccoked To Kill
Chop and Fall Over
Love Gullet
Double Helping
Still Alive II
Solo Albums - Paul Stirfry, Gene Simmers, Ace Freerange and Peter Crisp
(Music from)The Freezer
Creatures Of No Flight
Cook It Up
Gravy Nights
Coops, Poops and Shits
Hot In The Shed
Lucky To Be Alive III
Kiss My Egghole
Carnival Of Fowls - The Final Servings
You Wanted The Breast, You Got The Breast!
Greasiest Peck
Parmiagana Circus
Peck Coqauviny - Alive IV ( 2:28:03 hrs until dinner)

Me thinks they have their influences,

Memories II
Subject: Memories II
From: usermaatrasetepenra on 05/07/2009
Saludos desde Venezuela Gracias KISS por tan inolvidable sueno cumplido y gracias a todos los que nos acompanaron ese grandiozo dia y gracias a mi bella esposa Daselgri por estar siempre a mi lado en esos momentos!! No Hay mas palabras para tanta alegria.. Frederick Barrios Dase & Chiva Greting from Venezuela Thanks for KISS so unforgettable dream fulfilled, and thank everyone who supported us that BRUTAL DAY!! and thank my beautiful wife Daselgri always by my side during these times! No more words to so much joy .. Sorry my english Frederick Barrios
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