in Sweden
Subject: Kiss in Sweden
From: Danny W on 03/21/2009
Hi Gene, I follow your adventures like the \"Geneoholic\" I am as you are a great rolemodel and have very good opinions that you live by and I salute you for them... I must show you this clip that went on air here in Sweden last Friday in the show \"Let´s Dance\" . Check the dancers costume and check what Laila Bagge (the girl) shows after the dance... Now to my question: Is this an official costume as I really want to buy one for my girl (whom knows I will never marry her, but lives happily *LOL*) Hope to see Kiss back in Sweden soon as we are hungry for more... Danny W
My Little Gene
Subject: My Little Gene
From: ?? on 03/21/2009
Here\'s my litle Gene in Mazatlan, Mexico, hahaha
Subject: Footage??
From: Marty on 03/21/2009
Hi Gene. Hope you and yours are well, Quick question. At the opening show for the Alive 35 tour (Melbourne, Australia (Grand Prix)), I noticed cameras for GSFJ as well as another crew that appeared to be filming the concert. Will any of this footage be made available in the near future? Kind Regards Marty Sydney, Australia Answer from Gene: Yes. There will be a TV Special called KISSTERIA. Wait for it.
Fan site in Colombia -
Subject: Fan site in Colombia -
From: carlos_erie on 03/21/2009
I want to invite you to visit a fan site we started a year ago in Colombia. Until today, we have more than 5.500 fans in our facebook group. The site is number one in google\'s search results for \"Kiss en Colombia\" and it just went over the 30.000 visits for this month! I saw the guys back in 2000 in Erie, PA, for the Farewell Tour and finally they will be here at home!
Critter Phone Calls
Subject: Critter Phone Calls
From: R0cketRide on 03/20/2009
This is why this band is the greatest rock band out there! The care they show towards their fans is incredible! Paul & Eric.... you guys rock!!
in El Comercio
Subject: KISS in El Comercio
From: annatar on 03/20/2009
Here`s another cover page of KISS at El Comercio, the most influence newspaper in Peru. Best wishes. Alberto C.
KISZ Tribute Band in Hard Rock Cafe Bogota
Subject: KISZ Tribute Band in Hard Rock Cafe Bogota
From: zumbifer on 03/17/2009
KISZ Tribute Band from Bogota Colombia Did a Live Show to The Media and T.V. To launch Officially KISS Alive 35 Tour In Bogota Colombia South America. This was an Official Show Organized By MediaCorp the Company That will Present The Show in Bogota.
in El Tiempo Newspaper from Colombia
Subject: KISS in El Tiempo Newspaper from Colombia
From: zumbifer on 03/17/2009
KISS appeared in First Page In El Tiempo Newspaper, the leader most influential newspaper in Colombia, and is considered one Of The Best Newspapers in Latin America (SIP/IAPA). KISS Alive 35 was Officialy launched With two events One for Media and Tv, in Hard Rock Cafe Bogota with a spectacular Show of KISS Tribute band Called KISZ, and the other a KISZ Tribute Band Show For fans For Realeasing Tickets. KISZ is lead by Longtime and DieHard KISS Fan Fernando De Narvaez. KISS Sold out in 5 days the First 10.000 Tickets in Platinum area.
Rio - Street Poster
Subject: Rio - KISS Street Poster
From: Márcio Augusto on 03/17/2009
Rio - KISS Street Poster Foto: Roberto Lopes & Rafael Trigo Upload to kissonline: Roberto Simmons & Márcio Augusto KISS ARMY BRASIL - .
Gene and Paul Sculptures
Subject: Gene and Paul Sculptures
From: battle on 03/16/2009
Here is some sculptures I hand made, of Gene and Paul. Keep on Rocking!
Message for Paul
Subject: Message for Paul
From: Carlos on 03/16/2009
Hey Paul! Back in 1999 my dream came true: meeting you after the concert at Porto Alegre, Brazil. It had been 16 years of waiting since 1983 until that day. I spoke to you and I have kept the autograph you gave me with pride and affection. Ten years later I look forward to seeing you and the \"boys\" again. Greetings from and old friend, Carlos - KISS Brasil by Orkut
Peruvian Army - Carnival
Subject: Peruvian KISS Army - KISS Carnival
From: Augusto Paredes on 03/15/2009
Hi The last weekend, part of the peruvian KISS fan club \'Kiss Carnival\', did a series of press appearances, inviting all the people to the KISS concert this April 14th. KISS Rules!! thanx
Brazil Concerts Poster
Subject: Brazil Kiss Concerts Poster
From: Daniel Dutra on 03/15/2009
At last, the advertising poster for the Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo concerts Kiss are going to do next April. Thanks for your patience. Sincerely, Daniel Dutra
A huge in Rio de Janeiro newspaper article
Subject: A huge Kiss in Rio de Janeiro newspaper article
From: Daniel Dutra on 03/15/2009
As I promised, the image of the article with Kiss being the most important concert in Rio de Janeiro. It was published by \"O Globo\", the biggest newspaper in Rio and one of the most important newspapers in Brazil. Sincerely, Daniel Dutra
Rio de Janeiro Concert Poster
Subject: Rio de Janeiro Kiss Concert Poster
From: Daniel Dutra on 03/15/2009
Hi everyone! I\'ve been waiting to send this e-mail, and here it is. Actually, it will be three different letters because of the images - I believe you\'ll like them. First of all, the most important newspaper in Rio de Janeiro has at least three times a week the poster for the 8th April concert, at Apoteose. Besides that, in late February the newspaper, which is one of the three biggest newspapers in Brazil, published an article about the 17 international shows that are going to happen in town within the next three months. Actually, some of them were already done (like Simply Red and Iron Maiden), but the cool thing is that Kiss had the most important part of the article, with a huge picture. Last Saturday, March 14th, Iron Maiden played for 20.000 fans at the same place Kiss is going to play next month. The expectations are even bigger, and everybody is expecting much more people. And guess what? After the opening act, and just before Iron Maiden enter the stage, the sound system started to play \"Rock and Roll All Nite\", and it was beautiful to hear 20.000 people singing along with the playback! Imagine when Kiss, the real deal, play the song! By the way, I\'m also going to send the image of the promotional poster for the two shows in Brazil, including São Paulo, and as soon as I can take the picture, also the street poster for the show in Rio de Janeiro. I\'ve seen it in lots of different points of the city. Unfortunately there will be no meet & greet for the shows in Brazil, specially in Rio de Janeiro, but I can\'t wait for the gigs - I will be there for the São Paulo concert on April 7th either! Sincerely, Daniel Dutra
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